Helping others actually cause problems, Yang Kai didn’t expect things to develop this way.

The Yin Yang Heaven’s cultivation methods were truly strange.

If it was really as Yu Xiangdie had said, Tao Lingwan’s Small Universe had already been integrated with his strength, then she would no longer be able to absorb the Yang Qi of other men besides him. In this way, without Yang Kai’s help, she would never be able to reach the Seventh Order.

This was probably not something Yin Yang Heaven wanted to see. A Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator was a rare talent for any Cave Heaven Paradise. Tao Lingwan had a high chance of breaking through to the Seventh Order, so if her future was ruined in Yang Kai’s hands, how could Yin Yang Heaven let this go?

Yang Kai’s mind was in a mess, but he was also helpless.

Although this was the first time he had met Tao Lingwan and they had only exchanged a few words, if he ruined her future because of him, he would feel bad.

However, if they were to ask him to cooperate, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to do so. He had come here for Qu Huachang, but now that he hadn’t even seen her face, he was entangled with another woman, what was this?

“Chen Xiu!” Yang Kai suddenly called out. If he had been somewhat confused before, after Yu Xiangdie explained so much, he had faintly noticed something, “Is this Chen Xiu’s work?”

Tao Lingwan was his disciple, so it was impossible for him not to know about Tao Lingwan’s situation. It was highly likely that he had even calculated the time when Tao Lingwan would suffered Qi Deviation, which was why he had insisted on having this disciple accompany Yang Kai for half a month.

However, he refused to tell Yang Kai these things.

He knew that once Tao Lingwan suffered Qi Deviation in front of Yang Kai, Yang Kai would not sit back and do nothing, and once he did, he would not be able to let go.

This might not have been a premeditated plan. After all, Chen Xiu didn’t know when Yang Kai would come to Yin Yang Heaven, so it was highly likely he had done so in a whim.

When Yang Kai arrived, it was just in time for Tao Lingwan’s cultivation to go berserk.

Yu Xiangdie opened her mouth but eventually sighed, “I really can’t hide it from you.”

Yang Kai frowned, “What for?”

No matter what, Tao Lingwan is a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. Her strength is great, and her beauty and figure were both outstanding. If such a beautiful woman were to be married to Yang Kai, in the eyes of outsiders, Yang Kai would be the one taking advantage of her.

However, Yang Kai really couldn’t figure out what Chen Xiu’s purpose was. It wasn’t like he didn’t know he had an engagement with Qu Huachang.

The Star Boundary Great Emperor, the Void Land Lord’s title should not be enough for him to sacrifice a personal disciple.

“For Little Girl Qu!” Yu Xiangdie said.

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai was even more confused.

Yu Xiangdie said, “More than a hundred years ago, during the Dao Exchange, you took the first place and had an engagement with that little girl Qu. Logically speaking, you should have come to Yin Yang Heaven several years ago.”

Yang Kai nodded, “That was my original plan, but I was delayed by something.”

“Chaotic Dead Territory?” Yu Xiangdie asked.

Yang Kai was surprised, “Does Martial Aunt know?”

“The Supreme Elder guarding the Chaotic Dead Territory is from Luo Sheng Heaven. He saw you enter the Chaotic Dead Territory with the Giant Spiritual God, so he asked about your identity. From this, all the Cave Heaven Paradise know that you entered the Chaotic Dead Territory.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly. Whether it was a Giant Spiritual God or someone who had entered the Chaotic Dead Territory, it was not a small matter. Since Luo Sheng Heaven's Supreme Elder had seen it, naturally he had spread the news to the outside world. The various Cave Heaven Paradise all had methods to communicate with one another, so it was no secret that Yang Kai had followed the Giant Spiritual God into the Chaotic Dead Territory.

“The Chaotic Dead Territory is extremely dangerous. Even Luo Sheng Heaven's Eighth Order Supreme Elder can only remain in the outer region for a short time, unable to enter it. You’ve been gone for decades without any news, what do you think the outsiders will think?” Yu Xiangdie asked.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before quickly coming up with an answer, “I have encountered misfortune!”

Yu Xiangdie nodded, “That’s right. In fact, I just came back from the Star Boundary not long ago. When I heard that you had entered the Chaotic Dead Territory, I was also shocked and thought that you were probably dead. But after asking your High Heaven Palace’s Chief Manager, she said with certainty that you were safe and sound. If I hadn’t seen you with my own eyes this time, I wouldn’t have believed her.”

Hua Qing Si’s confident attitude at the time had puzzled Yu Xiangdie greatly. After entering the Chaotic Dead Territory, how could he possibly survive? However, Hua Qing Si assured her that nothing had happened to the Sect Master, and as for when he would be able to leave the Chaotic Dead Territory, she had no idea.

Yu Xiangdie didn’t ask any more questions. Since Hua Qing Si said so, she chose to believe her.

It wasn’t until this time that she really met Yang Kai.

Yu Xiangdie didn’t understand, but Yang Kai knew why Hua Qing Si was so certain.

Because he had the Loyalty List on him and the names of nine people on it, they were closely related to him in life and death. If he were to encounter any kind of misfortune, Mao Zhe and the others would definitely die immediately.

Since Mao Zhe and the others were still alive, it meant that Yang Kai was not dead.

“However, others wouldn’t think so. Even all of the Cave Heaven Paradise speculated that you had died, and with the fact that you hadn’t appeared even after the hundred year agreement had expired, this speculation was confirmed.”

Yang Kai was somewhat worried, “Senior Sister Qu’s retreat has something to do with this?”

“Yes!” Yu Xiangdie nodded, “If you were still alive and came here according to the agreement, Yin Yang Heaven would naturally not break the agreement. You will always be Yin Yang Heaven’s son-in-law, but since we have confirmed that you are dead, the engagement will naturally be annulled. However, that Qu girl is still a core disciple of the Sect and her future prospects are quite promising, and my Yin Yang Heaven’s cultivation technique is somewhat special, so the Sect has decided to find her a partner as soon as possible.”

[MSN: wtf, others will think he's dead. But she even said herself that she believe qing si's word. but she just confirm his death?]

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly as he calmly asked, “What does Senior Sister Qu mean?”

Yu Xiangdie shook her head, “Of course she wouldn’t. It was because of this matter that she chose to go into seclusion. She wanted to be out of sight, but at the same time she was waiting for you to come.”

Yang Kai remained silent, feeling that he had failed to live up to Qu Huachang’s trust. If he had come earlier, she wouldn’t have been in such trouble.

“Although Little Girl Qu has her own set of principles, since she is a Core Disciple, her matters are the Sect’s matters, so how can she change them all by herself? If Old Fellow Xu was still here, perhaps he would have been able to say something, but Old Fellow Xu has left, and Little Girl Qu is all alone, while I am far away in the Star Boundary. The Sect doesn’t even have anyone to speak up for her, so the fact that she chose to go into seclusion and hide is already her greatest effort.”

“Then… who did your Sect choose for Senior Sister Qu?”

Yu Xiangdie glanced at him and said, “Little Girl Qu is a Core Disciple, and in the future, she will have a chance to break through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven and become a Supreme Elder. There aren’t many people in the Sect who are worthy of her. First of all, aptitude and seniority should be similar, but there is still one candidate, Chen Xiu’s Disciple, Tao Lingwan’s Junior Brother, Feng Cheng Si. He was a Core Disciple before Little Girl Qu and was also a direct Sixth Order Disciple. Although he is much older than Little Girl Qu, their seniority is equal. In fact, at the very beginning, the Sect had intended for Little Girl Qu and Feng Cheng Si to become partner, but because Little Girl Qu broke the rules, the Dao Exchange Conference was held.”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, somewhat confused, “According to Martial Aunt, Feng Cheng Si is Chen Xiu’s disciple, so why would he plot for me to help Junior Sister Tao Lingwan resolve her Qi Deviation? This isn’t good for him, nor is it good for Junior Sister Tao!”

It was naturally not a good thing for someone who had just met to be tied down for life over such a trivial matter. Tao Lingwan probably didn’t have such intentions and was only following her Honored Master's orders.

“This matter may not be beneficial to him, but it can perfectly resolve the awkward situation Yin Yang Heaven is currently facing!” Yu Xiangdie explained, “Although I don’t quite agree with his actions and feel that he is too manipulating, it is undeniable that his actions are for the benefit of the Sect. I hope you can understand that he has no ill intentions towards you.”

Yang Kai nodded.

Yu Xiangdie continued, “Thinking that you had died, the Sect had chosen a partner for Little Girl Qu, but you somehow managed to survive. Isn’t Yin Yang Heaven going back on its word? This is the awkward situation the Sect is currently facing.” [MSN: Just cancel the other guy's partnership. What's so hard about that.]

Yang Kai somewhat understood and followed her train of thought, “So Chen Xiu thought of a way to resolve this situation. He wants me to become his disciple’s partner as compensation. Perhaps he will even ask me to voluntarily give up the engagement. In this way, Yin Yang Heaven will be able to extricate itself from this situation and no one will be able to blame it.”

Yu Xiang Die nodded and said, “That’s right, that’s his plan. Strictly speaking, Wan’er’s aptitude isn’t bad, only slightly worse than little girl Qu's. If she can really satisfy you, it will be a win-win situation. But don’t think that just anyone can make Chen Xiu sacrifice his own personal disciple. If it weren’t for your amazing performance all these years, how could he have been willing to use Wan’er to scheme against you? Wan’er was able to directly advance to the Fifth Order back then, and all these years her cultivation has been smooth sailing. If nothing unexpected happens, she should be able to advance to the Seventh Order in a few hundred years, and you also break through to the Fifth Order directly. In the eyes of others, you’ll be a perfect match. On the other hand, with Qu Girl, others will think you’re climbing to high.”

Yang Kai remained silent for a long time before sighing, “In this whole matter, the one who was sacrificed the most was Junior Sister Tao.”

Yu Xiangdie said, “When she followed you under the orders of her Master, she should have thought of this point. Although she is innocent, she is not stupid. Even an idiot would not be able to cultivate to her level. Since she does not reject you, that means she is somewhat close feeling to you.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “This is completely different from being together for a lifetime.”

“Right now, Yin Yang Heaven is facing an awkward situation, and so are you, so I must ask you seriously if you can accept Tao Lingwan and giving up on Qu Huachang. If that’s the case, everyone will be happy.”

“Everyone will be happy?” Yang Kai sneered, “Not necessarily. What does Senior Sister Qu think? What does Junior Sister Tao really think? What do I think? No one has ever asked. The only one that's happy is Yin Yang Heaven.”


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