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This young guard named Yang Kai was indeed very capable, even the ordinary Eldest Young Lady could see this.

But she also knew what it meant to be outnumbered.

She didn’t know how long the young guard would be able to last, or even why he was so determined to protect her even in the face of death.

They had never even met before.

She only knew one thing, if the young guard fell, her fate would be worse than death, so she had to be prepared.

The sharp sword pressed against her chest, slightly piercing her skin, causing her to feel pain as she stared at the young guard’s back, observing his condition.

If she really had to face the worst possible outcome, wouldn’t that be the same as going to the underworld together? Eldest Young Lady’s thoughts ran wild as she felt a trace of sweetness, as if this was something she was looking forward to.

The cursing of Treasure Field Peak’s leader did not stop for even a moment. The more brothers who fell, the louder his cursing became, and his spits flew far into the distance. The sound of 'trash' caused the remaining bandits to become even more furious and their attacks became even more ruthless.

However, although their viciousness had caused more damage to the Meng Mansion's Guard, they had never been able to make him fall.

The body of the Meng Mansion's Guard was covered in blood, his clothes were torn, and even his forehead had a bloody wound. Blood flowed down his face and seeped into his eyes, making them look like a crazed beast.

The narrow saber in his hand had already become a sharp blade as he casually grabbed a long sword from one of the horse rider bandits, one hand holding a blade while the other holding a sword. However, even that long sword was now full of holes, unable to withstand such a high intensity battle.

In front of him were a number of corpses, at least twenty or thirty of them, their blood flowing down his legs, making him look like a god of death.

The horse rider bandits from Treasure Field Peak were terrified. Although they knew that as long as they continued to persist, this Meng Mansion's Guard would eventually collapse, before that, how many lives would they have to sacrifice? Would these lives include their own?

The horse rider bandits who were originally charging forward under the might of the Leader showed signs of fear, and the frequency of their attacks decreased.

The Leader became even angrier as he killed a horse rider bandit who was quietly retreating with a single slash.

The earth suddenly trembled as the sound of galloping horses could be heard.

The First Leader's heart skipped a beat, and when he raised his eyes, he saw a cloud of dust rising up from the ground, as if a large group of knights were flying towards him.

The reinforcements from White Jade City had arrived!

Obviously, the bandits also noticed this and began to panic as their figures involuntarily retreated. Many of them looked towards the First Leader, waiting for his order.

The First Leader stared at the Meng Mansion’s guard who had been standing guard in front of the pit, a trace of hesitation flashing across his face as he grit his teeth and shouted, “Retreat!”

The number of guards in White Jade City was not something they could resist. If they continued to stay here, it was likely they would lose their lives as well. It would be unwise to continue fighting for a moment of anger.

The horse rider bandits had long been smashed by Yang Kai, so when they heard the Leader's order, how could they hesitate? All of them turned their horses and chased after their Leader.

A moment later, more than a hundred well-equipped knights, led by a young man, rushed over. The young man narrowed his eyes and glanced in the direction the Treasure Field Peak's horse rider bandits, showing no intention of pursuing them.

He turned around and looked at Yang Kai, who was standing next to him like a bloody man. Even though he was experienced and knowledgeable, he couldn’t help feeling shocked.

The eyes of the hundred or so knights behind the young man were also attracted to Yang Kai.

He stood there like a mountain, seemingly trying to protect something, his body covered in wounds of all sizes, his clothes almost completely tattered, the corpses of the horse rider bandits beneath his feet, the blood almost drowning his ankles, the murderous intent so thick it seemed like the mounts beneath the knights couldn’t bear it, letting out low cries as they instinctively retreated.

No one had ever seen such a scene before, so it was almost possible to imagine the intense situation at that time. Countless horse rider bandits must have charged towards him one after another, trying to crush him, but he was like a rock amidst a raging storm, standing tall and firm.

With a sweep of his saber, he picked up a long sword and cut down… The moment his sword fell, the corpses of the horse rider bandits fell to the ground.

“Is it him?” The young man asked.

The mount beside the man was the Meng Mansion's Guard, Yin Zhiyong. Hearing this, he quickly nodded, “It’s him!”

Saying so, he got off his horse and rushed towards Yang Kai, calling out, “Brother Yang, Brother Yang!”

Before he could get close, Yin Zhiyong let out a cry and fell to the ground, almost losing his soul.

Returning to his senses, he quickly touched his own body to make sure there were no injuries before letting out a sigh of relief and saying with a look of lingering fear, “Brother Yang, it’s me. Yin Zhiyong, don’t you recognize me?”

He couldn’t understand why Yang Kai would suddenly attack him. If he were to die from this attack, it would be quite unjust.

“He’s unconscious!” The young man’s voice came from the side.

Yin Zhiyong was stunned, “un.. unconscious?”

How could he still attack him when he was unconscious?

Taking a closer look, he found that Yang Kai’s condition was indeed somewhat abnormal. His eyes were filled with anger, and he didn’t even blink. The blood on his forehead flowed down his eyes, making him look extremely terrifying. His eyes were completely unfocused as he stared in a certain direction.

But he still stood there holding his sword, not moving.

“Don’t approach him so easily, he can only react instinctively now,” The young man warned.

Yin Zhiyong nodded dumbly. Having lived for so long, this was the first time he had seen something like this. Even when unconscious, he was still able to act on instinct. Just how strong was his willpower?

“He’s quite a character!” The young man stared at Yang Kai with a look of admiration and asked Yin Zhiyong, “What’s his name?”

Yin Zhiyong quickly replied, “Reporting to Young City Lord, his name is Yang Kai, the new guard of the Meng Mansion.”

“Yang Kai?” The Young City Lord’s eyes suddenly narrowed as his gaze towards Yang Kai changed slightly.

However, Yin Zhiyong didn’t notice this and only stared at Yang Kai worriedly, “Young City Lord, Brother Yang’s injuries aren’t light, we can’t approach him easily, if we don’t stop the bleeding, he’ll probably die.”

The Young City Lord remained silent.

However, from behind Yang Kai came the sound of something breaking.

Yin Zhiyong shouted, “Who goes there!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a woman with disheveled hair and a graceful figure crawled out from the pit behind Yang Kai, her hands wrapped around the hilt of a long sword, her face filled with vigilance.

“Eldest Young Lady!” Yin Zhiyong was shocked.

When he had first arrived, he had only seen Yang Kai and hadn’t noticed what was behind him. It wasn’t until the Eldest Young Lady took the initiative to appear that he discovered that there was a pit behind Yang Kai.

Everyone suddenly realized what Yang Kai was protecting!

The Young City Lord’s expression also froze slightly as he carefully examined the Eldest Young Lady’s face before suddenly chuckling lightly.

He had searched far and wide in this world for many years, but he had never found the person he was looking for. He had never imagined that he would encounter her today.

This Samsara World's fate was truly unfathomable. He had entered early, but he had not been able to seize the initiative. On the contrary, the one who had entered later had the first opportunity.

“Meng Mansion's outer court guard, Yin Zhiyong, greets Eldest Young Lady!” Yin Zhiyong quickly cupped his fists and said, “Eldest Young Lady, be careful, don’t approach Yang Kai.”

The Eldest Young Lady pursed her lips and threw away the sword in her hand, seemingly making up her mind as she walked towards Yang Kai.

When she was hiding in the pit just now, she had also heard the conversation between Yin Zhiyong and the Young City Lord, so she naturally knew what state Yang Kai was in.

But so what? He was protecting her with his life, so she believed he wouldn’t do anything to harm her.

Yin Zhiyong’s face went pale.

This time, seeing that the Eldest Young Lady was safe and sound, the Meng Mansion would definitely reward them greatly when they returned, but if anything happened to the Eldest Young Lady under Yang Kai’s hands, it would be over.

Before he could stop her, Eldest Young Lady had already walked up to Yang Kai.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai didn’t have any intention of attacking her, but his expression became even more ferocious, as if he was suppressing something.

Yin Zhiyong’s heart was in his throat, afraid that if Yang Kai were to slash down, this beautiful Eldest Young Lady would die.

Eldest Young Lady’s tears suddenly flowed down her cheeks as she covered her mouth, her shoulders trembling uncontrollably.

The man in front of her was completely covered in blood, and through his tattered clothes, one could see his flesh and bone deep wounds.

Every wound, every drop of blood that flowed out was a token to protect her.

Suppressing her sobs, Eldest Young Lady stretched out her hand and took the sword from Yang Kai’s hand.

Yang Kai didn’t put up much resistance. Even the Hundred Horse Riders from Treasure Field Peak wasn’t able to make him loosen his blades, but it was easily done in front of this helpless Eldest Young Lady.

The Eldest Young Lady threw the blood-stained sword to the ground, and when she looked up again, she found that Yang Kai’s eyes had closed, and he was breathing weakly.

“Who has medicine? Quickly heal him!” Eldest Young Lady turned around to ask for help.

With such a serious injury, if he didn’t quickly treat it, it wouldn’t be long before he died. Although Eldest Young Lady had lived in seclusion for a long time, she still had some common sense.

The Young City Lord signaled to one of his subordinates.

The subordinate immediately got off his horse and quickly walked over to Yang Kai. After making sure he was safe, he put him down.

Yin Zhiyong quickly came up to help, but seeing that Eldest Young Lady was still standing nearby, he said, “Eldest Young Lady, please avoid this bloody scene. I’m afraid it will disturb Eldest Young Lady.”

Eldest Young Lady nodded and walked to the side.

The Young City Lord came to her side and looked her up and down before saying, “Eldest Young Lady Meng, I am the Young City Lord of White Jade City, Feng Cheng Si. I just returned from a trip to another city a few days ago. This time, I was late in rescuing Eldest Young Lady Meng, causing her to be frightened.”

Eldest Young Lady slowly shook her head, “I’m fine.”

Her eyes were fixed on Yang Kai’s direction, filled with concern.

Feng Cheng Si saw all of this and could only curse silently. Fate was truly a dog!


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