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Inside the Samsara Pavilion, there were countless towering ancient trees, each of which had thick branches and leaves that were as thick as a person’s arms, and a thick white mist was slowly flowing through the forest. Entering this place, one couldn’t help feeling like they were in a dream.

Yang Kai strolled through the forest silently.

Countless towering ancient trees hung down from their branches. There was no wind, but they gently swayed, as if they were welcoming guests.

Most of the ancient trees were closed, with only a few of them having holes in their trunk to accommodate people.

There were two types of ancient trees here that corresponded to the differences between men and women. Putting aside the closed ancient trees, some of the ancient trees had their roots open while others had their trunks open.

All the disciples who entered this place needed to enter these openings and reside inside these trees, borrowing the mysterious power of this forest to enter the real Samsara Pavilion and temper their mental state.

Three days ago, Yu Xiangdie had told Yang Kai about some of the matters of the Samsara Pavilion.

As such, he knew that the opening at the waist of the tree was where the female disciples entered, while the opening at the root was where the male disciples entered.

There didn’t seem to be much of a difference between the two, but each of them was different. If one chose incorrectly, it was impossible to enter the real Samsara Pavilion.

When the female disciples of Yin Yang Heaven entered this place, the difficulty of setting up the Heart Barrier was also related to the location of the ancient tree. The deeper one went, the more difficult it became.

Those with three lifetimes as their Heart Barrier could simply find a random ancient tree in the periphery, so there was no need to go too deep.

However, the heart barrier Qu Huachang had set up for herself was definitely not limited to three lifetimes, so Yang Kai felt that it would be better to go deeper.

The male disciples entering this place had nothing to do with how far they went, but he still wanted to get closer to Qu Huachang.

Even he didn’t know where Qu Huachang was hiding.

Half an hour later, Yang Kai arrived at the depths of the dense forest. In front of him was an ancient tree that blocked his way. There was a hole in the roots of this ancient tree, forming a tree hole that could accommodate a person. The branches that hung down from the tree danced about, and just as Yang Kai was about to continue deeper, he suddenly stopped and turned his head to look over his shoulder.

On his shoulder, a drooping branch bent like a small hand and wrapped itself around his clothes.

Yang Kai no longer moved forward, instead turning around and walking towards the ancient tree hole.

The Samsara Pavilion was a place where one’s heart was refined, and what was most important was one’s heart. Yu Xiangdie had previously told him to let nature take its course, so Yang Kai was prepared to follow her instructions.

Entering the tree hole, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged.

The size of the tree hole wasn’t small, so sitting inside it wasn’t crowded at all. After he calmed his Qi and focused for a moment, the original tree hole suddenly began to wriggle and slowly close until it completely covered Yang Kai.

From the outside, this ancient tree didn’t have the slightest trace of a tree hole.

As his thoughts flew about, Yang Kai focused his mind and did not resist.

At a certain moment, it was as if his entire soul had left his shell and passed through a colorful passageway that led to an unknown place.

Everything was as Yu Xiangdie had said, so Yang Kai waited quietly.

After an unknown period of time, seemingly in an instant or perhaps thousands of years, a flash of light suddenly appeared in front of the colorful passageway.

The light rapidly expanded before his eyes until it filled his entire field of vision.

At the same time, Yang Kai suddenly discovered that his drifting Divine Soul had found a place to rest and had a new body.

The sound of swords and sabers clashing rang out in his ears, causing the atmosphere to become extremely lively as cheers rang out.

Yang Kai looked around and found himself standing at the bottom of a ring, surrounded by a dense crowd of people. On the ring, two figures were locked in a fierce battle.

Yang Kai observed for a moment and found that although the moves these two people used seemed to be exquisite, they seemed to only be moves and not contain much power.

His brow wrinkled slightly as he silently felt his body. There was a strange energy flowing through his meridians. This energy was not Spiritual Force, but it was similar to Spiritual Force.

What made Yang Kai somewhat dissatisfied was that this power was too weak, almost equivalent to a Third Order Initial Element cultivator.

Without waiting for him to familiarize himself with the current situation, the clamorous noise around him once again swept over as the victor of the battle was decided.

The two of them didn’t seem to be engaged in a life or death battle. One of them was a bit stronger, while the other was a bit weaker. The two of them cupped their fists and said that one of them was inferior to the other, while the other responded with a ‘thank you’, seemingly harmonious.

This is the real Samsara Pavilion, also known as the Samsara World!

In the Samsara Pavilion, there were countless Samsara World. The Samsara World that everyone entered might be different, and only those who were related to each other would enter the same Samsara World to experience reincarnation cycle.

From the scene in front of him, Yang Kai could infer that the Martial Dao standard of this time’s Samsara World was very low, but this didn’t matter. He had come here for Qu Huachang, not to fight for supremacy and obtain a Divine Weapon like the last time he entered Small Source Realm.

The difference in strength was actually not that big.

What he was certain of was that Qu Huachang was also in this Samsara World, but where to find her was a mystery.

He wasn’t interested in the arena battle in front of him, the most important thing now was to inquire about the local customs of this place and find traces of Qu Huachang.

However, just as he turned around and walked out, a man with a goatee walked out from the ring holding a yellow cloth. Sweeping his eyes across the crowd, he shouted, “Next battle, Yang Kai, Lu Anguo!”

Yang Kai turned back to look at the stage, his brow slightly raised.

A burly figure leapt out from the crowd below and arrived on the stage in a few steps, his iron tower-like body causing the stage to shake. The fierce bear-like man looked down and tore off his shirt, revealing his black chest hair as he taunted, “Where is Yang Kai? Come and die!”

Yang Kai grinned, thinking to himself, So this is what Yu Xiangdie said about letting nature take its course!

This Samsara Pavilion’s method of training seemed to be somewhat similar to Small Source World’s. When he had entered this Samsara World, this world had undoubtedly given him a new identity, but his name had not changed. He was still called Yang Kai.

He had been worrying about not being able to find any clues about Qu Huachang, but now it seemed that this arena battle had something to do with her.

Yang Kai turned around and walked towards the stage slowly.

The surrounding crowd parted.

Arriving in front of the stage that was more than half the height of a person, Yang Kai exerted some force with his hands and flipped over, causing the crowd below to burst into laughter.

Everyone who entered the ring was trying their best to show off, using all kinds of exquisite light-weight methods to satisfy the audience. This was the first time someone like Yang Kai had stupidly climbed up.

On the stage, Lu Anguo’s eyes were wide open as he stared at Yang Kai’s thin arms and legs, grinning fiercely, “Are you Yang Kai?”

Yang Kai’s left hand held onto a narrow saber at his waist. This saber was something he had just discovered and was hanging on his left waist. It seemed that in this Samsara World, his identity was a swordsman.

Yang Kai decided to play this role well. Although he had never cultivated any swordmanship before, with his current cultivation and strength, he was already capable of many things.

Holding his saber with his left hand, Yang Kai smiled warmly and nodded, “Yes!”

A fierce light flashed across Lu Anguo’s eyes as he shouted, “I’ll crush you with a single punch!”

As he spoke, his large and burly figure flew over, and when he finished speaking, his clay pot-sized fist had already arrived in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai had just arrived here and was unfamiliar with everything in the Samsara World. He wanted to test the gap between his Martial Dao and others, so facing this attack, he had no intention of dodging.

In the eyes of the bystanders, he seemed to have been scared silly as he stood in place.

With a loud bang, the entire arena seemed to shake.

Lu Anguo’s unstoppable strike didn’t have the desired effect, and under this fist that was strong enough to kill a tiger, Yang Kai’s fist struck out at lightning speed.

In the end, Yang Kai’s figure couldn’t help but retreat to the edge of the stage, stomping his foot down and forcibly stabilizing his body, causing the wooden planks around his feet to immediately crack.

Lu Anguo, on the other hand, only took three steps back before stabilizing himself and staring at Yang Kai in surprise.

The surrounding crowd even let out a cry of surprise as the people who had mocked Yang Kai earlier all stared at him in shock.

The two people on the stage had a huge difference in physique, so everyone thought that a single exchange would determine the victor and the loser, but who would have thought that the seemingly weak Yang Kai would actually be able to block Lu Anguo’s punch. Although he was in an extremely miserable state, he had actually managed to block it.

To the onlookers, the bigger the excitement, the better it is. A one-sided battle was meaningless, so seeing Yang Kai retreat without falling, they immediately cheered and encouraged him.

Lu Anguo’s brow wrinkled as he failed to fulfill his promise, causing him to lose some face and coldly snorted, “Boy, you have some skill. If you can block one of my fists, let’s see if you can block two or three!”

With each step he took, he rushed towards Yang Kai.

Through that attack just now, Yang Kai had roughly determined his own strength. Compared to Lu Anguo, the difference in strength between them wasn’t great. The only difference was their physical strength, which was why he had suffered a loss just now.

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. After so many years, no one had ever been able to put him at a disadvantage in the Dao of Physical Strength, but now that he was in the Samsara World, he had a taste of it.

He was already at the edge of the stage, and if he retreated any further, he would fall off, so facing Lu Anguo’s attack, Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he rushed forward to meet it.

Yang Kai unsheathed the narrow saber in his left hand, and with a flash of light, two figures crossed and Yang Kai slowly withdrew his saber.


[MSN: Did you notice? Author really like making secret realm world. It's cool tho, feels like entering a VR Game, LOL. I really like Martial Peak's world settings.]

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but too many side quest is boring too

Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
Dec 06, 2022
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Thank you for the Good Chapters :D

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