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The will that had descended from the altar had already disappeared, but Yuan Du was still standing in place, frowning. No one dared to disturb him and could only wait quietly.

After a while, Yuan Du let out a sigh and raised his hand, “Let’s go out first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the small universe quickly closed up, and after Yang Kai’s vision calmed down, he returned to the original courtyard.

Yang Kai quickly asked, “Senior, what instructions does High God have?”

Yuan Du shook his head, not saying anything.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with anxiety, but he didn’t dare to rashly ask any more questions lest Yuan Du misunderstand. Just now, he had finally managed to enter this group of Black Ink Disciples and obtain Yuan Du’s approval. If he were to arouse any more suspicions, it would be difficult to clean up this mess.

A moment later, Yuan Du looked up at him and asked, “Martial Nephew, may I trouble you to make another trip to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land? Find a way to inquire about the life and death of that Giant Spiritual God.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Of course, there’s no problem. The last time I went there, I had already obtained the approval of the Holy Spirit in the Ancestral Land. Ordinary people are not allowed to enter that place, but as a Big Dragon, I can enter and exit freely.”

“Good, there’s no rush. When Martial Nephew is free, you can go over.”

Yang Kai said, “Senior, if that Giant Spiritual God really is dead, then so be it, but what if he is still alive? Do you need me to think of a way to save him?”

Yuan Du asked, “Can you do it?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before replying, “It’s difficult! Senior may not know, but right now, in the Ancestral Land, the gathering of Holy Spirits is comparable to a Seventh Order or Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. My strength is still quite insignificant there, but if that Giant Spiritual God is still alive and I can find a way to save him, no matter how many Holy Spirits there are in the Ancestral Land, they won’t be his opponent!”

Yuan Du nodded, “The Giant Spiritual God is indeed powerful, but after being sealed for so many years, even if he didn’t die and was rescued by you, it will be difficult for him to display his peak strength for a while.”

Yang Kai rolled his eyes and said, “Perhaps I can think of a way to bring all of you into the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. At that time, we can work together from the inside! Senior, how many people does our Black Ink Disciple have, and how strong are they?”

Yuan Du said, “They’re all here. Right, there’s also Jiang Yan who has yet to return, and the other one is Elder Shi Zheng who is overseeing the Star Boundary!”

Yang Kai's jaw dropped, “Does our Black Ink Disciple only have this much strength?”

Yuan Du smiled, “Do you think it’s easy to enlighten a Black Ink Disciple?”

Yang Kai replied, “I only know we can use the Black Ink Insect.”

“That’s right, each Black Ink Disciple's enlightenment requires a single Black Ink Insect. Black Ink Insects are bestowed by High God and are extremely rare. I only managed to obtain a few in a thousand years, and the last one was given to you by Elder Shi Zheng.”

“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed as his heart settled.

This was good! Lang Ya’s Black Ink Disciple was actually just a few people. Although he couldn’t eliminate the possibility that Yuan Du was lying, since he had already recognized his identity, there was no need for him to conceal anything, especially since this matter involved the Giant Spiritual God.

If Black Ink Disciple really had a large number of disciples, Yuan Du would certainly have some ideas.

However, with just these few Black Ink Disciple, there was no way to save the Giant Spiritual God sealed in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

Moreover, there were no more Black Ink Insect on Yuan Du’s side! To many of the Open Heaven Stage masters, this thing was the most troublesome. Without this threat, they would have fewer scruples when they fought.

“It looks like we’ll have to work hard to enlighten more of our companions!” Yang Kai stroked his chin, looking like he was worried about his future.

“How could this king not want to? It’s just that the laws High God bestowed upon the Black Ink Insects are too mysterious.”

Yang Kai let out a long sigh, “Since that’s the case, Senior should have enlightened more Seventh Order Open Heaven!” After saying this, he seemed to remember something and looked towards Gu Ling’er and the others apologetically, “Please don’t blame me, it’s not that Junior Brother is looking down on you, but the difference in strength between Seventh Order and Sixth Order is simply too great. Of course, everyone will soon be able to break through to Seventh Order.”

Gu Ling’er and the others wore indifferent expressions, completely ignoring him.

Yuan Du smiled lightly and said, “It’s not that simple. Although Black Ink Insects can transform one into Black Ink Disciple, it is actually extremely fragile. Even if it’s a First Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, they can easily kill it, so if you want to transform them into Black Ink Disciple, you have to take advantage of their carelessness. Elder Shi Zheng was also very familiar with me, so he didn’t put up any guard against me, allowing me to transform him. Lang Ya’s other Seventh Order masters will not work. If it fail, this King’s identity will be exposed.”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “Does Senior want to enlighten Sect Master Li?”

Everyone was shocked.

Yang Kai’s courage was simply too great; he had actually set his sights on the Sect Master. However, after thinking about it for a moment, he realized that although the risk was great, if he succeeded, the benefits he would receive would be terrifying. At that time, if the Sect Master were to enlighten others, the Black Ink Disciple's strength would definitely soar like a snowball.

Perhaps at that time, the entire Lang Ya Sect would become Black Ink Disciple's headquarter.

“It’s impossible!” Yuan Du waved his hand fiercely, “The Sect Master’s cultivation is at the peak and can break through to the Eighth Order at any time. If we don’t get close to him, we won’t have a chance. Even if we get close, as long as he is prepared, there is no hope.”

Yang Kai smiled, “It’s naturally impossible for us to act, but what if Gu Pan does?”

Yuan Du was stunned for a moment before quickly reacting, “Martial Nephew means…”

“Senior didn’t enlighten Gu Pan before because she hadn’t advanced to Open Heaven Stage yet, right? Now that she has reached the Sixth Order, she has a chance to break through to the Eighth Order in the future and is qualified to make us use the Black Ink Insect. After she becomes Black Ink Disciple, I’ll let her enlighten the Sect Master!” Yang Kai said sincerely.

Yuan Du stroked his chin and pondered for a moment, seemingly somewhat tempted.

Just as he said, the reason why he hadn’t enlightened Gu Pan before was because her cultivation was still low. Who knew if she would be able to successfully break through to Open Heaven.

Just as he was about to enlighten Gu Pan, news of the Star Boundary World Tree spread. In comparison, Yuan Du was more interested in Yang Kai, so he used the last Black Ink Insect on Yang Kai in an attempt to borrow his strength to control the Star Boundary.

Such a rising star from the Star Boundary could become a reserve force for Black Ink Disciple. When enough strength was gathered, the Black Ink Disciple would be able to stir up a storm in the 3000 Worlds!

“Martial Nephew’s words are reasonable, but what we lack now is still the Black Ink Insect!” Yuan Du nodded slightly, “Leave this matter to me, I will try my best to ask High God to bestow more Black Ink Insects, and the Giant Spiritual God in the Ancestral Land will require Martial Nephew’s hard work.”

Yang Kai readily agreed, “No problem!”

“Then let’s call it a day,” Yuan Du said as he stood up.

Yang Kai quickly said, “Senior, this Junior has another question he would like Senior to answer.”

Yuan Du looked at him, “Speak!”

Yang Kai asked, “Where is High God now? Can we only communicate with him in the same way we did just now? Perhaps it would be better to meet him in person?”

Yuan Du smiled bitterly, “Of course I wanted to pay a visit to High God, but I won’t hide it from Martial Nephew. Over the years, although High God has responded to my requests, he has never communicated with me. Moreover… I have a feeling that High God is trapped somewhere. I don’t know where that place is, but High God should be able to escape soon.”

Yang Kai’s heart jumped, but his expression remained unchanged, “How did Senior know?”

Yuan Du smiled and said, “Because at the beginning, during the ritual, the High God rarely responded. Nine out of ten times, it was unsuccessful. Otherwise, after so many years, I wouldn’t have only had a few Black Ink Insects. However, since almost a hundred years ago, the situation has changed. The High God’s responses have become more frequent, especially in the past decade or so, with almost no failures.”

Yang Kai immediately became excited, “If that’s the case, it might be as Senior said.”

The Black Ink Clan's response to Yuan Du’s sacrifice was becoming more frequent. There was only one explanation, and that was that as Yuan Du had said, the Black Ink Clan was about to break free, so the connection between them was greatly strengthened.

Who had trapped this Black Ink Clan? Where had they been trapped? Yang Kai didn’t know, nor did Yuan Du.

Yang Kai still had many questions he wanted to ask, such as how Yuan Du had contacted the Black Ink Clan and how he had been turned into ink.

But he couldn’t ask anymore.

After gathering enough information this time, the current situation was clear. It was time to act.

Yang Kai was only glad that his efforts in Lang Ya had not been in vain.

“Ink Will Last Forever!” Yuan Du whispered solemnly before leaving.

Everyone also responded, “Ink Will Last Forever!”

Zong Yuquan and the others also quickly left. After all, it wasn’t a good idea for them to gather here together. If it weren’t for inviting Yang Kai, it would have been difficult for them to gather together.

“Junior Brother Yang,” Gu Ling’er called out gently, “Has Junior Sister Gu Pan entered the Five Lights World?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes, after the trial ended, Sect Master Li sent her over.”

Gu Ling’er smiled lightly, “Junior Sister is truly fortunate to receive such goodwill from Junior Brother Yang.”

If Yang Kai hadn’t taken the initiative to admit defeat at the last moment, how could Gu Pan have won? Many of Lang Ya’s Sixth Order masters were well aware of this.

“I can’t really defeat everyone, otherwise Sect Master Li might beat me up.”

Gu Ling’er said somewhat bitterly, “Junior Brother didn’t go easy on me back then.”

During that trial, not only had Yang Kai injured her, but he had also treated her equally. Every time Gu Ling’er thought about this, she couldn’t help feeling a bit indignant.

“Hahaha…” Yang Kai laughed dryly, not knowing what to say.

“Junior Sister Gu Pan is now in the Five Lights World. Junior Brother has been participating in the Trial all this time and hasn’t had a chance to enjoy the scenery of Lang Ya. Why don’t I show you around? There are many fun places here.”


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