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As he spoke, Wang Gaoyang charged towards Yang Kai, his Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage World Force surging violently.

Yang Kai let out a long sigh. In this current situation, it would be impossible to just hide. Lang Ya’s disciples had even used the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking technique, so if he continued to hide, he would only become more passive.

Since that was the case, it would be better for him to go all out and display his true strength, perhaps allowing them to retreat.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and grasped the Azure Dragon Spear in his palm, saying in a low voice, “Since Senior Brother Wang insists on fighting, I can only offend you!”

Saying so, he thrust out his spear.

Wang Gaoyang’s eyes lit up, “Good!”

The blade light surged and transformed into a sky full of blade lights.

However, his excited eyes soon became solemn and filled with shock, because when his opponent’s spear thrust out, the blade light that filled the sky suddenly disappeared.

An extremely powerful World Force surged towards him, causing Wang Gaoyang to feel a sense of suffocation.

Boom boom boom…

A loud bang rang out as a violent energy fluctuation spread out, forcing Wang Gaoyang to retreat.

He was no match at all!

Wang Gaoyang wore a look of disbelief.

He was already at the peak of the Sixth Order and was only a step away from reaching the Seventh Order. It wasn’t that there weren’t any Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage stronger than him in Lang Ya, but there definitely weren’t many of them. He had thought that with his own strength, he would have no problem taking down Yang Kai, but who would have thought that this would be the case? [MSN: Frog in the well, flower in the green house.]

Was this the power of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage?

Every time they collided, his Small Universe would tremble violently, and before he could even catch his breath, the next wave of attacks arrived.

Back in Shadowless Cave Heaven, when Yang Kai had just broken through to the Sixth Order, an existence like Mao Zhe was no longer Yang Kai’s opponent. Now, Yang Kai was far stronger than before.

Wang Gaoyang’s strength was indeed not bad, but he was only on par with Mao Zhe, so how could he be Yang Kai’s opponent?

Under the High Rank Open Heaven, Yang Kai could be said to be invincible. Even if it was a Seventh Order, after transforming into a Big Dragon, he would still be able to put up a fight. If it weren’t for that, he wouldn’t have been able to fight with Shi Zheng.

With the World Spring suppressing the Small Universe, Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about the Small Universe being shaken at all. With their brute force colliding, Wang Gaoyang was soon unable to endure.

With his Small Universe in a state of unrest, the world strength would become obscure and the strength he could display would naturally be affected.

Wang Gaoyang wore a sullen expression, he had never encountered such an opponent before.

Under the relentless attacks, Wang Gaoyang was forced to retreat again, quickly shouting, “Wait…”

“Sit down!” Yang Kai didn’t even pay attention to him as the Azure Dragon Spear smashed down with the force of a mountain. Wang Gaoyang raised his blade to block it, and with a loud bang, he fell straight down like a meteor.

From afar, a voice rang out, “Yang Kai, you actually dared to abandon Junior Sister Gu, I won’t let you off even if I die!”

His voice resounded throughout the world.

Yang Kai’s face immediately became as black as the bottom of a pot! This guy… even if he lost, he didn’t forget to disgust him. Yang Kai somewhat regretted his actions just now, he should have hit him so hard he couldn’t speak.

“Bastard, I’ve finally found you!” A tender shout rang out as a fiery red figure flew towards Yang Kai, not giving him any time to react before a pair of pink fists wrapped in violent energy smashed towards his head.

This person was none other than the Senior Sister Zhou who had met Lin Xuan before!

She had rushed over from Lin Xuan’s side and happened to see Yang Kai defeat Wang Gaoyang. Originally, she had planned to meet Yang Kai and ask him about it, if he and Junior Sister Gu really fell in love, it would be a good thing.

However, when Wang Gaoyang’s words reached Senior Sister Zhou’s ears, she immediately determined that Yang Kai had done something wrong to Junior Sister Gu, so how could she have the mood to ask? She would beat him up first.

A violent energy burst out and Yang Kai raised his spear to block.

With two loud booms, Yang Kai was sent flying as a terrifying power surged through his body, causing his blood to boil.

However, Senior Sister Zhou didn’t show any mercy. Like a shadow, she followed closely behind Yang Kai, her fists transforming into a flurry of fists that rained down on him.

Yang Kai was stunned!

This woman who had suddenly appeared was actually a bit stronger than Wang Gaoyang, and her combat style was actually quite crude.

Her punches were extremely fast, each one of them containing a Sixth Order Open Heaven strength. If an ordinary Sixth Order cultivator were to encounter such an opponent, they would likely be defeated quickly.

Having lost the initiative, Yang Kai was forced to defend himself. In just a few breaths of time, he had been struck over a hundred times, causing him to grimace in pain.

Fortunately, this Senior Sister Zhou didn’t try to kill him, she was probably just trying to punish Yang Kai.

A moment later, Senior Sister Zhou stopped and stared at Yang Kai in front of her, coldly saying, “Follow me to see Junior Sister Gu, obediently apologize to her, then write a letter to Yin-Yang Heaven to cancel the engagement with Qu Huachang. Today’s matter will end here!”

Yang Kai shook his head as a series of crackling sounds rang out from his body. His eyes met Senior Sister Zhou’s as he grinned maliciously, “You’re the first woman to beat me up like this!”

Senior Sister Zhou’s lips curled up, “If you don’t listen, I’ll beat you even harder!”

“Then I’ll have to wait and see!” Yang Kai’s heart surged with anger.

Senior Sister Zhou’s expression became even colder, “Is that Qu Huachang so good? You would rather be beaten than break off the engagement?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Junior Sister Gu and I are innocent, there’s nothing between us. You’ve misunderstood!”

Senior Sister Zhou gnashed her teeth, “It’s not just one misunderstanding, but so many people have misunderstood you? You really are a heartless thief. Junior Sister is too innocent, how could she fall for someone like you! Fine, I’ll beat you half to death first, I’ll see if you admit your mistake!”

[MSN: Just kill them all YK. So annoying.]

In the blink of an eye, she charged towards Yang Kai again.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai didn’t try to dodge this time. Instead, he put away the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand and raised his fists to meet this attack.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them were locked in a fierce battle as their World Force poured out.

“They’re fighting!”

In front of the main hall, Li Yuan Wang placed his hands behind his back and stared into the sky, his gaze seemingly able to pierce through space and see the scenery in the distance.

Beside him, one of the three Vice Sect Leaders of Lang Ya Paradise , Gao Ting, stood shoulder to shoulder with him, also observing the battlefield.

Hearing this, Gao Ting turned his head to look at Li Yuan Wang, “Is that good? This Yang Kai has killed a Seventh Order, I’m afraid these children in the Sect are not his opponent.”

Li Yuan Wang smiled and said, “Of course not.”

Gao Ting frowned, “Be careful of accident!”

“I just want to sharpen their spirits so that they won’t think that coming from a Cave Heaven Paradise is such a great thing. The 3000 Worlds have been peaceful for a long time, and the disciples of the various Cave Heaven Paradise lack experience. Each of them has their own pride, and they always look down on anyone who isn’t from a Cave Heaven Paradise. If there is a sudden upheaval one day, they won’t have a good ending.”

Gao Ting’s frown deepened, “Is the situation so serious?”

Li Yuan Wang shook his head, “It’s hard to say. Right now, everything is unclear, but we need to take precautions.”

Gao Ting was silent for a moment and didn’t say anything more. Originally, he had wanted to stop this farce, but since this Sect Master Li Yuan Wang wanted to use Yang Kai to train their disciples, there was no need to stop him.

It was not necessarily a bad thing to suffer some setbacks while growing up.

“Is there any response from Supreme Elder?” Li Yuan Wang suddenly asked.

Gao Ting said, “Supreme Elder said to do as you pleases, he will bear all responsibility!”

Li Yuan Wang nodded slightly, his eyes filled with regret, “I don’t know how many Lang Ya people will die, it’s best not to have too many.”

In the void, a fierce battle was raging!

Suddenly, the two entangled figures separated, causing Senior Sister Zhou’s face to flush red. Gritting her teeth, she glared at Yang Kai, “I’m a woman, you still want to beat me, I’ll kill you!”

Even crazier, she rushed towards Yang Kai.

After a dozen breaths of time, Senior Sister Zhou’s eyes, which had huge dark circles under them, were sent flying by Yang Kai!

Yang Kai stood alone in the air, exuding an imposing aura as if he could hold his own against ten thousand enemies, coldly snorting, “Next!”

A figure flew over and caught Senior Sister Zhou by the waist, his gaze gentle, “Are you alright?”

Senior Sister Zhou turned her head to the side, not allowing anyone to see her dark circles, somewhat embarrassed, “I can’t beat him, this bastard’s character isn’t good, and his strength is quite high.”

The newcomer said, “I’ll go teach him a lesson!”

“Senior Brother Zhao, be careful!” Senior Sister Zhou warned.

Senior Brother Zhao nodded and let go of Senior Sister Zhou before stepping forward. With every step he took, the World Force became denser and his aura rose steadily.

Yang Kai turned his head to look at the newcomer with a solemn expression.

Senior Brother Zhao stood ten zhang in front of Yang Kai, constantly pushing his World Force towards Yang Kai in an attempt to pressure him.

Yang Kai didn’t move at all and simply stared at him quietly.

After a while, Senior Brother Zhao frowned and asked, “What kind of skill is it to hit a woman?”

Originally, he had wanted to use his powerful World Force to take Yang Kai down a notch, but who would have thought that the other party would actually resist his strength and remain indifferent.

Only now did he realize that he wasn’t some pushover. Thinking about it, if he was a pushover, Junior Sister Zhou wouldn’t have been his opponent.

“Sorry!” Yang Kai suddenly said.

Senior Brother Zhao nodded, “It’s good that you know your mistake! But you shouldn’t have said this to me, you should have said it to Junior Sister Zhou and Junior Sister Gu.”

Yang Kai said, “I said this for you…”

Senior Brother Zhao was surprised, “Why?”

Yang Kai suddenly stretched out his hand towards him and formed a fist, lightly punching out as he shouted, “Beating Ox!”

Senior Brother Zhao’s eyes went wide as if he had been struck by lightning. He spat out a mouthful of blood and staggered backwards.

Yang Kai sighed, “The flaw in your ability to use the World Force is too obvious, I can’t help it. Senior Brother, I’m sorry!”

If Yang Kai wanted to use this Secret Technique, he would have to trace back to the source and use the other party’s World Force to attack the Small Universe. If this was a fierce battle, Yang Kai might have to expend some effort, but Senior Brother Zhao’s unrestrained use of the World Force in front of him was equivalent to showing Yang Kai a way out.

With a single move, Senior Brother Zhao was defeated!


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