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“Is there some kind of special secret skill transformation?” Yang Kai boldly guessed.

Li Yuan Wang shook his head and said, “It’s not a conversion of a secret skill, but rather a specific type of Cultivation Technique from the very beginning. This Cultivation Technique doesn’t have too much power, nor does it have any advantage when fighting with others, but it can allow a cultivator to transform their Small Universe into a Small Source World after he die. Of course, things aren’t that simple. The birth of a Small Source World is a very complicated matter, and cultivators can be said to have to work hard for it their entire lives.”

Yang Kai asked, “Does Sect Master mean that these people have been cultivating from the beginning in order to transform their Small Universe into the Small Source World after they die?”

Li Yuan Wang nodded solemnly, “No one forced them. When they cultivated this Cultivation Technique, they already knew their future fate.”

Yang Kai was slightly shocked.

After painstakingly cultivating for their entire life, after death, their Small Universe will be transformed into a Small Source World, a place for others to temper themselves. This required a great deal of dedication and a strong sense of belonging to the Sect.

However, this matter might be as difficult for other forces, but the various Cave Heaven Paraidse had been passed down for countless years, so it wasn’t difficult to find such a disciple. Moreover, cultivating such a special cultivation method was actually not harmful to the disciples themselves, it was just that they would suffer some losses when fighting with others because this cultivation technique was not suitable for fighting and was only suitable for cultivation.

“The formation of the Small Source World isn’t easy, and it’s not always successful,” Li Yuan Wang explained, “Usually, only ten out of the people who cultivate that Cultivation Technique can create the Small Source World. If that’s the case, you should understand why the Small Source World is so precious even to the various Cave Heaven Paradise.”

Yang Kai nodded.

Small Source World was essentially the Universe Paradise or Universe Cave Heaven left behind after the death of a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator. How many years would it take for a cultivator to grow from an ignorant child to a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator?

After a long wait, there was only a ten percent chance of the Small Source World being born, so how could it not be precious?

Yang Kai suddenly thought of something, “If that’s the case, are all the creatures in the Small Source World real?”

Li Yuan Wang nodded, “Naturally! Disciples who cultivate that cultivation technique will never participate in battles. Once they break through to High Rank Open Heaven, the Small Universe in their bodies will transform from illusory to a solid form, and they will begin to encourage people to enter and cultivate the World Laws of the Small Universe World in their body. These living creatures will reproduce, ensuring that after it's Master dies, the World Strength of the Small Source World will continue to increase. The various rules that the Master set when he was alive will become the goal of the disciples who enter this place to train. Once this goal is achieved, the trial will be successful, allowing them to receive the acknowledgement of the World Laws of the Small Source World and obtain great benefits!”

Yang Kai showed a look of understanding.

The rules of the Divine Weapon World he entered were to seize one of the Ten Great Divine Weapon, but in the end, Yang Kai was too heaven-defying and took away so many of them at once, causing the foundation of the Divine Weapon World to be greatly damaged. When he came out of the Divine Weapon World, the Yin Yang Heaven's Supreme Elder who was guarding the Divine Weapon World did not give him any good looks.

His trial was equivalent to consuming at least three disciple trials!

Yang Kai finally understood why when he entered the Divine Weapon World, these people didn’t reject him at all and instead accepted him as a matter of course.

All of this was the result of the World Laws of the Small Source World, and these rules had been established by the owner of the Small Source World when he was alive.

“Generally speaking, the Small Source World owned by the various Cave Heaven Paradise are all Universe Paradise, and there are very few Universe Cave Heaven,” Li Yuan Wang continued, “Universe Paradise was left behind after the death of a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, so it can allow Open Heaven cultivators below the Seventh Order to enter and gain benefits while Universe Cave Heaven is a legacy of an Eighth Order, so only Seventh Order cultivators are qualified to enter.”

Yang Kai understood.

Seventh Order Open Heaven. As long as one was able to break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven, they would be able to reach the limit of Seventh Order after a long period of cultivation. There were countless such disciples in the various Cave Heaven Paradise.

However, those who were able to cultivate to the Eighth Order Open Heaven were different. They were all core disciples of each family.

Disciples with such aptitude would become the pillars of each family when they grew up, so how could they be willing to let them cultivate such a special cultivation technique?

However, there were always exceptions to everything. Some of the chosen disciples didn’t have outstanding aptitude since they were young, but as they cultivated, their aptitude became more brilliant, allowing them to directly advance to the Sixth Order. After these disciples broke through to the Eighth Order and falls, the only ones left behind were the Universe Cave Heaven level Small Source World.

In the vast universe, there were more than a hundred Cave Heaven Paradise, hundreds of Small Source Worlds, and less than ten Universe Cave Heaven level.

As for these ten families who possessed the Universe Cave Heaven level Small Source World, their cultivation speed at the Seventh Order Open Heaven was much faster than the other families.

Over the years, the number and frequency of Eighth Order Disciples had increased.

Inheritance was something that had been accumulated over countless years.

“That’s not right!” Yang Kai suddenly thought of something, “If that’s the case, what is the flow of time in the Small Source World?”

Back then, he had only been in the Divine Weapon World for about two months in the outside world, but in the Divine Weapon World, it had been several dozen years!

The flow of time there was simply too terrifying. Even though he had reached the sixth stage of the Dao of Time, he was only able to double the speed of his Small Universe.

Those who cultivated the special cultivation technique couldn’t all be stronger than him in the Dao of Time, and it many times stronger!

Small Source World’s essence was the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven, so the flow of time there was impossible to explain.

“Every Cave Heaven Paradise has thought about this question before, but there is no clear answer.”

Yang Kai frowned, “Then who created this Cultivation Technique?”

Li Yuan Wang replied, “It has been passed down since ancient times, and before the Cave Heaven Paradise were born, it already existed. Now, all the Cave Heaven Paradise are doing nothing more than scrap picking.”

This was actually a cultivation technique that had been passed down since ancient times. Yang Kai suddenly felt a headache coming on. Recently, he had come into contact with many ancient things.

This was the case for the Sealing Ink Land's Inked Giant Spiritual God, the Black Ink Clan, and now this special cultivation technique.

“However, although no one can give a clear answer, the result is that after cultivating this Cultivation Technique and breaking through to High Rank Open Heaven, the flow of time within their Small Universe will greatly increase, at least ten times or even dozens of times!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “There’s actually such a good thing!”

If that was the case, it would be a great help to the Open Heaven Stage. The Small Universe in his body had only doubled in the flow of time, but he could already feel the benefits.

The World Strength that was nurtured in his body was, under the same circumstances, a double portion of his strength, so his growth was naturally faster.

However, speaking of which, there weren’t many people in this vast world who could live a carefree life like him.

There was no need to mention the Sixth Order and Seventh Order. Sixth Order is ineligible, and Seventh Order basically did not exist. Only Eighth Order Open Heaven would attempt to raise living creatures.

“You think it’s a good thing?” Li Yuan Wang looked at him with a faint smile.

“Is there something wrong?” Yang Kai frowned.

Li Yuan Wang sighed, “Cultivators who cultivate this kind of technique basically don’t live long. Compared to fellow disciples of the same realm, after they break through to the Seventh Order, their lifespans are often very short, because under the influence of this kind of technique, the flow of time in their Small Universe also affects them.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was stunned.

“If others live for a year, it’s equivalent to them living for a dozen or so years, how can they live long!”

The time they spent was the same as the Smal Universe's time flow, which was completely different from Yang Kai’s. Although his Small Universe's time flow was two times faster than normal, it was only because of the influence of the Dao of Time, and it did not pose any harm to him.

“In this world, it’s rare to have two-way methods, nothing is perfect!” Li Yuan Wang sighed again.

Just like the Ink Force, this thing could break through the shackles of the Open Heaven Stage since ancient times, allowing cultivators to ignore their own limits and continuously advance, but after being corroded by the Ink Force, they would become a completely different person.

This was also the case with the special Cultivation Technique. Although it could increase the flow of time of the Small Universe by many times, it consumed a cultivator’s lifespan.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before asking, “Sect Master, can I take a look at that cultivation technique?”

Li Yuan Wang turned to look at him, “You want to cultivate it? That’s not a good idea.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m just using it as a reference. I won’t hide it from Sect Master, I know a little about the Dao of Time, so perhaps I can learn something from it.”

Li Yuan Wang was extremely surprised, “You also dabbled in the Dao of Time?”

He knew that Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space. In the previous Trial that had disturbed Lang Ya’s several hundred Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, if Yang Kai wasn’t proficient in the Dao of Space, no matter how strong he was, it would be difficult for him to be a match for them. It was precisely because he was proficient in the Dao of Space that he was able to manipulate the entirety of Lang Ya’s Sixth Order Open Heaven in the trial.

The Dao of Space was difficult to cultivate, but the Dao of Time was even more difficult!

Not only was Yang Kai proficient in the Dao of Space, but he was also proficient in the Dao of Time? What kind of freak was this guy?

Even though Li Yuan Wang had lived for a long time and had seen many things in his life, he still couldn’t help feeling somewhat shocked.

Looking him up and down, Li Yuan Wang suddenly said, “Yin Yang Heaven is nothing good, come and be my Lang Ya’s son-in-law!”

Yang Kai immediately rolled his eyes, “Sect Master must be joking.”

Li Yuan Wang said seriously, “I’m not joking. Now that the entire Lang Ya Sect knows you’ve abandoned Xiao Pan, I’m afraid she won’t be able to find a partner in the future. You have to take responsibility.”

Yang Kai turned around and left, “Forget it, Yin Yang Heaven should also have this cultivation technique. I’ll go ask them.”

Li Yuan Wang grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and said, “Speak properly!”

Yang Kai turned his head and asked, “Who didn’t speak properly?”

“Fine, fine, fine!” Li Yuan Wang waved his hand, “Let’s not talk about Xiao Pan’s matter first. If you want to see that cultivation technique, you can, but I have a condition.”


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