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After Yu Xiangdie left, Chen Xiu didn’t try to stop her and simply smiled at Yang Kai with a profound meaning.

Yang Kai didn’t know why Yu Xiangdie was so angry, so he didn’t dare to ask and just quietly followed her. Half an hour later, the two of them entered a Spirit Peak.

Yang Kai noticed that the surrounding scenery was somewhat familiar, and after looking around for a moment, he realized he had been here before.

Xu Linggong’s Spirit Peak was nearby, seemingly adjacent to Yu Xiangdie’s.

There were many disciples on the Spirit Peak, most likely from Yu Xiangdie’s branch. As an Inner Sect Elder of Yin Yang Heaven, she naturally had the qualifications to accept disciples. Seeing Yu Xiangdie return, all of them bowed respectfully, even more curious about Yang Kai who was following behind her.

Yu Xiangdie didn’t even spare them a glance as she walked straight past, putting on the airs of a Peak Master.

The disciples were all silent like cicadas in winter. Yu Xiangdie’s temper was very mild, and she normally wouldn’t put on such airs. No matter which disciple greeted her, she would always respond. This time, it was unknown what she had encountered, but her cold expression made them feel anxious.

Soon, the two of them arrived at a palace. Yu Xiangdie turned around and ordered, “You stay here for a few days, I’ll go inquire about some information.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes!”

Yu Xiangdie glared at him again before turning to leave, but after a few steps, she turned back and warned, “Don’t see anyone else, except me!”

What was going on… Yang Kai’s head was filled with confusion. This time, his encounter in Yin Yang Heaven was completely different from what he had expected. First, he hadn’t even seen Elder Xu and Qu Huachang, and then Chen Xiu had taken him to live with him for half a month, followed by Yu Xiangdie. For some reason, she was so angry that he felt like she was about to burst.

Speaking of which, he had only helped Tao Lingwan when she suffered Qi Deviation. This wasn’t a big deal, was it? In that situation, he couldn’t just stand by and watch her die!

Yang Kai suspected that Yu Xiangdie had misunderstood something, but he had already explained it to her.

Chen Xiu had said he was going to inquire about some information, but after half a month without a trace, Yu Xiangdie had also gone to inquire about some information. Yang Kai didn’t know what she was going to inquire about, but she was currently in a fit of anger, so Yang Kai didn’t dare to refute her and could only silently agree.

For the next three days, Yu Xiangdie did not appear.

On the fourth day, she appeared in front of Yang Kai again.

“Martial Aunt Yu!” Yang Kai bowed respectfully.

Yu Xiangdie looked at him with a complicated expression, her eyes filled with a trace of pain and resentment.

After a long time, she sighed and stretched out her hand, “Sit down and talk!”

Yang Kai nodded and waited for her to sit down before sitting down and waiting for her instructions.

After a moment of silence, just as Yang Kai was getting impatient, Yu Xiangdie suddenly asked, “What do you think of Wan’er?”

“Wan’er?” Yang Kai looked at her curiously before suddenly reacting, “Martial Aunt is talking about Junior Sister Tao Lingwan? Junior Sister Tao is pure and innocent, she’s a good person, but she’s a bit… hard to talk to.”

Yu Xiangdie glared at him, “Who asked you to comment on her personality?”

Yang Kai was stunned, “Then what does Martial Aunt want me to say?”

Yu Xiangdie didn’t beat around the bush, “Do you like this girl?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “I’ve only met Junior Sister Tao a few times, and we haven’t spoken much, so how could I like her? Moreover, Martial Aunt, you also know that this time I came here…”

Before he could finish, Yu Xiangdie raised her hand and interrupted, “But Wan’er likes you!”

Yang Kai was dumbfounded, “Martial Aunt must be joking, right?”

Yu Xiangdie looked at him seriously, “And it has already reached the point where it will never change!”

Yang Kai felt more that she was joking. Just as he said, he had only met Tao Lingwan a few times, so there was no need to talk about whether he liked her or not.

On top of that, even if Tao Lingwan really had some kind of favorable impression of him due to her lack of experience in the world and the help she received from her cultivation deviation, it was impossible for her to have never changing feeling towards him.

Without accompanying each other for a long time, without experiencing life and death together, what undying feeling is there?

Yu Xiangdie’s expression didn’t look like she was joking. She simply sighed and slowly said, “My Yin Yang Heaven’s disciples cultivate in two different factions. One is the Heartless Dao and the other is the Emotion Dao, but although there are differences between the two factions, they ultimately lead to the same destination.”

Yang Kai didn’t know why she suddenly changed the subject, but he still listened patiently. He had heard Qu Huachang mention the Heartless Dao and the Emotion Dao before. Qu Huachang cultivated the Heartless Dao, and she had once fallen in love with Yang Kai, breaking through her shackles and ascending to Open Heaven Stage.

Of these mysteries, Yang Kai didn’t understand. As for the Emotion Dao, Yang Kai didn’t understand either.

“Wan’er, this little girl cultivates the Emotion Dao. Since you’ve interacted with her before, you should be able to sense that she is extremely timid and easily shy.”

Yang Kai nodded.

Yu Xiangdie explained, “It’s not a disguise, most of it is due to the influence of the Cultivation Technique, a small part of it is due to her personality. Moreover, because of the Cultivation Technique she cultivates, she is truly inexperienced in the world and is as pure as a piece of paper.”

“This is really rare.” Tao Lingwan is a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator after all, and with such a cultivation, she must have cultivated for a long time, yet she was still able to maintain such a personality.

Only the Cave Heaven Paradise had the qualifications to nurture such a disciple. The Open Heaven Stage of ordinary Sects had all experienced countless hardships, and all of them had experienced many hardships. With the heavy burden of the Sect’s revitalization on their shoulders, how could they have the qualifications to be pure and innocent?

“But now…” Yu Xiangdie stared at him fiercely, “Your mark has been left on this white paper!”

Yang Kai felt greatly wronged, “Martial Aunt Yu, Junior Sister Tao and I really don’t have anything. The last time we met, it was only because she suffered Qi Deviation, so I helped her. If you don’t believe me, you can ask her.”

Yu Xiangdie slowly shook her head, “Of course I know you’re telling the truth. There really is nothing between you and her, but the bad thing is that you helped her.”

Yang Kai was speechless, “Does Martial Aunt mean that I shouldn’t help her? Do you want me to watch her die?”

“She won’t die. Even if you don’t help her, she’ll still be able to survive. Moreover, this isn’t the first time she’s encountered something like this. This is how I lived back then.”

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before asking, “Does Martial Aunt also cultivate the Emotion Dao?”

Yu Xiangdie nodded slightly.

Although Yang Kai was still filled with doubts, he could faintly feel something. Yu Xiangdie had said that Tao Lingwan’s white paper has his mark on it, and she had also said that she will never change her feeling for him. It was probably related to the Emotion Dao and how he had helped her when she suffered Qi Deviation.

Fixing his expression, Yang Kai said, “Please explain, Martial Aunt.”

Yu Xiangdie was undoubtedly very satisfied with his attitude. After a moment of deliberation, she said, “The Heartless Dao and the Emotion Dao are the two great cultivation factions of Yin Yang Heaven, and they have existed since ancient times. Although there have been some friction and conflicts between them, in general they are still able to coexist peacefully, but neither of them can stand the other. You should have heard of the Heartless Dao that Qu girl cultivates. Only by falling in love can they be promoted to Open Heaven.”

Yang Kai nodded. He naturally knew about this matter, Qu Huachang did not hide anything from him.

“As for the Emotion Dao… there’s no need to fall in love in order to break through to Open Heaven. Cultivators who cultivate this path don’t have much of an impact on breaking through to Open Heaven. Cultivators who cultivate the Emotion Dao need to find a person in the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage and obtain a wisp of Yin Qi or Yang Qi from the person they love. Only then can their Yin and Yang merge together and achieve perfection, allowing them to break through their shackles and the Small Universe transforming into solid form, breaking through to the Seventh Order!”

“However, before that, the higher the strength of a cultivator who cultivates the Emotion Dao, the greater the hidden danger they face. You should also know that the lone Yin and Yang does not grow. This hidden danger is hidden inside the body and will occasionally erupt.”

“Qi Deviation!” Yang Kai suddenly realized.

Yu Xiangdie nodded, “Yes, but this is different from a normal Qi Deviation. On the surface, it looks exactly the same, but even without external interference, as long as one’s willpower is strong enough, they should be able to endure some hardship. This is not the first time Wan’er has experienced a Qi Deviation, no one has helped her in the past.”

Yang Kai opened his mouth wide and awkwardly said, “I don’t know, she suddenly suffered Qi Deviation, I just casually tried…”

Yu Xiang Die sighed, “This matter isn’t your fault. Anyone with a conscience wouldn’t sit back and do nothing if they saw such a situation, but the problem is here! When you helped her, didn’t you feel that something was wrong?”

Yang Kai nodded, “My strength has perfectly merged with Junior Sister Tao’s.”

“This is the uniqueness of the Emotion Dao cultivation,” Yu Xiangdie explained, “Being able to perfectly accept the first unfamiliar power from the opposite sex and merge with it, allowing one to… accompany it for life!”

Yang Kai was a bit confused, “Didn’t Martial Aunt say that those who cultivate the Emotion Dao need to find a lover?”

Yu Xiangdie continued, “There are two ways, one is to choose your heart. If Wan’er really likes someone, it will naturally be her choice, but the other is to fuse their strengths together. This choice is even more tyrannical and difficult to resist! One’s heart can be changed, but the strength that is integrated into one’s body will accompany one for life! Many disciples who cultivate the Emotion Dao will not be able to bear the pain when they experience Qi deviation and will choose to use this method to find their other half.”

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became extremely strange, “Martial Aunt means… that Junior Sister Tao and I…”

Yu Xiangdie nodded solemnly, “It’s no longer up to you! Just as I said before, your mark has been left on her white paper. There is no one else besides you.”

“That won’t do!” Yang Kai quickly waved his hand, “Martial Aunt also knows why I came to Yin Yang Heaven this time. Helping Junior Sister Tao was only forced by the circumstances. What’s more, both of us know nothing about each other, so how could we act like this?”

“I’m afraid it’s not up to you to decide,” Yu Xiangdie slowly shook her head, “Although Wan’er is not a core disciple of the Sect, she has a very high chance of breaking through to the Seventh Order a few hundred years ago. Without your help, her Martial Dao will end at the peak of the Sixth Order.”


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This is some BS. I can't imagine being this responsible for someone I just met.

Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
Dec 06, 2022
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Yeah fuk this shit man. Although up until this point YK did alot for this 3k worlds,

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