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Just as this thought flashed through his mind, Yang Kai, who was hiding in the dark, suddenly saw a stream of light rapidly pass through the sky. The figure in the stream of light released the aura of a Sixth Order Open Heaven.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. Wasn’t this another set of sixth grade resources?

His figure flickered and he instantly blocked the other party’s path.

The man was startled and quickly stopped. When he saw Yang Kai’s face, he couldn’t help being shocked, “Senior… Senior Brother Yang!”

Before he could finish speaking, a fist suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

He hastily circulated his World Strength in an attempt to resist, but how could he do so in time? Both of them were Sixth Order, encountering Yang Kai alone is simply like a fish on a chopping board.

In less than three breaths of time, this man was knocked to the ground by Yang Kai and smashed into a forest.

Yang Kai followed closely behind and smiled at him, “Junior Brother, you’re quite bold!”

Originally, when he saw this person act alone, he had thought that he was being used as bait by Lang Ya’s group to lure him out. However, until now, he had not found any traces of the other Lang Ya's Sixth Order masters, so he was certain that this person was alone.

Yang Kai also couldn’t help praising him. In this current situation, all of the Lang Ya's Sixth Order disciples were in danger. Which one of them wasn’t in a group? However, he was actually quite bold.

Suddenly, Yang Kai frowned, “Why does this Junior Brother look so familiar? Your injury…”

The Sixth Order Open Heaven was on the verge of tears, “Senior Brother Yang, we just met three days ago, you were the one who injured me!”

“En?” Yang Kai’s expression became strange, “In other words, you’ve already been eliminated?”

“That’s right!” The Sixth Order nodded, feeling wronged. Just who had he provoked? He had clearly been eliminated three days ago, today he had only gone to another Spirit Province to handle some matters, not to participate in this trial, yet he had been beaten up by Yang Kai.

How was this reasonable?

Yang Kai was also somewhat speechless.

The Sixth Order Disciple cautiously said, “If Senior Brother Yang has nothing else to say, Junior Brother will take his leave first.”

“Wait!” Yang Kai suddenly raised his hand.

The Sixth Order Disciple’s heart trembled as he suddenly had a bad feeling, “What advice does Senior Brother Yang have?”

Yang Kai looked at him seriously and said, “Junior Brother, I’m sorry. I seemed to have been too heavy-handed just now, mainly because I was alone and had to maintain my combat strength.”

“It’s fine, it’s just some flesh wounds. It’s not a big deal, I just need to rest for a while.”

“En!” Yang Kai nodded and changed the subject, asking with concern, “You want a healing pill?”

The Sixth Order immediately covered his Space Ring, “Senior Brother Yang, I bought it before…”

Yang Kai thought for a moment before politely asking, “The second time will have half the price?”

Lang Ya Sixth Grade: “…”

After a while, Yang Kai patted the Sixth Order’s shoulder and said sincerely, “It’s not very safe outside these days. If you have nothing to do, don’t run around. Just stay in your cave and recuperate.”

The Sixth Order Disciple’s face was ashen as he weakly said, “Many thanks for Senior Brother Yang’s concern, I’ll return now!”

The wealth he had painstakingly accumulated over the years had been completely consumed in less than ten days after meeting Yang Kai. This Sixth Order cultivator swore that he would never appear again until this trial was over!

If he were to encounter Yang Kai again, he wouldn’t even be able to afford a half-price healing pill.

After saying goodbye to Yang Kai, he flew up into the sky, tears streaming down his face!

An hour later, in the sky above the Earth Fiend Spirit Province, a group of six people flew past each other. All six of them were Sixth Order Open Heaven Disciples, with Gu Ling’er leading them.

Originally, her team only had three Sixth Order masters, but after Senior Brother Yue Mang gave the order, they had merged with another team, so they have six people now.

The six of them were responsible for searching the surrounding space around the Earth Fiend Spirit Province and the void around the Spirit Province. The six of them didn’t even pause for a moment as their powerful Divine Senses swept through every corner of the Earth Fiend Spirit Province like a tidal wave. As long as there was even the slightest movement, it would not escape their senses.

Suddenly, all six of them turned to look in a certain direction.

A ripple appeared in the space over there, as if a stone had been thrown into a calm lake, and soon after, a figure appeared.

Someone in the group shouted, “It’s Yang Kai! Yang Kai has appeared!”

“Quickly send a message!”

“Earth Fiend Spirit Province has discovered traces of Yang Kai, fellow disciples from nearby, please quickly come and assist!”

In the blink of an eye, the message was sent out, and under Gu Ling’er’s leadership, the six of them rushed towards Yang Kai, each of them releasing their World Force, not giving him any chance to escape!

Everyone thought that Yang Kai was going to run away, but instead of running away, Yang Kai was only stunned for a moment and instead welcomed them with a look of joy, as if he had just met an old friend.

Everyone was stunned!

When they were less than three kilometers apart, everyone’s Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities were ready to go.

As long as Yang Kai dared to come any closer, they would let him know what it meant to never return!

Yang Kai suddenly raised his hand and called out in a low voice, “So Close… Yet World Apart!”

The space between them stretched endlessly!

At the same time, Gu Ling’er also noticed something was wrong and shouted, “Attack!”

Numerous Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques burst forth with a dazzling light, carrying a terrifying might as they bombarded Yang Kai.

Then, everyone saw a scene they couldn’t understand. The Divine Ability and Secret Technique they had thrown out suddenly became as slow as turtle crawling, slowly moving forward, as if space itself had been frozen.

If this was all there was to it, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but what was even more surprising was that Junior Brother Liu, who was standing to Gu Ling’er’s right, had suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai. On the other hand, the distance between Yang Kai and the others was increasing!

At this moment, the void became extremely chaotic, making it impossible for everyone to distinguish the distance between them.

Although this chaos only lasted for a short moment before it was broken by their combined Divine Abilities and the void returned to order, when they looked up, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.

This guy had suddenly appeared and then disappeared, appearing and disappearing like a ghost.

“Junior Brother Liu is gone!” Someone realized something was wrong and cried out.

There were originally six of them, but now there were only five left. Moreover, they had just seen Junior Brother Liu charge towards Yang Kai for no reason and was punched in the stomach.

Someone said with an ugly expression, “Junior Brother Liu must have been captured by him!”

Inside the Spirit Province where Gu Pan is located, Yang Kai and Junior Brother Liu appeared together. Sensing the disturbance, Gongsun Rihua, who had been recuperating here, quickly came out to investigate. After seeing the appearance of this person, he turned around and closed the door.

Avoiding Yang Kai like avoiding a flooding beasts!

Junior Brother Liu shouted, “Senior Brother Gongsun, save me!”

Yang Kai looked at him quietly, “Senior Brother Gongsun has already been eliminated, I’m afraid he won’t be able to save you!”

Junior Brother Liu wore a look of despair as he endured the pain and said, “Give me a healing pill.”

Yang Kai patted his shoulder, “A wise man who submits to circumstances!”

In the Earth Fiend Spirit Province, two nearby teams had heard the news and rushed over to help, but when they arrived, they found out that Yang Kai had already disappeared. Along with him was Junior Brother Liu. Without a doubt, that bastard surnamed Yang was currently hiding somewhere and selling healing pill to Junior Brother Liu.

A moment of silence for Junior Brother Liu!

[MSN: LMAO, i was just thinking of this.]

Suddenly, a cry for help came from the identity token again, filled with panic, “He’s here, he’s here, Wu'An Spirit Province, we’ve caught up with him, ask the nearby fellow disciples to hurry over and help! Ah, Senior Brother Hua has disappeared!”

A moment of silence for Senior Brother Hua!

Before Junior Brother Liu could recover from his great loss, a figure flashed past him and Yang Kai appeared again.

Junior Brother Liu was startled and looked over to see that there was another person beside Yang Kai.

Senior Brother Hua, who had been captured, was still struggling, but when he saw Junior Brother Liu, he was overjoyed, “Junior Brother Liu, please help me capture this bastard!”

Junior Brother Liu said awkwardly, “Senior Brother Hua, I’ve been eliminated!”

Senior Brother Hua’s jaw dropped as he stood dumbly on the spot. Looking around, he saw that none of his teammates were around.

Yang Kai clenched his fists and walked towards him with a grin, “Senior Brother Hua, right? Who did you say you wanted to capture?”

Senior Brother Hua quickly dispersed his World Force and forced out a harmless smile, “Junior Brother Yang is mistaken, I have no intention of capturing anyone, I have always wanted to find Junior Brother to buy a healing pill from the Void Land…”

Inside the house, the Gongsun siblings rolled their eyes and couldn’t help laughing.

After Senior Brother Hua bought the healing pill, Yang Kai disappeared again. Senior Brother Hua and Junior Brother Liu looked at each other speechlessly.

In the Earth Fiend Spirit Province, the two teams who had come to support them quickly left. After all, they had their own territory to patrol, so they couldn’t stay here forever.

However, not long after they left, Gu Ling’er’s team sent out a request for help.

By the time they arrived, Gu Ling’er’s team had lost another person!

In the next half a day, the whole of Lang Ya was in chaos. Yang Kai’s figure appeared and disappeared, and every time he appeared, someone would suffer.

Eldest Senior Brother Yue Mang's previous strategy couldn’t be said to be incorrect. Since Yang Kai’s strength was so great that even three or four Sixth Order masters working together weren’t his opponent, it was only natural for them to join forces.

In fact, it also had some effect. At the very least, Yang Kai couldn’t act as recklessly as before, where every team that encountered him was completely wiped out.

However, Yang Kai also became more cunning, not even bothering to fight them head-on. His figure was like a ghost, as if he had countless clones. One moment he was here, the next he was on the other side, and every time he appeared, he would not return empty-handed.

The news of the Sixth Order masters being captured one after another spread like wildfire.

Many of Lang Ya’s Sixth Order masters had never thought that a single person would be able to toy with them like this. They had also heard that the Space Laws were incredibly profound, but today they had personally witnessed it.

For Yang Kai to play with the Space Laws to such an extent, they couldn’t help admiring him.

Gu Ling’er led the remaining two people in the group and fled towards the nearby Spirit Province.

Just now, Yang Kai had once again appeared in Earth Fiend Spirit Province and captured a member of their team.

Now that there were only three of them left, how could they possibly be Yang Kai’s opponent?


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