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Not long after, several figures flew over from above, each of them using their Divine Sense to investigate any suspicious traces.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he thought to himself, 'How could there be a Fifth Order in this team? This guy doesn’t put me in his eyes at all, how can I tolerate this?'

His figure soared into the sky and rushed towards the group of four!

Among the four people, two were Sixth Order and two were Fifth Order. As they were searching, they suddenly felt a violent aura sweep towards them like a tsunami, causing them to turn pale with fright.

However, before they could understand what was going on, Yang Kai’s figure had already shot into their group like an arrow released from a bow. The World Force in his body swept out, causing the two Fifth Order Cultivators to stagger like two wooden boats in a storm.

After barely managing to stabilize their footing, they glanced over and saw that one of the Sixth Order Senior Brothers had been punched in the chest by the newcomer, causing him to cough up blood and his face to pale.

This… wasn’t this a bit too ruthless? Although they could tell that this punch wasn’t enough to take their Senior Brother’s life, it was inevitable that he would be injured.

The Senior Brother who had been struck in the chest still wanted to resist, but the one who had just arrived struck him again, causing the Sixth Order Senior Brother to fall like a broken kite, the World Force surrounding him becoming extremely chaotic.

This was clearly a sign that the Small Universe was trembling.

In the blink of an eye, a powerful Sixth Order cultivator had lost his ability to fight.

This newcomer’s strength was terrifying!

Although the other Sixth Order’s reaction was not slow, even after using all his Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques, he was still unable to save his fellow disciples. Seeing his fellow disciples fall, he was both shocked and angry, no longer daring to hold back.

However, this was all in vain.

In less than ten breaths of time, this Sixth Order cultivator let out a blood-curdling scream and followed in the footsteps of his fellow disciples.

Standing alone in the air, Yang Kai suddenly turned his head towards the two Fifth Order masters, causing their faces to pale as they felt like they were staring into an abyss!

“Run!” One of the two shouted, and with a tacit understanding, they immediately scattered to the left and right. Since the two Sixth Order Senior Brothers weren’t their opponents, how could the two Fifth Order disciples possibly succeed? At this moment, the only option was to escape.

How could they possibly escape? Yang Kai raised his hand and slapped them down like he was swatting a mosquito.

After a while, Yang Kai stood in front of the four dispirited people with a smile and said with concern, “Your injuries aren’t light!”

The four of them were all speechless, thinking to themselves, who do you think injure us? You’re actually still acting like a cat crying for a mouse, you’re really too much.

However, although they were a little angry, they had nothing to say about their inferior skills. Before this, they had never thought that a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator would possess such terrifying strength. Today, they had truly opened their eyes.

One of the Sixth Order disciples who seemed to be the leader coughed lightly and said, “Junior Brother Yang’s cultivation is profound and his foundation is extraordinary. We admit defeat!”

Admitting defeat meant that they would be eliminated from this trial, so the qualifications to participate in the Five Lights World’s trials had nothing to do with them. Although it was somewhat regretful, it was their own fault for being so weak.

As Lang Ya Paradise’s disciples, they naturally had their own pride and were somewhat impressed by Yang Kai.

“Thank you!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and suddenly flipped his palm. A jade bottle appeared in his hand and he smiled, “This Yang has some excellent healing pills here, please!”

Saying so, with a flick of his wrist, four pills flew out and floated in front of the four.

The Sixth Order who spoke nodded slightly, “Many thanks!”

He had thought that Yang Kai was feeling a bit guilty for injuring them, so he had taken out this healing pill. Without thinking too much about it, the four of them stuffed the pills into their mouths.

“Hm? The quality of this healing pill is quite good!” The man raised his brow.

The other Fifth Order also said, “The taste is also alright…”

Yang Kai suddenly stretched out his hand and said, “A set of sixth grade resources or materials of equal value!”

“Wha… what?” The sixth order disciple was a bit confused.

Yang Kai’s face sank, “What’s wrong? Are you not going to pay for this? Does Senior Brother want to rob me? Although I’m alone, I’m not a pushover.”

The Sixth Order leader looked confused, “What did I buy?”

Besides, who bullied you? It was the four of us who were bullied by you!

The other Sixth Order disciple looked at Yang Kai with a strange expression, “The thing Junior Brother Yang is talking about, could it be that healing pill?”

“What else could it be?” Yang Kai asked matter-of-factly.

Everyone was speechless.

The first to speak was the Sixth Order disiciple, “Isn’t this healing pill given to us by Junior Brother?”

Yang Kai looked at him sideways, “When did I say I would give it to you? This thing is priceless, I want to sell it to you!”

A single healing pill was worth a lot of resources? There should be a limit to how much you can lie!

“Hurry up, don’t waste time! Your Senior Brother Zhao and the others all bought it at this price, and you’re no exception. When I do business, my prices are always reasonable and fair!”

The sixth order disciple was stunned, “Senior Brother Zhao also bought it?”

Yang Kai nodded, “En! The brother and sister surnamed Gongsun also bought it. If you don’t believe me, you can ask around. You should have a way to contact each other, right?”

Seeing that his expression didn’t seem to be lying, the two Sixth Order Seniors couldn’t help muttering in their hearts. Could it be that Senior Brother Zhao, Senior Brother and Senior Sister Gongsun really bought it? Could the fellow disciples really endure such a thing?

“Cough cough, please wait a moment!” The Sixth Order who spoke first took out a Message Bead and used his Divine Sense to communicate.

“Senior Brother Zhao, Junior Brother has something to ask!”

“Junior Brother Yu, what is it?”

“Yang Kai said that Senior Brother Zhao bought a healing pill from him?”


“Senior Brother Zhao? Senior Brother Zhao? Are you still here?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Is this true?”

“En… roughly not bad!”

What did he mean by roughly not bad? Junior Brother Yu didn’t understand what Senior Brother Zhao meant, but just as he was about to ask again, Senior Brother Zhao sent him a message, “Buy it, Junior Brother Yu. It’s better to spend your money and avoid disaster than to be hung up on a tree and sent to the Spirit Province for the lower level disciples to watch. Face is more important.”

Hang on a tree? Just as he was puzzled, he saw Yang Kai suddenly take out a bare, several-meter-tall tree trunk and place it in front of him, his eyes constantly glancing at his collar as if he was trying to figure out how to hang it.

Junior Brother Yu couldn’t help shivering and quickly replied, “Many thanks, Senior Brother Zhao. Senior Brother Zhao should rest well, Junior Brother will come back to see you!”

“You should heal yourself first!”

After collecting the Message Bead, Junior Brother Yu looked at Yang Kai speechlessly and smiled bitterly, “Junior Brother Yang really knows how to do business!”

Yang Kai’s face was filled with pride, “Of course, otherwise how could I support such a large family? Has this Senior Brother asked clearly?”

Junior Brother Yu nodded. Even Senior Brother Zhao had admitted defeat, so what could he do? Helpless, he could only take out a set of materials worth a sixth grade resource and give them to Yang Kai.

Seeing this, the other Sixth Order could only do so.

Yang Kai accepted it happily before turning to look at the two Fifth Order disciples.

Both of them were on the verge of tears!

One of the older Fifth Order disciple said, “Senior Brother Yang, I don’t have this much wealth even if I put all my possessions together! I haven’t eaten that Spirit Pill yet, how about I return it to you!”

Saying so, he spat out a pill from his mouth and handed it to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s face darkened, “Your drool is already on this thing. Who wants this thing again? There’s no reason for me to take it back after selling it.”

The Fifth Order disciple said, “But Senior Brother Yang, I really don’t have so many things to give. Your healing pills… I can’t afford them!”

Ordinary Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage could be said to be extremely rich if they had a storage of materials worth tens of millions of Open Heaven Pills. But, they also has to constantly cultivate and purchase some materials, so it was difficult for them to have any excess.

Although the Fifth Order from Cave Heaven Paradise's situation was better and richer, it was impossible for them to have more than a hundred million Open Heaven Pills.

This was the wealth of a Sixth Order.

“That’s right, Senior Brother Yang, we didn’t lie to you!” The other Fifth Order Disciple also said.

Yang Kai sighed, “I know you’re not lying to me, and I also believe that you don’t have that much wealth, but since you don’t have it, you can borrow it from others…”

As he spoke, he shot a glance towards the two Fifth Order Open Heaven.

The group of four was stunned!

How could he do that?

Wasn’t this too crazy?

“I don’t have much time, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you, but I can’t say for sure what the consequences will be!” Yang Kai saw that the two Fifth Order masters were still hesitating and immediately said solemnly.

The younger Fifth Order asked weakly, “May I ask Senior Brother Yang what the consequences will be?”

Yang Kai grinned at him, “Guess!”

Although Yang Kai didn’t say anything specific, both of them had a bad feeling that if they really didn’t buy this healing pill, something bad would really happen.

The older Fifth Order Senior Brother said, “Senior Brother Yang, our cultivation is not as high as the two Senior Brothers, only Fifth Order. Can the price of this healing pill be… lower?”

“You get what you pay for, what does that have to do with your cultivation?!” Yang Kai glared.

'You have the nerve to say that you get what you pay for? How could there be such an expensive healing pill in this world?'

Although they were cursing in their hearts, they didn’t dare to refute. The two of them looked towards the other two Sixth Order disciples and said, “Senior Brother, Junior Brother is in trouble, please help us!”

The two Sixth Order Disciples were already at a loss, but now that things had come to this, if they wanted to settle things peacefully, they could only lend them some money. They couldn’t just stand by and watch as their Junior Brothers were hung on a tree to be watched by the lower level disciples, right?

“Many thanks for your generosity!” Yang Kai accepted the items and smiled happily, “Please treat your injuries, I won’t disturb you any further.”

Saying so, he flashed away!

Not long after he left, the red-clothed Senior Sister Zhou led a group of people and rushed over. Seeing the four of them bruised and battered, all of them looking like they had lost their parents, she asked in shock, “What happened to you?”

The older Fifth Order cried bitterly, “Senior Sister Zhou, what took you so long…”

“What happened?” Senior Sister Zhou asked with a frown.

Junior Brother Yu sighed, “Yang Kai injured us and then sold us a healing pill each!”

Senior Sister Zhou was furious, “He actually dared to act so viciously?”

However, on second thought, when she went to find trouble with him before, he had not been gentle with her either. For him to act like that to a woman like her, it was obvious how happy Yang Kai was to act like this.


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