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It had been many years since the Lang Ya Territory had been so lively. Above each Spirit Province, there were Open Heaven Stage cultivators patrolling. These Open Heaven Stage cultivators were in groups, their Divine Senses spread out in all directions, as if they were searching for something. Even though they were patrolling, they still maintained vigilant expressions, each of them surrounded by World Strength to guard against sneak attacks.

The ignorant low-level disciples all looked up curiously.

“What is our Open Heaven Stage doing? Has an enemy invaded Lang Ya Territory?” Someone asked.

A well-informed person sighed, “He’s not an enemy, just a special guest.”

“Guest? What kind of guest have so many Open Heaven Stage masters come together? I saw Martial Aunt Zhou, Master Uncle Yue Mang, and the others just now, all of them seemed to be in a hurry, their expressions solemn.”

“Void Land's Lord, Yang Kai, have you heard of him?”

“Sounds familiar, I think I’ve heard it somewhere before.”

“Of course it’s familiar. The Star Boundary he came from now has a World Tree. A few decades ago, our Lang Ya selected a group of disciples with high aptitude and low cultivation to cultivate there.”

“So it’s him!”

“This guest isn’t simple, he seems to have defeated many of our Open Heaven Stage masters. The Sect Master has ordered that all of Lang Ya’s Sixth-Order masters will be sent out to participate in this trial, and anyone who can capture him will be rewarded!”

“Doesn’t this mean that Yang Kai is going to face all of Lang Ya’s Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage alone?”


“Then I’m afraid he’s doomed.”

“That’s why this person isn’t simple. The trial has been going on for more than ten days, and this Void Land's Lord is still free and unfettered. On the other hand, no less than a hundred people of our Lang Ya's Open Heaven Stage have been defeated by him!”

“Hiss… are you serious?!”

“I also hope it’s fake, but it’s the truth, ah… it’s Martial Aunt Gu!” The disciple who spoke suddenly looked up towards the sky, his eyes fixed on the figure flying towards him as he shouted, “Martial Aunt Gu!”

Many of the lower ranking disciples also shouted, and the words ‘Martial Aunt Gu’ immediately caused a huge wave of shock.

Above them, a beautiful woman was leading a few Open Heaven Stage cultivators as she flew past. When she heard this voice, she looked down and smiled gently.

The group of disciples below suddenly went crazy, “Martial Aunt Gu is smiling at me! Hahahaha, Martial Aunt Gu is smiling at me! Even if I die today, I have no regrets!”

“Nonsense, Martial Aunt Gu is obviously smiling at me!”

“Junior Brother, you’re blind!”

“Senior Brother, you’re the blind one!”

Many of the lower ranking disciples were filled with enthusiasm, showing just how popular this Martial Aunt Gu Ling’er was in Lang Ya Paradise. This Martial Aunt called Gu Ling’er was not only extremely beautiful, but also had a gentle temperament and was extremely willing to help others. Many of the lower ranking disciples in the Sect had received her favor, so not only was her popularity among the lower-ranking disciples high, it was also the same in the Open Heaven Stage.

Many of her fellow disciples has feelings for her, but none of them dared to confess their feelings for her, lest they offend her.

While the low-level disciples were going crazy, the Lang Ya Paradise's Open Heaven Stage masters were also going crazy!

Five days ago, Yang Kai suddenly changed from his usual self and no longer hid himself. Instead, from time to time, he would take the initiative to attack, causing the number of Open Heaven Stage cultivators he had eliminated to increase dramatically.

No one knew what he was thinking, but now that the entire Lang Ya Territory had become a hunting ground, the status of hunter and prey between Yang Kai and Lang Ya Paradise's Open Heaven Stage cultivators was constantly changing.

There were traces of battle all over the Spirit Provinces.

After losing dozens of Open Heaven Stage masters, Yang Kai’s various achievements were finally made known to everyone. Everyone knew that after defeating their fellow disciples, this fellow would forcibly sell the healing pills from the Void Land, asking for a set of sixth grade resources or material of equal value!

There was once a Sixth Order Junior Brother who didn’t buy his healing pill, but in the end, he really hung them on a tree branch and offered them to the Heavens, placing them on top of a Spirit Province where the lowest ranked disciples lived, allowing them to be surrounded and watched.

When they heard that this Junior Brother now had a huge shadow in his heart, they felt like he would never be able to face anyone again.

That was why Eldest Senior Brother Yue Mang had ordered that if they were to be defeated by this brat, they would rather spend their wealth to avoid a disaster than to save their cultivation resources.

As a result, the Fourth Order and Fifth Order cultivators who had participated in this event all retreated in fear.

It couldn’t be helped, a set of sixth grade resources was simply too precious to them. Even if they came from Lang Ya Paradise, they wouldn’t be able to afford it, and from the experiences of the fellow disciples who had encounter Yang Kai, they know that Yang Kai wouldn’t show mercy just because they were Fourth Order or Fifth Order. Which of the Fourth Order and Fifth Order disciples he had defeated hadn’t bought his Spirit Pill?

Yang Kai’s actions caused all of Lang Ya's Sixth Order Open Heaven masters to be enraged.

Not only did this guy abandon Junior Sister Gu Pan, but he also made a fortune during this experience. This was simply intolerable!

However, it was undeniable that this person’s strength was truly formidable. Even if two or three Sixth Order masters were to travel together, they would not have a good end if they encountered him.

As the Eldest Senior Brother, Yue Mang immediately took on the responsibility of coordinating and arranging matters!

At this moment, many of Lang Ya’s Sixth Order disciples identity tokens flashed with a faint light from time to time as their Divine Senses flew about.

“Senior Brother Ning’s team has been defeated, the location is in Purple Clouds Spirit Province. Judging from the traces of the battle, it should have happened within the time it takes to burn a stick of incense. I repeat, Senior Brother Ning’s team has been defeated, the location is in Purple Clouds Spirit Province. The nearby fellow disciples should be on high alert!”

“Senior Brother Ning and the others had four Sixth Order companions, but they were also beaten? How are their injuries?”

“It’s not a fatal injury, but it’s not light either. They need to rest for ten days or half a month. En, Senior Brother Ning and the others look quite good. Senior Brother told us to work hard to avenge them.”

“Isn’t that bastard surnamed Yang a bit too ruthless? Just for the sake of selling his healing pills, every single one of our fellow disciples were seriously injured, how hateful!”

“Senior Brother Li, you also need to be careful. That bastard surnamed Yang likes to come back after beating people. Before, several teams suffered this loss.”

“Tiger’s Roar Spirit Province discovered Yang Kai’s traces, requesting assistance, requesting assistance, ah…”

“Junior Brother Zhou! Junior Brother Zhou!”


After a moment of silence, someone spoke up, “I’m afraid Junior Brother Zhou’s team has encountered some kind of misfortune. Please don’t panic, fellow disciples. We have the advantage in numbers, so victory is ours.”

“Isn’t this bastard too unpredictable? Purple Clouds Spirit Province is in the northeast while Tiger’s Roar Spirit Province is in the southwest corner. Can he really rush over in such a short time?”

“Space Laws, Unparalleled Mysteries, truly amazing!”

Suddenly, a Divine Sense flew out from everyone’s identity tokens and everyone checked, discovering that it was a message from Senior Brother Yue Mang, “All teams must merge together and ensure that there are no less than five Sixth Order masters in each team. Each team is responsible for their own nearby areas and cannot leave without permission. If anyone discovers Yang Kai’s whereabouts, immediately notify the other teams nearby to assist!”

“I will obey Eldest Senior Brother’s orders!”

Everyone replied.

Over the past ten days, many of Lang Ya’s Open Heaven Stage masters had come to a deep understanding of Yang Kai’s strength. Two Sixth Order masters were no match for him, four of them were no match for him, and only five of them had the strength to fight him. It was because of this consideration that Yue Mang had made such an adjustment.

Each team has five Sixth Order masters working together and each of them was responsible for a single area. This way, Yang Kai would have nowhere to hide, and as long as he exposed himself, Lang Ya would have the initiative.

With all of Lang Ya’s Sixth Order masters present, if they still couldn’t deal with him, they would lose all face.

In front of the main Spirit Province’s main hall, Li Yuan Wang’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

Gao Ting stood to the side, occasionally glancing at him.

“If you want to say something, just say it. Why are you holding back?” Li Yuan Wang’s eyes twitched.

Gao Ting smacked his lips and said, “This boy is too good at causing trouble, how should we clean up this mess?”

In fact, what Li Yuan Wang had done before was not wrong. Making use of this trial to muddy the waters was indeed convenient for Yang Kai to act, and perhaps he would discover something unexpected.

But now, the situation had completely exceeded Li Yuan Wang and Gao Ting’s expectations.

Over the past ten days, Yang Kai had eliminated more than a hundred Open Heaven Stage masters, yet he was still alive and kicking. Not only that, but he had also forcefully sold a large amount of cultivation resources from his own disciples.

Li Yuan Wang also knew how powerful Yang Kai was. After all, he had killed a Seventh Order master before, so how could his own Sixth Order Disciple be his opponent? However, if one wasn’t his opponent, what about two, or a dozen?

In Li Yuan Wang’s opinion, Yang Kai would eventually be captured by Lang Ya’s disciples and would be able to complete this trial, but now it seemed the situation wasn’t good.

Not to mention anything else, just the cultivation resources lost by the disciples was enough to make Li Yuan Wang’s heart ache!

He couldn’t help cursing in his heart, ‘Did you come here to find the Black Ink Clan or rob us?’ [MSN: well, you reap what you sow.]

Previously, Gao Ting had laughed at him for shooting himself in the foot, but now it seemed he was right!

Yang Kai also felt the changes in Lang Ya’s side.

The team he had encountered before only had three or four Sixth Order masters at most, and with his current strength, he could deal with them. However, each team now had at least five Sixth Order masters, many even have seven or eighth!

Yang Kai felt his teeth ache. With so many Sixth Order masters, if he didn’t transform into a Big Dragon, it would be difficult to resolve all of them at once! If he didn’t resolve all of them, he wouldn’t be able to sell his healing pills in peace.

However, the current situation was within his expectations. Although Lang Ya's Sixth Order masters were somewhat crooked because of Li Yuan Wang’s dishonorable appearance, they were still Sixth Order master after all, not fools. After suffering such a loss, they will learn their lesson.

Therefore, Yang Kai felt it was time to change his strategy.

Since he couldn’t finish off an entire team in one go, he would do it twice or thrice!

If worst came to worst, he would just let them borrow money! After the trial ended, he would go back and collect his debts one by one.

En, that’s a good idea! Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling proud of his wit.


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