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Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before remembering the sword-wielding youth who had been hiding behind Feng Cheng Si. The young man’s physique was similar to Feng Cheng Si’s, and although their auras were different, if they had disguised themselves and didn’t speak, those who weren’t familiar with them wouldn’t be able to notice.

What’s more, although Feng Cheng Si was the Young City Lord, he had only recently returned from a long journey. Not many people in White Jade City recognized him, and even fewer people were familiar with him.

No one would have thought that on the day of their wedding, the groom would actually ask his servant, who was by his side, to escort the bride while he himself secretly helped another man escape with the bride.

“Why would Senior Brother Feng do such a thing?” Yang Kai asked curiously. The last time they met at the Temple, the two of them had parted on bad terms, so when Yang Kai guessed that Feng Cheng Si was behind the events of the past three days, he didn’t dare to believe it.

Feng Cheng Si did not answer directly, instead asking, “Does Junior Brother know how long it has been since my reincarnation in this world?”

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before asking, “I heard from Martial Aunt Yu that you followed Senior Sister Qu here not long after she entered. It should be about seven or eight years now, right?”

Feng Cheng Si nodded, “Yes, seven or eight years ago, during these seven or eight years, I had also been searching for Junior Sister Qu, but only a few months ago did I really find her! At that time, Junior Brother was standing in front of her, covered in blood, and although she was in a miserable state, she was completely unharmed. The Samsara World is a very interesting place, and since Martial Aunt Yu sent you here, she should have told you about its wonders.”

“May I ask what Senior Brother is referring to?”

Feng Cheng Si smiled at him and reached out to touch his chest, “This is a place where one’s heart is the most important. The stronger one’s heart is, the easier it is to achieve one’s long-cherished wish! A few months ago, when I first found Junior Sister Qu, I was filled with resentment about how fate played tricks on me. Senior Brother clearly came here many years ago, but he still allowed you, a latecomer, to take the lead. The Heavenly Law is truly unfair. However, after thinking about it carefully, isn’t this the wonders of the Samsara World?”

“Please explain!” Yang Kai humbly asked.

Feng Cheng Si said, “Junior Brother came here for a purpose. Although Junior Sister Qu lost her memories in the cycle after reincarnation, the heart barrier she set up was greatly related to you, so even if you came here so many years later, you would still be able to immediately appear by her side and even have a chance to obtain her favor. Senior Brother is different, I came here to complete my Master’s orders, so after spending several years in this world, I still haven’t obtained anything. If Junior Brother had not appeared, perhaps I would have had a chance, but since you have appeared, Senior Brother can only act as a foil. This is probably the reason why I suddenly wanted to return to White Jade City a few months ago.”

Yang Kai fell into deep thought.

Feng Cheng Si continued, “The various aspects of the Samsara World point directly to one’s heart. Junior Brother is willing to sacrifice your life to protect Junior Sister Qu. This is her good fortune, and I also believe that even in the true 3000 Worlds, if the two of you were to encounter such danger, you would still make the same choice and not let her down. So in this cycle of reincarnation, there is no need for Senior Brother to continue. Forcefully acting against one’s own conscience!”

Yang Kai bowed deeply, “Many thanks, Senior Brother!”

Feng Cheng Si waved his hand, “There’s no need to thank me, I’m just trying to see my true nature, there’s no need to thank me. On the other hand, you still need to work hard. I don’t know what kind of heart barrier Junior Sister Qu has set up for herself, but I’m sure this test won’t be easy to complete. If you can’t help her overcome this heart barrier, she will definitely lose herself in the Samsara Pavilion. At that time, Yin Yang Heaven won’t be able to get around you.”

“I will do everything I can to bring Senior Sister Qu out safely.”

“Good!” Feng Cheng Si nodded.

“There is something I need to ask Senior Brother about.”

“Tell me.”

Yang Kai turned back to look at the carriage, “In this current situation, it still doesn’t count as me helping Senior Sister Qu break her heart barrier, so what should I do to awaken her memories?”

Feng Cheng Si smiled and said, “Everyone’s situation is different. Generally speaking, at your level, it’s basically acceptable, but Junior Sister’s memories are still sealed. It seems she has high expectations for you. Junior Brother, just continue to work hard, Senior Brother will help you.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai frowned. If he wanted to work hard, he would naturally work hard, but Feng Cheng Si didn’t say exactly how hard he had to work. On the contrary, Yang Kai felt that this Senior Brother Feng’s smile was somewhat malicious, especially when he said he wanted to help him.

Something bad was about to happen!

“Also, the one who colluded with Treasure Field Peak is the City Lord’s Mansion!” Feng Cheng Si said, “The attack on your shipment was also arranged by the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“I have some guesses,” Yang Kai nodded.

Feng Cheng Si was surprised, “It seems nothing can be hidden from Junior Brother.”

Yang Kai said lightly, “A few months ago, Treasure Field Peak easily snuck into the Meng Mansion and attacked at night, and the City Lord’s Mansion’s guards is slow to react. This isn’t quite right. If White Jade City’s security was so poor, the City Lord’s Mansion wouldn’t have such high prestige.”

Feng Cheng Si nodded, “That’s right, the Meng Family’s great tree attracts the wind. The City Lord’s Mansion wanted a share of the profits, so they colluded with Treasure Field Peak in an attempt to kidnap Eldest Young Lady Meng so they could have a good talk with Meng Deye. Coincidentally, I happened to rush back to White Jade City at that time, and after hearing about this matter, my first reaction was that I might have found the person I was looking for, so I took the initiative to ask for an order and lead my men to pursue her. However, it was already too late at that time. The Second Leader of Treasure Field Peak abducted Young Lady Meng and fled almost overnight, so even if I pursued her, I wouldn’t be able to gain anything.”

“But no one could have imagined that there would be an Outer Court guard of the Meng Mansion who would risk his life to protect her until the arrival of White Jade City’s reinforcements. As such, the City Lord’s Mansion and Treasure Field Peak’s plan failed, so they had no choice but to send me to propose a marriage. If we could become in-laws, with the power of the City Lord’s Mansion, the Meng Mansion’s wealth would greatly increase.”

“Meng Deye is well aware of this matter, but he can’t resist. Besides, Senior Brother is also quite talented and is qualified to be his son-in-law. Eldest Young Lady Meng has also reached the age of marriage, so he simply took advantage of this situation.”

Yang Kai nodded. Everything was as he had expected.

The link between Meng Mansion and Treasure Field Peak was the City Lord’s Mansion, so Feng Cheng Si was extremely familiar with the inside story.

After accepting the proposal from the City Lord’s Mansion, Meng Deye arranged for him and Yin Zhiyong to escort the goods while the Meng Mansion provided them with information, allowing the City Lord’s Mansion to contact Treasure Field Peak to kill him for revenge.

However, no one had expected that Yang Kai was not a native of this world. The Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage he had before reincarnation possessed unimaginable strength.

“Many thanks for Senior Brother’s explanation!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and bowed. At this moment, many things he had not understood before suddenly became clear.

“Alright, let’s not waste any more time. You should leave now. The Meng Mansion should be in chaos and the pursuers are about to arrive,” Feng Cheng Si waved his hand.

Yang Kai thanked him again, turned around, got into the carriage, and drove off.

Meng Ru and Qian Qian had heard their conversation just now, but Meng Ru didn’t ask any questions. As a maid, Qian Qian naturally wouldn’t say anything.

At the same time, not only was the Meng Mansion in chaos, even White Jade City was in chaos.

On the day of the wedding, the bride had mysteriously disappeared, and the sword-wielding young man who had taken Feng Cheng Si’s place to escort the bride was drenched in cold sweat, not knowing what to do.

Meng Deye’s gloomy face was like the eve of a storm, suffocating everyone.

After pouring cold water on Cui’er and waking her up, Meng Deye was furious when he learned that it was Yang Kai who had kidnapped Meng Ru. He ordered the Meng Mansion guards to chase after her, asking to see her alive or dead.

For something like this to happen on the day of their wedding, the Meng Mansion had truly lost face.

The City Lord’s Mansion couldn’t maintain their face any longer, and after both sides joined forces to investigate, they soon found traces of the carriage. An hour later, a large group of people rumbled out of White Jade City and chased after it.

The carriage’s speed was not fast, so both Yang Kai and Meng Ru knew that if this continued, they would be caught sooner or later.

However, to Yang Kai’s surprise, there was someone blocking his way!

It was as if someone had expected him to flee in this direction. There were quite a lot of people, and a dozen or so knights were rushing over from the front. Yang Kai immediately recognized them as the City Lord’s Mansion’s guards.

Recalling Feng Cheng Si’s malicious smile, Yang Kai almost cursed!

Only Feng Cheng Si could have such foundation.

Yang Kai couldn’t figure out what he was trying to do! In the previous conversation, this Senior Brother Feng had clearly said he would withdraw from this reincarnation cycle, but he had still sent people to intercept him!

What did this mean?

Yin Yang Heaven’s people didn’t need to resort to such honeyed words. When Feng Cheng Si said those words, his expression was extremely sincere, so Yang Kai believed he wasn’t lying.

With several dozen people, if Yang Kai was alone, he could naturally fight and retreat, but now that he had Meng Ru and Qian Qian with him, he couldn’t.

After killing a few of the recklessly approaching knights, Yang Kai turned his horse around and tried to escape.

These people had probably heard of Yang Kai’s skills and knew how powerful he was, so after losing a few of their brothers, they didn’t dare approach him casually and simply followed him from a distance.

After not being able to escape for two hours, a group of a dozen or so Knights arrived from the other side.

Yang Kai’s face turned black. Feng Cheng Si’s arrangements were truly flawless, as if he had already anticipated all of Yang Kai’s actions.

With two groups of people attacking him from both sides, Yang Kai could only avoid them and focus on driving the carriage forward.

At night, the carriage stopped.

There was no road ahead, only a steep cliff. Clouds and mist swirled around the mountain, and the sound of gravel falling could be heard.

The long journey had exhausted the horses, and as soon as they came to a stop, the two horses pulling the carriage fell to their knees, snorting loudly.

The two groups of knights gathered together to form a fan-shaped encirclement, seemingly waiting for something.

Soon, Yang Kai knew what they were waiting for.

At the foot of the mountain, a large group of people entered the mountain.

The leader was a handsome man with a handsome face. If it wasn’t Feng Cheng Si, who else could it be? Along with him was the Meng Family Patriarch, Meng Deye.

The knights parted to the left and right, making way for the two people. The two of them stepped out from the crowd and stared at the desperate Yang Kai in front of them. One of them wore a smile on his face and even winked at Yang Kai while the other wore a gloomy expression.


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