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This special cultivation technique was called the Great Desolate Scripture, and every Cave Heaven Paradise had a copy of it, so it wasn’t anything too confidential.

It was said that the early stages of the Great Desolate Scripture were carved into a giant stone tablet and obtained by the ancestors of the Cave Heaven Paradise.

If it was an ordinary person, they naturally wouldn’t have such an opportunity to comprehend the Great Desolate Scripture, but Yang Kai was different from ordinary cultivators. In name, he was the son-in-law of Yin Yang Heaven, and his status was that of the Star Boundary Great Emperor. Because of the matter of the Star Boundary World Tree, he was inextricably linked to the various Cave Heaven Paradise, and he had expended a great deal of effort to deal with Lang Ya's Black Ink Disciples.

Although the current Yang Kai was only a small Sixth Order, he had already entered and participated in many of the secrets of the 3000 Worlds.

As such, in Li Yuan Wang’s opinion, letting him study the Great Desolate Scripture was nothing.

However, he made a request, which was that no matter what Yang Kai comprehended from the Great Desolate Scripture, he had to share it with Lang Ya.

Yang Kai agreed.

He just wanted to know why, after cultivating the Great Desolate Scripture and breaking through to the High Rank Open Heaven, the Small Universe's time flow would rapidly increase. If he could comprehend it, there was nothing to hide.

The place where the Great Desolate Scripture was stored was a forbidden area, surrounded by many large Spirit Arrays. In Lang Ya, apart from the Supreme Elder and a few high-level Seventh Order masters, no one was allowed to enter.

When Li Yuan Wang led Yang Kai to this place, Yang Kai immediately saw a stone tablet standing tall on the ground. This stone tablet was simple and unadorned, and it was obvious that it had been carved many years ago.

“It’s impossible to know where the original Great Desolate Scripture was found, this isn’t the original one either. The ancestors had completely copied it, and even the size of the stone tablet was no different, just to allow the younger generation to better comprehend this Cultivation Technique. Unfortunately, after so many years, although the various Cave Heaven Paradise have produced many talented people, they still don’t know the reason why.”

The various benefits and drawbacks of cultivating the Great Desolate Scripture were known by all the Cave Heaven Paradise, but no one could understand why it was like this, which was why Li Yuan Wang had said they were just picking up people’s wisdom.

Yang Kai nodded and looked down.

Not far away from the Great Desolate Scripture Stone Tablet, there was a row of straw huts that stood out. Not only that, but there were also a few figures sitting quietly under the stone tablet, all of them staring at the small characters on the stone tablet.

Among these people, there are young people, teenagers, and there was even a child about ten years old.

Hearing the commotion, these people all turned their heads and immediately stood up and bowed, “Greetings Sect Master!”

Li Yuan Wang nodded slightly and waved his hand, indicating for them to do as they pleased before explaining to Yang Kai, “These are the disciples of my Lang Ya who cultivate the Great Desolate Scripture.”

Yang Kai understood, there were only five people here. Whether they could successfully break through to Open Heaven, whether they could reach the Seventh Order, and whether they could transform the Small Universe into a Small Source World after their death were all huge barriers. If they couldn’t pass any of these barriers, thousands of years of effort would be wasted.

“I’ll give you half a year to comprehend it on your own. After half a year, I’ll come and pick you up!” Li Yuan Wang said.

“Many thanks, Sect Master!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

After all, this was the Lang Ya's Forbidden Area. Li Yuan Wang had asked him to study the Great Desolate Scripture for half a year, it was impossible for him to remain here forever.

After instructing Yang Kai, Li Yuan Wang left.

Yang Kai walked over to the stone tablet and looked up, imprinting the words on it into his mind one by one. It had to be said that this Great Desolate Scripture was an extremely profound cultivation method. Although Yang Kai had not tried to cultivate it, his current eyesight was extraordinary, so he was naturally able to see its advantages and disadvantages.

What Li Yuan Wang said was right. This Cultivation Technique was only suitable for cultivation and was extremely stable. Cultivators who cultivated the Great Desolate Scripture would rarely encounter any bottlenecks. As long as they followed the prescribed order, there would be no risk of Qi deviation, but the biggest drawback of this Cultivation Technique was that it was too peaceful.

In this way, even if their cultivation increased, they would not have much combat strength to speak of.

Under the same realm, once one fought with another, they would definitely fall into a disadvantageous position. This was absolutely unacceptable for cultivators who pursued the peak of Martial Dao.

If it was difficult to protect one’s own life, how could one reach a higher realm?

However, the cultivators who were born in the Cave Heaven Paradise didn’t need to worry about this. They cultivated here for many years and didn’t need to participate in the outside world’s battles, so it didn’t matter if their combat strength was low.

However, no matter how Yang Kai looked at it, he couldn’t see any relationship between the Great Desolate Scripture and the Dao of Time, nor did he understand why the time flow of the Small Universe would increase exponentially after a cultivator broke through to the Open Heaven Stage.

The five Lang Ya disciples who were originally cultivating here couldn’t figure out Yang Kai’s origins, but they had all personally seen the Sect Master Li Yuan Wang deliver this person to them. Before this, no one had ever received such an honor. Coupled with Yang Kai’s Open Heaven Stage foundation, the five disciples probably felt that Yang Kai was not on the same side as them, so they didn’t take the initiative to greet him.

Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to them and simply found a place below the stone tablet to sit down, studying the mysteries of the Great Desolate Scripture as he did so.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye.

Yang Kai was already able to memorize the Great Desolate Scripture, and the mysteries it contained were even more profound, but he still hadn’t discovered its connection to the Dao of Time.

This puzzled Yang Kai greatly. Logically speaking, since the Great Desolate Scripture could greatly increase the flow of time of a cultivator after they broke through to the Seventh Order, it should be related to the Dao of Time.

However, he couldn’t see anything.

There were only two possibilities. One was that his attainments in the Dao of Time weren’t high enough, and the other was that he simply couldn’t see through these words.

If he wanted to verify it, he had to cultivate it personally!

However, Yang Kai was now a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, and his cultivation had long since been set, so how could he have the opportunity to start again? What’s more, even if he had the opportunity, Yang Kai wouldn’t really cultivate the Great Desolate Scripture.

This was a cultivation technique that would benefit others.

But soon, Yang Kai’s heart stirred.

Perhaps… he didn’t need to cultivate it himself.

Small Universe, in front of Seven Star Square’s mountain gate, it was extremely lively.

It was once again the day of Seven Star Square’s disciple recruitment event. Countless hot-blooded youths from all over the world rushed here, hoping to join Seven Star Square.

The current Seven Star Square was no longer a small Sect. Looking across the entire Void World, Seven Star Square’s overall strength could be ranked in the top three. The Master of Seven Star Square, Shangguan Ji, had already broken through to the Emperor Realm two years ago. If it was just Shangguan Ji alone, Seven Star Square’s strength wasn’t too great, but it was said that there was a Third Order Emperor Realm Supreme Elder in Seven Star Square. This was quite terrifying.

How many Third Order Emperor Realm masters were there in the entire Void World?

This Supreme Elder named Yang Kai did not come from Seven Star Square. It was said that he had traveled here in his early years and had been waiting for a chance encounter at Seven Star Square, so he had become Seven Star Square’s Supreme Elder. When a Second Order Emperor Realm master had acted presumptuously in Seven Star Square who was called Chen Xing, had immediately turned silent when he see the Supreme Elder.

Many small sects could only sigh in regret. Why hadn’t this master come to their home for a chance encounter? If he had taken a liking to their own Sect, how could there be Seven Star Square?

Compared to the lively atmosphere in front of the mountain gate, the atmosphere in the meeting hall was somewhat gloomy.

Seven Star Square was now in the limelight because of the support of the Supreme Elder. Although Shangguan Ji himself had broken through to the Emperor Realm, he was still only a First Order Emperor Realm, so he couldn’t afford the reputation of Seven Star Square.

However, his Supreme Elder had been missing for many years!

No one knew when the Supreme Elder disappeared, but one day when Shangguan Ji went to visit, the Spirit Peak where the Supreme Elder resided was completely empty, even the two Supreme Elder Disciples had disappeared.

Shangguan Ji was shocked. He had thought that the Supreme Elder had only brought his disciples out to travel and would return soon, but after waiting for so many years, he still hadn’t found any trace of the Supreme Elder, nor had he found any clues about him in the Void World.

Shangguan Ji instinctively felt that the Supreme Elder had abandoned Seven Star Square. After all, he was not from Seven Star Square and had only passed by this place to wait for the fated one.

The fated ones had already arrived, so why was he still staying in Seven Star Square?

Shangguan Ji didn’t have any grievances. Seven Star Square’s current fame and status was supported by the Supreme Elder, so he could only blame himself for not having the ability to protect the land that the Supreme Elder had conquered.

Although the news had long since been blocked, how could there be a wall in this world that could not be penetrated? Among the top ten great Sects of the Void World, seven or eight of them were currently staring at Seven Star Square. Otherwise, how could there be so many Emperor Realm masters attending this Disciple Recruitment Assembly?

Although it was called a ceremony, it was actually a test. If they couldn’t pass this tribulation, they wouldn’t be completely wiped out, but Seven Star Square’s reputation would definitely be greatly damaged. At that time, they would become a laughing stock, and it would be difficult for them to find a good disciple in the future.

Everyone in the Discussion Hall came up with various ideas, but none of them had any good ideas. With the Disciple Recruitment Assembly about to begin, whether it was a horse or a mule, it was time to take them out for a walk.

Seven Star Square had no way of concealing the news of the Supreme Elder's disappearance.

Just as Shangguan Ji was at his wits’ end, a figure rushed into the hall, as if a master was chasing after him.

Everyone turned around and saw Elder Guan Qianxing stumbling into the hall with a strange expression.

“What happened?” Shangguan Ji asked.

Although Guan Qianxing was a Third Order Dao Source cultivator, at this moment, he was obviously greatly affected by something and was gasping for breath, “Supreme…”

With a loud bang, everyone stood up and Shangguan Ji asked in a trembling voice, “Is there news from Supreme Elder?”

After searching for so many years without any clues about the Supreme Elder, it was unknown whether it was a blessing or a curse for him to appear here today.

Guan Qianxing stretched out his hand and pointed behind him, “Supreme Elder is at the viewing platform!”

“What?” Shangguan Ji couldn’t believe his ears.

After staring blankly for a moment, Shangguan Ji hurriedly rushed out, followed by Guan Qianxing. After chatting for a while, Shangguan Ji learned that the Supreme Elder who had been missing for many years had suddenly appeared on the viewing platform today.


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