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Because of this, countless Sea Beasts in this sea had died, but now it seemed that there was a small lucky fellow!

This sea carp in front of him was undoubtedly one of those who had swallowed his dragon blood, but it had survived.

This was the aura of blood connection.

The aura of this Sea Carp in front of him wasn’t very strong, so Yang Kai couldn’t understand how it was able to survive after swallowing his dragon blood. Logically speaking, there was no reason for such a weak creature to survive, but it did.

Yang Kai could only sigh at the impermanence of good fortune. In this world, there were many incredible things that had happened, and it was these things that should not have happened that had brought countless wonderful and unpredictable changes to this vast universe.

At this moment, the Sea Carp was holding a dustpan-sized dragon scale in its mouth. The dragon scale was emitting a golden glow and a powerful Dragon Clan aura.

These were the dragon scales that had fallen from Yang Kai’s body.

The expansion of his body also caused his dragon scales to fall off.

After staring at each other for a moment, Yang Kai quietly closed his eyes. Although the survival of this little creature in front of him was somewhat inconceivable, it wasn’t worthy of his attention.

At this moment, the most important thing for him was to familiarize himself with the explosive power in his body. Otherwise, when he really fought with someone, he wouldn’t be able to fully display his strength.

The Sea Carp should have been an ordinary Sea Beast, but after consuming the Golden Dragon Blood, it had undoubtedly possessed a trace of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline and could be called a Dragon Descendant.

The Dragon Pressure of a two thousand zhang dragon should have a natural and powerful suppression on it. Under normal circumstances, a weak Dragon Descendant like it could only tremble in front of Yang Kai and bow down to him.

However, it didn’t seem to be affected by this kind of bloodline suppression. Although it was somewhat afraid, its two eyes were filled with an intimate desire.

Its intelligence should have been low, but now it was showing signs of emotional fluctuations.

When Yang Kai closed his eyes, a look of disappointment appeared on its face as its golden tail splashed the seawater, causing it to splash.

A moment later, it swam forward for some distance before finally arriving on the beach. It placed the dragon scale in its mouth in front of Yang Kai and then struggled back into the sea, happily leaping out of the water and swimming towards the depths of the sea.

Two months later, when Yang Kai opened his eyes again, he found that his front was covered in dragon scales that had fallen off, and the Sea Carp was nowhere to be seen.

Yang Kai raised his head slightly and stared at the dragon scales quietly.

Dragon blood is a treasure, but so were dragon scales! When he transformed into his human form, his dragon scales could transform into dragon scales clothing to protect his body.

These dragon scales, no matter which one it was, in the hands of an exquisite Artifact Refiner, could be used to forge an extremely sturdy Treasure Armor.

Yang Kai’s expression became strange. Since when had something that had fallen off his body become a treasure…

Moreover, there were hundreds or even thousands of Dragon Scales here, yet the Sea Carp still had the patience to find them and deliver them to him.

With a crashing sound, a fierce beast appeared from the sea and the seawater parted, revealing the figure of a Sea Carp.

The last time this Sea Carp had appeared, it had only been ten meter long, but now, after only two months, it had grown to a height about a dozen meters. Moreover, its golden body had become even more dazzling, and the scales on its body had even begun to take the shape of dragon scales.

Its aura had undoubtedly become stronger. Although it was still weak in Yang Kai’s eyes, compared to its own body, its growth over the past two months was not small.

The light in his eyes became brighter.

The Sea Carp still had a piece of dragon scale in its mouth, which it had found in the depths of the sea. Because it had swallowed Yang Kai’s dragon blood, it was able to clearly sense the location of the fallen dragon scales. If not for this, it wouldn’t have harvested so much in just two months.

All the dragon scales found in the depths of the sea were delivered to Yang Kai.

When their eyes met again, the Sea Carp jumped up high, seemingly wanting to take credit for his efforts, and then continued to stare at Yang Kai.

Under the gaze of the giant and majestic dragon eye, it didn’t show the slightest bit of fear, instead becoming happy.

Yang Kai stretched out his Dragon Claw and grabbed it along with a large amount of seawater before moving it in front of him. After thinking for a moment, he sent it into his Small Universe.

Since there was such a fate between them, it might as well stay with him.

As for the dragon scales all over the place, Yang Kai had no intention of abandoning them. Although these things had fallen off his body, they were still treasures. When the time came, he could send them to Great Evolution Paradise and ask Troublesome Grandmaster to refine some precious Treasure Armor.

Although the Sea Carp had worked hard for two months to bring back hundreds of dragon scales from the depths of the sea, a large portion of them still remained.

With a thought from Yang Kai, the dragon scales that had been scattered all over the sea suddenly seemed to receive some kind of summoning and broke through the sea, transforming into streams of light that gathered towards him.

Strictly speaking, these dragon scales were left behind after his transformation, so he could easily summon them.

Retracting his dragon body, he transformed back into his human form, turned his head, and shot off into the sky.

In that direction, a hundred kilometers away, several figures bowed respectfully.

These people were all Great Emperors of this Universe World.

When Yang Kai had broken through the barrier of this Universe World and arrived here, they had already noticed him. After all, they're the Great Emperor recognized by the Heavenly Law of this world and knew everything about this world.

However, Yang Kai’s Dragon Pressure was too strong, so even though these Great Emperors had noticed the arrival of a powerful master, they didn’t dare to disturb him and instead simply observed him from afar.

Over the past two months, the various Great Emperors had been unable to sleep or eat in peace. After all, no one knew if Yang Kai was good or evil, or if he would do anything to this place.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai revealed his dragon form and sat down on the beach that they realized he was a legendary Dragon Clan master. For a moment, all of them were filled with awe.

The Dragon Clan was a symbol of supreme power in any world, and this Universe World was no exception.

But now, they could finally relax.

The Dragon Clan had never had such bad rumors, so they no longer had to worry about anything. Being able to see a Dragon Clan in person was also their greatest honor.

When Yang Kai left, they all bowed to send him off, showing their respect for the strong and their strength.

At the same time, inside the Small Universe, inside Seven Star Square, a loud bang shook the entire Seven Star Square. No one knew what was happening inside the square, but they could feel the earth shaking.

The square master, Shangguan Ji, and the other Elders quickly came over to investigate, but when they looked over, they were stunned.

The square was surrounded by mountains on all sides, and the originally beautiful mountain valley had now transformed into a lake.

The lake was filled with a clear blue water.

Shangguan Ji was somewhat puzzled, “Elders, does our square… have such a large lake?”

Everyone shook their heads and Guan Qianxing said, “This is Secluded Bright Valley, I just came here yesterday to investigate, how did it suddenly become a big lake?”

The transformation of the mountain valley into a large lake was simply too bizarre. If it weren’t for the earthquake just now, no one would have noticed.

However, one thing was certain, this change was related to the sound just now.

Shangguan Ji pondered for a moment before replying, “Perhaps it was Supreme Elder's doing…”

No one knew how strong the Supreme Elder was, not only the masters of the other forces on Void World, but even Seven Star Square didn’t know.

These people had intentionally or unintentionally tried to sound Xu Yi out, but how could Xu Yi, this personal disciple, know? Yang Kai had never displayed his true strength in front of him, even if he did, Xu Yi’s eyes wouldn’t be able to tell.

If one really had to describe the Supreme Elder’s strength, there were only one word in Shangguan Ji’s mind: Unfathomable!

If this was the work of the Supreme Elder, then it made sense.

But whether it was true or not, he had to verify it first.

Just as Shangguan Ji was preparing to head to the Supreme Elder's residence, a giant shadow suddenly emerged from the depths of the lake, followed by an extremely dangerous aura.

“Be careful!” Shangguan Ji was shocked. He is now a First Order Emperor Realm, and in the entire Seven Star Square, besides the Supreme Elder, he was the only one who had reached the Emperor Realm, so he was the first to sense this aura.

Before everyone could recover from their shock, a giant Golden Carp that was more than a dozen meters long suddenly jumped out of the water. Under the sun, the Golden Carp’s body was emitting a brilliant light, so dazzling that it was almost impossible to open one’s eyes.

Everyone couldn’t help narrowing their eyes.


The Golden Carp opened its mouth and spat at the crowd!

Shangguan Ji’s expression became serious as he raised his hand to activate his Emperor Qi to block the large water curtain. After blocking it, he discovered that the water sprayed by the Golden Carp didn’t have any lethality, as if it was just playing with them.

However, his actions undoubtedly made the Golden Carp somewhat puzzled. After falling into the lake, it quietly stared at them for a while before suddenly becoming happy, its fish tail swishing as it sucked in a large mouthful of water before leaping up and spitting it towards Shangguan Ji and the others.

Shangguan Ji raised his hand again, this time feeling a trace of power from the water the Golden Carp spat out.

He blocked again, the strength of the Golden Carp if gradually increasing until he could no longer resist.

The group of Seven Star Square’s upper echelons were instantly drenched like chickens, all of them in a sorry state.

Shangguan Ji smiled bitterly, becoming more certain that this Golden Carp and the large lake were the work of the Supreme Elder, otherwise there was no way to explain.

He could feel that this Golden Carp’s strength was very strong and was not something he could resist. The only reason he had lasted so long was because it was just playing around.

Xu Yi rushed over and was shocked to see Shangguan Ji and the others in such a sorry state.

However, Shangguan Ji seemed to have seen his savior and quickly shouted, “Martial Nephew, what is going on with this lake and this fish? Does Supreme Elder have any instructions?”

Xu Yi first bowed to everyone before saying, “The lake and the fish were brought here by Honored Master. Master instructed me to take good care of them in the future.”

When everyone heard this, they all breathed a sigh of relief. Although they guessed that this was the work of the Supreme Elder, it was only after Xu Yi confirmed it that they were certain.


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