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However, this matter was of great importance. If Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer could really coexist peacefully, it would be a great help to the entire vast universe. At the very least, the various Cave Heaven Paradise would no longer have to worry about the aftermath of their battle destroying the Great Domains.

Countless years ago, there had been far too many Great Domains that had been destroyed because of the conflict between these two forces. This was the loss of the entire universe.

So although he didn’t quite believe Yang Kai’s words, the Eighth Order Supreme Elder still said, “You stay here for now, I’ll go in and take a look.”

It wasn’t as if he had never entered the Chaotic Dead Territory before. The strength of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master was extremely powerful, so although he was unable to enter deeper in the Chaotic Dead Territory, it wasn’t a problem for him to remain in the periphery for a short time.

He had entered the Chaotic Dead Territory several times to investigate the situation, but he had always returned very quickly. As time passed, he was unable to bear it.

There was once when he managed to obtain a piece of Seventh Grade Blue Crystal that was half the height of a human.

“Supreme Elder, be careful!” Everyone was concerned.

The Eighth Order Supreme Elder nodded slightly and circulated his Small Universe's strength to protect his body before summoning a protective artifact and transforming it into a beam of light that enveloped his body before diving into the Domain Gate.

After a few breaths, he returned.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the Supreme Elder's body was now charred and his clothes were tattered. Even his hair was in a mess and smoke was rising from his head as if he had been struck by lightning.

On the other hand, the protective artifact he had summoned before was now completely destroyed, clearly having been completely destroyed in just a few breaths of time.

Yang Kai was stunned, “Impossible!”

When he came out from the Chaotic Dead Territory, it was clearly calm inside, so how could the Supreme Elder be struck by lightning?

Suspicious, Yang Kai quickly entered the Chaotic Dead Territory to investigate, the several High Rank Open Heaven masters nearby couldn’t stop him in time.

The Chaotic Dead Territory was still as calm as ever. Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan stood there quietly, staring towards the Domain Gate.

Seeing Yang Kai appear, Big Sister Lan excitedly asked, “Is it done?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “How could it be so fast? I just left, I still need some time.”

Big Brother Huang frowned, “Since it’s not settled, why did you come back?”

Yang Kai asked, “Did you do something just now?”

Big Sister Lan tilted her head and said, “You mean that old man? He suddenly rushed in and startled me. I only hit him once and didn’t do anything.”

She almost killed him…

Yang Kai didn’t know what to say, so he could only advise, “Don’t be so harsh next time, he doesn’t have any malicious intent, he just came to check on the situation.”

Big Brother Huang coldly snorted, “It’s good enough that we did not take his life. Go tell him not to barge in next time. He came here a few times before, so we didn’t bother with him.”

“Good, good, good!” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly. It seemed that Big Brother Huang was quite xenophobic, and this Chaotic Dead Territory probably didn’t welcome outsiders.

Turning around, he rushed out of the Chaotic Dead Territory.

Although the Supreme Elder was injured, the situation was not serious. Seeing Yang Kai appear safely, even though the Supreme Elder was an Eighth Order, he couldn’t help feeling grief and indignation.

“It’s like this…” Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before explaining, “The two inside don’t want to be disturbed, so when Supreme Elder suddenly appeared, they weren’t very happy.”

Supreme Elder nodded slightly, “They showed mercy.” If not for them showing mercy, how could he have survived? Although he was injured now, it was the best outcome.

What shocked him the most was that the two Supreme Existence who had existed since ancient times were actually two children looking about ten years old…

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it.

Countless years ago, no one had ever seen Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer's true forms, so he didn’t know if he was seeing their true forms or if they were just illusions.

However, although he was shocked, he was certain that the Chaotic Dead Territory was indeed safe. There were no longer any terrifying aftershocks that he had seen before, and the entire Chaotic Dead Territory was silent.

It seemed that what the young man had said was true.

Suppressing the surging emotions in his heart, the Supreme Elder asked, “You said you found a new game for those two, do you need any help?”

Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer no longer fought, so this was definitely a good thing. At the very least, they wouldn’t have to worry about other great domains being destroyed in the future.

The sudden change in the Supreme Elder’s attitude also caused the other Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage to notice something, all of them staring at Yang Kai seriously.

Yang Kai replied, “I was just about to ask Supreme Elder for help.”

“Go ahead.”

“It’s like this, that game requires a vast territory for the two of them to act freely, but Supreme Elder also knows that there are no more land territories in the Chaotic Dead Territory, only emptiness, so I was entrusted by the two of them to come here to search.”

Hearing this, Supreme Elder hesitated for a moment before nodding, “I understand, follow me!”

Saying so, he led the way.

Yang Kai followed closely behind.

A few hours later, a huge Universe World appeared in front of them. The Supreme Elder pointed at it and asked, “How about this place?”

“Of course, but is there no one living here?”

The Supreme Elder said, “There were some before, but they all migrated several dozen years ago. Now this place is empty, perhaps there are still some Spirit Beasts.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Since that’s the case, I would like to ask Supreme Elder to cut a territory of this world so we can send it to the Chaotic Dead Territory.”

Supreme Elder immediately understood Yang Kai’s intentions and raised his hand, pointing his finger like a sword towards the giant Universe World.

Boundless World Force surged out, causing Yang Kai’s pores to involuntarily contract.

This was not the first time he had seen an Eighth Order Open Heaven strength being used. When he was being pursued by Bright Sun Divine Monarch, he had repeatedly tried to kill him.

But at that time, the situation was different from now. At this moment, Yang Kai truly experienced the tyranny of an Eighth Order Open Heaven.

The light from this finger pierced through the void, causing the entire Universe World to tremble and shatter, transforming into a large and small Shattered Spirit Province.

Yang Kai’s mood surged. Now that he had reached the Sixth Order Open Heaven, although he could also destroy this Universe World, it was impossible for him to do it as easily as the Supreme Elder beside him.

This was the difference in cultivation level.

The Supreme Elder’s strength was quite brilliant. Although the Universe World had transformed into countless Shattered Spirit Provinces, it was not in a disorderly state. Instead, it was as if it had been cut apart and every Spirit Provinces was neatly arranged.

This made it even more apparent that this Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master had precise control over his strength.

“I heard that your Small Universe has already turned from illusory to solid?” the Supreme Elder suddenly asked.

Yang Kai didn’t know where he had heard this from, but his Small Universe's situation had been investigated by many High Rank Open Heaven, so it wasn’t a big secret.

Therefore, he nodded calmly, “Yes!”

Supreme Elder said, “Collect some of them and send them to the Chaotic Dead Territory, but remember to be careful. You must use your own strength to suppress the World Strength here, otherwise, if your World Strength is contaminated, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort to expel it.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied respectfully.

The two of them took action together and collected one Shattered Spirit Province fragment after another into their Small Universe. Yang Kai’s grade was quite low, so he didn’t collect much. After collecting about thirty percent, the rest were collected by the Supreme Elder.

Each of them used their own strength to suppress the World Strength contained within the Shattered Spirit Province, preventing it from fusing with their own Small Universe.

After returning to the Domain Gate, another half a day passed.

In front of the Domain Gate, Supreme Elder hesitated and stared at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before saying, “I think it’s best if Supreme Elder follows me. Once we’re done, it’ll save everyone some trouble.”

Supreme Elder hesitated, “The two inside…”

Yang Kai secretly laughed in his heart. Supreme Elder clearly wanted to enter the Chaotic Dead Territory to observe the situation, but the experience just now had left a lingering fear in his heart. Without Yang Kai’s guarantee, he didn’t dare to casually enter again, lest he be beaten to death.

Yang Kai agreed, “Supreme Elder doesn’t need to worry, this time you're going to help me. Follow me closely, they won’t attack again.”

The Supreme Elder nodded, “Then I’ll have to trouble Martial Nephew.”

His mood couldn’t help becoming excited. Since ancient times, the Cave Heaven Paradise had tried to contact Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, but they had never succeeded. The Chaotic Dead Territory was too dangerous, so no one was able to communicate with those two Supreme Existence.

Was he finally going to create a new beginning today?

Although he wasn’t the first, Yang Kai didn’t belong to the Cave Heaven Paradise, so he couldn’t represent the Cave Heaven Pradise.

After instructing the dozen or so Seventh Order masters to remain in place, the Supreme Elder followed closely behind Yang Kai and entered the Chaotic Dead Territory for the second time.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were still waiting, and when they saw Yang Kai return, their eyes lit up.

Their army had long since been formed, and now they were in need of a real fight, so they urgently needed a place where they could relax and fight freely.

However, when he saw the Supreme Elder following behind Yang Kai, Big Brother Huang couldn’t help frowning slightly, seemingly somewhat displeased.

The Supreme Elder was startled and quickly bowed respectfully, “Greetings, Seniors.”

Although he was also an old man and was quite old, he didn’t dare act arrogantly in front of these two. As he spoke, he lowered his head and stared at his toes respectfully.

Big Brother Huang completely ignored him, but Big Sister Lan said unhappily, “What Senior? Call me Big Sister!”

Big Sister, these two words are the most beautiful words in the world!

The Supreme Elder was a little confused…

Why did he suddenly have to call her Big Sister? Turning to look at Yang Kai, he wanted him to give him a hint at the situation.

Yang Kai secretly transmitted his voice, “These two have a strange temper, just let them be.”

The Supreme Elder lightly coughed and respectfully greeted, “Greetings, Big Sister!”

“Good!” Big Sister Lan cheered up.

Big Brother Huang snorted.

Supreme Elder quickly deduced, “Greetings, Big Brother!”

Only then did Brother Huang’s face relax slightly.

On the other hand, the Supreme Elder was filled with shame. Calling them Senior was normal, but calling them Big Sister and Big Brother was something else entirely. It sounded like he was taking advantage of them, if word of this were to spread, wouldn’t the other old fogeys laugh their heads off?

Yang Kai’s heart immediately calmed down. When he fell into the water and saw someone struggling beside him, his mood would always improve. 'In this world, I’m not the only one who should be ashamed!'


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