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In Lang Ya, he had deeply experienced the influence of a popular woman in the eyes of their fellow disciples.

Although this Tao Lingwan in front of him was extremely shy, her strength and appearance were both top-notch, so her popularity in Yin Yang Heaven is definitely not low.

After a few more words of persuasion, Tao Lingwan didn’t respond, only shaking her head at Yang Kai’s words.

Yang Kai suddenly felt a headache coming on. He hadn’t expected Chen Xiu to leave him with such a difficult problem.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai walked out of the room and said, “I’m going to take a look around, Junior Sister, feel free to do what you want!”

Saying so, without waiting for Tao Lingwan to respond, he left.

Tao Lingwan didn’t act on her own, instead following him step by step, maintaining a distance of about a dozen meters, like a little maid who was ready to hear his orders.

The situation became even more serious. If Yin Yang Heaven’s people saw this, it would be difficult for them not to misunderstand, so Yang Kai only casually strolled around outside before returning to his own residence. Seeing Tao Lingwan standing obediently at the door, Yang Kai decided to ignore her.

Closing the door, Yang Kai went into secluded cultivation.

He could feel that he wasn’t far from breaking through to the Seventh Order. In fact, after returning from Shattered Heaven, if it weren’t for the hundred-year agreement with Qu Huachang, he would have gone into seclusion to break through to the Seventh Order.

However, considering that breaking through to the Seventh Order wasn’t something that could be done in a short time, it was obvious from the Proprietress’ situation that she had been in secluded cultivation for more than a hundred years but had yet to successfully break through.

As such, Yang Kai had been waiting all this time to finish dealing with Yin Yang Heaven before attempting to break through to the Seventh Order.

However, although he hadn’t cultivated much over the years, because of his Small Universe's uniqueness, his foundation had been constantly growing.

With the assistance of Xu Yi’s Great Desolate Scripture, the Small Universe time flow had become four times faster than normal, and his foundation had grown much faster.

However, he had also spent a lot of time and energy cultivating the Mysterious Yin Bamboo. The growth of the Mysterious Yin Bamboo required the consumption of the Small Universe's foundation. If not for this, Yang Kai estimated that he would have long since reached the Seventh Order.

For half a month, there was no news of Chen Xiu, so Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling suspicious.

Before Chen Xiu left, he had said he wanted to inquire about some news, but after such a long time, no matter what, he should have gained some news. After all, he was also an inner sect Elder of Yin Yang Heaven.

Moreover, Qu Huachang was in seclusion, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find out where she was.

Therefore, Chen Xiu’s long absence made Yang Kai feel somewhat uneasy.

On this day, while Yang Kai was cultivating, he suddenly heard a strange sound coming from outside the door. The sound was somewhat oppressive and hurried.

Yang Kai frowned slightly.

Tao Lingwan had been standing outside the door all this time, and the one who had made this sound was undoubtedly this timid woman. For the past half month, she had not made a single sound or movement, just like a block of wood. Yang Kai felt somewhat apologetic, but since he had been unable to persuade her, he had let her be.

At this moment, something seemed to have happened to this woman…

Yang Kai listened carefully, but he couldn’t hear anything. Just as he was about to sense something, he heard a muffled sound from outside the door, as if something had fallen to the ground.

Hurriedly getting up, he quickly walked to the door and pushed it open. Looking around, he saw Tao Lingwan curled up on the ground, her body trembling as a thick cold aura spread from her body, freezing the surrounding walls and floor into ice.

Not only that, but her strength was also extremely unstable.

Qi Deviation! Yang Kai was shocked.

Yang Kai couldn’t understand why this woman had suddenly suffered Qi Deviation. She had been standing outside all this time, and Yang Kai hadn’t sensed any signs of her cultivating, so she shouldn’t have suffered Qi Deviation.

Moreover, she is now a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so how could she encounter such a situation?

Could it be a hidden danger left behind from her previous cultivation?

Without any time to think, Yang Kai quickly bent down and picked her up. It was cold to the touch, as if he was holding a ball of ice that would never melt, but her body was extremely soft and seemed extremely contradictory.

Seemingly having felt the heat, Tao Lingwan, who was usually shy and timid, unconsciously leaned into Yang Kai’s embrace, as if she wanted to merge her entire body into his, just to seek some warmth.

Yang Kai felt a bit uncomfortable and quickly walked over to the bed, wanting to put her down, but she wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him like an octopus.

“Junior Sister Tao! Junior Sister Tao!” Yang Kai hurriedly called out a few times, but it's unknown whether Tao Lingwan had heard him or not. Opening her eyes, it was filled with a spring love warm light.

Yang Kai was all too familiar with this look; it was a look that could eat a person alive. Shan Qingluo and Yu Rumeng, this enchantress, would often show such a look in front of him.

Something is wrong!

Yang Kai didn’t have time to think too much about it and could only apologize before placing his palm on Tao Lingwan’s forehead and circulating his Small Universe's strength in an attempt to restore her strength.

This was also the most normal course of action. Other than this, Yang Kai couldn’t think of any other way. What’s more, he didn’t know what kind of cultivation technique Tao Lingwan cultivated, so there was no way he could treat her.

He was only doing his best, listening to the will of the Heavens and seeing Tao Lingwan’s expression, it seemed she had not completely lost her rationality. She should also be working hard to resist the crisis brought about by her Qi deviation.

The results were unexpectedly good.

Yang Kai felt his Small Universe's strength being perfectly accepted by Tao Lingwan, as if there was no conflict at all!

This greatly surprised him.

It had to be known that every Open Heaven Stage master’s Dao was different, and the power of the Small Universe in the body was also different. He and Tao Lingwan both cultivated different Cultivation Techniques, so they had no connection to each other and had their own paths of growth. Logically speaking, even if there was no conflict between their strengths, it was impossible for them to perfectly fuse.

And yet, this had happened!

Tao Lingwan’s Small Universe accepted his strength and did not reject him at all. As time passed, her trembling body gradually calmed down and even her body gradually regained its warmth.

Half a day later, Yang Kai withdrew his hand.

At this moment, Tao Lingwan was sitting in front of him, breathing steadily, her face slightly red, her long eyelashes fluttering.

Her consciousness was undoubtedly clear, but when she saw Yang Kai just now, her face had already turned red from embarrassment, yet because of her Qi deviation, she had done such an outrageous thing. How could she open her eyes?

She could feel Yang Kai’s scrutinizing gaze on her, causing her body to tremble slightly as her face gradually turned red.

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before saying, “Junior Sister, if you feel that something is wrong, feel free to speak. If everything is normal, there is no need to say anything.”

Tao Lingwan remained silent.

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Then Junior Sister should rest here. I’ll go next door. If anything happens, call me.”

There was also a room next door, and Yang Kai had previously told her to stay next door, so she didn’t need to stand guard outside.

Now, it was Yang Kai’s turn to live next door.

However, before Yang Kai could do anything, two powerful auras suddenly approached him from the distance. Yang Kai sensed them and immediately revealed a look of joy.

Because he recognized these two people. One was Chen Xiu, who had not shown his face for a long time, while the other was Yu Xiangdie!

After Xu Linggong’s branch left the Star Boundary, Yin Yang Heaven sent Yu Xiangdie to the Star Boundary to oversee things. Yang Kai had also interacted with her many times, and they had all gone to Lang Ya Paradise together.

This Martial Aunt Yu had taken good care of him.

Yang Kai hadn’t expected that Yu Xiangdie would be inside Yin Yang Heaven, he thought she was still im the Star Boundary.

Just as he was thinking about this, he suddenly heard Chen Xiu’s voice, “Junior Sister Yu, what are you doing? Why did you come here without even saying hello? If you had told me earlier, Senior Brother would have done his best as the host!”

Yu Xiangdie coldly snorted, “Do you think I don’t know what you’re planning? Where’s Yang Kai? Get out here!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai, who was filled with joy, couldn’t help shrinking his neck. He didn’t know how he had offended this Martial Aunt Yu, but her tone suddenly became so impolite.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to be negligent. Chen Xiu didn’t seem to be a very reliable person. Not only had he arranged for a Sixth Order female disciple to serve him out of the blue, he hadn’t even tell him anything for half a month. Since Yu Xiangdie had come, Yang Kai had to meet her no matter what.

However, there was no need for him to respond. Yu Xiangdie’s powerful Divine Sense swept over and instantly found Yang Kai’s location. In the next instant, a figure flashed and appeared in front of the door.

“Martial Aunt Yu!” Yang Kai bowed.

In the Star Boundary, he is the Star Boundary Great Emperor who controlled the Star Boundary World Tree and had the qualifications to stand on equal footing with the foreign envoys of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, but here, he was just a junior.

Yu Xiangdie nodded slightly and swept her gaze across the room. When she saw Tao Lingwan sitting cross-legged on the bed, her expression changed drastically, “You… you… what did you do?”

Yang Kai was extremely embarrassed and quickly explained, “Martial Aunt Yu misunderstands, Junior Sister Tao seemed to have suffered some kind of qi deviation just now. I just helped her, but I didn’t expect it to have some kind of effect.”

Hearing this, Yu Xiangdie’s little mouth opened and closed for a long time before sighing, “What a sin!”

Seeing her expression as if he had committed some kind of grave mistake, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling his heart skip a beat, “Martial Aunt, what do you mean? Junior Sister Tao and I really don’t have anything.”

At the same time, Chen Xiu, who had arrived a step later, also arrived. Standing at the door, he looked inside and smiled, as if everything was under his control.

Yu Xiangdie turned to glare at him, “Are you satisfied now?”

Chen Xiu shook his head, “What does Junior Sister mean? I don’t quite understand.”

Yu Xiangdie kicked him, but Chen Xiu was prepared and easily dodged.

“Junior Sister, what are you doing?” Chen Xiu asked in surprise.

Yu Xiangdie gnashed her teeth, “Despicable!”

Saying so, she ignored Chen Xiu and turned to glare fiercely at Yang Kai, “Follow me!”


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