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Inside the main hall, Li Yuan Wang held a steaming cup in his hands, blew on it, took a sip of tea, and let out a satisfied sigh!

One of the Three Vice Sect Masters, Gao Ting, glanced at him and asked, “Sect Master, isn’t this… a bit inappropriate?”

The message Li Yuan Wang sent to the numerous Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters was also received by him. It clearly stated, “Today, the Lord of the Void Land, Yang Kai, has no respect for anyone and has come to my Lang Ya Paradise to stir up trouble, causing my Sect’s prestige to fall greatly. Command the Sixth Order masters of Lang Ya Paradise to quickly capture him. There are no restrictions on methods or number of people. Anyone who succeeds in capturing Yang Kai will be rewarded with a chance to temper themselves in the Five Lights World!”

When Gao Ting received this message, he was a bit stunned. This farce was originally caused by a small misunderstanding between the disciples, but over the past few days, Yang Kai had hidden somewhere and avoided the limelight. Seeing the numerous Open Heaven Stage masters who had been pursuing him return to their respective positions, this farce was about to end.

Who knew that at this critical moment, Li Yuan Wang would use such a method.

With the Sect Master’s orders passed down, how could Lang Ya's Sixth Order not be concerned? What’s more, the final reward was an opportunity to enter the Five Lights World!

It was likely that all of Lang Ya’s Sixth Order masters would be mobilized, perhaps even Seventh Order, Fifth Order…

“How so? It’s quite good!” Li Yuan Wang didn’t even raise his head as he continued drinking his tea.

Gao Ting sighed, “Sect Master, if this matter is blown up, I’m afraid it won’t end well.”

“Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it!” Li Yuan Wang smiled and waved his hand, “It’s best to make a big deal out of this, only by muddling the waters can we fish…”

When Gao Ting heard this, he pondered for a moment before nodding and saying, “I understand what Sect Master means.” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “But Sect Master, are you sure you don’t have any intentions of using your position to seek personal revenge? You should know that the rumors are just a misunderstanding, right?”

Li Yuan Wang chuckled, “Of course I know, how could I not know what kind of person Xiao Pan is?”

Gao Ting stared at him speechlessly, thinking to himself, if you hadn’t been gritting your teeth and looking like you wanted to eat people, I would have believed you!

This was obviously an opportunity to take revenge! The Sect Master indeed knew that this was a misunderstanding, but such a rumor would damage Gu Pan’s reputation, so he naturally had to teach this brat a lesson. [MSN: fk this shit. Why would YK help these guys.]

Li Yuan Wang suddenly became serious and said, “The reason I’m doing this is firstly to muddy the waters and make it easier for that brat to act, and secondly, I want Lang Ya Disciple to know that there is always someone better than them.” [MSN: bla bla bla.]

Gao Ting went against his will and said, “Sect Master is wise, let us wait for good news.”

At the bottom of the huge lake, Yang Kai was quietly concentrating his aura. Over the past few days, he had not been able to detect the aura of Open Heaven Stage master from above, so this storm was probably over.

However, just to be safe, Yang Kai didn’t immediately show up and planned to hide for a few more days.

However, right at this moment, a large group of powerful energy fluctuations suddenly swept over from above, spreading out their Divine Sense to search every inch of this place.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled. This person was obviously looking for him, why was he still so persistent?

Fortunately, he didn’t show himself rashly, otherwise he would have been in trouble again.

He continued to hide.

Soon, Yang Kai realized that something was wrong. Logically speaking, after hiding for so many days, Lang Ya should have given up. After all, they didn’t have any life or death enmity, so even if he had beaten up a few people before, hadn’t they beaten him back? They were even.

Those who were able to cultivate to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage weren’t petty, after a fierce battle, they wouldn’t necessarily become enemies, instead, they might even appreciate each other.

Who knew that Lang Ya’s side would never stop?

Not only that, but the situation that had been gradually calming down suddenly changed as more people began searching for him.

From time to time, powerful auras would sweep across the surface of the lake, and most of them were in groups of two or three, four or five, all of them Sixth Order!

What was going on? Yang Kai was confused.

Thinking for a moment, Yang Kai took out a Message Bead and prepared to ask around.

He had a way of contacting Gu Pan, after all, they had met several times.

His Divine Sense surged and sent out a message.

Inside the bamboo house, Gu Pan looked at Gongsun Rihua and Gongsun Yuehua and pleaded, “Senior Brother Rihua, Senior Sister Yuehua, please let me out.”

Gongsun Rihua and Gongsun Yuehua both shook their heads, while Gongsun Yuehua said, “You can’t, Junior Sister. Our task right now is to keep an eye on you so that you don’t have any contact with that boy, lest you suffer another loss.”

Ever since Gu Pan had been taken away by these two siblings, the two of them had always been by Gu Pan’s side, inseparable. Now, Gu Pan couldn’t even leave this bamboo house, let alone inquire about Yang Kai.

She didn’t know what Yang Kai had encountered these past few days, but a powerful energy fluctuation had spread out a few days ago, but it quickly disappeared. Soon after, a large number of Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters began searching for him in groups, especially in her Spirit Province, which had been visited by many Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters.

Hearing Gongsun Yuehua’s words, Gu Pan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Senior Sister Yuehua, there’s really nothing between me and Senior Brother Yang, can you just trust me this once?”

Gongsun Yuehua said, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that that little brat has now provoked public anger, causing all of our Senior and Junior Brothers to lose face, so we must find him and take revenge. Moreover, the Sect Master…”

Gongsun Rihua suddenly coughed lightly.

Gongsun Yuehua quickly shut her mouth.

Looking around, Gu Pan suddenly had a bad feeling, “What happened to Sect Master?”

“Nothing, hahahaha, Junior Sister, don’t worry,” Gongsun Rihua quickly waved his hand.

At this moment, Gu Pan’s expression changed and she said, “Senior Brother, Senior Sister, I want to take a bath, you may leave first.”

The two siblings looked at each other before Gongsun Yuehua said, “Then we’ll stay outside. Be good and I’ll make you something delicious later.”

Since Gu Pan wanted to bathe, they naturally had no reason to stay here any longer.

Gu Pan nodded heavily.

After the two left, Gu Pan closed the door, opened the barrier, and took out a Message Bead.

However, before her Divine Sense could fully investigate, a slender hand suddenly reached out and snatched her Message Bead.

Shocked, Gu Pan looked up and saw Gongsun Yuehua smiling at her, reaching out to tap her forehead, “Junior Sister Gu, you also know how to lie to Senior Sister!”

Gu Pan was stunned, “Senior Sister, didn’t you go out?”

Gongsun Yuehua smiled slightly as she held the Message Bead in her hand and asked, “Is this the Message Bead you use to contact Yang Kai?”

“No, Senior Sister, quickly return it to me!”

Gongsun Yuehua shook her head and said, “If it’s the Message Bead you use to contact him with, I can’t return it to you. Sorry for offending Junior Sister Gu!”

As she spoke, Gongsun Rihua broke through the door. The two siblings had a tacit understanding, so Yuehua tossed the Message Bead to her brother while she stopped him.

Then, Gongsun Rihua sat down and sent his Divine Sense into the Message Bead.

A moment later, Gongsun Rihua raised his head and said, “It’s him!”

Gongsun Yuehua asked, “What did he say?”

Gongsun Rihua said, “He’s asking Junior Sister Gu about the situation on Lang Ya’s side. It seems he’s been hiding quite well, he don’t know what’s going on outside these past few days.”

“Ask him where he is?”

Gongsun Rihua nodded slightly and sent a message with his Divine Sense.

At the bottom of the lake, Yang Kai quietly waited for a moment, but when he sensed that someone had sent him a message, he quickly investigated, but in the next moment, his expression became strange.

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai replied.

Inside the bamboo house, the Message Bead fluctuated slightly and Gongsun Rihua quickly checked, but soon scratched his head and asked, “What does he mean?”

“What’s wrong?” Gongsun Yuehua looked over suspiciously, her face also filled with anxiety, hoping that Yang Kai would not know the situation and expose his hiding place.

Gongsun Rihua’s face was filled with deep affection as he slowly said, “This landscape is like a painting, it can’t compare to a tiny bit of cinnabar on your brow. It doesn’t matter if it overturns this world, in the end it’s just a flourishing piece.”

Gongsun Yuehua’s face darkened, “I’m your sister! Who are you talking to?”

Gongsun Rihua quickly explained, “He said so!”

Gu Pan was extremely surprised, “Senior Brother Yang said so?”

“That’s right!” Gongsun Rihua nodded repeatedly.

Gongsun Yuehua glanced around mischievously, “You say there’s nothing between the two of you, even saying such sweet nothings, but although this little brat’s personality isn’t good, his mouth is quite sweet. Junior Sister, you’re too naive, no wonder you were tricked by him.”

Gu Pan’s expression became strange, “Senior Brother Rihua, what did you tell him before?”

Gongsun Rihua replied, “I didn’t say anything, I just wanted to ask him how he is right now. I didn’t dare ask him where he was because I didn’t want to alert him.”

“What were the original words?” Gu Pan asked.

Gongsun Rihua scratched his cheek in embarrassment, “That’s probably what I meant.”

“The original words!” Gongsun Yuehua also asked curiously.

Gongsun Rihua cleared his throat, “Senior Brother Yang, are you alright? Are you hurt?”

Gu Pan couldn’t help heaving a sigh of relief as Gongsun Yuehua nodded, “It’s nothing.”

Gongsun Rihua replied, “… Xiao Pan miss you!”

Gu Pan’s face instantly turned red as she stomped her feet, “Senior Brother Rihua, I’ll ignore you from now on!”

“Is there a problem?” Gongsun Rihua asked in confusion.

Yuehua pondered for a moment before shaking her head, “Is there a problem?”

“Oh? Another message has arrived,” Gongsun Rihua called out, quickly checking the information.

“What did he say this time?” Gongsun Yuehua quickly asked.

“He said that once you enter Xiang si Sect, you will understand the bitterness of my love, the long years of yearning will lead to memories, and the short years of yearning will lead to endless longing! En, which Sect is this Xiang Si Sect?” Gongsun Rihua asked blankly.

“Idiot!” Gongsun Yuehua mercilessly scolded her brother, “These are just words of love. Tsk tsk tsk, this little brat’s mouth is like honey. Junior Sister Gu, you must be careful of this kind of man. A man with a loose tongue is definitely not a good person.”

Gu Pan sat on the edge of the bed, unable to defend herself.

However, she was somewhat relieved. Senior Brother Yang must have sensed something, otherwise he wouldn’t have acted so frivolously.


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