As her vision swam, passing over the shoulder of this strange and young guard, Eldest Young Lady could clearly see a hundred riders chasing after her. The faces on the backs of these horses were all ugly and terrifying.

Eldest Young Lady’s mood was unprecedentedly calm!

This scene, this feeling, seemed familiar, as if she had experienced it somewhere before.

However, she had always lived in the Meng Mansion and had not even left White Jade City, so when had she ever been hunted down and protected?

Was it a dream? Or a past life?

Her intimacy with this strange man should have been extremely uncomfortable, but she was willing to accept it. Her hands tightened around the young guard’s neck as if she wanted to merge with him.

She knew that he would not abandon her, even if it meant death!

More than a dozen arrows flew towards her from behind and she shouted, “Be careful!”

Then, her eyes were filled with a blade light. Yang Kai did not turn around, but instead stood facing the Eldest Young Lady, protecting her. If he turned around, the Eldest Young Lady would become his shield. It was as if he had eyes on the back of his head as he slashed down with his blade.

Most of the arrows were blocked, but one of them hit his shoulder.

The Eldest Young Lady’s eyes were fixed on the arrowhead, which was about an arm’s length long and deeply embedded in her flesh. There wasn’t much blood flowing out, but the scene that greeted her eyes made her heart tighten.

It should be very painful, right? The young guard didn’t even make a sound.

Another arrow flew towards them and Yang Kai quickly dodged. The pursuers behind him were getting closer and it wouldn’t be long before the two of them were surrounded.

Yang Kai rushed to the left. There was a mountain valley there, perhaps some kind of terrain he could use.

Soon, he carried Eldest Young Lady and entered the mountain valley. His luck was quite good, and with a single glance, he saw a hole in the mountain wall.

The pit wasn’t big, but it was large enough to accommodate one person.

Yang Kai rushed over and placed the Eldest Young Lady down, “Hide inside!”

Eldest Young Lady nodded heavily and crawled into the pit, trying her best to curl up inside.

When she looked up again, the figure of the young guard stood in front of her like a tall mountain, blocking the storm.

“What’s your name?” Eldest Young Lady asked.

“Yang Kai!” Yang Kai grabbed the long arrow stuck in his shoulder and forcefully broke it, leaving the arrow in his flesh. Turning back to the Young Lady, he smiled, “My name is Yang Kai!”

The Eldest Young Lady repeated these two simple words, seemingly trying to engrave them into the depths of her soul. Stroking her messy hair, she flashed a dazzling smile, “My name is Meng Ru!”

Yang Kai nodded, “Good name!”

The sound of horse hooves rang out as the Hundred Horse Riders chased after Yang Kai. The hawk-nosed man leading them raised his hand and the Hundred Horse Riders stopped, glaring at Yang Kai.

As their eyes met, the hawk-nosed man couldn’t suppress the admiration in his eyes and sized up Yang Kai, “Boy, did you kill Lu Anguo?”

Yang Kai replied solemnly, “Yes!”

The hawk-nosed man’s face sank as he said, “Lu Anguo is my Treasure Field Peak’s Second Leader. If you kill him, we’ll become enemies.”

“He shouldn’t have abducted the Eldest Young Lady of the Meng Mansion,” Yang Kai shook his head, “If he dares to harm her, he must die!”

The man with the hawk nose chuckled lightly, “His loyalty is commendable, but he’s extremely ignorant! Lu Anguo’s skill was inferior to others, so he deserved to die in your hands, but he is still the Second Leader of my Treasure Field Peak. If you kill him, I, as the First Leader, will have to give my brothers an explanation.”

“What kind of explanation do you want?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

The hawk-nosed man grinned maliciously, “A life for a life. What kind of explanation do you think I want?”

Yang Kai said lightly, “If you want my life, you’ll have to take it yourself. Let’s see if you have the ability.”

The man with the hawk nose sneered, “Compared to your life, I’m more interested in you. How about this, you hand over the woman behind you to me as a pledge of allegiance, and then follow me up the mountain to settle our grievances.”

Yang Kai frowned, lowered his eyes, and thought for a moment before saying, “I can follow you up the mountain, but I can’t hand the Eldest Young Lady over to you. Release her and let her return to White Jade City, I can agree to any request you make.”

The hawk-nosed man slowly shook his head, “This won’t do. My Treasure Field Peak expended a great deal of effort and lost many of my brothers. Even the Second Leader died. It wasn’t easy to get this woman out, so how could I let her go? Don’t worry, as long as you follow me up the mountain, this woman will be yours from now on.”

Yang Kai firmly said, “There is only one way. Eldest Young Lady must return to White Jade City safely!”

The hawk-nosed man’s face suddenly became gloomy. He had already given Yang Kai enough face and expressed his attitude towards the wise and virtuous, but he didn’t expect this guy to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.

“I’ll go up the mountain!” Eldest Young Lady Meng Ru’s voice rang out from behind him.

“Stop fooling around!” Yang Kai shouted.

“Oh.” Meng Ru obediently withdrew.

“It seems there’s no room for negotiation,” The hawk-nosed man wore a look of regret as he waved his hand and ordered, “Kill him!”

Knowing that he couldn’t win Yang Kai over, he immediately wanted to kill him, his resolve extremely firm.

The dozen or so Archers who were already prepared immediately drew their bows and shot a dozen arrows towards Yang Kai from different angles.

In the next moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

Because the blade in Yang Kai’s hand flashed and blocked all the arrows, his figure didn’t even move half a step as he stood in front of the Meng Family’s Eldest Young Lady like a wooden stake.

The hawk-nosed man was truly surprised.

Since he was able to kill Lu Anguo, he knew that Yang Kai was an expert. He had also seen Yang Kai’s performance during the chase and was now more certain of his judgment.

But only now did he realize that he had still underestimated him.

If it was him, he would have been able to block the dozen or so arrows, but it would not have been so easy, nor would he have been able to remain motionless.

The dozen or so Archers’ faces all became a bit red, feeling like they had lost face. Without waiting for the Leader’s order, they all fired again.

The result was the same, Yang Kai still managed to block all of them.

The Archers were enraged and no longer fired together, instead coordinating with one another to scatter their arrows in search of an opportunity.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, all of the Archers had no choice but to put down their bows, their faces as red as a monkey’s butt, and the mocking laughter of their companions made them feel even more ashamed.

Of the dozen or so people, each of them had more than twenty rounds, but none of them had caused any harm to Yang Kai.

The Leader’s expression also became somewhat ugly as he cursed at the people around him and pointed towards Yang Kai, “You lot, go kill him!”

The few people who had been called out immediately stopped smiling and became distressed, but since they couldn’t disobey the orders of the Leader, they could only force their horses forward.

At the very least, they knew how to cooperate and spread out to surround Yang Kai.

As their eyes met, one of them suddenly spurred his horse towards Yang Kai and slashed down with his long sword. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the others rushed forward.

Yang Kai ducked and dodged the first blow, drawing his saber and flashing it.

The second man had already thrust his sword towards Yang Kai, while the third man’s horsemanship was quite good. As he rushed forward, his entire body shrank under the horse’s belly, and as he brushed past Yang Kai, his blade slashed towards his legs.

The others all used their own skills, each of their moves aimed at Yang Kai’s vital points.

With Yang Kai as the intersection point, several strong horses crossed each other.

A few of the people on the horse’s back were left behind, lying in a pool of blood. Only two of them managed to survive, and when they turned around, their faces were pale.

Yang Kai still stood in place, not moving, but the clothes on his chest had been cut open, his flesh and blood flowing out.

However, he didn’t seem to notice.

Blood dripped down from the saber, making a loud dripping sound.

The Leader’s face became completely unsightly as he roared, “A bunch of trash! It takes so much trouble to kill one person, all of you, go! If you don’t kill him today, don’t follow me back to the mountain!”

The death of their companion also made the remaining people angry. Although Yang Kai’s performance was extremely fierce, he was still alone after all, so how could the hundred of them not be his opponent?

All of them drew their weapons and slowly pushed forward like a storm.

Yang Kai did his best to adjust his internal qi, pulled off his clothes, tied them into strips of cloth, and tied the saber to his hand.

As soon as he finished doing this, the hundred riders charged towards him from all directions, instantly engulfing him.

Yang Kai roared as his blade slashed down, causing blood to spurt out and screams to ring out.

Hiding the Eldest Young Lady in the pit behind him had its advantages and disadvantages, allowing him to avoid having to worry about her safety. All he needed to do was stand guard in front of the Eldest Young Lady to ensure she wouldn’t be harmed.

The downside was that he couldn’t move in a large area. Once he revealed a flaw behind him, it was highly likely that it would be used by the bandits of Treasure Field Peak. If the Eldest Young Lady was captured again, it would be difficult for him to display his full strength.

This situation also had its advantages and disadvantages for the group from Treasure Field Peak.

Yang Kai being tied up by the Eldest Young Lady was something they were happy to see.

However, such a small place was difficult for a hundred people to act.

At most, Yang Kai only needed to face the attacks of seven or eight people at once, and the rest of them could only loiter around the periphery, unable to do anything to him.

Corpses fell one after another, and the blood in front of the pit had already turned into a small river. The smell of blood that filled the air was nauseating, and the Eldest Young Lady, who was hiding in the pit, was surprised to discover that she didn’t seem to fear such a scene.

She found it strange, this is definitely the first time she had seen a dead person. If it was an ordinary family’s Eldest Young Lady, she would have fainted from fright, but she was able to maintain her consciousness and even pay close attention to the young guard’s condition.

A body suddenly fell in front of her. It was a horse bandit who wanted to take down Meng Ru when Yang Kai wasn’t paying attention, but just as he appeared behind Yang Kai, he was killed by his blade.

Before he died, his eyes were filled with terror as he lay down close to the Eldest Young Lady.

Eldest Young Lady stared at him for a moment before quickly grabbing the sword in his hand and using both her hands to grip the hilt of the sword, pressing it against her chest.


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