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As the Dragon Roar rang out, a violent pressure swept out in all directions and several figures were sent flying, instantly revealing Yang Kai who was surrounded by the crowd.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s face was bruised and swollen, his eyes swollen to slits as he angrily glared at the crowd, gritting his teeth and shouting, “You’ve gone too far! Do you really think I, Yang, am easy to bully? If anyone dares to step forward again, don’t blame me for not showing mercy!”

The Open Heaven Stage cultivators who had been pushed aside stared at him for a moment, then… without saying a word, all of them rushed forward again.

“Shameless!” Yang Kai cursed, his figure plummeting towards the ground. After falling a few hundred meters, he made another turn and rushed towards another direction. [MSN: wtf? u talk big and u run?]

Behind him, a large number of streaks of light followed, each of them carrying a Divine Ability or Secret Technique. Someone even shouted, “Don’t let this brat escape!”

Yang Kai dodged awkwardly, feeling as if he had fallen into a vast sea of Lang Ya Disciples, unable to escape from his pursuers.

After suffering such a loss just now, Yang Kai didn’t dare to stay any longer. If he were to be surrounded again, it would definitely be another group fight. No matter how strong he was, it was impossible for him to be the opponent of so many elites from Lang Ya Paradise.

What’s more, they didn’t have any life or death enmity between them, so Yang Kai couldn’t do anything about it.

[MSN: just break their limbs idiot, you don't have to kill to stop them from moving.]

Lang Ya Paradise had existed for countless years and had been one of the 72 Paradise since ancient times, but it had never been as lively as today.

On a Spirit Province, a group of Lang Ya Paradise Low Rank Disciples were listening to Open Heaven Stage Martial Uncle's teachings.

These disciples were all below the Emperor Realm, although their cultivation was low, it was still Lang Ya’s future. This Martial Uncle's cultivation was at the Fifth Order Open heaven Stage, so his lecture was profound and simple, greatly benefiting the disciples below.

Just as he was about to say something interesting, a streak of light suddenly flashed past his head like a bolt of lightning.

Everyone looked over in confusion.

The Martial Uncle shouted in a dignified manner, “The path of cultivation is one where one must not be distracted, no matter when, one must always focus on cultivation!”

“Yes!” Many disciples replied respectfully, quickly sitting down and listening attentively.

Swish swish swish…

A large stream of light flew over their heads, and someone shouted, “Hurry, hurry, hurry! Senior Brother in front of us, stop this brat! This brat is playing with Junior Sister Gu’s feelings, and now he’s completely refusing to admit it!”

“What?” Hearing this, the Martial Uncle flew into a rage and stood up, “There’s actually someone who dares to play with Junior Sister Gu’s feelings! Which shameless bastard dares to do such a thing!”

Saying so, he soared into the sky.

The group of disciples looked at each other in dismay. Wasn’t it said that the path of cultivation was one where one should always be focused on one’s cultivation, regardless of the situation?

This Martial Uncle suddenly rushed over and looked at everyone, “Today's lecture ends here, everyone should return to cultivate. Martial Uncle has important matters to attend to and will come back tomorrow to give a lecture!”

He left again.

The crowd of disciples immediately burst into an uproar as someone asked, “Did you hear that? Just now, a Martial Uncle said that someone played with Martial Aunt Gu’s feelings. Who is this Martial Aunt Gu?”

“I know!” A female disciple said, “It’s that female Martial Aunt who has reached the Sixth Order directly. She has a chance to become an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master and has a very high status in our Sect.”

“Who was it that had the guts to act like this!?”

“This person is probably dead!”

“Hmph, if I were to see this person, I would definitely teach him a good lesson. I look down on traitors who abandon women! If I were to find a good person, I would definitely spend the rest of my life with her!”

“Who abandoned who?! Who did you say abandoned who!” A voice suddenly rang out from behind everyone.

All the disciples turned to look and were stunned to see a young man with a swollen face and narrowed eyes standing behind them, glaring at the person who had just spoken.

“You are…” The man wore a suspicious look.

He had never seen this person before, so where did he come from?

Just as he was confused, the young man’s palm struck out and a massive pressure descended from the sky, causing the speaker to fall to the ground with a loud thud.

“Open Heaven Stage!” All the disciples were shocked.

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “I hate people like you who don’t know anything but speak nonsense! Junior Sister Gu and I are innocent, how could we abandon each other!”

This guy was the one who was being chased by so many Martial Uncles! Why was he here? Who were these Martial Uncles chasing?

A female disciple shouted without hesitation, “Martial Uncles, save us! The heartbreaker is here!”

Although the female disciple’s strength wasn’t high, she was already an Emperor Realm master, so how could the Open Heaven Stage cultivators not hear her?

Everyone had been chasing after him, but Yang Kai’s figure was nowhere to be seen. As soon as they heard the shout, they immediately rushed back and a large stream of light appeared in front of Yang Kai’s eyes.

Yang Kai’s teeth ached and his entire body ached as he glared at the female disciple, but to his surprise, the other party didn’t back down at all.

“Good, good!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and quickly turned around to flee.

He wouldn’t go so far as to make things difficult for a group of Emperor Realm and Dao Source Stage masters, that would be too outrageous.

Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Laws, so after escaping from the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking area, he was able to easily escape the pursuit by teleporting.

However, he was soon found again.

It wasn’t that he was lacking in ability, but rather that the other party had the advantage in numbers. No matter where he fled to, he would soon be found, and with a single shout, a vast number of Open Heaven Stage cultivators rushed towards him.

This is a mess…

Yang Kai was also a bit speechless. He had come to Lang Ya Paradise because of the Black In Clan and Inked cultivators, but now he doesn't even know anything about the Inked members and Black Ink Clan here, but he was like a street rat who was being chased around by everyone in Lang Ya Paradise.

The limelight was too great, so he had to avoid it for a few days. It wouldn’t be too late to reveal himself after a few days.

He definitely couldn’t go back to Gu Pan. She should have Open Heaven Stage cultivators keeping an eye on her, and once she showed up, they would definitely chase after her again.

However… the most dangerous place could also be the safest.

Yang Kai quickly came up with an idea.

A moment later, on top of a Spirit Province, below the huge lake, Yang Kai sank to the bottom of the lake and withdrew his aura, like a stone sinking into water.

If he hid here, no one would notice him, right?

Thinking back to today’s encounter, Yang Kai felt quite aggrieved. He had clearly come here for the safety of Lang Ya Paradise, but he had been chased to the point where he had no way out, and had even been beaten up by a group of Open Heaven Stage masters.

This matter had to be discussed with Li Yuan Wang later, so he had to compensate him for some losses.

From time to time, Yang Kai would notice the movement of Open Heaven Stage cultivator above his head. Obviously, Lang Ya’s masters were searching for him.

In the beginning, the frequency of Open Heaven Stage cultivators appearing was quite high, but as time passed, this frequency became smaller. It was obvious that Lang Ya’s Open Heaven Stage cultivators had gradually calmed down and stopped trying to find him.

After several days, there were no more traces of Open Heaven Stage cultivators passing by.

Yang Kai gradually relaxed.

On a Spirit Province, Senior Sister Zhou landed. There were already several people waiting below, and when they saw her arrive, they all cupped their fists and greeted, “Senior Sister Zhou.”

“How is it? Any clues?” Senior Sister Zhou asked.

The others all shook their heads, “We can’t find him, this boy is too good at hiding, we can’t even detect his aura.”

Senior Sister Zhou gnashed her teeth, “I heard Junior Sister Gu say that this person is proficient in the Space Laws and is especially good at escaping. Now it seems that’s true!”

“Senior Sister Zhou, why don’t we just forget about it? After all, he’s a guest. We can’t beat him, and we can't capture him. With so many Senior Brothers bullying him together, it’s not right!”

Hearing this, Senior Sister Zhou glared at him, “Bully him? Who’s the one bullying who? This little brat doesn’t put me, Lang Ya Paradise, in his eyes, did you forget when he said that no one in Lang Ya Paradise could fight him?”

Everyone lowered their heads and recalled that scene. It was indeed humiliating.

They also acknowledged Yang Kai’s strength, but to arrogantly say that Lang Ya didn’t have anyone who could fight him was too much.

[MSN: LOL, it's a fact tho. Unless you call the High Rank masters]

If it weren’t for this, they wouldn’t have attacked Yang Kai together.

“But even if we find him, with our strength, we may not be able to do anything to him,” Someone said, “All of the fellow disciples have responsibilities. After searching for him these past few days, we haven’t been able to find him. Instead, we’ve accumulated a number of missions and failed to complete them. Most of them have already given up.”

Hearing this, Senior Sister Zhou’s brow wrinkled. That was true, she had fought Yang Kai before and knew how powerful he was. With just the few of them, even if they found him, they might not be his opponent.

But she really couldn’t swallow this anger!

At this moment, the Disciple Token hanging on her waist suddenly flashed with light. Not only her, but all the other disciples did the same.

Senior Sister Zhou was stunned, “A message from the Master Sect…”

The Disciple Token was not only a symbol of one’s status, but it could also send a message to each other. If it was just her token that responded, someone might have sent her a message, but if everyone’s tokens responded together, there was only one possibility, and that was Lang Ya's Sect Master sent the message.

Everyone took the token and sent their Divine Sense into it, their expressions soon becoming strange.

Senior Sister Zhou couldn’t help but laugh, “Bastard surnamed Yang, let’s see if you die now!”

The others also wore excited expressions, “It seems his actions have angered the Sect Master, so he wants to mobilize all of Lang Ya’s Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage to deal with him!”

“Is this a good idea?” Someone hesitated.

“What’s wrong with Sect Master’s orders? Not to mention, if we can capture him, we’ll have a chance to enter the Five Lights World to temper ourselves! Don’t you want to enter?”

“Of course I want to, why wouldn’t I? Last time Senior Brother Zhao went in to gain experience, his cultivation rose greatly, but unfortunately, there are too many people waiting to enter. If I really had to line up, I would have to wait several hundred years.”

“Since you all want to, then there’s no need to hesitate. Let’s form a team. The Sect Master has said that there are no restrictions on methods, no restrictions on the number of people. Anyone who captures Yang Kai together can enter the Five Lights World first!” Senior Sister Zhou clenched her fists tightly as crackling sounds rang out.

“Senior Sister Zhou, we’ll listen to you,” The others nodded.


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Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
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The author made these langya paradise disciples to act like a mindless bully kindergarden gang. It's just to much drama and nonsense for my tase but it is what it is.


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апiме Zзз
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Thanks mono. Take care 😃


Poor YK. And also awaiting High Open. YK been playing cat n mouse while they wait at the gate. Fortunately a couple of years doesn't seem too long for cultivators.

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