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Senior Sister Zhou then turned to Junior Brother Yu, “Did you just say that Yang Kai sell you a healing pill?”

Junior Brother Yu nodded.

Senior Sister Zhou is puzzled, “Why would he sell you healing pills? Is he so kind?”

Junior Brother Yu said bitterly, “What kind of kindness is that? Senior Sister Zhou, you don’t know, but his healing pill is worth a set of sixth grade resource or material of equal value!”

“What!?” Senior Sister Zhou was stunned. What kind of healing pill was worth a set of sixth grade resource? That was over a hundred million Open Heaven Pills! She finally reacted, “This is a forced trade!”

“That’s right, that’s right, it’s a forced trade!” Junior Brother Yu and the others couldn’t help nodding, “Not just us, Senior Brother Zhao and Senior Brother Gongsun were also forced to buy it.”

“Damn it!” Senior Sister Zhou gnashed her teeth, “Coming to my Lang Ya, bullying my Lang Ya Disciple is one thing, but you actually used such a method to accumulate wealth, do you really think my Lang Ya has no one?”

The older Fifth Order said, “Senior Sister Zhou must avenge us!”

Senior Sister Zhou snorted, “Don’t worry, don’t let me find him. If I find him, I’ll definitely beat him up until even Junior Sister Gu can’t recognize him! When the time comes, you can also sell him some healing pills!”

The older Fifth Order Disciple was overjoyed, “Everything will depend on Senior Sister Zhou!”

Senior Sister Zhou glanced at them and waved her hand, “Since you were defeated by Yang Kai, you should focus on healing your injuries. Don’t get involved in this trial.”

“Yes!” The few of them replied respectfully.

Senior Sister Zhou led her group of people into the sky and soon disappeared.

In the group, a young man said, “Senior Sister Zhou, that Yang Kai is really so powerful, Junior Brother Yu and the others have two Sixth Order masters, how could they not be his opponent?”

Senior Sister Zhou frowned and pondered for a moment before saying, “This person is definitely the strongest Sixth Order I have ever seen. Even Senior Brother Yue Mang is not his opponent, so you must not lower your guard.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this. Although they had heard that Senior Brother Yue Mang had been defeated by Yang Kai, they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, so they didn’t know what had happened at that time. They even thought that it had been an accident. They all knew how powerful Senior Brother Yue Mang was, so how could he have been defeated by someone of the same grade? Now that Senior Sister Zhou had confirmed it, they knew it was true.

The person who spoke said, “If that’s the case, even if we meet Yang Kai, we may not be able to win!”

Although there were three Sixth Order masters in their team, based on Yang Kai’s previous performance, if they really encountered him, it would not end well.

Senior Sister Zhou said, “Don’t worry, if we really run into him, all we need to do is hold him back. When the time comes, we’ll have other fellow disciples to support us. At that time, he won’t be able to escape!”

Hearing this, everyone nodded.

“Senior Sister Zhou, where should we go now?”

Senior Sister Zhou said, “That Yang Kai is proficient in the Space Laws and is extremely good at escaping. He just defeated Junior Brother Yu and the others, so he must have already fled to the other side of Lang Ya. Let’s go find him there!”

“Senior Sister Zhou’s plan is brilliant, this time Yang Kai will definitely be exposed!”

As for Junior Brother Yu and the others, they were all sitting cross-legged in meditation. Yang Kai’s actions just now had not been light, so although they still had the strength to move, it was somewhat inconvenient for them to do so, so they decided to rest for a while before leaving.

Not long after Senior Sister Zhou and the others left, two more people flew over from the sky and saw the four people down below.

Seeing the miserable state of Junior Brother Yu and the others, both of them were shocked.

One of them asked, “Junior Brother Yu, what happened?”

Junior Brother Yu blushed and opened his eyes, “Senior Brother Wang, Senior Brother Ye, I’ve embarrassed myself.”

Senior Brother Wang pondered for a moment before asking, “Junior Brothers, did you run into Yang Kai?”

If it weren’t for this, there was no way they could explain the scene in front of them. Observing silently, both of them were shocked. This Yang Kai was really ruthless.

Junior Brother Yu nodded awkwardly, but just as he was about to speak, a look of horror suddenly appeared on his face as he looked behind them.

At this moment, the two of them also felt that something was wrong and quickly circulated their Small Universe's World Strength around their bodies. However, before they could even turn around, a violent force came from their backs and instantly engulfed them.

Although the two of them tried their best to resist, they were still no match. In an instant, their Small Universe trembled violently as a burst of golden light appeared in front of them.

A short while later, Yang Kai squatted down in front of the two pale-faced and disordered cultivators and took out a jade bottle, “Senior Brothers, how about buying the healing pills from the Void Land?”

“What do you mean?” Senior Brother Ye was puzzled.

Junior Brother Yu coughed awkwardly and explained the situation.

Senior Brother Wang and Senior Brother Ye were both stunned. How could this be?

Junior Brother Yu was also stunned. He hadn’t expected Yang Kai to not leave, but instead hide nearby. When Senior Sister Zhou and the others had arrived, he hadn’t shown himself until Senior Brother Wang and Senior Brother Ye arrived.

Senior Brother Wang, on the other hand, was quite carefree as he spat out a mouthful of blood and smiled, “Junior Brother Yang’s strength is extraordinary, this Wang’s skills are inferior to others, there’s nothing to say. I’ll buy one of these healing pills!”

Yang Kai turned to look at Senior Brother Ye, “What about this Senior Brother?”

Senior Brother Ye gritted his teeth, “Give me one too.”

“Senior Brothers are too polite!” Yang Kai smiled happily.

After collecting a large amount of resources, Yang Kai handed over two healing pills and said, “Then everyone should rest here and recuperate. I’ll take my leave first!”

Saying so, he took a step forward and disappeared.

Junior Brother Yu looked around suspiciously. This was what Yang Kai had done just now, but he hadn’t left, so it was unknown if he was still hiding nearby.

Junior Brother Yu estimated that this was very likely the case.

At this moment, a few streaks of light flew over from the distance and soon arrived above everyone’s heads. The leader of this group was tall and burly, and he looked down in confusion, “Senior Brothers, why are you all gathered here? Was there a battle just now? Junior Brother sensed some energy fluctuations!”

Junior Brother Yu and the others all looked up at the crowd in the sky with meaningful looks, signaling them to quickly leave.

They had already been eliminated from this trial, so it was difficult for them to say anything. They could only hope that this Junior Brother would understand their intentions.

The newcomer blinked and suddenly landed in front of everyone, “Does Senior Brothers have something to say to me?”

Junior Brother Yu and the others facepalm, unable to bear to look.

In the next moment, Yang Kai’s aura suddenly appeared and a violent energy fluctuation spread out along with several screams.

In just a few breaths of time, everything returned to normal!

Yang Kai smiled as he stood in front of the Lang Ya disciples who were lying on the ground, “Senior Brothers, your enthusiasm is truly fiery, this Yang is ashamed.”

Junior Brother Yu looked up at the sky and let out a long sigh. Which fellow disciples in Lang Ya Paradise could take care of this guy! If this continued, Lang Ya’s face would be completely lost.

The newly arrived group was still somewhat stunned. Among the six of them, there were at least two Sixth Order, two Fifth Order, and two Fourth Order, but in such a short time, they had been beaten down by one person.

This was simply unimaginable.

“Come, come, come, Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers, take your medicine,” Yang Kai enthusiastically took out a healing pill.

“Everyone, rest assured and recuperate here, this Yang will take his leave first!” Yang Kai, who had obtained another batch of resources, cupped his fists and stepped into the void.

Junior Brother Yu looked at him bitterly, ‘You’ve said this three times already, haven’t you?’

The six people who had just bought healing pills were still somewhat absent-minded, especially the two Fifth Order and Fourth Order, each of them feeling extremely distressed.

For a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage in the Lang Ya Paradise, although the loss of a set of Sixth Grade resources wasn’t small, it was still acceptable, but for a Fifth Order and Fourth Order cultivator, it was a great loss. If they didn’t have it, they had to borrow it.

Junior Brother Yu suddenly stood up and said, “We can’t stay here, that guy is obviously using us as bait!”

Hearing this, Senior Brother Wang and Senior Brother Ye both nodded, “Yes, we are gathered here. If any other fellow disciples come, they’ll definitely come down to investigate. At that time, we’ll implicate them.”

The tall and burly Sixth Order man stared at them with an aggrieved expression. Just now, his team had been led down here, so he cried out, “Why didn’t Senior Brothers leave earlier!”

If they had left earlier, he wouldn’t have been so curious as to come here to investigate. Instead, he had deliberately flown down and ended up being wiped out by Yang Kai, who was hiding in the shadows.

Junior Brother Yu said awkwardly, “I only just understood it now.”

Senior Brother Wang glanced at the few Fifth Order and Fourth Order Disciples who were still heartbroken and suddenly said, “Send out a message, those below Sixth Order should not participate in this trial.”

Although the Sect Master did not say that anyone below the Sixth Order was not allowed to participate, the Sect Master had only sent a message to the Sixth Ordeer. The reason why there were Fifth Order and Fourth Order Disciples participating was because they wanted to take advantage of the situation. In the end, these people had not only failed to take advantage of the situation, they had even suffered a great loss. It would take at least several hundred years for them to recover.

Junior Brother Yu hesitated for a moment before saying, “We’ve been eliminated, so this trial has nothing to do with us. It’s not good to send out a message, right?”

Senior Brother Wang shook his head and said, “It’s not like we're reporting his location to our fellow disciples, just tell them about the healing pill. The Junior Brother and Sisters of Fifth Order and Fourth Order will naturally understand, it’s not a big deal.”

Just as he finished speaking, Yang Kai’s figure appeared like a ghost and stared at him, “This Senior Brother’s injuries don’t seem to have improved. Do you need a few hundred healing pills?”

Senior Brother Wang’s mouth twitched as he replied, “No need, Junior Brother’s good intentions are appreciated. My injuries will heal after I return to meditate for a while. En, farewell!”

Saying so, he soared into the sky.

Yang Kai then turned to look at the others, who didn’t even bother to say any polite words before quickly disappearing.

Looking at their disappearing figures, Yang Kai couldn’t help smacking his lips. There was no way he could continue fishing.

However, Yang Kai didn’t allow these people to ruin his fortune. Since a Fifth Order or Fourth Order cultivator wanted to get involved, they had to be prepared to be injured and then buy healing pills.

However, Yang Kai also knew that even if he stopped them from sending out this message this time, as time passed, the news would definitely spread. At that time, the Fifth Order or Fourth Order disciples would naturally withdraw from this expedition.

At that time, his income would be greatly reduced!

No, he had to take the initiative to attack first. Only by doing so could he recover his losses to the greatest extent.


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