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In the face of such a gentle woman like Gu Ling’er’s request, especially under the earnest gaze of her watery eyes, no man in this world would refuse.

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “Next time, I want to go to the Ancestral Land as soon as possible to confirm the life and death of that Giant Spiritual God. This matter concerns the rise of our Black Ink Clan, so we cannot delay.”

Gu Ling’er didn’t know what to say, so she simply nodded and said, “Then i wish Junior Brother a safe journey.”

“Senior Sister, take care, I’ll be taking my leave first!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and flew up into the sky, quickly leaving.

Half an hour later, many people saw the Sect Master’s personal disciple, Dong Peng, escort Yang Kai out of Lang Ya Paradise.

Inside a secret room, there were at least fifty or sixty High Rank Open Heaven gathered. Fifty or sixty Seventh Order Open Heaven was an extremely terrifying force.

Apart from the various Cave Heaven Paradise, no other force could produce such a lineup. However, the many High Rank masters gathered here did not come from a single Cave Heaven or Paradise. Each of them represented one of the top forces in the 3000 Worlds.

It had been more than a month since everyone had arrived at Lang Ya Paradise, and during this time, they had been hiding in this secret room. In the entirety of Lang Ya, other than Sect Master Li Yuan Wang, Vice Sect Master Gao Ting, and several Supreme Elders, Gu Pan and Dong Peng, no one else knew about their arrival.

At this moment, everyone was waiting. Although there were many people, the secret room was silent.

For a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, this bit of patience still exist.

Only Li Yuan Wang, who was sitting at the very top, seemed to be lost in thought as he unconsciously twisted his fingers.

Suddenly, a faint fluctuation appeared, followed by the sound of footsteps.

Everyone’s expressions changed as they turned to look in the direction of the voice.

A moment later, under Dong Peng’s lead, Yang Kai walked into the secret room. Although he had left before, it was only to numb Black Ink Disciple, so with Dong Peng’s help, he quietly returned to Lang Ya Paradise.

He was proficient in the Space Laws, so apart from Dong Peng who had made arrangements beforehand, no one else in the Lang Ya Sect knew about this.

“Greetings, Seniors!” Yang Kai bowed.

“Sit!” Li Yuan Wang gestured.

Yang Kai thanked him and sat down.

Several dozen pairs of eyes stared at him as Li Yuan Wang asked, “What did you find out?”

Previously, Gu Ling’er had used the excuse of inviting Yang Kai as a guest to gather Zong Yuquan and the others, so Li Yuan Wang, as the Sect Master, was naturally aware of this, especially when Yang Kai had identified them as Black Ink Disciple.

After Yang Kai left Gu Ling’er’s side, he took his leave without asking any questions.

“There’s good news and bad news, which one does Sect Master want to hear first?” Yang Kai asked Li Yuan Wang.

Li Yuan Wang was speechless, “Let’s hear the good news first.”

Yang Kai said, “The good news is that other than the few people I confirmed to be Black Ink Disciple, there are only two others who have escaped. One of them is a Sixth Order, Gong Wenshan!”

“Gong Wenshan…” Hearing this name, Li Yuan Wang turned to look at Gao Ting.

Gao Ting showed a look of grief, “Wenshan was also turned into ink?”

Judging from his tone and expression, he should have thought highly of this Gong Wenshan, but now that this person had been transformed into ink, it was useless no matter how much he thought highly of him. After being transformed into ink, even if he looked the same as usual, his heart was no longer the same person.

Li Yuan Wang said, “When Wenshan broke through to Open Heaven in the past, his cultivation was only at the Fourth Order and Sixth Order was his limit. To be able to achieve what he has today, it was all thanks to his many years of hard work. Unable to resist the temptation of Ink Force, it was inevitable. This is probably one of the reasons why the mastermind chose him.”

Yang Kai understood and said, “Everyone really does know some of the mysteries of the Ink Force.”

From the meaning behind Li Yuan Wang’s words, it could be said that he knew that the Black Ink Disciple could break through the limits and shackles of the Open Heaven Stage and advance endlessly.

[MSN: IIRC, it's not really a shackle right? It's just that the resourses/pills lose its effectiveness after advancing 2 grade in OH.]

“It seems you also know!” Li Yuan Wang glanced at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai nodded and said, “As long as the Inked person has enough resources, they can continue to advance. This is indeed a great temptation. No wonder the various Cave Heaven Paradise have always kept the news of Ink sealed.”

“That’s right, the hearts of people are hard to predict. If this kind of thing were to spread, who can guarantee that those who harbor malicious intentions or hate the world will not take the initiative to seek out the Ink Force? Although the Black Ink Clan basically cannot exist in the 3000 Worlds, there are always exceptions. Lang Ya’s current situation is an exception,” Li Yuan Wang sighed deeply.

Gao Ting looked at Yang Kai and asked, “Just now you said that one of the two who escaped was Gong Wenshan, what about the other?”

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn, “This is the bad news I wanted to tell you, the last one is Yuan Du!”

“What?” Li Yuan Wang was shocked while Gao Ting also wore a look of disbelief.

That was Yuan Du!

One of Lang Ya’s three Vice Sect Masters!

The other Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters present obviously knew Yuan Du’s identity, so when they heard this, all of them wore solemn expressions.

One of the Three Vice Sect Masters had actually been turned into Ink. If this matter were to spread, it would become a joke.

Li Yuan Wang still couldn’t believe it, “Martial Nephew, are you sure that person is Yuan Du?”

Yang Kai replied, “I saw it with my own eyes, how could it be fake?”

“Do you know Yuan Du?” Li Yuan Wang asked, still unwilling to give up. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Yang Kai’s words, it was just too difficult to accept.

“When I first came to Lang Ya and followed Junior Sister Gu to see you, I met Yuan Du halfway and Junior Sister Gu explained his identity to me,” Yang Kai explained.

Li Yuan Wang thought about it for a moment before nodding and saying, “Yes, before you came here, I was discussing some matters with Yuan Du. He had just left when you arrived.”

This meant that Yang Kai was right, and the identity of the last Inked person was confirmed to be one of Lang Ya’s three Vice Sect Masters!

Even Li Yuan Wang, who had a calm temperament, was shocked by this news.

It really was a good and bad news.

The good news was that the situation on Lang Ya’s side wasn’t as bad as everyone had expected. After Shi Zheng’s identity as Black Ink Disciple was exposed, many of the foreign envoys from the Cave Heaven Paradise were very worried about Lang Ya’s side. After all, no one knew how many Black Ink Disciple were hidden here, so they had sent a few dozen High Rank Open Heaven masters to assist Lang Ya.

However, at this moment, they knew that the situation wasn’t so bad that it was difficult to bear. Only a few people had been corroded by the Ink Force, so this matter could be controlled to a certain extent and there was no need to worry about any panic if news leaked.

However, the news of one of the Three Vice Sect Masters being turn into Ink couldn’t be any worse for Lang Ya.

Yin Yang Heaven’s Yu Xiangdie said, “Tell me everything you encountered in detail, let’s discuss it together!”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied before continuing, “During the previous trial, I confirmed the identities of several Black Ink Disciple. That’s right, the ones who were corroded by the power of the Black Ink Clan and turned into Inked called themselves Black Ink Disciple!”

Everyone nodded slightly. This was yet another piece of information that no one knew. After all, no one had ever infiltrated Black Ink Disciple's inner circle before.

Yang Kai continued, “Gu Ling’er was one of them. After the trial ended, I received an invitation and she invited me to visit her Spirit Province as a guest. When I arrived, I saw a few Sixth Order Black Ink Disciple. The initial exchange was no different from when I was with my other Senior Brothers, but soon after, Yuan Du rushed over…”

Yang Kai explained everything he had encountered and heard from Gu Ling’er in detail.

The main reason was because he was afraid he would miss out on something useful. After all, in the matter of the Black Ink Clan, these High Rank Open Heaven masters were more knowledgeable than him.

If it weren’t for Shi Zheng trying to drag him down with him, he wouldn’t have known that there was such an evil existence as the Black Ink Clan in this world.

Speaking of the many times Yuan Du had tried to probe him, everyone knew that Yang Kai must have been able to resolve the situation safely, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to sit here peacefully.

Hearing the sacrificial ceremony of the altar and Yuan Du, everyone frowned slightly.

When they heard about the Giant Spiritual God in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, everyone’s expression finally changed.

Yu Xiangdie was shocked, “Did you make up this story to deceive Yuan Du, or is it true?”

Yang Kai said seriously, “The Inked Giant Spiritual God does exist in the Ancestral Land, but I didn't tell Yuan Du the truth. At that time, the several Holy Spirits led by the Phoenix Clan and Kun Clan entered the Giant Spiritual God’s body to investigate, confirming that it had been dead for many years. Moreover, after obtaining the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace, I used the power of the Crystal Palace to see some scenes of the ancient war. During that time, the Dragon Clan’s Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Empress burned their own Blood Essence and used the Sacred Artifacts of the various Holy Spirit's Clans as their foundation to cut off half of the Ancestral Land, using this power to seal the Giant Spiritual God.”

At that time, although Yang Kai had witnessed the great battles of the ancient era, he didn’t know the details, nor did he know why the Giant Spiritual God had clashed with the Ancestral Land’s Holy Spirit.

It was only after coming into contact with the Black Ink Disciple that he understood that the Sealing Demon Land which was passed down by the Holy Spirits was actually the Sealing Ink Land!

Hearing Yang Kai say this, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

This is good!

A Giant Spiritual God was an extremely terrifying race. If he didn’t die and was released, even the Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land wouldn’t be able to resist him. At that time, the 3000 Worlds would be filled with rivers of blood.

Gao Ting said, “In other words, Yuan Du’s current goal is to release that Giant Spiritual God!”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded, “But it’s destined to be futile.”

Gao Ting nodded slightly, “The situation is still under control.”

In that situation, there was no need for Yuan Du to lie to Yang Kai, so what he said should be the truth.

Black Ink Insect were extremely rare, and after so many years in Lang Ya, he had only been able to ink a few people. Among them, besides the dead Shi Zheng, the rest were all Sixth Order Open Heaven.


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