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On the way here, Yang Kai had collected almost a hundred sets of resources, and after taking inventory, he was overjoyed.

All of them were above Fifth Grade!

There were very few Fifth Grade, about ten percent, thirty to forty percent were Sixth Grade, thirty to forty percent of Seventh Grade, and even Eighth Grade resources.

However, the number of Eighth Grade resources was the same as the number of Fifth Grade resources.

It seemed that most of these resources were concentrated between Sixth Grade and Seventh Grade, but when he thought about the process of forming these resources, the result could be explained.

Burning Shind and Nether Glimmer chaotic energy filled the entire Chaotic Dead Territory. In a fight to the death, each collision would weaken the other’s strength slightly!

They are at least at the Ninth Order, but after being weakened for a long time, their grades would naturally drop.

When it fell to the sixth or seventh grade, the outcome would basically be decided, leaving behind only the sixth and seventh grade Yellow and Blue Crystals.

If one’s speed was faster enough to determine the winner, they would be able to leave behind an Eighth Grade.

If they had been a bit slower, their strength would have been greatly weakened and they would only have been able to retain their Fifth Grade strength.

As such, there weren’t many Eighth and Fifth Grade resources, and the Sixth and Seventh Grade ones were the most common in this Chaotic Dead Territory.

Yang Kai held an Eighth Order Blue Crystal in his hand, his eyes shining brightly.

Eighth Grade Yin Element! He had never thought that he would be able to obtain such a precious treasure one day. Even if he placed it in the various Cave Heaven Paradise, there probably wouldn’t be many resources of this grade, right?

If it was converted into Open Heaven Pills, just the Eighth Grade Yin Attribute resource in his hand was worth at least two billion Open Heaven Pills. This thing was priceless and no one would sell it.

This thing was extremely beneficial to High Rank Open Heaven. If he could collect a set of Yin-Yang Five Elements, refine and absorb it, it would greatly enhance the Small Universe's foundation.

For the various Cave Heaven Paradise, a Sixth Grade Yin Yang attribute resource could be considered a strategic reserve because there would always be some talented disciples who could directly advance to the Sixth Order. Naturally, these resources were needed.

However, Seventh and Eighth Order were not within this range.

Even if there were more outstanding disciples who could directly advance to the Seventh Order, they were all monstrous geniuses that would only appear after countless years. They only needed to reserve two or three sets.

As for Eighth Order, no one had ever directly broken through to the Eighth Order. This was a feat that had never been achieved since ancient times. Even Yang Kai had only set his goal as Seventh Order. The Dao Seal condensed from the Emperor Realm simply couldn’t withstand the impact of an Eighth Grade resource.

Because of this, there was no need for an Eighth Grade to become a strategic reserve. For a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator, a Seventh Grade or Eighth Grade was a cultivation resource. Refining the Open Heaven Pill would take far too long, far less than refining a set of cultivation resources.

As such, once these High Rank Open Heaven have a complete set of resources in hand, they would begin to refine and absorb it. The High Rank Open Heaven in each Cave Heaven Paradise would often communicate with each other.

A Sixth Order Open Heaven can refine a Seventh Grade resources. Similarly, a Seventh Order Open Heaven could also refine an Eighth Grade resource. Compared to refining a same rank or lower rank resources, the benefits one could obtain from doing so would be greater, provided that the Small Unvierse could withstand the impact of a higher grade resource.

Most people could bear it, but normally, even if they were high rank, they wouldn’t be able to obtain too many good resources, so they could only settle for the next best thing, either refining the Open Heaven Pill or refining resources of a lower grade. Over time, the Small Universe's foundation would also increase.

Yang Kai wasn’t far from reaching the Seventh Order Open Heaven. Now that he had these Sixth Grade, Seventh Grade Blue Crystals and Yellow Crystals, as long as he was willing to pay the price, the time limit to advance to the Seventh Order would be greatly reduced!

With the resources of the Yin Yang attribute, how could he not be able to obtain the Five Elements? Even if he were to use these Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals to exchange for them, the various Cave Heaven Paradise would still welcome him.

But before that, he couldn’t waste this opportunity.

He only had one chance to enter the Chaotic Dead Territory with the Giant Spiritual God, so he naturally wanted to obtain more benefits.

Putting away his harvests, Yang Kai looked up and saw that the Giant Spiritual God, A’ Er, had almost completely devoured this broken world.

During this time, Yang Kai took the opportunity to collect a few pieces of nearby Yellow and Blue Crystals.

Just as Yang Kai was waiting for him to continue, he saw A’ Er suddenly reach out and pat his belly, a look of satisfaction appearing on his face.

Yang Kai suddenly had a bad feeling!

The next moment, A’er’s massive body floated in the air and closed his eyes.

Thunderous snores rang out!

Yang Kai wanted to curse.

After eating his fill, this guy actually began to sleep.

A broken Universe World can make you full? Where is your appetite?

Yang Kai frowned deeply. If A’ Er didn’t act, where would he go to collect the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals?

What’s more, he didn’t know how long A’ Er would sleep for. The Giant Spiritual God's body was massive and its strength was unfathomable, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he slept for thousands of years.

But how could Yang Kai possibly stay here for thousands of years? If he didn’t show himself for so long, the Void Land and High Heaven Territory would definitely fall into chaos.

'I can’t let him sleep! I have to act quickly.

Yang Kai’s figure flickered, like climbing a great mountain, quickly arriving next to A’ Er’s ear and standing in front of the giant black hole-like ear hole. Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai puffed up his chest and roared, “Wake up!”

A’er turned around impatiently and almost threw Yang Kai away.

Standing back up, Yang Kai continued shouting into A' Er ear.

“A' Er, your big brother A' Da is here! Wake up!”

“Look, there’s a female Giant Spiritual God over there, she’s really slim.”

“Are you awake? If not, I’m going to stab you! I’m really going to stab you!”

After a few times, A’ Er’s ears suddenly folded up, probably because he was being harassed by Yang Kai.

When the giant ear was retracted, it was as if a giant hand had covered the sky and covered the earth. Yang Kai’s face immediately became ashen as he dodged!

When he turned around again, A’ Er’s ears had been blocked.

How could Yang Kai just give in like this? His eyes darted around, and with a light snort, he appeared in front of A’ Er’s huge nose, burrowing his head in and wrapping his hands around a nose hair thicker than a roof beam before fiercely pushing.

Swing Swing…

The effects were obvious, but the consequences were terrifying.

A’ Er sneezed and Yang Kai suddenly felt like he was a lone boat sailing on a stormy sea. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t hold on to his body and was directly spat out by A’ Er.

Seeing that he was about to escape from A’ Er’s protective range, Yang Kai hastily transformed into his dragon form!

A dragon roar rang out as the thousand zhang long dragon’s body wrapped around A’ Er’s calf like a small snake, allowing him to avoid being thrown away.

After the violent wind passed, Yang Kai put away his dragon form, his face pale.

A’ Er didn’t have any malicious intent, but after his two or three responses, Yang Kai had nearly died.

Yang Kai decided not to provoke him any further. Who knew what would happen next? If he really died in the hands of A' Er, that would truly be unjust.

However, waiting like this was not an option. Yang Kai looked around for a moment before deciding to try his best to collect more Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals.

A’ Er was still asleep, but the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals floating in the Chaotic Dead Territory remained motionless.

Under the impact of the violent destructive force, countless Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals flowed along with the waves, constantly changing directions, occasionally brushing past A’ Er.

These were all targets that could be collected with great effort.

Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he stood atop A’ Er’s head. This was a relatively good position with a wide field of vision.

Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and decided to wait.

The target he could collect was only within fifteen meter. He had missed out on a lot of wealth because of this, making him feel quite regretful.

If only he could collect targets further away…

Yang Kai suddenly slapped his forehead and cursed himself for being stupid. He clearly had something he could use, but he hadn’t thought of it before.

Raising his hand, Yang Kai summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and poured the power of the Dragon Vein into it, causing it to grow.

When Yang Kai had transformed into his Dragon Transformation, his Azure Dragon Spear could also become several thousand feet, but now that Yang Kai had transformed into a Big Dragon, he had not used the Azure Dragon Spear, so he didn’t know if it could grow to a thousand zhang!

Yang Kai felt that it should be possible, but when he transformed into a Big Dragon, his claws and teeth were all indestructible weapons, so he didn’t need to use the Azure Dragon Spear.

He had never heard of a Big Dragon holding any kind of artifact while fighting with others. To a Big Dragon, its body was its most powerful weapon.

Now, the only thing that worried Yang Kai was whether the Azure Dragon Spear could withstand the power of the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.

After all, this was a power that even an Eighth Order could not withstand.

He carefully controlled the Azure Dragon Spear and slowly stretched out A’ Er’s defences, revealing only the tip of the spear.

The violent energy that dissipated into the air caused the tip of the spear to tremble slightly, and Yang Kai even heard a low dragon roar coming from the spear.

However, what made Yang Kai happy was that the Azure Dragon Spear was able to resist the power of the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer!

Thinking about it carefully, Yang Kai felt relieved.

The Azure Dragon Spear was refined from a big dragon’s skeleton, while the Dragon Clan was the head of the Holy Spirit Race, and Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer was also the Holy Spirit Great Ancestor. Naturally, there was a mysterious connection between them.

What’s more, the Azure Dragon Spear didn’t need to directly confront these two grand existences; it only needed to resist the subtle forces of these two.

The Azure Dragon Spear did not disappoint!

The rest of the task was simple. Yang Kai only needed to identify the target and then use the Azure Dragon Spear to close in on it, allowing him to easily collect it.

However, it wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

The first thing he saw was a blue crystal about the size of a human head. It was of good quality and floated about several thousand feets away from Yang Kai.

Yang Kai quickly grabbed the Azure Dragon Spear and moved it in front of him bit by bit. During this time, he had to resist the chaotic power of the surrounding void, so his grasp of strength and direction was extremely strict.

Several times, Yang Kai almost lost his grip.

However, after three days, Yang Kai finally managed to get the head-sized blue crystal to within fifteen meter.


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