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Staring carefully at the countless things that were transforming into strange entities to collide, Yang Kai’s eyes slowly narrowed.

He suddenly understood what the yellow and blue colors represented.

Sun’s Burning Shine, Moon’s Nether Glimmer!

It was said that in the most ancient times, when the world first opened, the world’s first ray of light was born. This ray of light split into two, transforming into Yin and Yang, and after a long period of accumulation, the Yang was illuminated by the Sun's Burning Shine while the Yin was illuminated by Moon's Nether Glimmer.

This was the origin of all the Holy Spirits!

Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer had once been linked to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land and had even lived there for a long time.

Suddenly, one day, the two powerful existences left. No one knew what had happened, but the battle between Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer began.

This battle had lasted for countless years and had not stopped until now, because the two sides had fought and destroyed countless Great Domains.

The Proprietress had once said that wherever the Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer passed, all life would be exterminated and no grass would grow. This was a true Chaotic Dead Territory, a place even High Rank Open Heaven cultivators would not dare to casually step into.

Yang Kai had thought that the dozen or so High Rank Open Heaven guarding the Domain Gate had obtained information about the Black Ink Clan's hiding place, but now it seemed that was not the case.

This place did not have the power of the Black Ink Clan, instead, the yellow and blue colors were filled with a pure and violent Yin and Yang energy that constantly intertwined and countered each other!

In this world, Yang Kai couldn’t think of any better explanation than the power of the Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer.

Realizing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

He had never thought that he would come to the Chaotic Dead Territory. The Proprietress was right, this kind of place was not a place anyone could come to. Even if a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator came here, they would likely die a violent death.

The reason he was able to survive was all thanks to the protection of the Giant Spiritual God. The violent destructive force was blocked by the Giant Spiritual God, allowing him to remain completely unharmed.

He finally understood why all the cultivators from the neighboring Great Domain were migrating.

The Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer battlefield had already expanded, and once it reached the vicinity of the Domain Gate, it was highly likely that the nearby Great Domain would also be implicated. At that time, the entire Great Domain would become a part of the Chaotic Dead Territory.

No one dared to remain here and wait for death.

There were also the dozen or so High Rank Open Heaven masters. The existence of Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer was too threatening, so the various Cave Heaven Paradise must have been monitoring these two at all times. The dozen or so High Rank Open Heaven masters should be the ones monitoring them.

In the blink of an eye, the yellow and blue colors that Yang Kai had been observing just now had been decided. The two colors were divided into Yin and Yang, and although their appearances were similar, there was a clear difference between them.

In this exchange, the yellow things representing the Yang Attribute was no match for its opponent and was scattered by its opponent. Although it tried its best to reform itself, it was unable to do so.

Leaving behind a palm-sized crystal.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up!

All kinds of attributes and materials of various grades had been circulated through his hands, and Yang Kai had long since cultivated his extraordinary eyesight, so even if he didn’t carefully examine it, he could confirm that this palm-sized yellow crystal was definitely a Yang attribute resource, and its quality was quite high!

Looking around, he saw countless large and small Yellow Crystals, Blue Crystals…

In fact, Yang Kai even saw a Yellow Crystal Vein that stretched for several kilometers, like a dead Flood Dragon.

When he first arrived here, he had been shocked by the violent destructive power and attracted by the yellow and blue creatures, so he hadn’t noticed these things until now.

Yang Kai’s breathing suddenly became rapid!

He suddenly remembered that when he was in desperate need of Yin Yang attribute resources, the Proprietress had jokingly asked him to come to the Chaotic Dead Territory to search for them, because this place was the battlefield of Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer. When the two forces collided, countless Yin Yang attribute resources would be born.

These large and small Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals floating in the air were all Yin Yang attribute resources! Regardless of their grade, they were absolutely pure because they were condensed from the power of the Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer!

This… just how many resources were there!?

For the first time, Yang Kai truly understood what it meant to have an endless supply of resources! Even though he was now extremely rich and had two Star Cities and a new Great Domain, he was still excited by the scattered resources in front of him.

One had to know that these were all Yin Yang Attribute resources, the most precious resources in the 3000 Worlds.

The main purpose of the various Cave Heaven Paradise was to obtain the right to use the Good Fortune Divine Furnace even if they had to pay a place to enter the Small Source World. The main purpose was to create higher grade Yin Yang attribute resources so that the disciples who grew up in the Star Boundary could prepare in advance.

Yang Kai had asked Bian Yuqing to send a large number of resources to Great Evolution Paradise with the same idea.

But if he could obtain all the resources in this Chaotic Dead Territory, why would he need the Good Fortune Divine Furnace?

The various Cave Heaven Paradise definitely knew about this, but they had no way of obtaining it! Perhaps the Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivators at the periphery could obtain some, but once they entered the Chaotic Dead Territory, even an Eighth Order cultivator would not be able to guarantee their own safety. The aftermath of the battle between Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon’s Nether Glimmer was enough to easily kill an Eighth Order cultivator.

Without much thought, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and grabbed the newly formed Yellow Crystal.

He didn’t dare extend his hand out of the Giant Spiritual God's protective barrier, and with this barrier, the power he was using to send it out was greatly weakened.

Fortunately, the Yellow Crystal was only a few dozen meters away from him, so he easily collected it.

As soon as the Yellow Crystal entered his hand, Yang Kai noticed that it was a Sixth Grade Yang Attribute resource.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment. He had thought that this Yellow Crystal would be of a higher grade, but who would have thought it was only a Sixth Grade.

After all, regardless of whether it was Burning Shine or Nether Glimmer, they were at least equivalent to Ninth Order Open Heaven masters, perhaps even higher than that.

Their strength was naturally not too low.

But thinking about it again, the yellow and blue creatures must have experienced a long period of battle, so it was only natural for their strength to weaken and their grade to drop.

Sixth Grade was already quite good. These were the strategic reserves of the various Cave Heaven Paradise and would not be easily used.

It was just that he had been shocked by the rich scenery in front of him.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand again, this time grabbing a piece of Blue Crystal that was further away. This Blue Crystal was slightly larger than the Yellow Crystal he had just obtained, and its quality seemed to be better. Yang Kai guessed that it was most likely a Seventh Order Blue Crystal.

As the Space Laws surged, the blue crystal remained motionless.

Yang Kai was slightly startled and tried again, but still failed.

Without giving him a chance to try again, the Giant Spiritual God, A’ Er, had already rushed off in a certain direction at lightning speed.

Yang Kai quickly shifted his gaze towards the direction A’ Er was heading towards and focused his attention on the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals he would encounter along the way.

From time to time, Yang Kai would take out pieces of various-sized Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals.

In less than an hour, he had already harvested more than a hundred pieces, so much so that he didn’t even have the time to carefully inspect the grade of these resources. Any slight delay could result in him missing a single harvest.

The Giant Spiritual God, A’ Er, would not cooperate with him. A’ Er seemed to have his own purpose, and no matter how Yang Kai roared in his ear, he showed no signs of slowing down.

In the entire Chaotic Dead Territory, Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals could be found everywhere.

However, Yang Kai was well aware that he was borrowing the Giant Spiritual God's influence. If it weren’t for the Giant Spiritual God's protection, he wouldn’t have had the time to collect these resources. Even if he wanted to save his own life, he had to put in a lot of effort.

As for Yang Kai, he had also grasped a certain pattern. He could absorb all the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals within a fifteen meter radius, but beyond this distance, he was powerless.

The entire Chaotic Dead Territory was filled with the power of destruction, and with A’ Er’s protection, the power he could display was greatly weakened.

This made him feel slightly regretful, because he had seen the existence of Crystal Veins several times. The short ones were about dozen meters long, while the long ones were more than dozen kilometers long, but they were simply too far away for him to obtain. These Crystal Veins, no matter which one it was, once he obtained them, represented an unimaginable amount of wealth.

Although there was regret, it was all there was to it.

Yang Kai understood very well that this trip was a pleasant surprise. Since he had obtained such a great harvest, he should be satisfied. Being greedy was not a good thing, and following the Great Spiritual God A’ Er would probably be his only chance.

Soon, Yang Kai learned the purpose of the Giant Spiritual God A’ Er.

He had come for the dead Universe World!

The Giant Spiritual God was powerful and had a gentle temperament, only feeding on the dead Universe World. Moreover, they had a unique innate talent that allowed them to smell the scent of world's dying aura.

The reason why A' Da had stayed outside the Star Boundary was because of this. He had waited for a long time for the Star Boundary to die, but in the end, Yang Kai had used the World Tree’s root to save it.

A' Da didn’t have any complaints and left hungry.

Every time he thought about this, Yang Kai felt a little guilty. When he was exploring the 3000 Worlds, it was A' Da who had been guarding the Star Boundary.

Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer expanded the battlefield, causing this great domain to become chaotic and the Universe World to fall apart. A' Er smelled the scent of the world'd death aura and rushed over to this place to eat.

It was a broken world, its original appearance no longer known. More than half of the Universe World had been destroyed, leaving behind only the shattered Spirit Province.

A' Er arrived in front of a Shattered Spirit Province that was about a hundred kilometers in radius and stretched out his hand to grab it before sending it into the gaping mouth.

As if he was eating a piece of fat meat, a look of joy appeared on his silent face.

Yang Kai didn’t even hear him chewing before the Shattered Spirit Province within a hundred kilometer radius was swallowed into his stomach and he grabbed towards another Shattered Spirit Province.

Yang Kai looked around, but there was nothing he could collect, so he could only count his gains along the way.


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