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After all, Xu Yi had only just started cultivating and was far from reaching the level where he didn’t need to sleep or eat like Yang Kai, so after a long day of hard work, he quickly fell asleep.

Yang Kai’s figure suddenly appeared beside his bed and stared at him quietly.

The young man was sleeping soundly, his expression calm and his breathing even, making it impossible for him to notice that there was another person beside him.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the weak Spiritual Force in the boy’s body was beginning to circulate according to the Great Desolate Scripture.

Although he had already guessed this, Yang Kai still showed a look of surprise.

The young man had actually begun cultivating the Great Desolate Scripture in his dream, and it had even had an effect! This was simply a strange story. One had to know that the consciousness in one’s sleep was very chaotic, like a shattered space, without any order to speak of. However, Xu Yi seemed to have a special kind of instinct that allowed him to do things others could not.

After quietly observing for an entire night, Yang Kai discovered that Xu Yi needed about three hours to complete each cycle.

As a result, Xu Yi’s Spiritual Force was only able to circulate less than two Qi Circulations in a single night, but even so, his weak Spiritual Force had increased slightly.

When he woke up the next day, Xu Yi was quite energetic.

Since he had already begun cultivating the Great Desolate Scripture in his sleep, there was naturally no need to restrict him, so when he heard from his master that he was allowed to officially cultivate, the youth was overjoyed.

Yang Kai sat to the side and guided.

However, he soon discovered a problem. In his sleep, the young man’s cultivation of the Great Desolate Scripture could be said to be completely unobstructed, but when he really allowed him to cultivate during the day, the young man’s progress was actually quite bumpy.

During the entire day, the Qi Circulation was less than half complete, and there were several times when the circulation route was almost wrong.

The young man was ashamed of his performance, his face turning red as he tried his best to remain calm.

The deadline of half a year soon arrived. Li Yuan Wang personally came to pick Yang Kai up and asked him what he had found. Yang Kai only said that he had felt the power of the Dao of Time from the newly promoted disciple, so he didn’t pay any attention to the rest.

Li Yuan Wang didn’t ask any more questions. It had been more than a year or two since the Great Desolate Scripture had been studied by the various Cave Heaven Paradise, but Yang Kai had only been studying it for half a year, so naturally he couldn’t discover much.

Originally, after settling the matter with Lang Ya, Yang Kai should have returned to High Heaven Territory to meditate. At the same time, he also had to arrange for his Open Heaven Stage cultivators to go to the Small Source World of the various Cave Heaven Paradise to gain experience. The matter of the Mysterious Yin Bamboo also needed to be resolved, not to mention that the hundred-year agreement with Qu Huachang was not far off.

However, because of Xu Yi’s matter, he was not in a hurry to set out, instead continuing to stay in Lang Ya and live on the Spirit Province.

Another month later, Xu Yi’s cultivation was on the right track.

However, the him during the day and the him at night were two completely different people. [MSN: that sound wrong for some reason.]

During the day, his performance had not been very good. Although he had been working hard, because of his low aptitude, his daily cultivation had not been very fruitful.

On the other hand, when he cultivated at night, his progress was rapid, and every night he would sleep, the Spiritual Force in his body would increase noticeably. Moreover, Yang Kai discovered that as time passed, the speed at which he cultivated the Great Desolate Scripture became faster.

Yang Kai hadn’t expected this Third Disciple he had taken in to be so strange.

It was as if he had two completely different aptitudes, one of which was his natural aptitude during the day. Even with Yang Kai’s nurturing, he could only be considered average, but the aptitude he displayed when he slept at night was extremely good. Perhaps he couldn’t compare to a monster like Zhao Ya, but he could still be considered gifted.

In less than a month, Xu Yi had stepped into the Initial Element Stage.

It was impossible for a person’s aptitude to change, so the only explanation was the time Xu Yi spent on his sleep.

He had also said that every time he entered a dream, he would feel as if he had spent many days in it. In other words, the time he spent cultivating in this dream was much longer than during the day, which was why his cultivation progress was faster when he entered a dream.

Was this his talent in the Dao of Time? In his sleep, he could actually use more time to cultivate.

Yang Kai faintly felt that he had taken in an incredible disciple.

He suddenly looked forward to seeing Xu Yi grow up.

Ten days later, Gu Pan returned from her training.

Although she is still only a Sixth Order, Yang Kai could clearly feel that her foundation had been greatly enhanced, and he couldn’t help sighing. The Small Source World was indeed extraordinary. For the Cave Heaven Paradise to be able to stand strong for so many years and dominate the vast universe, the Small Source World’s contribution was undeniable.

Without further ado, Yang Kai took his leave.

For the time being, Yang Kai couldn’t tell much about Xu Yi’s situation. In any case, he was cultivating in his Small Universe, so as he grew up, Yang Kai could always understand everything he wanted to know.

When he first arrived, he was accompanied by a group of High Rank masters, but on his way back, he was alone. Yang Kai was used to this kind of situation, so he was not lonely.

During this period of time, he had been cultivating the Mysterious Yin Bamboo in his Small Universe. With the reappearance of the Ink Force, the supply of Mysterious Yin Bamboo in the future would definitely be insufficient. At the very least, everyone in his Open Heaven Stage needed it.

The various Cave Heaven Paradise would definitely purchase large quantities from High Heaven Territory.

However, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo was one of the Universe Twelve Small Pillars, so no matter how much it was cultivated, its effect was still inferior to the Universe Four Pillars, and only a High Rank Open Heaven was qualified to possess it.

Under High Rank Open Heaven, the Small Universe was unable to cultivate the Mysterious Yin because it's still not transformed from illusory into solid existence.

So for now, his family’s Open Heaven Stage didn’t need the Mysterious Yin Bamboo.

Cultivating the Mysterious Yin Bamboo required the consumption of Small Universe's foundation. If it was anyone else, they might not be willing to do so, but Yang Kai didn’t care. The Small Stone Race that he kept in his Small Universe was constantly raising his Small Universe's foundation, and it was ten times stronger than normal. What he needed to do now was to send a large amount of cultivation resources into the Small Universe so that the Small Stone Race's Stone Queen could lay more stone eggs.

As long as the benefits the Small Stone Race brought to the Small Universe could make up for the loss from the Mysterious Yin Bamboo, it would not affect his strength.

Of course, in this way, the time it would take to break through to the Seventh Order would be longer, and this was also a price he had to pay.

Floating in the void, there were only shadows.

Yang Kai crossed one great domain after another, chasing after the stars and the moon. At one point, he suddenly turned his head towards the sky, a look of surprise appearing on his face.

In that direction, there seemed to be a massive creature crossing the void towards an unknown place.

The void of the Three Thousand Domains was not completely safe. When he and Zhang Ruoxi first escaped to the Outer Universe and came to this Three Thousand Domain, they had encountered a Myriad Sealed Insect. The two of them had not been paying attention to it and had been swallowed by it. As a result, they had been separated and Yang Kai had fallen into the Seven Skillful Land. Zhang Ruoxi’s luck was quite good, and after experiencing some hardships, she had found Lang Ya Paradise, entered the Sect, and peacefully cultivated until now.

In addition to the Myriad Sealed Insect, there were also many strange Void Beasts. Some of them hid in the darkness and were unknown to others, while others would attack cultivators who passed by. There were even some who liked to go to places with more people.

The reason why the various Star Cities had set up Harbors wasn’t entirely to investigate past cultivators, but rather to guard against attacks from Void Beasts.

When Yang Kai was traveling through the void, he had encountered some Void Beasts. When he was weak, he would naturally avoid them, but now that he was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, ordinary Void Beasts were no match for him.

However, the one he was seeing now was not a Void Beast, but an existence stronger than a Void Beast or even a Holy Spirit.

It was a Giant Spiritual God!

Up until now, Yang Kai had only seen two Giant Spiritual God. One was A' Da, who had been waiting outside the Star Boundary, and the other was an ink-colored Giant Spiritual God who had died in the Ancestral Land.

The Azure Dragon Spear had been gifted to him by A' Da back then. Over the years, he had traveled the world with it and made great contributions.

However, after the Star Boundary’s resurrection, A’ Da had left, and there had been no news of him until now. Even in the 3000 Worlds, there had been no news that anyone had seen the Giant Spiritual God.

Yang Kai hadn’t expected that on his way back to High Heaven Territory, he would encounter a Giant Spiritual God!

Could it be A' Da? Yang Kai wasn’t sure. Logically speaking, the Giant Spiritual God clan members was extremely rare, so it was highly likely that this Giant Spiritual God was the one he knew.

Yang Kai rushed over and soon saw the figure of the giant creature. With a single step, the void beneath his feet rapidly disappeared, even faster than Yang Kai’s Space Teleportation.

“A’ Da!” Yang Kai sent a sound transmission, but the Giant Spiritual God ignored him and continued on its way.

Yang Kai grit his teeth and activated his Space Laws, finally catching up to him and standing on his shoulder.

The Giant Spiritual God's body was massive, and Yang Kai stood on its shoulder like a speck of dust.

Although this wasn’t the first time he had seen such a thing, Yang Kai still found it difficult to calm down. The Creator were truly amazing. Such a huge creature actually existed in this world.

“A' Da!” Yang Kai shouted again, right next to the Giant Spiritual God's ear.

The other party still didn’t pay any attention to him and simply continued on his way.

Yang Kai raised his head and after a moment, confirmed that this Giant Spiritual God was not the A' Da he knew, because A' Da had a bald head and on this Giant Spiritual God's head was a cluster of black hair, making it look quite funny.

“Do you know A' Da?” Yang Kai asked again.

This time, the Giant Spiritual God turned to look at him and grinned, revealing a simple and honest smile.

'They know each other!' Yang Kai thought to himself. The Giant Spiritual God didn’t speak much, in the past, A' Da would only say the word ‘hungry’, while this one in front of him was even more taciturn and didn’t speak much.

However, the Giant Spiritual God’s temperament was calm, so Yang Kai wasn’t worried that it would harm him, instead feeling curious about its actions.

“Where are you going?”

“Where is A' Da? Are you brothers?”

“What’s your name?”

Yang Kai asked many questions but received no response, so he took the initiative to say, “Then I’ll call you A' Er!”

He wondered if the Giant Spiritual God had any third or fourth…

Soon, A’ Er arrived in front of a domain gate.

Yang Kai looked around curiously. Logically speaking, with A’ Er’s physique, it should have been impossible for him to pass through the Domain Gate. Although the Domain Gate was also very large, it was much smaller than a Giant Spiritual God. If he were to pass through it all at once, the Domain Gate would probably shatter.


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