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Yang Kai had stayed in the Chaotic Dead Territory for nearly thirty years, during which time in the Small Universe had spent a hundred years.

The Small Universe's time flow was already four times faster than the outside world!

When Xu Yi had broken through from the Transcendent Stage to the Saint Stage, Yang Kai’s Small Universe time flow had increased from two times to three times. After the Saint Stage was the Saint King, then the Origin Returning, then the Origin King…

When Xu Yi broke through to the Saint King and Origin Returning Stage, the flow of time in his Small Universe did not change.

On the other hand, when he had broken through to the Origin King Stage, the small universe's time flow increased again.

Xu Yi is now a peak Origin King. If Yang Kai hadn’t asked him to suppress his cultivation, he would have broken through to the Dao Source Realm.

Xu Yi’s growth wasn’t slow, but it wasn’t too fast either. A hundred years of growth from no foundation to the Origin King Stage was something an ordinary person would be proud of, but Xu Yi was different. He was Yang Kai’s Third Disciple and had been personally taught by Yang Kai. He had even cultivated in his Small Universe and had inherited the Great Desolate Scripture from ancient times.

Such achievements were not surprising.

The reason why Yang Kai wanted him to suppress his cultivation was to prepare for his future breakthrough to Open Heaven Stage.

Just like when he wanted Zhao Ya to suppress her cultivation, the Star Boundary is now the cradle of Open Heaven Stage cultivators. The lower one’s foundation, the more benefits they could obtain when cultivating there.

Although Xu Yi didn’t have the opportunity to live in the Star Boundary from a young age and receive the World Tree’s blessing, as an Origin King, his future achievements in the Star Boundary would definitely not be low. [MSN: Wait, doesn't that mean he is older then the other two disciples now?]

Above the Origin King Stage was the Dao Source Stage, followed by the Emperor Realm. Once one reached the Dao Source Stage, the benefits they could obtain from going to the Star Boundary would be minimal.

Yang Kai planned to let him advance to the Dao Source in the Star Boundary so that he could fully stimulate his potential and perhaps catch up to his Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister’s growth.

However, this made things difficult for Xu Yi.

For so many years, he had focused on cultivating in his sleep. Every time he cultivated, he would inevitably fall into a dream world, so he had developed a habit of falling into a dream every day. Yang Kai wanted him to suppress his realm so he couldn’t sleep.

In the beginning, he was always sleepy and almost fell into a dream many times. Fortunately, Yang Kai woke him up in time and saved him from the consequences of advancing to the Dao Source Stage.

After resisting the drowsiness for a long time, Xu Yi gradually began to get used to it. Yang Kai’s request for him to take care of this Golden Carp was just what he wanted, after all, if he couldn’t enter the Dream World to cultivate, he had nothing to do.

However, he soon discovered that this Golden Carp was simply too noisy. Every day, it would cause his body to become damp, making him look extremely miserable.

As for the sudden appearance of a Sect-Protecting Saint Beast in the square, the news spread like wildfire and many disciples gathered to watch. When they saw the Golden Carp reveal its true form, they would often cry out in alarm.

The Sect-Protecting Saint Beast was proposed by Shangguan Ji. No matter what the origins of this Golden Carp were, since it was the work of the Supreme Elder, it was enough to give it the title of Sect-Protecting Saint Beast.

Those who had seen the Golden Carp before all knew that this Sect-Protecting Saint Beast had a child’s temperament, and the more people there were, the happier it would be. As such, even though the disciples had been sprayed with water, they were still very happy and had come to the lakeside to play with the Golden Carp, saving Xu Yi a lot of trouble.

While the Small Universe's Seven Star Square was bustling with activity, Yang Kai finally arrived at the Yin Yang Territory.

The gift Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had given him before he left had benefited him greatly, but there was also too much uncertainty. Yang Kai didn’t know when the two forces hidden inside his Dragon Bead would erupt again.

Having experienced this before, Yang Kai still had some lingering fears about this power. Although it could allow the Dragon Body and Dragon Vein to grow greatly, when these two forces erupted, it was easy to put himself in a dangerous situation.

Fortunately, although Yang Kai didn’t know when they would erupt, he was certain they wouldn’t erupt for a while.

This was not the first time Yang Kai had come to the Yin Yang Territory.

However, the last time he had come here with Su Yingxue and Qing Kui, this time he was alone.

Similar to Lang Ya Paradise, the entire Yin Yang Territory did not have any restrictions on entry and exit. After all, there was a large Star City in the Yin Yang Territory, and there were as many cultivators as there were fish in a river. If one were to restrict entry and exit, the popularity of the Star City would definitely be affected.

The last time the Yin Yang Territory’s Domain Gate had been sealed was because the Dao Exchange Conference was about to begin and several Cave Heaven Paradise had joined forces.

The situation this time was naturally different.

The true core region of the Yin Yang Territory was the Yin Yang Heaven’s headquarter. Looking down from the void, one could see that the two Yin Yang Fish were connected to each other.

Outside this Yin Yang Fish Spirit Province, there were many other Spirit Provinces of various sizes, also considered a part of Yin Yang Heaven.

With his experience in Lang Ya Paradise, Yang Kai was already familiar with how to enter the Cave Heaven Paradise. Now that he was no longer a nobody, his name was widely known throughout the 3000 Worlds.

Moreover, he is the son-in-law of Yin Yang Heaven! Just this identity was enough for Yin Yang Heaven to treat him formally.

Yang Kai went straight to the Star City and found a Sixth Order Open Heaven Staeg master who was guarding the Star City’s Harbor. He reported his name and stated his purpose for coming, asking him to send a message to Xu Linggong or Qu Huachang.

The Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage naturally know Yang Kai. The Dao Exchange had originally been held for Qu Huachang to choose her husband, and it had caused quite a stir in Yin Yang Heaven.

Qu Huachang was originally a core disciple of Yin Yang Heaven. Whether it was in terms of aptitude or beauty, she is second to none. Within Yin Yang Heaven, there were countless disciples with suitable cultivations who wanted to become partner with her, but unfortunately, Qu Huachang had touched upon the taboo of the Cave Heaven Paradise. Under the pressure of the outside world, Yin Yang Heaven had no choice but to give an explanation.

The Dao Exchange was the result of this explanation.

It could be said that Qu Huachang’s popularity in Yin Yang Heaven was not the slightest bit inferior to Lang Ya Paradise's Gu Ling’er’s, perhaps even more so. After all, Qu Huachang was a Core Disciple while Gu Ling’er was not. Just this status alone showed the difference between them.

Originally, the Dao Exchange was a scheme of the Cave Heaven Paradise. They were planning to use their Fifth Order Open Heaven to marry them off to Yin Yang Heaven, after marrying the Core Disciple of Yin Yang Heaven.

But who would have thought that Yang Kai would suddenly appear on the way, forcing those few Cave Heaven Paradise forces to change their strategy, saving Yin Yang Heaven’s face.

In the end, Yang Kai was able to defeat everyone and win the first place, shocking everyone.

It was from that time that Yang Kai was able to temporarily show himself in these 3000 Worlds.

The series of unforeseen events during the Dao Exchange Conference were even more difficult to guard against, especially when Thousand Crane Paradise’s core disciple, Zhao Xing, was killed. The result was a shocking battle between his Master, Zuo Quan Hui, Heavenly Sword Union and Void Land.

During the Dao Exchange Conference, many disciples of Yin Yang Heaven were very grateful to Yang Kai for everything he had done. If it weren’t for his interference, Qu Huachang might have really become partner with a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage.

This was an outcome Yin Yang Heaven could not tolerate.

In comparison, although Yang Kai didn’t come from any Cave Heaven Paradise, nor was he someone with great background, he had only broken through to the Fifth Order directly when he broke through, and his future was not as bright as Qu Huachang’s. It could be said that he was incompatible with Qu Huachang, but just based on the fact that he had killed Zhao Xing, it wasn’t difficult for him to become Yin Yang Heaven’s son-in-law.

Cultivators should always have proper respect for the strong.

After the Dao Exchange, Qu Huachang was imprisoned for a hundred years.

Now that a hundred years had passed and Qu Huachang had long since come out of seclusion, Yang Kai had yet to show himself. Instead, he had received many strange news from the outside world…

So when the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage who was guarding the Star City Harbor saw Yang Kai, his expression was filled with surprise and doubt.

After confirming Yang Kai’s true identity, he didn’t refuse and arranged for Yang Kai to rest in a nearby room before quickly sending a message to the Sect.

Yang Kai saw the surprise and doubt in his eyes and faintly felt that this trip to Yin Yang Heaven was not as smooth as he had expected.

However, this time he was here to fulfill his hundred-year agreement with Qu Huachang. With Xu Linggong in charge, he didn’t need to worry about anything, just deal with whatever came his way.

Now, Yang Kai had come into contact with many High Rank Open Heaven and had even seen many Eighth Order Supreme Elder, so the mystery and power of a High Rank Open Heaven could not affect him.

The reaction from Yin Yang Heaven was very fast. Yang Kai had only rested for less than an hour before a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage old man personally arrived.

When he pushed open the door and entered, the old man looked at Yang Kai with a smile and nodded slightly, “Sure enough, every generation has its own geniuses. Seeing you young people, it’s only now that I know I’m old.”

Yang Kai quickly bowed, “Greetings, Martial Uncle is too serious.”

He was somewhat puzzled. He had thought that Qing Kui or Su Yingxue would come to see him and bring him into Yin Yang Heaven, but who would have thought that not only would these two not come, but a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage he didn’t know would appear instead.

Yang Kai didn’t think too much about it and simply asked, “May I ask how I address Senior?”

The old man smiled, “My surname is Chen, Chen Xiu!”

“So it’s Martial Uncle Chen!” Yang Kai bowed again.

“This is not the place to talk, follow me into the Sect.”


With Chen Xiu leading the way, Yang Kai’s journey into Yin Yang Heaven was naturally smooth. The last time he came here, Yang Kai had been arranged to live on a Spirit Peak and had also visited Qu Huachang’s residence, so he remembered the location.

However, Chen Xiu didn’t seem to have any intention of bringing him to see Qu Huachang or Xu Linggong, instead heading towards an unfamiliar Spirit Peak.

Yang Kai looked around with a calm expression.

This Spirit Peak should be the place where Chen Xiu cultivated quietly. Entering the Spirit Peak, they arrived at a large hall where the host and guest sat down. Soon, a woman walked in. This woman had a charming appearance and a seductive figure. Her eyes were lowered and her face was slightly red like the sunset, a beautiful sight.

What surprised Yang Kai was that this woman’s aura was quite extraordinary, shockingly at the level of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

Although her appearance was enchanting, her eyes were extremely clear, like the water of a mountain spring without the slightest impurity. Her pair of watery eyes reflected everything she saw. The contradiction between charm and innocence perfectly combined with her natural attraction.


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