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Below the lake, Yang Kai held his breath and frowned.

The three Open Heaven Stage auras above him were like bright lamps in the night sky, so how could he not sense them? Was his secret place exposed?

That shouldn’t be the case, right? He hadn’t revealed any flaws, so the three of them must have stopped here for some other reason.

With the current situation, he did not dare act rashly. He was unfamiliar with Lang Ya Paradise, so it was not easy to find a place to hide. If he was discovered, he would have to continue fleeing.

Suddenly, the World Strength above him began to surge violently, a little familiar.

Immediately after, Yang Kai was surprised to find that the lake water in this lake was violently surging upwards, as if an invisible force was supporting it.

In the blink of an eye, the entire lake’s water floated up into the air and the scenery of the depths of the lake was revealed.

High up in the sky, the World Force on Senior Brother Zhao’s body fluctuated wildly as he raised his hands high up into the sky. The abnormality of the lake water was obviously caused by him.

Although this lake was huge, with his Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivation, it wasn’t difficult for him to accomplish this.

The two Junior Brothers beside him praised, “Senior Brother Zhao is mighty!”

“Senior Brother Zhao’s cultivation is truly profound, Junior Brother is truly impressed!”

Senior Brother Zhao’s nose was still pointed towards the sky, but he still said in a reserved manner, “No, no, it’s just a trivial skill… En?”

Before he could finish speaking, from the corner of his eye, he saw a familiar figure standing at the bottom of the lake, quietly staring at him.

At this moment, the two Junior Brothers beside him also saw Yang Kai and were both surprised and happy, “Senior Brother Zhao’s plan is brilliant, that little brat really is hiding here!”

Under the lake, Yang Kai was speechless.

He had hidden himself so deeply, yet they were still able to find him? This was simply not allowing him to have any peaceful days. Coming to Lang Ya Paradise was only for the Black Ink Clan and Inked, who had he provoked? [MSN: u idiot, just break them apart. who will chase u?]

Looking at the culprit, Senior Brother Zhao, Yang Kai was filled with resentment!

Senior Brother Zhao suddenly had a bad feeling, but before he could react, he saw Yang Kai punch him from the corner of his eye.

“Beating Ox!”

“Puff…” the Small Universe trembled violently as he spat out a mouthful of blood, causing Senior Brother Zhao’s aura to instantly weaken.

This encounter seemed familiar…

“Senior Brother Zhao!” Seeing this, the two Junior Brothers beside him turned pale with fright. Before they could finish their words, the lake water that had been suspended in the air by Senior Brother Zhao’s technique crashed down. This was the result of the Small Universe being struck by the Secret Technique of Beating Ox, small universe being shaken, and the World Strength being unable to circulate.

A massive amount of lake water crashed down, causing the entire Spirit Province to tremble.

Yang Kai’s figure pierced through the falling lake water and rushed towards Senior Brother Zhao and the others.

Senior Brother Zhao’s expression changed greatly, “Be careful!”

Pushing his World Force to its limits, he sent a punch flying towards Yang Kai, but under the violent shaking of his Small Universe, the power of this punch couldn’t even compare to the full power of a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

Yang Kai easily blocked it with his hand and also threw a punch towards Senior Brother Zhao’s face, releasing a violent force that caused Senior Brother Zhao to feel a burst of golden light in front of him as he fell to the ground like a meteor.

The two Sixth Order Junior Brothers beside him also reacted quickly. The moment Senior Brother Zhao was hit, they attacked from both sides, each using their own Secret Techniques to attack Yang Kai.

Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and looked towards the person on his left, grinning maliciously. Under his incredulous gaze, he resisted the attack of the Secret Technique and rushed forward.

This Sixth Order was shocked!

None of them had any life or death enmity with each other, so he had held back just now, but even if he had, it was still a Sixth Order Open Heaven strike, not something to be underestimated.

Yang Kai had actually taken such a blow head-on, his expression remaining unchanged.

He couldn’t help wondering if he had held back too much just now, causing the power of the Secret Technique to not show. But before he could finish his thought, a fist smashed into his lower abdomen, causing an indescribably terrifying force to explode. This person immediately bent into a shrimp shape, his face turning pale.

“Sit down!” Yang Kai turned around and kicked this person, causing him to fall right next to Senior Brother Zhao who had yet to recover from his shock.

The last Sixth Order Open Heaven saw his two Senior Brothers being brutally beaten, how could he not know how strong Yang Kai was? In a moment of panic, he didn’t dare to hold back and instead fiercely pushed his Small Universe's strength to the limit, his palms transforming into palm shadows that covered the sky as they descended towards Yang Kai, the palm winds carrying a rich World Force.

Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to this and rushed towards him, directly colliding with the man in front of him.

The two of them engaged in a fierce battle, the World Force clashing fiercely.

As soon as they began fighting, the Sixth Order Open Heaven felt that something was wrong. His Small Universe's foundation was much weaker than his opponent’s, so he was definitely at a disadvantage.

However, now that he was riding a tiger, it was impossible to escape from Yang Kai.

After three moves, this Sixth Order Open Heaven's face turned pale and his figure staggered.

Five moves later, he saw stars in front of his eyes, and his Small Universe seemed to have been shaken by an earthquake, his strength decreasing as he fought.

“You go down too!” Yang Kai shouted as he smashed his fist down. The Sixth Order Open Heaven screamed as he fell to the ground, leaving behind a huge pit in its wake.

Looking up at the young man who had descended from the sky, the three Lang Ya Paradise's Sixth Order cultivators lying side by side felt extremely complicated.

Even though they were all Sixth Order, the other party had managed to defeat three of them in such a short time and even achieved a complete victory. Although this was not a life or death battle and everyone had held back, if it was a battle to the death, the three of them estimated that their fates would not be any better.

Was this still a Sixth Order? Was there really such a powerful Sixth Order? It was simply incomprehensible.

Yang Kai landed in front of the three of them, his hands clasped behind his back as he looked down at them from above, smacking his lips, “Senior Brothers, why must you do this? Why must you force me to show my face?”

Two of the Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivators wore ashamed expressions, while Senior Brother Zhao’s face was filled with arrogance. Even though he was lying on the ground, his head was still slightly raised, not even looking at Yang Kai, only glancing at him from the corner of his eyes.

Yang Kai noticed him. Why was his head so hard?

However, after thinking about it carefully, this guy had met him twice and was injured by his Secret Technique, Beating Ox, without even being able to use a single move. It was likely that he wasn’t willing to accept this. After all, he was a disciple from a Cave Heaven Paradise, so it was understandable that he was a bit arrogant.

At this moment, the Disciple Token hanging from their waists suddenly released a faint fluctuation.

The three of them quickly investigated and after a moment, Senior Brother Zhao sighed, “We’ve lost, so we’ll withdraw now. We won’t make things difficult for you again.”

“Withdraw what?” Yang Kai frowned.

Senior Brother Zhao said, “The Sect Master has ordered…”

“Senior Brother Zhao!” A Sixth Order Disciple beside him quickly interrupted. Yang Kai's capture reward to the Five Lights World was sent by the Sect Master himself, but from the looks of it, Yang Kai didn’t seem to know. Since he didn’t know, it was best not to tell him.

After all, with Lang Ya Paradise's Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, dealing with a single person in their own territory like this was not a good idea.

Yang Kai looked at the man who had just spoken and then at Senior Brother Zhao thoughtfully, “You seem to be hiding something from me?”

The person who spoke quickly said, “No, no, Junior Brother Yang misunderstood!”

“Is that so?” Yang Kai grinned maliciously, one hand forming a fist while the other forming a palm. As they collided, a loud bang rang out as he slowly approached the trio.

“We’ve already lost, what else do you want?” The three of them were shocked.

A moment later, Yang Kai stood in front of the three people who had been beaten black and blue, gnashing his teeth, “Li Yuan Wang, I’m not finished with you!”

He really hadn’t expected that Li Yuan Wang would treat him as a whetstone to temper his Sect’s disciples, and even pass down the order that anyone who could capture him would be rewarded with a chance to enter the Five Lights World.

Previously, he had been wondering why after hiding for so many days and seeing that a storm was about to pass and everything would calm down, he had suddenly encountered such a huge wave of people searching for him.

So it was Li Yuan Wang who was trying to interfere!

An opportunity to gain experience in the Small Source World was extremely precious even in the various Cave Heaven Paradise, so how could these Open Heaven Stage cultivators not put in the effort?

However, there was one thing Yang Kai couldn’t figure out. Li Yuan Wang knew the purpose of his visit to Lang Ya Paradise, so if he knew, why would he do such a thing? Wouldn’t it be better to keep a low profile?

Unless… he wanted to muddy Lang Ya’s waters so he could fish in troubled waters!

For a moment, Yang Kai vaguely understood Li Yuan Wang’s thoughts, but would it kill you to inform me first? Without even saying a word, he issued an order. If it weren’t for his strength, the one lying on the ground with a bloody nose and swollen face would be him.

Li Yuan Wang’s orders couldn’t be concealed, and Yang Kai would find out sooner or later. It was precisely because of this consideration that Senior Brother Zhao and the other two decided to disclose this information so as to avoid being beaten by Yang Kai again.

However, just now, Li Yuan Wang had issued an order that all those who were defeated by Yang Kai were to be disqualified from this trial.

This order was undoubtedly beneficial to Yang Kai, otherwise, he would not be able to beat all Lang Ya’s people. Even if he defeated them, once they recovered, they would be able to make a comeback and there would be no end to it.

Did this mean he had to fight all of Lang Ya’s Sixth-Order Open Heaven Stage? Perhaps he would discover something while fighting.

This was undoubtedly Li Yuan Wang’s intention!

This wasn’t a solution, but… Yang Kai felt a sense of dissatisfaction in his heart. Being used by someone for no reason, anyone would feel uncomfortable.

Looking around at Senior Brother Zhao and the other two, Yang Kai grinned.

The three people who had been traumatized by Yang Kai’s beating all felt their skin go cold as Senior Brother Zhao asked cautiously, “What are you doing?”

Yang Kai said, “Don’t be nervous, Senior Brother Zhao, right? Your Space Ring is quite unique, I like it! Can you let me take a look?”

Senior Brother Zhao couldn’t help but widen his eyes. Was this a robbery?

Most of his belongings were in his Space Ring. If he were to be robbed, how could he survive? He immediately reached out and covered his Space Ring, “Don’t even think about it!”


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Tyler Smith
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