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Yang Kai only felt hot, so hot that he felt like his entire body was on fire.

As such, he instinctively shook his head and rushed into the sea, heading straight into its depths. The deeper he went, the colder the sea became.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, felt a sense of satisfaction. Wherever he went, the cold seawater would begin to boil and his body would become a vacuum.

He didn’t know what was happening to him, but he didn’t feel any sense of danger. On the contrary, he felt a faint sense of anticipation, not even knowing what he was expecting.

Soon, Yang Kai understood what was happening. Accompanied by a heart-wrenching pain, the bones in his body began to emit crackling sounds. His massive body, which was already a thousand zhang long, was actually growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. This speed was beyond Yang Kai’s imagination.

On Tongxuan Continent, he had obtained the Golden Divine Dragon’s Source, but after meeting Zhu Qing in the Star Boundary and receiving her Dragon Transformation Art, he was barely able to use the Dragon Vein’s power to transform into a half dragon.

However, after cultivating for so many years, Yang Kai was only able to transform himself into a half-dragon.

If he had not obtained the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace and refined a large number of Ancestral Spirit Crystals and Ancestral Spirit Fruits in the Ancestral Land, Yang Kai estimated that it would have taken him thousands of years of bitter cultivation to become a Big Dragon.

The growth of the Dragon Clan was incomparably long. Not only the Dragon Clan, but all the Holy Spirits were the same, which was why the Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land were unwilling to leave so easily. The Ancestral Qi there was too important to the cultivation of the Holy Spirits and could greatly shorten their growth time.

Yang Kai had planned to cultivate in seclusion in the Ancestral Land after he broke through to the Eighth Order Open Heaven and break through in his Dragon Vein, but his plan was far away.

Right now, he was only a Sixth Order, and above him was a Seventh Order, followed by an Eighth Order.

With his current foundation, it shouldn’t take too long for him to break through to the Seventh Order, but for a Seventh Order to break through to the Eighth Order, he would need at least thousands of years.

This wasn’t something he needed to consider right now. Although he could now be considered a pure Dragon Clan after becoming a Big Dragon, he was still a human deep in his bones. His Open Heaven Stage cultivation was what he relied on the most, so no matter what, he had to raise his cultivation to the limit of Eighth Order.

However, he had never imagined that after his Dragon Vein had undergone such a massive upgrade in the Ancestral Land, it would improve so quickly. Moreover, this improvement was even faster than when he had cultivated in the Crystal Palace in the Ancestral Land!

Yang Kai could clearly feel his Dragon Vein becoming purer under the stimulation of a strange force, causing his body to expand uncontrollably.

The strength of the Dragon Clan could be determined by their size. The larger the Dragon Clan, the purer their bloodline, the stronger their strength would be.

In less than half a day, his thousand zhang body, which had been stagnant since leaving the Ancestral Land, had grown several dozen zhang.

A day later, it reached another thousand feet.

With such rapid growth, even his powerful dragon physique couldn’t bear it. His bones were constantly rearranging themselves, and even his skin was cracking. Golden blood flowed out from the sea, and even the dragon scales covering his body began to fall off.

Wherever he passed, it left a golden mark in the sea.

Countless Sea Beasts rushed over like sharks that had smelled blood.

Facing the temptation of this dragon’s blood, the Sea Beasts with low sentience were unable to resist it at all. These Sea Beasts yearned to become stronger, opening their bloody maws and greedily swallowing the golden dragon blood.

No matter where it was, dragon blood was a treasure. Dragon blood contained the profound mysteries of the Dragon Clan and was the ultimate power in this world.

Many cultivation methods and Spirit Pills required the assistance of Dragon Blood.

However, the pure Dragon Clan was extremely rare, and under normal circumstances, it would be impossible to find pure Dragon Blood, so it could only be replaced with the blood of Monster Beasts and Spirit Beasts with thin Dragon Veins. Naturally, the effects would be greatly reduced.

What flowed out of Yang Kai’s body was not only the purest dragon blood, but also the Golden Divine Dragon’s blood, which was undoubtedly of a higher grade.

Even if it was just a tiny bit, it contained extremely terrifying energy.

As a result, wherever he went, large numbers of sea fish and sea beasts floated up, turning the originally tranquil sea into a scene of carnage.

The giant dragon’s body continued to grow while the Dragon Vein in his body continued to purify. This pure speed even made Yang Kai feel slightly uneasy.

However, after confirming the source of this change, his uneasiness quickly dissipated and was replaced with infinite joy.

Half a month later, the burning sensation gradually subsided and the boiling Dragon Vein calmed down.

On an island, Yang Kai maintained his big dragon body while his massive figure occupied the entire beach. Although he had benefited greatly from this mutation, it had also exhausted him greatly. The sudden increase in strength he had obtained made him extremely uncomfortable, so he needed to take a break.

Under the scorching sun, the dragon scales on his body glowed with a golden light, exuding an unexcelled aura.

Two Thousand Zhang!

The transformation in this half a month caused his body to double in size, and his original thousand zhang body had now become two thousand zhang!

In the Ancestral Land’s Dragon Crystal Palace, Yang Kai had refined Ancestral Spirit Crystals to cultivate, so the Dragon Vein in his body was constantly purified. Yang Kai had thought that this speed was already ridiculously fast.

However, it was only today that he realized he had been too naive. Compared to this time’s unexpected change, his cultivation was simply incomparable.

In this world, which big dragon could double its size in half a month?

It turned out that this was the gift Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had given him before he left!

On the second day of the abnormal change in his body, Yang Kai understood this point. Although he had carefully examined his body before, he hadn’t been able to discover it because he had been maintaining his human form. After transforming into a dragon, the gifts from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan would appear.

These were two mysterious forces entrenched inside the Dragon Bead.

The Dragon Clan could only be considered to have advanced to the Big Dragon realm if they could produce Dragon Bead in their bodies.

Naturally, Yang Kai also has a Dragon Bead. After transforming into a dragon, the Dragon Bead would be placed under his chin, just like the Monster Beast’s Core. The Dragon Bead was the crystallization of the Dragon Clan’s cultivation and possessed boundless power.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan both pointed their fingers at Yang Kai, but Yang Kai didn’t notice, but their strengths were hidden inside the Dragon Bead, ready to go.

These two were the ancestors of all the Holy Spirits. To them, the Holy Spirits were simply like their own descendants.

These two seemingly casual fingers were actually able to stimulate the power of the Dragon Vein in Yang Kai’s body and rapidly purify his bloodline.

Yang Kai felt somewhat wronged.

Big Brother and Big Sister clearly said it was a gift, but they just had to act so mysteriously. Previously, he had thought these two were just playing with him, but who would have thought they would really give him such a big gift.

Previously, when the Dragon Vein suddenly became pure, he had expended a lot of energy, it wasn’t as if he was trying to resist it, but the rapid purification of the Dragon Vein had greatly affected his mental state. The only thing he was thankful for was that this change had not occurred during a battle.

If the Dragon Vein in his body suddenly underwent such a mutation while he was fighting, how could he fight? He might even be injured or even killed.

This gift was indeed big, but the uncertainty was too great.

What made Yang Kai both happy and worried was that although the mysterious power from Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan inside the Dragon Bead had helped him purify his bloodline once, allowing his dragon body to grow greatly, it had not disappeared and was still hidden inside the Dragon Bead.

It's unknown whether it will erupt again when Yang Kai is not paying attention, and give him a surprise!

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s actions were like a child’s prank. Previously, they had been led by the nose by Yang Kai in the Chaotic Dead Territory, so before he left, they had given him some gifts to surprise him.

The two of them didn’t consider whether Yang Kai would encounter danger because of this.

Yang Kai was speechless.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s strength could allow his bloodline to improve again, but the key was that he couldn’t decide when it would!

Yang Kai almost wanted to go back and find Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan to argue with them.

However, considering that he had indeed gained a great advantage, he could only give up. He could only make up his mind that in the future, he must be extremely careful. If he were to really fight with a powerful enemy and the hidden power in the Dragon Bead erupted, he would not have a good ending.

The Dragon Clan’s regenerative ability was undoubtedly extremely strong. Although his skin had cracked when his bloodline was being purify, it was now completely fine.

Feeling the sudden surge in his strength, Yang Kai calmed down.

When he had become a Big Dragon in the Ancestral Land, he had the qualifications to compete with a Seventh Order Open Heaven. Now that his physique had grown to two thousand zhang, even an ordinary Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master would not be his opponent.

However, his current strength was somewhat strange.

As a human, he was still only a Sixth Order. If he were to encounter a Seventh Order, he might be able to resist, but he might not necessarily be a match. There was a huge divide between the Sixth Order and Seventh Order, like a natural chasm.

However, if he transformed into a big dragon, he would be able to defeat an elite Seventh Order master with a single leap!

It shouldn’t be possible with an Eighth Order. Although Yang Kai couldn’t determine exactly how strong an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator was, he still had some vague judgment.

With a crashing sound, Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked towards the sea.

Beneath the sea, there seemed to be a giant fish swimming about, and the seawater parted on its own accord. Soon after, a ten meter sea carp that was emitting a faint golden light emerged from the water and stared at him from several hundred meters away.

Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly became strange.

He actually felt a trace of blood connection from this sea carp! It was as if this sea carp was the continuation of his life.

On top of that, although he had expended most of his energy due to the pure mutation of the Dragon Vein, he was still able to detect the effects of his Dragon Blood in this vast ocean.

The Sea Beasts that coveted the Dragon Blood and swallowed it, regardless of whether they were strong or weak, had all died, unable to withstand the violent power contained within the Dragon Blood.


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