“This Overturning Clouds Saber and Overturning Rain Sword is a true treasure. It’s said that it was left behind by a master several hundred years ago. The last time it appeared was thirty years ago when it was obtained by a lone cultivator. I didn’t expect it to appear in the Meng Mansion today!” Yin Zhiyong played with the sword and saber with a fanatical expression. He was also a cultivator, so he naturally couldn’t bear to part with such a treasure.

Once an ordinary person had such a divine weapon, their strength would definitely soar, let alone Yang Kai and other experts.

Moreover, with his eyesight, he was able to confirm that these two treasures were authentic and definitely not fake.

Reluctantly, Yin Zhiyong sheathed the sword and said enviously, “The Patriarch really thinks highly of you, Brother Yang. Heh, speaking of which, only someone like you is worthy of this saber and sword.”

The battle to protect the Eldest Young Lady Meng Ru not only proved Yang Kai’s loyalty, but also his strength. In fact, Meng Deye had previously sent his trusted subordinates to investigate that battlefield, and the conclusion he had reached was that in this world, there were less than ten people who could single-handedly face the charge of a hundred horse riding bandits.

Yang Kai was both loyal and strong, so Meng Deye naturally regarded him highly. With the Overturning Clouds Saber and Overturning Rain Sword in hand, he was naturally like a tiger with wings.

It was actually quite easy to work in the Inner Court because Meng Ru usually lived in seclusion and basically never left her Embroidered Building.

It's unknown if it was because of her nature or because of what she had experienced the last time, but she was still somewhat scared and worried.

As such, Yang Kai and Yin Zhiyong only needed to hide in the shadows while on duty and pay close attention to her to prevent any accidents from happening.

And in the Inner Court, how many accidents could there be? Besides these two personal guards, there were also many other hidden guards, so it was impossible for those who were not trusted to enter the Inner Court.

As a result, Yang Kai was faced with a difficult problem, unable to have any intimate contact with the Eldest Young Lady, which inevitably gave him a headache.

The battle to protect the Eldest Young Lady had undoubtedly left an indelible impression on her, and now that he was lucky enough to enter the Inner Court as her personal guard, if he couldn’t strike while the iron was hot, it was highly likely he would fail.

However, his current status was only that of the Meng Mansion’s Inner Court Guard while Meng Ru was the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Mansion. Their statuses were worlds apart, and if he were to go too far, he would only invite disaster upon himself.

In order to get close to the Eldest Young Lady, he had to slowly plot a plan.

On this day, Meng Ru was in a good mood and led her two personal maidservants around the garden.

Although Miss Qian Qian had only entered the Inner Court for a short time, for some unknown reason, she was highly regarded by the Eldest Young Lady. Now, in less than a month, she had become the Eldest Young Lady’s personal maidservant.

Speaking of which, her current status was equal to Cui’er’s, but their relationship was naturally different. After all, Cui’er had grown up with the Eldest Young Lady.

However, this opportunity of hers made many maidservants in the Inner Court extremely envious. No one knew why the Eldest Young Lady regarded Qian Qian so highly.

Yang Kai and Yin Zhiyong had been secretly following them all this time, not showing their faces, so the Eldest Young Lady and the two female servants didn’t know where they were hiding.

However, Meng Ru knew that Yang Kai and Yin Zhiyong were nearby, ready to act at any moment. This was because she had once tried that no matter where she went, as long as she casually called out, Yang Kai would walk out from a corner and stand in front of her like a shadow.

For several days, she had enjoyed this little game. As long as she could find a reason, she would call out to Yang Kai.

As a result, Cui’er’s gaze towards Yang Kai became even sharper!

The Eldest Young Lady was in a good mood today. In fact, she had been in a good mood for the past few days. The haze of being kidnapped had dissipated, and her face often wore an intoxicating smile.

However, after all, she was just a young woman who lived in a secluded spring house. After walking around for less than two hours, the Eldest Young Lady began to pant, “I’m a bit tired.”

Cui’er said, “If you’re tired, let’s go back. The wind outside is quite strong, be careful not to catch a cold.”

The Eldest Young Lady tilted her head and thought for a moment before suddenly smiling and calling out, “Guard Yang!”

The sound of footsteps came from behind her, and Yang Kai appeared like a ghost, arriving ten meters behind Meng Ru and cupping his fists, “Eldest Young Lady!”

“You’re here.” Meng Ru turned around and pouted in disappointment, “I was just wondering if you would come out from there, why are you behind me?”

Cui’er looked at the young girl’s youthful expression and whispered, “Why did Eldest Young Lady call out Guard Yang again? He needs to hide himself to protect you.”

Saying so, she glared at Yang Kai, “You may withdraw.”

The Eldest Young Lady replied, “There’s no danger inside the Inner Court. Moreover, Guard Yang is so powerful, even if there is danger, whether it’s hiding, he can still protect me, right, Guard Yang?”

Yang Kai lowered his head and said, “Protecting Eldest Young Lady’s safety is my duty.”

“Alright, Eldest Young Lady knows your loyalty, you may withdraw now.” Cui’er waved her hand.

Yang Kai didn’t move and simply asked, “Does Eldest Young Lady have any instructions?”

“En,” Meng Ru nodded happily, “I want to practice martial arts, teach me!”

Cui’er was shocked, “Eldest Young Lady, you want to practice martial arts? Weren’t you never interested in learning martial arts?”

Meng Ru smiled, “It's when I was young, now it’s the present.”

Cui’er said, “But Eldest Young Lady, it’s probably too late for you to practice martial arts now, you won’t be able to achieve anything, and if you do…”

Meng Ru interrupted her, “I’m not trying to make a name for myself, I just want to strengthen my body. Didn’t they say that practicing martial arts can strengthen one’s physique? After walking around for a while, I’ve become a bit tired, it must be because of my poor physique. Also, last time I was struggling to hold a sword, I almost couldn’t lift it up. If I were to practice martial arts, I wouldn’t be like this. If I were to encounter any more danger, I would be able to protect myself.”

Seeing that the Eldest Young Lady was so insistent, Cui’er couldn’t refute her, so after thinking about it for a moment, she said, “If the Eldest Young Lady wants to practice martial arts, you can ask the Martial Arts Instructors in the mansion to guide you. Guard Yang still has duties to perform, so I’m afraid it won’t be convenient.”

Meng Ru snorted, “The Martial Arts' instructors in the mansion aren’t as good as Guard Yang. Cui’er, you don’t know this, but last time, Guard Yang killed a person with one hand, while killing another person with a single blow. The blood flowed to my feet and dyed my shoes red.”

How could Cui’er have ever heard of such a cruel thing? She was so frightened that her face turned pale and she didn’t even dare speak.

Meng Ru looked at Yang Kai and said, “Guard Yang, please teach me!”

Yang Kai naturally couldn’t ask for more, as this was the only way he could have an opportunity to interact with the Eldest Young Lady. After pondering for a moment, he nodded and said, “This subordinate is the Eldest Young Lady’s subordinate, so if she has any instructions, this subordinate will naturally comply.”

Meng Ru clapped happily, “Then let’s begin.”

“Here?” Yang Kai asked.

“Oh, let’s go back first,” Meng Ru responded before leading the way.

Yang Kai followed closely behind.

Cui’er came back to her senses, frowned, grabbed Qian Qian’s hand, and said a few words before rushing out of the house.

The Eldest Young Lady actually wanted to practice martial arts and had even been personally taught by Guard Yang. This matter had to be reported to the Patriarch, she had no way to stop it and could only ask the Patriarch to do so.

After exiting the Inner Court, she arrived at the main hall where the Patriarch was handling official business. After reporting to the higher-ups, the Patriarch summoned her.

Cui’er quickly explained what had happened, and Meng Deye leaned back in his chair, his hands resting on his abdomen. After a moment of silence, he said, “If Ru’er wants to study martial arts, then let her. Perhaps it was a moment of impulse, so she won’t be able to hold on for much longer. Go back and tell Yang Kai not to let Ru’er get hurt. If Ru’er loses even a strand of hair, I’ll teach him a lesson.”

Cui’er didn’t expect the Patriarch to agree so readily. Although everyone knew how much the Patriarch doted on the Eldest Young Lady these past few years, she thought the Patriarch would refuse this time.

She really wanted to say that after what happened last time, the way the Eldest Young Lady looked at the guard was a bit strange. She had accompanied Eldest Young Lady for so many years, but she had never seen her look at a man like that.

It was a look of infatuation!

However, she really didn’t dare to say such a thing. Firstly, she was afraid she had made a mistake, and secondly, she was afraid she would ruin Eldest Young Lady’s reputation.

“Go,” Meng Deye waved his hand.

Cui’er helplessly withdrew.

Returning to the courtyard in front of the Embroidered Building, Cui’er found that Eldest Young Lady had already changed into a set of combat clothes. She had found a wooden sword from somewhere and was constantly slashing it under Yang Kai’s guidance.

Her actions were extremely simple, but Eldest Young Lady seemed to be very happy and serious, constantly asking Yang Kai for confirmation. Yang Kai stood not far from her, occasionally offering some pointers.

Qian Qian stood quietly to the side while Cui’er quickly walked over to her side and complained, “Why didn’t you stop him?”

Qian Qian was suddenly at a loss for words, lowering her head and not daring to speak.

Cui’er continued to reprimand, “You really are useless, sooner or later I’ll drive you out of here.”

Qian Qian lowered her head even more.

In less than fifteen minutes, Eldest Young Lady was already drenched in sweat.

Cui’er was prepared for this and took out a wet towel to wipe her face.

Meng Ru asked expectantly, “Guard Yang, how was my performance just now?”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “For beginners, it’s already quite good. Eldest Young Lady has a talent for martial arts.”

This was only natural. After all, Qu Huachang had been reincarnated. Although her memories had been sealed, some of her instincts were still imprinted in the depths of her soul, so it wasn’t strange for her to act like this.

Meng Ru was very happy, “Really? Don’t lie to me, if you lie to me, I’ll…” Saying so, she waved her little fist as if she was about to punch him.

Recalling that this action seemed to be acting coquettishly, She quickly withdrew her hand and wiped her face to conceal the blush on her face.

Yang Kai said seriously, “Everything this subordinate says is true, there is no lie.”

Meng Ru smiled so widely her eyes curved into crescent moons.

Cui’er curled her lips, “Eldest Young Lady, you should be careful, you can’t trust a man’s words.”

“What kind of man are you talking about? You sound like you’ve had a man before.” Meng Ru pinched Cui’er’s nose.

Cui’er’s face also turned red as she stomped her feet, “Eldest Young Lady, you’re becoming more outspoken. I must tell Old Master.”

“No, no, no. Cui’er, I won’t say anymore,” Meng Ru quickly pleaded.


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