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Yang Kai stretched out his hand and activated his Space Laws, pulling the blue crystal towards him.

Eighth Grade!

This head-sized blue crystal was an Eighth Grade Resource, much larger than any Yellow Crystal or Blue Crystal Yang Kai had obtained before.

A Blue Crystal of this size is not something that can be measured by two billion Open Heaven Pills, at least several times more.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with joy, and after playing with it for a while, he threw it into his Small Universe.

His Small Universe was now divided into three regions, one of which was for the cultivators who had migrated from Pear Flower Cave Heaven to survive. This region occupied a small half of the Small Universe's territory.

There was also another area for the Small Stone Race to live in. Yang Kai had high hopes for the Small Stone Race, so he naturally wanted to provide them with a good environment to live in. This area was also the largest and had even more space.

The other area was the core Medicine Garden.

Back then, Yang Kai had opened up a medicine garden in the Small Mysterious World and transplanted many precious herbs into it. When he broke through, Yang Kai refined and absorbed the Mysterious Boundary Bead, allowing the Small Mysterious World to merge with his Small Universe, allowing the Medicine Garden to be completely inherited.

This area wasn’t very big, but it was used by Yang Kai to store his precious treasures. The many gains he had obtained from selling healing pills in Lang Ya were stored here.

The location of the medicine garden, whether it was for the cultivators of the Small Universe or the Smal Stone Race, was a restricted area. Without Yang Kai’s permission, no one could approach it.

With this first harvest, Yang Kai’s confidence soared and he continued to stand atop A’ Er’s head, his sharp eyes sweeping around like a hawk, not letting go of any opportunity to escape.

Soon, Yang Kai saw another blue crystal floating several thousand feet away.

Just like before!

After repeating this process several times, Yang Kai would occasionally slip up. After all, if the Azure Dragon Spear was extended too far, it would be difficult to control it. In this kind of place, a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator wouldn’t be of any use at all. Only by grasping this technique could one slowly move the floating resources in front of them.

This also required a great deal of patience, and even the slightest bit of impatience could cause several days of effort to go to waste.

Facing the sky full of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, no one would lack patience, and Yang Kai naturally did the same.

Slowly, Yang Kai’s movements became more skillful, no longer showing any signs of failure. Within two days, he would be able to close in on his target.

If he was five thousand feet away, he would need some luck.

However, because A’ Er was in a deep sleep, Yang Kai had no choice but to wait for him, so it was up to fate how many resources he could obtain. Sometimes, after waiting for ten days or half a month, he didn’t see a single blue crystal or yellow crystal floating past him, and sometimes several of them floated over at the same time.

Every time this happened, Yang Kai would stare at the biggest one, the one with the best appearance, and he could only reluctantly give up.

As time slowly passed, Yang Kai estimated that he had collected about a hundred more Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals before A' Er suddenly stretched his back.

This guy had finally woken up!

Although he had been collecting the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals and hadn’t carefully calculated the time, Yang Kai estimated that A' Er had slept for almost two years.

This made him sigh in relief.

What he feared the most was that this Giant Spiritual God would sleep for thousands of years, but now, it had only been two years, so it was still acceptable.

Yang Kai even looked forward to his next move.

In this Chaotic Dead Territory, there was definitely more than the Shattered Universe World that A’ Er had eaten, and as long as A’ Er continued on his way, he would have a chance to obtain more Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals.

While it was true that waiting for the right opportunity was beneficial, it was far less efficient than following Ah Er.

However, after waking up, A’ Er didn’t immediately rush off like Yang Kai had expected. Instead, he sat cross-legged in the air, seemingly in a daze, not moving at all, as if someone had cast a Fixed Body Spell on him.

On top of that, Yang Kai could clearly feel that A’ Er was inexplicably angry and was exuding an extremely dangerous aura.

Yang Kai fell silent.

He didn’t even dare to move, nor did he know why this gentle Giant Spiritual God would act like this. He could only watch helplessly as several pieces of top-grade Yellow Crystal and Blue Crystal floated in front of him.

After more than ten days, the dangerous aura that had been lingering around A’ Er’s body gradually dissipated. The Giant Spiritual God stood up, turned his head, and walked out.

Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief and wore a strange expression.

Did this guy have a bad morning temper? Otherwise, there was no way to explain A’ Er’s change.

Did the Giant Spiritual God also have a morning temper? Yang Kai wasn’t certain.

However, he finally took action. Yang Kai quickly pulled himself together and stood on his head, his eyes sweeping around.

Just like when he first entered this Chaotic Dead Territory, as A’ Er walked forward, countless Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals brushed past him. Yang Kai stared at one target after another, occasionally taking action to capture them.

By the time A’ Er arrived at the next dead Universe World, Yang Kai had already collected over a hundred Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals.

The two of them seemed to have reached a tacit understanding. A' Er sat down cross-legged and began eating. Yang Kai took out his Azure Dragon Spear and began searching for his target, neither of them disturbing the other.

In fact, Yang Kai suspected that A’ Er still remembered that he was standing above him.

Soon, the broken Universe World was swallowed by A’ Er and he fell into a deep sleep again. This guy seemed to have nothing to do but eat and sleep.

Yang Kai once again began to wait for his prey.

However, with the experience from last time, Yang Kai also knew that A’ Er would wake up in a few years, so he didn’t need to worry about anything else and only hoped that he would be able to reap more benefits during this time.

Just as he had thought before, the opportunity to follow the Giant Spiritual God into this Chaotic Dead Territoru might only come once in a lifetime. If he didn’t seize it, he would definitely regret it when he left.

Looking around, waiting, collecting, Yang Kai was in high spirits.

Half a year later, Yang Kai had a great harvest.

A ten-meter-long Yellow Crystal Vein floated directly towards him, and without much effort, Yang Kai put it into his Small Universe World.

This was a pleasant surprise!

After examining it carefully, he found that this entire Yellow Crystal Vein was a Seventh Grade. It was completely flawless and pure.

Such a harvest was almost the sum of all his previous gains.

Through his observations over the past few years, Yang Kai also understood the reason why the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals were of different sizes in the Chaotic Dead Territory.

All of this had to do with the yellow and blue creatures that were fighting each other. Although their strengths were on par with each other, after a long battle, victory and defeat could still be determined.

The ones who were defeated would be converted into Yellow Crystals or Blue Crystals, while the larger creatures who were defeated would naturally leave behind larger or smaller ones.

However, luck was something that could not be touched. Although Yang Kai really wanted to find another crystal vein that he could easily obtain, he never got his wish again.

In this Chaotic Dead Territory, a crystal vein that was more than a dozen meters long was not considered big. Yang Kai had seen one that was more than a dozen kilometers long before, and from time to time, he had fantasized about how it would look like if he could absorb this crystal vein into his small universe.

Even if it was only a Fifth Grade or Sixth Grade resource, its value was still immeasurable.

After more than a year later, A' Er woke up again.

At this moment, Yang Kai was finally certain that he had a morning temper. Just like the last time he had woken up, he had sat in his original position and sulked for several days, his aura extremely dangerous, as if it wanted to destroy everything.

However, he didn’t have any action of destruction. After venting his anger, he did what he was supposed to do.

Year after year, A' Er wandered through the Chaotic Dead Territory. The Giant Spiritual God had a unique talent, allowing them to smell the scent of the Universe World’s impending death, allowing them to accurately eat the shattered Universe World.

After the Universe World was destroyed, there were many parts left, so A’ Er didn’t sleep after every meal. If there was too little, he would continue to search for his next target.

Yang Kai was so focused on following him that he had completely forgotten the passage of time, only able to determine this from the changes in his body.

The Small Universe has spent more than ten years, and after such a long time, his Third Disciple Xu Yi’s growth had become extremely great.

His aptitude wasn’t high and his overall evaluation at Seven Star Square’s Disciple Recruitment Assembly was only below C, so such aptitude wasn’t qualified to enter Seven Star Square.

In the eyes of the masters of the Void Continent, a cultivator with such aptitude wouldn’t have much achievements even if they were taught by a good teacher and had abundant resources.

However, Xu Yi’s growth far exceeded his aptitude.

Over the past ten years, Xu Yi had cultivated to the Transcendent Stage without any foundation. This speed was not inferior to Zhao Ya’s!

However, the reason Zhao Ya’s cultivation had progressed so slowly back then was because Yang Kai had deliberately suppressed it. If he really allowed her to cultivate freely, it would definitely not be at such a speed.

From this perspective, Xu Yi’s aptitude was inferior to Zhao Ya’s. In fact, Yang Kai had never seen anyone whose cultivation speed was comparable to Zhao Ya’s. Of all the disciples in his Void Land and High Heaven Palace, Zhao Ya was the only one.

However, compared to the evaluation of C grade aptitude, Xu Yi’s growth was already extremely terrifying.

Just like Yang Kai had observed before, during the day, Xu Yi did not fail to live up to the evaluation of his C grade aptitude. His cultivation progress was slow, but once he fell asleep at night, he was like a completely different person.

Now that he had reached the Transcendent Stage, logically speaking, he didn’t need to sleep, but he was still like an ordinary person who had never cultivated before. As long as night fell, he would be able to sleep soundly on his bed.

This was a unique talent and also a way for him to cultivate.

As a result, many of Seven Star Square’s higher-ups now admired their Supreme Elder greatly.

For a disciple with such low aptitude to be able to display such brilliance in his hands, to be able to carve a flower out of a piece of rotten wood, this kind of ability was something Shangguan Ji and the others couldn’t compare with.


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