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White Jade City was about half a month’s journey from Dingyuan City, and along the way, they had to pass through many desolate and uninhabited areas. On the way, there were occasional horse riding thieves, so if an ordinary person wanted to take this route, they would have to find an expert to escort them, otherwise it was highly likely they wouldn’t even know how they died.

This route was also one of the Meng Mansion’s main trade routes. Every year, the Meng Mansion would send in countless goods.

There were more than twenty people escorting the goods. Besides Yang Kai and Yin Zhiyong, who were guards of the Meng Mansion, the others were all Zhen Feng Escort from White Jade City.

The leader’s surname was Guo and he was a forthright and righteous man.

The Meng Mansion had cooperated with the Zhen Feng Escort several times and could be considered old acquaintances, so after accepting this batch of goods, the head of the escorts arranged them overnight and personally led the most outstanding escorts in the escort company to show their respect.

The mission Yang Kai and Yin Zhiyong received was very simple. As the people from Zhen Feng Escort Company delivered the goods to Dingyuan City, they would be able to return after signing and receiving them.

For the past few days, Yin Zhiyong had been stuck by the Eldest Young Lady’s side. When he suddenly left the Meng Mansion, he was like a little bird released from its cage. Along the way, he carried a wine jar and went around looking for people to share wine with. He would either brag to Yang Kai about how tender the women of Dingyuan City were, or he would invite him to have some fun in Dingyuan City.

The escorts from Zhen Feng Escort Company were all very professional. Along the way, there were always two people scouting ahead for information and occasionally returning information.

Along the way, the five days passed peacefully.

On the fifth day, the team stayed overnight at a place called the Upward Post. The terrain here was flat, so it was impossible for them to be ambushed. Even if something unexpected happened, it would be easier to escape.

While searching for a place to sleep at night, Zhen Feng Escort had also put in a lot of effort.

After dinner, everyone went to rest, and there were naturally people on duty at the escort company.

In the middle of the night, Yang Kai suddenly woke up with a faint smell of blood lingering around his nose. If it weren’t for the fact that he had been through many battles, he wouldn’t have been able to smell this bloody smell, but he had experienced countless massacres in his life, so even if his strength had been greatly reduced after reincarnation, he was still far too sensitive to the smell of blood.

Suddenly, the sound of air being torn apart rang out, and in the darkness, a sharp arrow pierced through the air, pouring down like a torrential rain.

“Enemy attack!” Yang Kai suddenly stood up and shouted. At the same time, he grabbed Yin Zhiyong who was sleeping next to him and rolled a few times before hiding behind a tree.

A series of sounds rang out, mixed with muffled groans and screams. In an instant, the escorts from Zhen Feng Escort were all dead or injured.

Yin Zhiyong had drunk some wine before he fell asleep, but at this moment he was no longer drunk and asked in horror, “What happened?”

There was no need for Yang Kai to answer as the camp was filled with flickering flames. Some of the arrows that had been shot from somewhere had been smeared with oil, burning the tent and the carriage into a ball of fire while the horses neighed in fright.

The rain of arrows seemed to have no intention of stopping as Yang Kai dragged the corpse of a dead master over and used it as a meat shield.

Seeing this, Yin Zhiyong learned his lesson!

The torrential rain of arrows continued for a full quarter of an hour before finally stopping. The camp was ablaze, and none of the twenty escorts from Zhen Feng Escort had survived.

It was only at this moment that the sound of galloping horses could be heard.

Hiding under the corpse, Yin Zhiyong stared at the flickering flames in fear as he saw more than a hundred horsemen approaching from all directions. The leader was a burly man with a bald head and a saber in his hand.

Yin Zhiyong’s heart sank!

He recognized this bald man.

This was obviously the head of Treasure Field Peak!

Ever since Treasure Field Peak had broken into the Meng Mansion at night and robbed the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Family, Treasure Field Peak’s leaders wanted poster has been issued throughout the city.

How could Yin Zhiyong not recognize such an obvious bald head?

But… why would someone from Treasure Field Peak appear here? This was the route to Dingyuan City, one in the south while the other in the north. Treasure Field Peak’s business couldn’t possibly be located here.

Without any time to think, the bald boss waved his saber, “Find the body!”

The bandits under his command immediately scattered and began searching.

Yin Zhiyong didn’t know what kind of corpse they were looking for, he only knew that if he didn’t find a way, he would be finished. Looking up towards where Yang Kai was hiding, Yin Zhiyong was instantly dumbfounded.

Yang Kai’s figure was nowhere to be seen, only the corpse of the dart master that had been used as a meat shield.

This little brat was really disloyal! He ran away without even shouting, causing Yin Zhiyong to want to cry! He didn’t even notice when Yang Kai had left, only knowing that he was in a deep sleep and had been dragged by Yang Kai to avoid the initial rain of arrows.

Seeing that the people from Treasure Field Peak were about to find him, Yin Zhiyong, who was kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy, suddenly cried out in alarm, followed by the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground, “Chief Leader!”

“Don’t move!” The Chief Leader shouted.

Yin Zhiyong didn’t know what was happening, but he quickly raised his eyes and saw a figure appear behind the bald bandit boss, a sharp blade resting on his neck.

Overturning Clouds Sword!

Yin Zhiyong was overjoyed. He didn’t see who the figure behind the Chief Leader was, but he recognized this Divine Weapon.

Pushing aside the corpse covering his body, Yin Zhiyong stood up with blood all over his body, startling the nearby bandits.

The bald boss glanced over and grinned, “The two of you are quite skilled to be able to survive.”

“You flatter me!” Behind him, Yang Kai’s voice rang out. Immediately after, Yin Zhiyong saw Yang Kai’s head pop out from behind the bald boss, “Brother Yin, are you alright?”

“I won’t die!” Yin Zhiyong wiped the blood off his face, looking like a tough man, but in reality, his skin wasn’t even broken.

“What do mean by this?” Yang Kai asked lightly, not moving his saber.

The big bald man chuckled, “I’ve always been the one hugging a woman like this, but I never thought that one day I would be hugged like this. How refreshing.”

As the sword light flashed past, two of his fingers flew out and the bald bandit boss let out a muffled groan as he quietly touched the dagger between his legs, causing blood to flow out.

In an instant, the Boss' eyes flashed with a fierce light, and the group of Treasure Field Peak bandits also drew their swords.

“If you don’t know what to speak, think about it carefully. Also, don’t make any unnecessary movements. My sword is very sharp, if I cut something I shouldn’t, you won’t be able to take it back,” Yang Kai threatened softly, “Tell your people to retreat first. I’m a bit timid, being surrounded by them like this makes my hands tremble.”

The bald leader’s expression became fierce for a moment before raising his hand, “All of you retreat a thousand feet!”

The group of Treasure Field Peak bandits glanced at each other before slowly retreating, soon disappearing into the darkness.

Being held hostage and having two of his fingers chopped off, the bald Chief Leader still remained calm and composed. Even Yin Zhiyong couldn’t help admiring this guy.

“I think we can have a good talk now,” The chief leader said.

Yang Kai put away his Overturning Clouds Sword, jumped off the horse’s back, and headed straight for the carriage containing the goods.

Seeing Yang Kai’s back facing him, the bald Chief Leader couldn’t help wanting to draw his blade! However, recalling Yang Kai’s terrifying skills, he ultimately held back.

The last time they had kidnapped Meng Ru, he had led the Hundred Horsemen to attack Yang Kai, but in the end, he had suffered many casualties while the other party had persisted until his reinforcements arrived.

This time, he had been completely unaware of Yang Kai’s sudden attack and had lost the initiative.

Where did the Meng Mansion find such a guard? The bald leader couldn’t figure it out.

“Tell me, who ordered you?” Yang Kai stood in front of the carriage and asked with narrowed eyes.

Hearing this, the bald leader sneered, “My Treasure Field Peak wants to take revenge for the Second Leader, do we need someone to order us around?”

“Then how did you know our route and exact location? You must have been lying in ambush here for more than a day, right?”

The bald leader said lightly, “What Treasure Field Peak ate was this bowl of rice, so naturally we have our own methods.”

Yang Kai turned his back to him and asked, “Is it the Meng Mansion?”

Yin Zhiyong was startled, “Brother Yang, what are you talking about?”

The bald leader smiled and looked at Yin Zhiyong, “This little brother’s words are quite interesting, is his brain not clear?”

Yang Kai pulled out his Overturning Rain Sword and slashed open the carriage, revealing the goods inside.

Yin Zhiyong looked around and was immediately dumbfounded, “What… what’s going on?”

The precious goods they were escorting along the way with Zhen Feng Escort Company were actually broken stones. He couldn’t believe his eyes and quickly went forward to examine them carefully. In the end, he confirmed that these were indeed just broken stones and there was nothing hidden inside.

Looking at the other carriages, it was the same.

“How could this be…” Yin Zhiyong couldn’t accept this and couldn’t understand what was happening.

Just from these few carts of gravel, more than twenty people from Zhen Feng Escort Company had died? If it wasn’t for Yang Kai’s quick reaction, the two of them would have likely suffered as well.

“I don’t quite understand,” Yang Kai turned to look at the bald-headed Chief Leader, “Treasure Field Peak attacked the Meng Family’s Eldest Young Lady at night and took her hostage. Both sides suffered heavy casualties and even the Second Leader died. Logically speaking, the Meng Mansion should not have cooperated with you, but they actually did. Can Chief Leader explain?”

The bald Chief Leader no longer had the calm and composed air he had before and felt a sense of helplessness as if his secret had been seen through. However, he didn’t say anything and just stared at Yang Kai with a gloomy expression.

Holding his sword in his hand, Yang Kai walked towards him step by step, his eyes downcast, “A man who doesn’t speak is no different from a dead man!”

The bald leader said solemnly, “I can only say that I received news that you will escort a batch of goods to this place, but the person who told me this news has nothing to do with the Meng Mansion.”

“Then who is it related to?” Yang Kai stood in front of him and asked.

The big leader shook his head, obviously unwilling to speak.

“Then go die!” As Yang Kai finished speaking, his sword and saber flew out. The Chief Leader was obviously on guard, but he was still unable to withstand the power of this sword and saber. His head flew up and blood gushed out from his neck like a fountain.

Yang Kai had already mounted his horse and pulled up the still somewhat dazed Yin Zhiyong. Clutching the horse’s belly, he rushed forward.


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Kurisey MauveBish
Kurisey MauveBish
Sep 15, 2022

Cheng fen si and Qu Huachang knew each other before YK before and after.

After YK appears, Qu falls in love.

YK "dies".

Cheng Fen Si tries to marry Qu Huachang.

This exact situation happened back in Outer Universe, so it seems the finale of this life is coming soon enough.

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