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With their Chief Leader killed, Treasure Field Peak went mad and madly chased after Yang Kai and Yin Zhiyong. The two of them killed and fled until dawn.

Yin Zhiyong’s body was covered in blood and he had suffered many sword wounds, but most of them were from his mental exhaustion.

In the wilderness, Yang Kai washed his face and leaned against a nearby tree trunk, panting.

Yin Zhiyong looked over, unable to suppress his curiosity, “Brother, what happened?”

Everything that had happened that night was too strange. His mind wasn’t too bright, so no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t understand. He only vaguely guessed that he and Yang Kai had been betrayed.

Yang Kai chose his words carefully before saying, “It was I who implicated Brother.”

Yin Zhiyong said, “Brother’s words…”

“It was indeed me who implicated you,” Yang Kai reiterated, “The Meng Mansion wanted me dead! That’s why they had ordered this escort, and why they attacked last night.”

Yin Zhiyong opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

The two of them, as the Eldest Young Lady’s personal guards, were suddenly given a heavy responsibility to escort a batch of goods to Dingyuan City, while the Meng Mansion’s goods were all stones. The bandits of Treasure Field Peak were clearly on the other side, but they had already set up an ambush on this road.

As for what the chief leader had said before his death, someone had told him that Yang Kai had escorted the goods to the top of the hill…

All signs pointed to him being involved in a conspiracy.

“The Meng Mansion… is cooperating with Treasure Field Peak?” Yin Zhiyong found this somewhat difficult to accept. It wasn’t because the Meng Mansion had some kind of connection with the bandits that made him feel this way, for a great family like the Meng Mansion, it was normal for them to have some kind of connection. It was just as Yang Kai had said last night, Treasure Field Peak had tried to kidnap the Meng Mansion’s Eldest Young Lady, so they should have had a blood feud with each other. Considering how much the Meng Mansion Patriarch doted on the Eldest Young Lady, it was impossible for them to cooperate.

“Not necessarily,” Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s also a link between the Meng Family and Treasure Field Peak.”

Yin Zhiyong reacted, “Brother, you’re saying that the Meng Mansion and Treasure Field Peak didn’t cooperate directly, but instead had a middleman between them.”

Yang Kai nodded, “No matter what, it’s all my fault for implicating Brother.”

Yin Zhiyong still couldn’t understand, “But… why would the Meng Mansion want to kill you? Did you do something wrong?”

Yang Kai shook his head, not wanting to explain any further, but instead wanting to understand why there had been so many spies around the Eldest Young Lady’s Embroidered Building recently, and why Cui’er had looked at him with so much hatred.

Those were obviously the many spies arranged by the Patriarch. The relationship between the Eldest Young Lady and him should have been exposed, which was why the Meng Family Patriarch wanted him dead.

Meng Deye would never allow his beloved daughter to have any relationship with his guards and servants.

As for Yin Zhiyong, he had indeed suffered an unexpected calamity.

Yang Kai stood up and said, “Brother Yin, you should leave White Jade City and find a place where the Meng Mansion can’t reach.”

Yin Zhiyong was stunned, “What about you?”

Yang Kai mounted his horse and turned it around, “There are some things I need to settle!”

Finished speaking, he urged his horse to quickly leave. Yin Zhiyong called out a few times behind him but didn’t receive any response, so he could only grit his teeth and leave.

It was impossible for him to return to White Jade City. The Meng Mansion had failed this time, so if he dared to show his face again, it would be difficult for him to escape death. He could only follow Yang Kai’s instructions and find a place where no one recognized him to continue living.

A few days later, a travel-worn young man stepped into the city and looked up to see two new warrants posted near the city gate. These two warrants belonged to the Meng Mansion’s guard, one named Yang Kai and the other was Yin Zhiyong.

The artist’s skill was quite good, and with just a few strokes, he was able to perfectly outline their appearances and expressions.

The arrest warrant stated that the two of them were the guards of the Meng Mansion, but they had colluded with the bandits of Treasure Field Peak and killed more than twenty people from Zhen Feng Escort Company, robbing a large number of Meng Mansion’s goods. They were extremely vicious and unforgivable crimes!

Yang Kai calmly shifted his gaze away and swaggered into the city, his disguised appearance wearing many dark color near his eyes.

He had lived for so many years, killed so many people, and obtained so many amazing Secret Techniques, so he would always be able to understand some of these special abilities.

His appearance changing technique wasn’t very exquisite, and although it could be said to be full of flaws in the eyes of an expert, it was more than enough to deal with such a situation.

However, not long after entering the city, Yang Kai felt like he was being followed.

This surprised him.

In the small alley, when the tracker barged in, he was grabbed by the neck by Yang Kai, who was hiding in the shadows. The tracker was obviously shocked and quickly whispered, “Please spare my life, please spare my life, this lowly one was just following orders and had no malicious intent towards Sir.”

“On whose orders?” Yang Kai asked coldly.

The stalker shook his head and didn’t say anything. Yang Kai squeezed his hand so hard that the man’s eyes almost popped out, but he still didn’t speak.

Just as he thought he was about to die, Yang Kai suddenly threw him to the ground.

After escaping death, the tracker coughed violently for a long time, unable to breathe.

“Speak, what is it?” Yang Kai asked.

The tracker struggled to his feet and stared at Yang Kai with a look of fear. Lowering his head, he said, “Sir, please follow me to a place.”

Without waiting for Yang Kai to express his opinion, he continued, “Sir also said, please rest assured, Sir does not have any malicious intent towards you. If Sir really does have any malicious intent, as long as this lowly one casually calls out, Sir will not be able to escape from White Jade City. There is no need to go through so much trouble.”

“You would've died ten times before you shouted!” Yang Kai’s voice was cold.

The tracker trembled in fear, “This little one can’t shout, so naturally someone else will.”

“Are you threatening me?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes.

The tracker shook his head, “No, no, no, this is just a way to express our sincerity! These words were spoken by Sir without missing a single word, please forgive us!”

Yang Kai suddenly became interested in this so-called Sir and asked after a moment of silence, “Do you know who I am?”

The tracker shook his head, “This lowly one doesn’t know, this lowly one is just following orders!”

“Lead the way!” Yang Kai ordered.

The Sir behind this man undoubtedly knew his identity, and since he knew he had entered the city, it meant that someone had recognized him just now, so this Sir might have been observing nearby the city gate.

However, just as he had said, as long as he casually called out, Yang Kai’s identity would be exposed. At that time, it would be impossible for him to leave White Jade City.

Since that was the case, he could only take things one step at a time. Yang Kai also wanted to know who was behind this and what their purpose was.

As the man walked forward, he made many turns.

Yang Kai suddenly noticed that White Jade City was quite lively, and the sound of gongs and drums could be heard from time to time.

Seemingly noticing Yang Kai’s confusion, the person leading the way whispered, “Three days later, the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Mansion and our Young City Lord will be getting married. This is a great event.”

“The wedding is in three days?” Yang Kai was startled.

“That’s right, the Young City Lord personally went to propose the marriage, and the Meng Family Patriarch also agreed. The Meng Mansion can be considered to have climbed up a high branch.”

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became gloomy. He was still one step behind! Feng Cheng Si’s movements were so fast, and his methods were truly extraordinary.

When they had met at the Temple, Yang Kai had said he has favorable advantages, but in the end, he had been immediately dispatched by the Meng Family Patriarch to escort the 'goods'. In the end, an ambush had been waiting for him.

Now that he had lost all of his advantages, it was Feng Cheng Si who had the upper hand.

He didn’t feel that Feng Cheng Si was anything but despicable. In this Samsara World, the two of them had their own objectives, so naturally, they would use everything they had. Whoever was more skilled would have the last laugh.

The matter of him being ambushed and killed should have nothing to do with Feng Cheng Si. After all, this was arranged by the Meng Family Patriarch.

The only thing Yang Kai wasn’t certain about was who the middleman between the Meng Mansion and Treasure Field Peak was.

From Yang Kai’s perspective, it was naturally impossible for him to allow this wedding to continue. Three days was simply too short a time, so Yang Kai couldn’t think of any good ideas for the time being. Moreover, he had to deal with this confusing situation.

“We’ve arrived!” The guide stopped in front of a house and stretched out his hand.

Yang Kai nodded and stepped into the room.

Yang Kai turned around and saw that the guide had an awkward look on his face, “My lord only told me to bring Sir here, but he didn’t give any further instructions. My lord said that after Sir entered, he will understand that my lord didn’t have any hostility.”

After a moment of silence, Yang Kai turned around and walked into the house.

A big red invitation card appeared on the table!

Confused, Yang Kai picked up the invitation and discovered that it was actually an invitation from the Meng Mansion, an invitation to the Meng Mansion’s wedding in three days!

Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, feeling as if he had been completely seen through, making him feel uncomfortable.

This invitation was obviously aimed at him, and the person who arranged it clearly understood his intentions, so he was creating an opportunity for him!

This invitation was undoubtedly very precious and ordinary people would never be able to obtain it. There were less than a hundred people in White Jade City who were qualified to receive this invitation.

The person behind this arrangement had left him a copy, indicating that this person’s status was not low.

The guide took the opportunity to sneak away while Yang Kai was reading the invitation, but Yang Kai didn’t stop him.

The mastermind had arranged so many things, so it was impossible for him to be detrimental to Yang Kai in the short term. This mastermind obviously wanted Yang Kai to make a big scene in three days, so if he really had some kind of scheme, it would definitely be revealed in three days.

Yang Kai didn’t want to listen to the arrangements of others, so he put away the invitation and waited until the middle of the night before putting on his night clothes and quietly leaving the residence.

He wanted to make a trip to the Meng Mansion to see if he could enter the Inner Court and meet the Eldest Young Lady.

Having served as a guard for the Meng Mansion for several months now, Yang Kai was well aware of the internal and external arrangements of the Meng Mansion, so he felt he had a chance to sneak in.

However, in reality, the Meng Mansion’s guards seemed to have become much tighter, and even though he stay in the middle of the night, he didn’t have the slightest chance, so he could only give up.

As such, he could only wait for three days to find an opportunity. With that invitation, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to safely enter the Meng Mansion. The key was how to meet with the Eldest Young Lady at that time and ask for her true heaart before bringing her out.

Yang Kai had never experienced such a thing before, and now that he had been reincarnated into this Samsara World, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


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