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During the second great decisive battle, Big Brother Huang learned his lesson, and because his advantage after the previous defeat was lacking, he was not in a hurry to fight Big Sister Lan to the death on the Plain Field Battlefield. Instead, he constantly split his forces and used small forces to ambush and harass Big Sister Lan’s Small Stone Race army. Big Sister Lan didn’t expect Big Brother Huang to become so shameless and found it difficult to resist.

After accumulating a certain amount of advantages, Big Brother Huang pulled out his army and turned defeat into victory. This result surprised Yang Kai and made Big Sister Lan even more uncomfortable.

However, no matter how strong the two of them were, they always had one advantage, and that was that they are willing to admit defeat.

The first time Big Brother Huang lost, no matter how unwilling he was, he could only grit his teeth and call her Elder Sister.

It was the same this time, but it was Big Sister Lan’s turn to call him Elder Brother.

Regardless of who it was, the two of them were both proud and arrogant, this was very normal. They were originally Supreme Existence, so they naturally had their own pride.

Therefore, after the two of them won, they didn’t try to kill each other.

Just like how Big Sister Lan had given Big Brother Huang a chance to develop his Stone Queen's army, Big Brother Huang also did the same.

It wasn’t because he felt pity for her, but because he wanted her to understand that she was inferior to him, so she is more willing to call him big brother.

So in the following year, Yang Kai personally witnessed the terrifying talent and growth of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan in command of the war.

During the first battle, the two of them didn’t have any fancy tricks up their sleeves and pulled out almost all of their subordinates to engage in a decisive battle on the empty plain field, showing no intention of commanding.

However, after each of their losses and victories, the two of them seemed to have learned from this battle and were now able to mobilize the Small Stone Race under their command.

Over the years, Yang Kai had seen all kinds of spectacular sneak attacks and counterattacks, ambushes and counter-attacks, hoping to lure the enemy into a trap and lure them away…

The two’s attainments in the Art of War and Military Formation became more profound, almost constantly competing in wits and courage, causing Yang Kai to gasp in amazement.

When Yang Kai proposed the two of them using the Small Stone Race to fight, he had never imagined such a situation would occur.

The territories Yang Kai had divided up for them had now become a battlefield.

As for the Small Stone Race army under these two, it had expanded from a million to several tens of millions, and the amount of resources they had spent on it was countless.

If the people from the various Cave Heaven Paradise were to learn of this, they would definitely curse them for being a wastrel!

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan didn’t care about the grade of these resources. In order to quickly cultivate the Small Stone Race under their command, they even fed them seventh or eighth grade resources.

The result of this was that the Stone Queens under their command seemed to be somewhat different from normal ones. Not only were they twice as big, but the number and frequency at which they laid their stone eggs was also much higher, and the Small Stone Race that hatched from these stone eggs were even stronger.

The battle between the two of them had brought Yang Kai many benefits.

The proliferation of the Small Stone Race constantly strengthened the Small Universe's foundation, so even though he had not cultivated during this time, his strength had been constantly growing.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan didn’t reward him with any more Yellow Crystals or Blue Crystals, instead focusing on the battle of wits and courage.

Yang Kai was also quite satisfied. The harvest he had obtained from this trip to the Chaotic Dead Territory was simply too great. From ancient times until now, there had never been anyone like him who had managed to accumulate enough Yin Yang attribute resources to form two mountains.

Moreover, Yang Kai had been observing his surroundings recently.

When he had entered this Chaotic Dead Territory with the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er, the Blue Crystal and Yellow Crystals had filled the void and seemed to be within easy reach.

But as time passed, the Blue Crystals and Yellow Crystals scattered throughout the void became almost invisible.

Some of them had been given to Yang Kai by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, stored in his Small Universe, while the rest had been used by the two to cultivate the Small Stone Race.

Perhaps there were still some scattered Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals in this Chaotic Dead Territory, but there were definitely not many of them.

Moreover, Yang Kai’s arrival had also changed the situation of the Chaotic Dead Territory after countless years.

Before he arrived, the battle between Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had never ceased. Every time they clashed, countless clones would scatter and fight, and the aftermath of their battle would sweep across the entire Chaotic Dead Territory.

However, now that the two of them were immersed in cultivating the Small Stone Race, the dangers of the Chaotic Dead Territory gradually disappeared. The countless clones had long since transformed into different grades of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, and the two colored lights no longer clashed.

The Chaotic Dead Territory was no longer so dangerous.

Yang Kai had also inadvertently discovered this matter.

All this time, the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er’s body had been protected by a solid layer of protection. Since he had entered this Chaotic Dead Territory, he had been maintaining it even when he was sleeping and eating. Yang Kai had relied on his protection to survive until now.

However, one day, the protective barrier around A' Er’s body suddenly disappeared.

Only now did Yang Kai realize that the Chaotic Dead Territory had changed.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai’s mood became somewhat complicated.

It was just a simple suggestion, but it was actually able to resolve the great conflict between Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan that had been going on since the ancient times, transforming the conflict into a more peaceful one, giving him an inexplicable sense of accomplishment.

It was just that the Small Stone Race had suffered a lot, but the Small Stone Race's nature was to attack each other. Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s training had only magnified this trait.

Since the Chaotic Dead Territory was no longer dangerous, Yang Kai felt it was time to leave.

The reason he hadn’t left before was because he couldn’t leave. Without the protection of the Giant Spiritual God, A’ Er, he couldn’t even move an inch in this murderous void.

The Hundred Year Agreement with Qu Huachang had long since expired and he had been delayed for about thirty to forty years in the Chaotic Dead Territory. Now, he couldn’t wait to go to the Yin Yang Heaven.

Since he had taken the first place in the Dao Exchange and won the identity of Yin Yang Heaven’s son-in-law, he should give Qu Huachang an explanation.

So Yang Kai found an opportunity to bid farewell to Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan.

Both of them were quite surprised.

“You want to leave?” Big Sister Lan blinked at him.

Yang Kai nodded, “My arrival here was just an accident. Being able to meet Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan and receiving so much care from the two of you is already something I am very satisfied with. It’s just that all good things must come to an end. It’s time for me to leave.”

Yang Kai was truly grateful to the two of them. Without them, he wouldn’t have had such a great harvest. After spending so many years together, Yang Kai couldn’t bear to suddenly leave.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan didn’t show any signs of reluctance, Big Sister Lan simply nodded.

However, Big Brother Huang said, “If you want to leave, fine, leave our territory behind.”

Yang Kai’s face immediately became as black as the bottom of a pot as his eyes twitched, “What territory?”

Big Brother Huang waved his hand, “This territory!” Thirty percent of the Small Universe's surrounding territory.

Yang Kai coughed and said, “That won’t do, this is my Small Universe, if I leave it here, won’t it take my life?”

Not really to the point of death, but if he were to part with such a large territory, his strength would definitely plummet and he might not have any hope of advancing in the future.

“Then think of a way to avoid affecting our battle.”

“That’s simple,” Yang Kai was already prepared. Since he had decided to leave, he naturally couldn’t ignore Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, neither of them would agree.

The living environment of the Small Stone Race was very simple. All he needed to do was find a place for them to reproduce.

There wasn’t much else in this Chaotic Dead Territory, but there were quite a few broken pieces of Universe World. A random piece of the larger Shattered Spirit Province was enough for the two of them to continue fighting.

Yang Kai brought up his idea and Big Brother Huang shrugged, “It's gone.”

“Why is it gone?” Yang Kai stared.

Big Brother Huang stamped his foot and said, “There were some leftovers from before, but they were all eaten by this guy.”

The guy he was referring to was definitely A' Er.

Yang Kai was speechless.

Perhaps it was because of Big Brother Huang’s kick, A’ Er, who was originally asleep, suddenly woke up, but this time he didn’t have much of morning temper. After waking up, he rushed off into the distance.

Looking in that direction, it should be the Domain Gate.

The Shattered Spirit Province in the Chaotic Dead Territory had already been eaten clean by A’ Er, so there was naturally no need for him to remain.

Regarding this, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had no intention of stopping him.

It wasn’t the first time the Giant Spiritual God clan had visited their territory. Every time their battle spread to a great domain and destroyed countless world, the Giant Spiritual God would smell it and quickly leave after eating up the broken universe worlds.

As such, both of them were used to such a scene.

A few days later, the Domain Gate appeared in front of them, and just like before, A’ Er let out a low roar as he rapidly shrank his body and rushed towards it.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

Yang Kai’s Small Universe remained in place.

His Small Universe had originally been spread out on top of A’ Er’s head, so he should have moved along with him, but now that A’ Er had left, he stayed behind.

He didn’t even notice that Big Brother Huang or Big Sister Lan had done anything to him, but this matter was definitely related to them.

Yang Kai’s heart immediately broke. A' Er had abandoned him…

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan didn’t care about him. To the two of them, they only needed Yang Kai's Small Universe territory as a battlefield. As for Yang Kai himself, they didn’t really care.

Looking at the two busy people, Yang Kai couldn’t help smiling.

If he couldn’t solve this problem, there was no way he could leave.

But if he wanted to resolve this matter… it didn’t seem too difficult.

Yang Kai quickly came up with an idea.

“How about this, Big Brother Huang, Big Sister Lan, I’ll find you another battlefield, I guarantee it’ll be bigger and wider than the one you’re currently in, and it’ll also allow you to do as you please, how about it?”

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan looked at each other and nodded slightly, “You should find it first.”

Yang Kai said, “Then I must leave this place first. There’s nothing here you need.”


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