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The girl stared at him blankly, seemingly confused by his sudden outburst.

The boy rubbed his chin and thought for a moment before looking up at Yang Kai, “Then you’re the little brother!”

Yang Kai: “…”

“Little Brother!” The girl called out happily, finally fulfilling her dream of becoming an older sister. Although this was a bit off, it was still acceptable.

Thus, Yang Kai naturally became the younger brother.

This result was something he had not anticipated, but he had no choice but to accept it! The two children stared at him with burning eyes, as if, if he were to utter a single word, he would be stained with blood and die.

Yang Kai felt a mountain of pressure.

Yang Kai is feeling very uncomfortable being the younger brother of these two little kids who seemed to be in their teens, but if he were to calculate their age and seniority, it wouldn’t be a loss, but rather a gain.

“Little brother!” The girl called out to him happily, her clear blue eyes staring at him.

Yang Kai understood the meaning in her eyes, but he pretended not to see it and turned his head to the side.

The girl stepped forward and called out again, “Little Brother!”

Her voice suddenly became colder, like the wind in winter.

Yang Kai’s hair instantly stood on end, his eyes twitching as he scratched his face, “Elder Sister…”

Yang Kai felt like his face was burning as he kept telling himself that as a man, he should know when to yield and when to stand tall. As long as there was green in the mountain, there was no need to worry about firewood. Compared to his own life, calling her ‘Elder Sister’ was nothing, not to mention that he hadn’t suffered any losses.

The girl suddenly smiled like a blossoming flower. Yang Kai didn’t see her make any movements, she quickly appeared in front of him and patted his head, “Good boy!”

The veins on Yang Kai’s forehead bulged as he almost couldn’t contain his killing intent.

“Ahem…” The boy coughed lightly.

Yang Kai naturally understood the situation, and since there were some things he had to settle first, it wasn’t as difficult as before. He cupped his fists towards the boy and called out, “Elder Brother!”

The boy nodded, obviously very satisfied with Yang Kai’s performance.

Yang Kai was actually quite curious about the names of these two. Since they were “family”, he naturally wanted to know more about them.

In the end, the two children looked at each other and shook their heads. Since they were born, they had never had a name. The so-called Sun’s Burning Shine, Moon’s Nether Glimmer were just titles that outsiders had given them, not their real names.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “Then I’ll give you a name, or it won’t be appropriate for me to address you in the future.”

The two children glanced at each other, not having any objections.

After thinking about it for a long time, Yang Kai came up with a few names, but none of them seemed to be satisfied. In the end, they were quite interested in the word Huang and Lan (Yellow and Blue).

[MSN: In the wiki, it say yellow brother and blue sister, should i use wiki's terms, or brother huang and sister lan?]

In the end, one of the two children became Yang Kai’s Yellow Big Brother while the other became his Blue Big Sister…

Yellow Big Brother and Blue Big Sister had dreamed of being older brother and sister since ancient times, and because of this, they had fought endlessly, stirring up a great conflict. It wasn’t until today, when Yang Kai and the Giant Spiritual God had intruded into their territory, that they had finally gotten their wish.

However, dreams were dreams, but after becoming elder brother and sister, the two of them didn’t know what to do.

Yang Kai woke them up at the right time, “Aselder brother and sister, the most important thing is to take good care of your younger brother!”

Yellow Big Brother and Blue Big Sister nodded together while Blue Big Sister acted like an adult, “Elder Sister will definitely take good care of you. If you are bullied in the future, come and tell me. Elder Sister will stand up for you.”

Yang Kai’s face instantly filled with tears. After enduring so much humiliation, he had unexpectedly found two great backers.

However, this kind of backer could not be easily used. Wherever these two people went, everything would be destroyed, so who would dare let them leave the mountain so easily? What’s more, even if this matter was told to others, no one would believe it.

Yang Kai coughed lightly and said, “I’ve always been the one bullying others, no one bullying me. On the other hand, Big Brother Yellow, that thing next to you… it was something Little Brother took a lot of effort to obtain. You see… shouldn’t you return it to me? There’s no such thing as an older brother snatching his younger brother’s things. Big Brother and Big Sister should take good care of Little Brother.”

Yang Kai didn’t even have time to collect the piece of Blue Crystal before it was taken away by Big Brother Yellow.

Hearing this, Yellow Brother turned to look at the blue crystal, “You want this?”

“En!” Yang Kai nodded.

“I’ll give it to you!” Big Brother Yellow was extremely straightforward as he tossed the blue crystal to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai quickly cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Yellow Big Brother!”

Quickly putting the blue crystal into his Small Universe.

Yellow Big Brother's face was filled with pride as he glanced over at Blue Big Sister provocatively. Blue Big Sister couldn’t help feeling a little angry and reached out to grab a piece of yellow crystal from an unknown place before tossing it to Yang Kai, “This is for you too.”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up like two suns as he quickly put it away into his Small Universe. Looking at the girl, he sincerely thanked her, “Thank you, Blue Big Sister!”

This was a pleasant surprise…

Yellow Big Brother snorted lightly and raised his hand, summoning another blue crystal in front of him and pushing it towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai's jaw dropped as he was stunned by this sudden burst of happiness, but his hands didn’t slow down in the slightest as he put away the blue crystal, “Thank you, Yellow Brother.”

Before he could finish speaking, the girl pushed another piece of Yellow Crystal towards him.

“Thank you, Blue Sister.”

“Thank you, Yellow Brother!”

Yang Kai’s mouth was dry, but he was willing to do so. Just a simple word of thanks was enough to exchange for a high-quality Yellow Crystal or Blue Crystal, so what? If it was possible, Yang Kai could thank them forever!

This was the first time Yang Kai felt that these two were so cute.

Originally, being forced to be their younger brother, Yang Kai still felt somewhat ashamed, but after receiving the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, the shame had long since disappeared. Calling them big brother or big sister was simply too easy, and it only made him seem more sincere.

To be able to obtain such a harvest, not to mention big brother or big sister, even calling them ‘Great Uncle/Aunt’ was acceptable. In any case, according to seniority and age, he would not suffer any loss.

Yang Kai didn’t know how many good things he had obtained, but in just half a day, he had already surpassed his previous total.

At the Small Universe's core area, the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals were piled up into two small mountains of various grades, ranging from Fifth Grade to Eighth Grade.

This amount of wealth could be described as massive, and no Cave Heaven Paradise could afford such a sum.

Just as Yang Kai was happily thanking them, Yellow Brother and Blue Sister both stopped and glared at each other.

Yang Kai scratched his face and asked cautiously, “Why aren’t you two continuing?”

As he spoke, Yang Kai quickly took out a Spirit Fruit from his Space Ring and moistened his throat. After thanking them for a long time, his mouth became dry and he needed to prepare for a protracted battle.

“Time’s up!” Yellow Brother said.

“What time?” Yang Kai looked at him in surprise.

Yellow Brother said, “Didn’t you say that today one of us will be an older brother while the other will be an older sister? It’s time!”

Just one day… Yang Kai felt like time was passing quickly.

Blue Sister turned to look at Yang Kai, “What about today?”

Yang Kai smacked his lips and asked tentatively, “Why don’t we continue? In any case, there’s no problem with me being a younger brother, you two can still be older siblings!”

Yellow Brother shook his head, “That would be boring.”

Why was it boring? It was very interesting, alright?

Yang Kai roared angrily in his heart, but he didn’t dare to say it out loud. These two fellas were just playing along, so he had to appease them.

Rolling his eyes, Yang Kai carefully said, “Since you think it’s meaningless to be an older brother or sister, then be a younger brother or sister! Today, I’ll be the older brother!”

Yellow and Blue looked at him together.

Yang Kai suddenly felt a bit guilty, “En, if you’re not satisfied, just pretend I didn’t say anything.”

But Yellow suddenly nodded, “We can try!”

Blue agreed.

Yang Kai was stunned! He had just casually said that, but how could that be possible? However, after thinking about it for a moment, he realized that these two had never been like siblings since ancient times, so naturally they hadn’t treated each other as brother or sister. Perhaps it was just a novelty.

“Big Brother!” Little Brother Yellow called out. This was the first time he had addressed someone like this, so he was somewhat unfamiliar with it and frowned slightly.

“Big Brother!” Little Sister Blue was much more straightforward.

Yang Kai suddenly felt a sense of responsibility and quickly sat up straight, putting on the airs of a parent. Looking at the two children, he said sincerely, “As a younger brother and sister, the most important thing is to be filial to the older brother!”

Brother Huang asked curiously, “You didn’t say that yesterday…”

Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “Yesterday was yesterday, today is today. Yesterday you were older brother and sister, and today you are younger brother and sister, right?”

Yellow Brother fell into deep thought, feeling that something was wrong, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

However, Blue Sister understood and pushed a piece of Yellow Crystal to Yang Kai, smiling at him.

“Little Sister Blue is so obedient, Little Sister Blue is the best little sister in the world!” Yang Kai put away the yellow crystal with one hand and patted Little Sister Blue’s head with the other.

As for how to add fuel to the fire and sow discord between these two, Yang Kai only needed a day to master it.

As expected, Yellow Brother refused to be outdone and gave Yang Kai a blue crystal!

Yang Kai immediately smiled, “Little Brother Yellow is also the best little brother in this world!”

Similarly, Yang Kai reached out and patted his little brother Yelloe's head, causing him to feel somewhat uncomfortable. He wanted to dodge but didn’t.

The situation was slightly different from yesterday, but the result was the same.

One after another, Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals were delivered to Yang Kai, who accepted them without any hesitation.

Inside the small universe, the two piles of resources grew larger.

Moreover, he had been a younger brother yesterday, so he could only passively endure it. Today, as an older brother, Yang Kai tried to grasp the initiative.

As he put away a piece of Blue Crystal pushed over by Little Brother Yellow, he stared at a mineral vein several hundred kilometers away in the void and said with a kind of expectant tone, “That thing is really beautiful. If I could obtain it, I would definitely be satisfied.”

Little Brother Yellow and Little Sister Blue both turned their heads and looked over. Both of them stretched out their hands at the same time and in the next instant, the mineral vein split into two and was placed in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai grinned from ear to ear, “You really are my good little brother and sister!”


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