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“But before you defeat me, you will always be my little brother, don’t forget your identity!” Big Sister Lan reminded.

Big Brother Huang replied, “Of course not.”

Yang Kai watched from the side for a long time before consoling Big Brother Huang, “Victory and defeat are common in war. Big Brother Huang doesn’t need to be discouraged, just gather your courage and return stronger.”

Big Brother Huang let out a muffled grunt and quickly left, seemingly eager to expand his Small Stone Race.

However, now that he only had a dozen Stone Queens and a few guards left, it would be difficult for him to develop.

On the other hand, Big Sister Lan still had a hundred thousand soldiers left, so she had the advantage. In the next battle, her chances of winning would undoubtedly be higher.

“It’s all thanks to your good idea!” Big Sister Lan smiled at Yang Kai, “After so many years, I’ve finally heard him call me Big Sister. Tell me, what kind of reward do you want?”

“There’s a reward?” Yang Kai suddenly became excited.

“Of course… Forget it, even if you don’t say it, I know what you want,” Big Sister Lan said before flashing out of the Small Universe's territory. When she returned, she brought a small mountain of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals and threw them in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was overjoyed.

He had thought that he wouldn’t be able to easily obtain these Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals again, but he hadn’t expected Big Sister Lan to take the initiative to give them away.

How could Yang Kai be polite to her? After thanking her repeatedly, he sent these materials to the nearby medicine garden.

After the battle, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan calmed down quite a bit. Big Brother Huang worked hard to develop his Small Stone Race, but Big Sister Lan didn’t rest. Although she had won this battle, she had lost more than ninety percent of her Small Stone Race, so she naturally had to replenish her forces as soon as possible.

If she were to immerse herself in this victory, it would be her turn to call him big brother next time. Big Sister Lan would never tolerate such a thing.

However, although the two of them were busy, Big Sister Lan would occasionally run over to Big Brother Huang just to hear him call her Big Sister. Each time, she would be satisfied, but Big Brother Huang would be so angry he would die. He was even more determined to avenge his previous humiliation.

The enlightenment Yang Kai had gained from that battle had allowed his understanding of the Great Desolate Scripture to rise to a whole new level, allowing him to faintly discern the secrets of this Cultivation Technique. Unfortunately, his gains weren’t great, so Yang Kai still didn’t understand what the Great Desolate Scripture had to do with the Time Laws.

On this day, Yang Kai suddenly sensed something and looked over.

Xu Yi was sitting cross-legged on a giant boulder on the other side of the cliff, his aura surging as the Spiritual Force in his body roared endlessly. Above his head, lightning flashed and thunder roared as dark clouds covered the sky.

This was a sign of a breakthrough!

Xu Yi was already a Third Order Transcendent, and above him was the Saint Stage.

This was a very subtle state, allowing Yang Kai to think back to many years ago. On Tongxuan Continent, the peak of the Martial Dao was the Saint Stage. When Yang Kai left Tongxuan Continent and entered the Star Field, he came into contact with the realm above the Saint Stage. [MSN: aww, kinda miss Tongxuan Continent.]

Yang Kai had a premonition that when his Third Disciple broke through to the Saint Stage, there would be some kind of abnormality, which was why he had immediately come to observe.

In fact, every time Xu Yi broke through, Yang Kai would observe him, but unfortunately, he hadn’t made much discovery.

This time was obviously different.

Before Xu Yi had even broken through, the Dao Mark of Time Law in the Small Universe had begun to move slightly, faintly showing signs of resonating with him.

This feeling had previously appeared on the Eldest Disciple, Zhao Yebai, but what resonated with him was the Dao Mark of the Space Law.

Yang Kai wasn’t worried about Xu Yi’s breakthrough. Although his cultivation speed wasn’t slow, because of his unique talent in the Dao of Time, he had spent far longer in his sleep than in reality, so his foundation was quite solid.

A mere Saint Stage breakthrough was naturally not difficult for Xu Yi.

The World Baptism’s energy poured into Xu Yi’s body, but Xu Yi didn’t seem to notice. Not only did he not respond, he even lowered his head as if he had fallen into a deep sleep.

When the energy reached his body, Xu Yi suddenly raised his head and stared at the sky with a strange smile.

Yang Kai frowned slightly.

The baptism of the World Energy continued without end, allowing Xu Yi to open up his body and mind to receive it. Soon, his body was covered in wounds, but under the baptism of the World, his aura rose steadily and soon reached the peak of the Transcendent Stage.

The Great Desolate Scripture’s Cultivation Technique was circulated to the limit to protect his vital points while the Small Universe's Time Law's Dao Mark became more active. Yang Kai could clearly sense that many of the Time Law Dao Mark were being absorbed into Xu Yi’s body along with the energy from the baptism.

After half an hour, Xu Yi’s aura suddenly rose to a whole new level, and from where he stood, a visible shockwave spread out.

Saint Stage!

At the same time, the flow of time in the Small Universe seemed to be slightly affected, causing the entire world to pause for a moment.

The fog in Yang Kai’s mind was still present and he still didn’t understand the relationship between the Great Desolate Scripture and the Time Law, but he could clearly feel that the flow of time in his Small Universe had increased significantly.

If the flow of time in the Small Universe was two times faster than normal in the outside world before, it was now three times faster!

This change shocked Yang Kai quite a bit.

One had to know that he had reached the sixth stage in the Dao of Time, which was why he was able to accelerate the flow of time in his Small Universe.

Why had Xu Yi’s breakthrough in his Small Universe brought him such benefits?

Was it because of Xu Yi himself, or because of the Great Desolate Scripture? Or perhaps both.

Xu Yi had his own talent in the Dao of Time and had cultivated the Great Desolate Scripture. When he broke through, he had been in his Small Universe, so for various reasons, he might experience some unexpected changes.

Yang Kai felt somewhat uneasy.

The main reason why he chose Xu Yi to cultivate the Great Desolate Scripture was because he wanted to thoroughly comprehend the mysteries of this Cultivation Technique and improve his attainments in the Dao of Time.

He had not comprehended much, but he had benefited greatly.

This benefit came out of nowhere.

After carefully examining his Small Universe and confirming that there were no problems, Yang Kai became even more puzzled.

On the other side, Xu Yi had already woken up and was staring blankly at his hands. Although he had suffered quite a bit during his breakthrough, the foundation Yang Kai had laid for him was very solid. Now that his strength had reached a new level, the wounds on his body were slowly healing.

“Do you feel any discomfort?” Yang Kai flashed over to him and asked.

Hearing this, Xu Yi quickly stood up and bowed, “Disciple greets Master.” After pausing for a moment, he asked curiously, “Disciple has advanced?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Now you’re a Saint Stage!”

Xu Yi scratched his head and said, “I actually didn’t notice anything, but for some reason, I suddenly felt sleepy and fell asleep. Many thanks for Honored Master’s protection!”

He thought that the reason he was able to successfully break through was because Yang Kai was guarding him, otherwise if he had fallen asleep during his breakthrough, how could he have survived?

Yang Kai looked at him deeply and pondered for a moment before saying, “Since you’ve already broken through, you should focus on consolidating your strength. Don’t be impatient and become a spoiled brat.”

“Yes!” Xu Yi replied respectfully, “Disciple will work hard to cultivate and not let Honored Master down.”

When he looked up again, Yang Kai had already disappeared.

Xu Yi was naturally very respectful towards his Honored Master. If it weren’t for his Honored Master accepting him at the Disciple Recruitment Assembly, with his aptitude, he would never have been able to achieve what he had today, but under his Honored Master’s command, in less than a decade, he had become an extraordinary Saint Stage!

Xu Yi believed that this was only the beginning and that he would have a brighter future in the future.

Listening to Yang Kai’s orders, he quickly went into seclusion to consolidate his cultivation.

His cultivation was also very simple, all he needed to do was enter a dream. In fact, when he was awake and cultivating, his aptitude was still extremely poor.

After so many years, Xu Yi had become accustomed to cultivating in the Dream World, and because of this, he had mastered the technique to enter the Dream World at will.

At this moment, Yang Kai was thoroughly examining his Small Universe.

Xu Yi’s breakthrough in his Small Universe had actually brought him great benefits, causing him to be puzzled and unable to understand why. Yang Kai could not help feeling uneasy.

Unfortunately, after several days, Yang Kai still found nothing.

The flow of time in his Small Universe had actually tripled!

Yang Kai even asked Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan about this matter, but neither of them understood what he was saying.

To the two of them, the strength they possessed was the strongest in this world, and their strength alone was enough to break all Laws, so why would they need to understand anything else?

Helpless, Yang Kai could only give up his research on this matter.

In fact, in terms of the Dao of Time, Yang Kai’s talent wasn’t outstanding. The reason he was able to achieve his current achievements was all thanks to various lucky chances.

His greatest talent lay in the Dao of Space! He had already reached the eighth stage of the Dao of Space and had reached the pinnacle of it. Although he didn’t dare say that there was no one before him, there had never been many who had reached his level since ancient times.

The one who truly had great talent in the Dao of Time was the Flowing Time Great Emperor who had died long ago in the Star Boundary!

If the Flowing Time Great Emperor was still alive, with his comprehension of the Dao of Time, he might be able to comprehend all the mysteries of the Great Desolate Scripture.

Yang Kai could only sigh at how the Heavens were jealous of geniuses. The Flowing Time Great Emperor had died for the sake of the Star Boundary, and if he had not severely wounded the Great Demon God, the Star Boundary would have long been conquered by him.

Fortunately, Flowing Time Great Emperor still had two successors.

Yang Xiao and Yang Xue’s talent in the Dao of Time wasn’t low either. Yang Xiao had followed the Dragon Clan to the Ancestral Land and wouldn’t be able to return anytime soon. On the other hand, Xue’er had stayed behind and was currently in High Heaven Palace. Yang Kai secretly made up his mind that once he returned to High Heaven Palace, he could let Xue’er comprehend the Great Desolate Scripture.

The Giant Spiritual God, A’ Er, was still in a deep sleep, still continuing the trend of eating and sleeping.

Each time he fell asleep, it would take several years.

On the other hand, in the Small Universe, the battle between Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan was like a raging fire. After experiencing his first failure, Big Brother Huang had learned from his shame and worked hard to develop his Small Stone Race, not caring about the cost.

Seeing this, Yang Kai was quite happy.


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