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“That’s thanks to the Meng Family’s guards. This Feng didn’t do much, Eldest Young Lady is too serious,” Feng Cheng Si smiled lightly.

Meng Ru shook her head and said, “If Young City Lord didn’t arrive in time, the consequences would have been unimaginable.” Seeing Feng Cheng Si still standing, she quickly invited him to sit down.

Feng Cheng Si thanked her and sat down.

The two of them chatted for a while and chatted happily.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Meng Ru showed signs of fatigue and Cui’er said, “Eldest Young Lady, it’s getting late, we should go back, or else Old Master will be worried.”

Meng Ru nodded and stood up to bid farewell to Feng Cheng Si. The latter didn’t try to persuade her to stay and simply watched Meng Ru lead the way.

When Meng Ru and the guards disappeared, Feng Cheng Si smiled and called out, “Junior Brother Yang!”

The sword-wielding youth who had been standing next to him all this time wore a puzzled expression. He didn’t know why his Young Master suddenly spoke to an empty space, but just as he was about to ask, a figure suddenly appeared from the shadows like a ghost.

The sword-wielding boy was shocked and quickly hid behind Feng Cheng Si, shouting, “Who is it!”

Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to this and simply stared at Feng Cheng Si, cupping his fists and greeting, “Senior Brother Feng!”

The two’s gazes collided and sparks flew in all directions.

The sword-wielding boy wore a blank look as he listened to his Young Master and this mysterious man address each other. The two of them seemed to be Senior and Junior Brothers, but looking at their current posture, for some reason they seemed to be opposing each other.

What confused the sword-wielding youth even more was that this Junior Brother Yang who had suddenly appeared was clearly dressed like a guard of the Meng Mansion, so how could he have a fellow disicples relationship with the Young City Lord?

“I’ve long heard of Junior Brother Yang’s great name, and now that I’ve finally met you, you really do have a dignified appearance,” Feng Cheng Si smiled lightly.

“Senior Brother is too kind!” Yang Kai replied lightly.

Seemingly sensing his coldness, Feng Cheng Si frowned and said, “Although this world’s matters are not my original wish, since Senior Brother has received Master’s orders, he must do his best to complete them. If I have offended you in any way, please forgive me.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Then we’ll just have to rely on our own methods, but I still have to advise Senior Brother to withdraw as soon as possible so he won’t lose face.”

Feng Cheng Si smiled slightly, “Junior Brother is so confident in himself?”

Yang Kai raised his head slightly and arrogantly asked, “Does Senior Brother know what it means to be in a favorable position?”

For some reason, Yang Kai felt like he was being jealous of someone, and even he found it funny.

Feng Cheng Si said, “Junior Brother has Junior Brother’s advantages, I know, but Junior Brother should not underestimate me. Senior Brother also has his own advantages.”

“Then I’ll wait and see!” Yang Kai turned around and disappeared into the shadows.

After a long time, the sword-wielding youth who was hiding behind Feng Cheng Si poked his head out again and asked, “Young Master, did that ghost… leave?”

Feng Cheng Si angrily knocked his head, “What nonsense are you spouting? Let’s go back!”

“Yes!” The sword-wielding boy responded, turning his head back to look towards the shadow of the stone pavilion three times with every step he took, as if a ghost wearing a sword and saber could appear at any moment.

Yang Kai soon learned of Feng Cheng Si’s methods. This guy was able to display his superiority with just a single move and instantly put Yang Kai at a disadvantage.

The next day after returning from the Temple, Eldest Young Lady and Miss Qian Qian were practicing martial arts with Yang Kai. Cui’er rushed in excitedly and shouted, “Eldest Young Lady, Eldest Young Lady, something big has happened!”

Meng Ru, who was brandishing her wooden sword, was startled and quickly stopped what she was doing to look over. However, after seeing Cui’er’s expression, she couldn’t help glaring at her, “What are you shouting about? You scared me out of my wits!”

Cui’er stood in front of Eldest Young Lady and stuck out her tongue before whispering, “But Eldest Young Lady, something big really happened.”

“What is it?” Meng Ru asked with a frown.

Cui’er looked up at her and said mysteriously, “Good things, good things!”

Meng Ru looked as if she couldn’t do anything to her, but suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, she reached out and grabbed her waist, “Are you going to tell me or not? You dare keep me in suspense?”

Cui’er giggled and begged for mercy before Meng Ru finally let her go.

Qian Qian took a towel from the side and handed it to Meng Ru, who gently wiped her face and listened attentively.

Cui’er then said, “The City Lord’s Mansion sent a lot of gifts, a few big carts of things. They said they were here to propose marriage for the Young City Lord.”

Meng Ru’s movements suddenly froze as she shot a panicked glance at Yang Kai, nervously asking, “Propose a marriage? What marriage?”

Cui’er smiled, “What kind of marriage could there be? Of course it’s Young City Lord and Eldest Young Lady! Young City Lord, you met him yesterday. He’s handsome, has good martial arts, has a good family background, and has a good temper. He’s really a good match for Young Lady…”

Meng Ru panicked, “Did my father agree?”

Cui’er shook her head, “I don’t know, but Old Master seems to be quite satisfied. He’s currently talking to the Young City Lord in the front hall.”

Hearing this, Meng Ru quickly threw down the wet towel in her hand, picked up her dress, and ran out.

Cui’er asked in shock, “Eldest Young Lady, what are you doing?”

Meng Ru turned a deaf ear to this, but after taking a few steps, she suddenly stopped and stood there for a while before turning around and looking at Yang Kai with a complicated expression, “Guard Yang, I’m a bit tired today, so I won’t be practicing for now.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Since you’re tired, Eldest Young Lady should rest.”

Meng Ru walked into the house and closed the door.

Cui’er suddenly glared fiercely at Yang Kai, her eyes filled with hostility.

Half an hour later, the Patriarch of the Meng Family, Meng De Ye, arrived at the Inner Court and entered Meng Ru’s room. It was unknown what he said to Meng Ru, but when he came out again, he had a helpless look on his face as he shook his head and sighed.

Cui’er followed along, but not long after, she was caught by the Patriarch’s personal guard and brought to Meng Deye.

In front of the Eldest Young Lady, Cui’er had no scruples. After all, the two of them had grown up together and were as close as sisters, but in front of the Patriarch, Cui’er didn’t dare act presumptuously.

This was because there were four young girls who had accompanied the Eldest Young Lady in her growth, but after all these years, she was the only one left.

The Eldest Young Lady was pure and kind, thinking that the three young girls had found a good home, but Cui’er knew that the three of them had long since turned into bones.

Being around the Eldest Young Lady, any slight carelessness could lead to a disaster.

Kneeling in front of the Patriarch, Cui’er trembled, “Old Master, this servant has something to say.”

Meng Deye stood in front of her with his hands behind his back and said lightly, “Speak!”

Cui’er hesitated for a moment before saying in a trembling voice, “I don’t know if it’s this servant’s eyes that are playing tricks on me, but Eldest Young Lady… Eldest Young Lady seems to treat Guard Yang a bit differently!”

Saying so, she quickly added, “This servant doesn’t know if it’s just my imagination, I can’t be certain.”

The Patriarch didn’t respond, but Cui’er knew that this was a sign of the Patriarch’s anger, causing her to feel even more uneasy.

After a while, the Patriarch asked, “When did you discover this?”

Cui’er replied in a trembling voice, “The last time Eldest Young Lady was rescued.”

Meng Deye said, “Eldest Young Lady has been rescued for two months, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Cui’er almost fell to the ground, “This servant doesn’t dare!”

“Doesn't dare..” Meng Deye sneered, “Chop her up to be used as the flowers fertilizer!”

Cui’er’s body went limp for a moment, only when two guards grabbed her arms and dragged her out did she beg for mercy, “Old Master, please spare my life, Old Master, please spare my life! I’m the only one left by Eldest Young Lady’s side, if I die, Eldest Young Lady will definitely be sad.”

These words had saved her life, and the two guards who had been holding her suddenly threw her down.

Meng Deye’s voice rang out from afar, “Take good care of Eldest Young Lady, if anything happens, tell me immediately. If you make any mistakes, be careful of your dog life!”

Cui’er quickly responded, but when she looked up again, there was no one in front of her.

After that day, the Eldest Young Lady seemed to have returned to normal. Yang Kai didn’t ask how the Young City Lord’s proposal was handled, but Yin Zhiyong did inquire about some information.

The Young City Lord had indeed come to propose a marriage, and he had even come personally. Meng Deye was obviously very satisfied with him; after all, Feng Cheng Si’s status and position were quite high, making him a perfect match for the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Family.

Meng Ru was no longer young, so it was impossible for her to remain in the Meng Mansion. If she could find a good home, Meng Deye would not refuse.

However, Meng Deye didn’t seem to have any direct response to this proposal.

This made Yin Zhiyong even more impressed with the Eldest Young Lady’s favor. Not to mention an ordinary family, even if it was a family more noble than the Meng Mansion, the marriage of a woman in their family would be decided by their parents, so how could it be up to her to decide?

However, on the Meng Family’s side, the Eldest Young Lady’s word was law, and even the Patriarch, who had always been unyielding, didn’t force her to do anything.

However, Yang Kai could clearly feel that there were more spies around the Young Lady’s Embroidered Building. While these people were paying attention to the Eldest Young Lady, they were also staring at him.

Cui’er’s behavior these past few days had also been a bit strange. In the past, he had felt that Cui’er hated him, but recently, she seemed to have become hostile.

Her eyes were filled with hatred, unable to be concealed!

Yang Kai felt that something was wrong.

On this day, Yang Kai and Yin Zhiyong received orders to pay a visit to the Patriarch.

Inside the hall, Meng Deye looked at the two people standing below and said, “Tomorrow, my Meng Family has a batch of goods to deliver to Dingyuan City. This batch of goods is very important, the two of you should follow.”

Hearing this, Yin Zhiyong was stunned, “The Eldest Young Lady…”

He and Yang Kai were the Eldest Young Lady’s personal guards, so logically speaking, they didn’t need to interfere in the delivery of goods, so Meng Deye’s order puzzled him.

Meng Deye said, “I have my own arrangements for the Eldest Young Lady, you don’t need to worry about her.” After pausing for a moment, he explained, “The Eldest Young Lady will be married out sooner or later. The two of you are loyal to the Meng Mansion, so after she marries out, the Meng Mansion will still need your help, so get familiar with it first.”

Yin Zhiyong’s expression became excited as he cupped his fists and accepted the order, “Yes, many thanks for Patriarch’s guidance.”

Meng Deye waved his hand and the two of them left respectfully.


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