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What was certain now was that Yuan Du was the cause of all of this. As long as he cut off this source and the few wings he had developed, Lang Ya’s troubles would be resolved.

What was impossible to determine was where exactly the Black Ink Clan that Yuan Du worshipped was hidden! Only dealing with Yuan Du and the other Black Ink Disciples is possible to be solved, eradicating the hidden Black Ink Clan is impossible. Perhaps thousands of years later, a second and a third Yuan Du would appear in this world.

Li Yuan Wang said worriedly, “According to Yuan Du’s words, the Black Ink Clan should be sealed somewhere in these 3000 Worlds, and over the past hundred years, his connection with the Black Ink Clan has become more frequent, so I’m guessing that the sealed Black Ink Clan is showing signs of breaking free!”

Yang Kai nodded, “Yuan Du said so.”

“Regarding this place where the Black Ink Clan is trapped, do any of you have any ideas?” Li Yuan Wang looked up towards the many High Rank Open Heaven masters below.

Everyone shook their heads.

Yu Changdao said, “There hasn’t been any unusual news from the 3000 Worlds or the various Great Domains in recent years. Moreover, in the ancient records of our Cave Heaven Paradise, there has never been a similar record. This means that the Black Ink Clan that was sealed away was extremely ancient, possibly even something that happened before the Cave Heaven Paradise was born.”

Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat, “Could it be the same era as the Dragon and Phoenix Clan sealing that Giant Spiritual God?”

Li Yuan Wang stroked his beard, “It’s not impossible, but no one can be certain.”

Otherwise, there was no way to explain why there were no records of the various Cave Heaven Paradise. If there really was such an evil existence sealed, the ancient books passed down in the Cave Heaven Paradise would definitely be mentioned.

Now, even the High Rank Open Heaven masters of the various Cave Heaven Paradise didn’t know about it, so the Black Ink Clan that had been sealed here was extremely ancient.

“Could he be in Shattered Heaven?” Someone asked with a frown, “Right now, the situation of the various Great Domains in the 3000 Worlds is basically clear. Only Shattered Heaven is in chaos and filled with danger. Even if High Rank masters like us enter Shattered Heaven, if we encounter danger, we may not be able to escape unscathed. If the Black Ink Clan is really sealed in Shattered Heaven, it would make sense!”

Yu Xiangdie said, “It seems we need to thoroughly search the Shattered Heaven. This matter is of great importance, we cannot afford to be careless.”

Li Yuan Wang nodded, “We’ll discuss this later. Right now, it’s more important to deal with my Lang Ya Sect’s Black Ink Disciples first.”

“Senior Brother Li, please make your arrangements, we will help Lang Ya!”

Originally, they had thought that there were many Black Ink Disciples in Lang Ya, which was why dozens of High Rank Open Heaven had suddenly appeared. Now that they had confirmed that there weren’t many Black Ink Disciples, their tense nerves had relaxed greatly.

With so many High Rank Open Heaven masters, dealing with a few Black Ink Disciples wouldn’t be a problem. As long as they were careful, they wouldn’t be contaminated by the Ink Force.

Lang Ya’s matter was handled by Lang Ya, and for the next few days, everything was calm and peaceful. Because of Yang Kai, a trial had been set up, and many people were talking about it enthusiastically, stimulating the determination of many of Lang Ya’s Open Heaven Stage cultivators. It was said that after that trial, several of Lang Ya’s Sixth Order cultivators went into seclusion, and there were even a few who swore to never come out until they reached the Seventh Order.

The originally lively Lang Ya suddenly became much quieter.

On the Spirit Province where Li Yuan Wang lived, many High Rank masters had hidden themselves, seemingly waiting for someone to arrive.

Yang Kai also hid in the void, using the Spirit Province’s Spirit Array to conceal his aura.

In front of a thatched hut, Li Yuan Wang sat on a rattan chair like an old farmer, holding a teapot in his hand and occasionally taking a sip.

A stream of light flew over from afar and landed in front of Li Yuan Wang, cupping his fists and greeting, “Greetings Sect Master!”

Li Yuan Wang smiled and stretched out his hand, “Sit!”

Yuan Du nodded and sat down next to him, asking curiously, “Why has Sect Master summoned me here?”

Li Yuan Wang shook his head, “If there’s nothing important, can’t I talk to Senior Brother?”

Yuan Du was slightly stunned. 'Senior Brother', these two words had not been heard for a very long time. The last time he heard them was three thousand years ago, or five thousand years ago?

After so long, Yuan Du had even forgotten about it.

“Of course you can,” Yuan Du also smiled, “Speaking of which, it has indeed been many years since we have sat together so quietly.”

“That’s right,” Li Yuan Wang sighed, “Ever since Senior Brother was promoted to Vice Sect Master, I have been worrying about Lang Ya all day long as the Sect Master.”

Yuan Du glanced at him and said, “I don’t see Junior Brother worrying too much. On the other hand, us three Vice Sect Masters’ hair is getting whiter every year.”

“Nonsense!” Li Yuan Wang said seriously, “All these years, I’ve been working hard for Lang Ya’s sake, or else Lang Ya wouldn’t have such a glorious scene!”

Yuan Du laughed and scolded, “Don’t try to flatter yourself, this is the foundation that many Seniors have worked so hard to build over the years, you’re just defending it!”

Li Yuan Wang said seriously, “It's not an easy task. Everyone else thinks that Sect Master Lang Ya is a glorious man, but they don't know that i have work hard for Lang Ya's disciples?”

Yuan Du curled his lips and said, “Shameless, no matter how many years it has been, Junior Brother has never changed.”

Li Yuan Wang suddenly said, “Senior Brother has changed a lot!”

Yuan Du’s eyes narrowed slightly, “What changes?”

As their eyes met, Li Yuan Wang’s expression became extremely solemn, “Senior Brother is getting older, he has long since lost his youthful elegance!”

Saying so, he burst into laughter, a smug look appeared on his face as if he was very young.

Yuan Du also laughed.

The two Senior and Junior Brothers seemed to have returned to the carefree days of their youth. At that time, the two of them often bickered, but their relationship was very good. Yuan Du had joined the Sect a little earlier, and when he broke through to Open Heaven, Li Yuan Wang had just started cultivating.

However, Yuan Du’s cultivation was not as good as Li Yuan Wang when he promoted, now both of them had reached the Seventh Order.

“Do you think the old man is dead?” Li Yuan Wang suddenly asked.

Yuan Du smiled and said, “That old man is such a shrewd person, how could he have died? When he left, he was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master!”

“En!” Li Yuan Wang nodded, “That’s right, with his personality, even if others died, he would still be alive!”

At the mention of this old man, Yuan Du didn’t seem to be in a good mood and the two brothers fell silent again.

Li Yuan Wang took a sip of tea and said in a low voice, “Senior Brother, don’t blame the old man too much for what happened back then. He wanted you to break through to the Fifth Order for your own good. At that time, I didn’t quite understand, but now that i’ve become the Sect Master, the disciples who are always preparing to break through to Open Heaven have come to ask me about it. With their background, it’s safer for them to break through to the Fifth Order. I feel like I’m holding onto the fate of every single one of them. Their questions and my answers will determine their lives.”

Yuan Du remained silent.

“At that time, I was still young and so much time had passed, so I had no way of determining Senior Brother’s background at that time. However, since the old man allowed you to advance to the Fifth Order, it means that it would be extremely risky for you to advance to the Sixth Order.”

“At that time, the old man was just like the current me, grasping your future in his hands, but his choice was also for your own good. Fifth Order and Sixth Order are only one grade apart, but if you take a single wrong step, your soul will be destroyed. How could the old man bear to see you fail at such a critical moment?”

Yuan Du’s face was lowered, a thick shadow covering his eyes.

“Even now, does Senior Brother still think the old man is wrong?” Li Yuan Wang asked.

Yuan Du finally spoke, “Junior Brother’s words, how could I not know? The old man really did it for my own good.”

“Since that’s the case, what else do you not understand?” Li Yuan Wang looked at him with a pained expression.

Yuan Du shook his head, “There’s a chance to fail, but it’s also possible to succeed. Giving up without even trying is already a sore point!”

Li Yuan Wang stared at him for a long time before sighing, “Senior Brother, repent and turn back to the correct path!”

Yuan Du stared off into the distance, “I can’t turn back, Junior Brother!”

His eyes seemed to contain a strange power that allowed him to see through the void as he stared in Yang Kai’s direction and frowned, “Actually, what I’m more curious about is how this boy was able to resist the Ink Force.”

When he first arrived here, he had been completely ignorant, but after chatting with Li Yuan Wang, he had noticed something.

After all, he wasn’t an idiot. Li Yuan Wang’s performance today was too abnormal.

The place where Yang Kai was hiding was not far from him, and there was a gap in their strength. Under Yuan Du’s careful investigation, Yang Kai was unable to hide.

Since he had been seen through, Yang Kai simply appeared and cupped his fists, “Greetings, Senior!”

Yuan Du looked at him with a puzzled expression, “Your Small Universe has clearly been transformed into ink, why are you not affected?”

“That is what Senior saw…” Saying so, Yang Kai urged his Small Universe to appear behind him, just like what Yuan Du had seen before, the Ink Force constantly roiled inside the small universe.

However, as the small unvierse continued to expand, more scenes appeared before his eyes.

Yuan Du suddenly understood, “Universe Four Pillars!”

If there was anything in this world that could truly restrain the power of ink, then only the Universe Four Pillars could do it, the Holy Spirit were unable to completely resist the erosion of the Ink Force. The Holy Spirit also had a chance of being turned into ink, but compared to an ordinary Open Heaven Stage cultivator, the chance of being turned into ink was extremely low.

Yuan Du was naturally aware of the effects of the Universe Four Pillars, but this was a treasure that could only be found by chance. He had never thought that Yang Kai would actually have the Universe Four Pillars and be so bold as to seal the Ink Force inside his Small Universe to deceive his eyes.

“So Shi Zheng is already dead?”

Shi Zheng had used the Black Ink Insect to transform Yang Kai into Inked. Yang Kai was safe and sound, while his Small Universe sealed an Ink Force, the only possible source of was Shi Zheng.

Yang Kai nodded.

As the two of them spoke, several figures appeared out of thin air and several dozen High Rank Open Heaven masters appeared.

With a wave of his hand, Li Yuan Wang activated the Spirit Province’s Spirit Array, isolating it from the outside world.

Yuan Du’s eyes swept over them one by one as he chuckled lightly, “Such a big lineup! You really think highly of this Yuan!”

With so many High Rank Open Heaven masters, even an Eighth Order master might not be a match for them, let alone a Seventh Order Yuan Du.

In a fight, he had no chance of winning and would certainly die!


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