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After following the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er into the Chaotic Dead Territory for almost ten years, Yang Kai was finally fortunate enough to witness the clash between the Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer.

At that time, A’ Er was hurrying along, and Yang Kai was looking around for a target he could collect when he suddenly saw a dazzling light from his peripheral vision.

Turning his head, he saw that in the depths of the distant void, an incomparably massive yellow light was rising like a rising sun, exuding an incomparable brilliance.

On the opposite side of the yellow light, a similar blue light crashed towards it.

Space trembled, and the universe was turbulent. The protective barrier around the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er’s body expanded by several dozen meters!

The collision seemed to have been silent, but the yellow and blue lights that filled the sky were like raindrops, instantly filling the entire Chaotic Dead Territory.

The specks of light quickly transformed into the strange life forms Yang Kai had seen before, fighting to the death.

Witnessing this scene, Yang Kai understood that these strange creatures could all be seen as clones of Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer energy.

The impact of this collision lasted for more than ten days before it slowly subsided, but Yang Kai’s mood was still quite unsettled.

If he hadn’t witnessed it with his own eyes, it would have been difficult for him to imagine such a terrifying existence in this world.

He didn’t even manage to see what Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer looked like, all he could see was two giant balls of destructive light colliding.

Even an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator would die from the shockwave of such a collision, and only the Giant Spiritual God could withstand it.

The Chaotic Dead Territory now had countless clones fighting each other, so Yang Kai would benefit greatly because he might be able to obtain more benefits from this.

After the victor was decided, these clones would always leave behind Yellow Crystals or Blue Crystals, all of which Yang Kai could collect.

After A’ Er ate his fill, he once again fell into a deep sleep.

Yang Kai stood atop his head, holding the Azure Dragon Spear as he searched for his target.

A piece of Blue Crystal, half the height of a human, had been transported from two thousand feet away after a day of hard work.

However, before Yang Kai could take it, a strange force suddenly came from nearby, and in the next moment, the half a man tall Blue Crystal brushed past him.

Yang Kai broke out in a cold sweat and quickly turned around.

What he saw made his blood run cold as he gripped his Azure Dragon Spear tightly.

This was because not far behind him, there were two ten-year-old children staring at him.

A man and a woman. The boy wore an orange-yellow dress while the girl wore an aqua-blue dress. Not only were their clothes the same, even their hair was the same color, and their eyes were a mix of yellow and blue.

Yang Kai was now a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so his strength and perception were both extremely sharp. Not to mention Sixth Order cultivators, even Seventh Order cultivators wouldn’t be able to approach him quietly.

However, he didn’t notice when these two children had appeared. If it weren’t for that moment of abnormality just now, he wouldn’t have noticed at all.

What was even more incredible to him was that he didn’t feel any fluctuations of power from these two children. They were like ordinary people who had never cultivated before, like invisible ghosts.

In a dangerous place like the Chaotic Dead Territory, even an Eighth Order master would find it difficult to protect himself, so how could there be an ordinary person?

Moreover, the clothes of these two children, the color of their hair and eyes made Yang Kai very vigilant.

These two colors were abnormal, causing Yang Kai’s pores to shrink as if he was facing a great enemy. However, the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er was still sleeping soundly, allowing Yang Kai to calm down.

The Giant Spiritual God’s temperament was gentle, but its strength was great. The fact that it didn’t wake up meant that it didn’t feel any hostility, which was good news for Yang Kai.

However, looking at the expressions of these two children, Yang Kai couldn’t quite understand.

The blue crystal, which was half the height of a man, had been taken away by the boy in orange-yellow clothes and was now placed at his feet. Staring at Yang Kai, he shouted, “Thief!”

The girl in the aqua-blue dress also angrily shouted, “Thief!”

The boy turned to look at the girl and frowned, “Don’t copy me.”

The girl retorted unhappily, “No one is copying you, I was the one who said it.”

The boy’s brow wrinkled again, as if he couldn’t be bothered to argue with the girl, only saying, “If you want to say something, then go ahead and say it yourself, don’t follow me.”

The girl snorted lightly and vented her anger on Yang Kai, staring at him and shouting, “Kill him!”

The boy immediately retorted, “You can’t kill him!”

The girl was somewhat angry and glared at the boy, gritting her teeth, “I said, kill him!”

The boy didn’t back down and slowly shook his head, “I said we can’t kill him!”

“You have to listen to me, I’m your big sister!” The girl hold her waist.

The boy still calmly shook his head, “Wrong, you should listen to me, I’m your big brother!”

“I am the big sister, you are the younger brother!”

“I am the big brother, you are the younger sister!”

The two children suddenly began arguing, one after the other, neither of them able to convince the other. The girl seemed to be more easily angered, but the boy was much calmer. No matter how loud the girl was, he would always refute her slowly.

Moreover, the two of them continued to argue as if this debate had been going on for many years and each of them had their own persistence.

Yang Kai was drenched in sweat. Although he didn’t feel any killing intent from these two children, to existences like them, if they wanted to kill him, they didn’t need to use any killing intent.

Crushing an ant was as easy as lifting a finger, what was the point of killing intent? No one would have any killing intent to an insignificant ant. [MSN: i do, when they go to my food or drinks xD]

Now the situation was awkward!

Being in the depths of the Chaotic Dead Territory, Yang Kai was unable to escape the protection of the Giant Spiritual God. Once he left this place, Yang Kai would undoubtedly die, but facing a powerful existence who wanted to kill him, Yang Kai had no ability to save himself.

Relying on A’ Er was not an option. The Giant Spiritual God was still in a deep sleep, so it obviously didn’t care about what had happened. Moreover, Yang Kai even suspected that the Giant Spiritual God was not a match for these two children.

Yang Kai’s only hope now was that the boy would be able to convince the girl, but from the looks of the two arguing, it wouldn’t be easy to convince the other.

Just as Yang Kai was at his wits’ end, the two arguing children suddenly shut their mouths and turned to look at him.

The boy said, “Tell me, who is the older brother and who is the younger sister?”

The girl said, “Tell me, who is the older sister and who is the younger brother?”

The two of them spoke at the same time, but their voices were clearly heard by Yang Kai.

This was a life-threatening question! Yang Kai’s brow furrowed deeply, not knowing what would happen if he answered wrongly. With two children, no matter how he answered, he would offend one of them, so it was impossible to find a satisfactory answer for both sides.

Therefore, Yang Kai only spoke after a long time, “Between the two of you, which one of you was born first? Whoever was born first will be the older one!”

The two children looked at each other and said in unison, “We were born together.”

“There’s always an order!” Yang Kai frowned.

“There’s no order!” The two children shook their heads.

Yang Kai’s teeth ached as he recalled the legend. In an extremely ancient era, when the world first opened, the first ray of light appeared. After a long time, the light split into two and transformed into Yin and Yang…

Just as Yang Kai was thinking about how to answer to satisfy both sides, the girl whispered to the boy, “We’re really stupid, we should have asked someone about this a long time ago.”

The boy replied, “How could anyone come here? After so many years, he was the first to come here.”

The girl thought about it for a moment before replying, “Right, he’s the first.”

Saying so, she urged Yang Kai, “Have you thought about it? Hurry up and say it!”

Yang Kai asked, “You won’t kill me after I say it?”

The girl said, “If you satisfy me, I won’t kill you.”

Yang Kai turned to look at the boy.

The boy said lightly, “If I’m not satisfied, I’ll kill you!”

'Damn It! These two are completely unreasonable!' Yang Kai felt that this little childs was really despicable and wanted nothing more than to stab them to death.

What was there to argue about? The two children just couldn’t stop arguing.

Yang Kai suddenly had an inconceivable thought. Could it be that they had fought countless times over this matter? If that was the case, it would be too laughable. The Chaotic Dead Territory contained many great domains, and these great domains, which had once been filled with vitality, had now become a land of death.

“Since the two of you were born together, there’s no way to tell who is older…”

The boy looked at him indifferently, “I think you want to die!”

Yang Kai quickly changed the subject, “However, since you insist on finding the older one, it’s simple.”

The two children’s eyes lit up and the girl quickly asked, “How is it simple? How is it simple?”

Yang Kai said, “How about this, you all take turns to do it. Today he’s the older brother, tomorrow you’re the older sister, everyone should be happy!”

Hearing this, the two children fell into deep thought.

Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief. With the current situation, although he couldn’t afford to provoke these two children, they seemed to be quite simple-minded. As long as they were simple-minded, they could be easily fooled.

Just as Yang Kai was thinking this, the boy suddenly raised his head and said, “Your idea isn’t bad. Today, as an older brother, we actually failed to come up with such a simple solution.”

The girl curled her lips, “Why should I? Today I want to be the older sister!”

The boy turned his head and looked at the girl expressionlessly, “Do you really want to compete with me?”

The girl snorted, “It’s you who wants to compete with me!”

Yang Kai was dumbfounded. He had thought that the problem had been solved, but now there was another problem. Were these two kids doing this on purpose?

Yang Kai clenched the Azure Dragon Spear tightly before letting go.

Unsurprisingly, the two children turned to look at him again, “Who do you think will be the older brother or older sister today?”

Yang Kai wanted to die!

He roared angrily, “Can’t one of you be an older brother and the other an older sister? Is there any meaning in fighting over such a trivial matter?”


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