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This world was filled with all kinds of strange lights and distorted scenery. Looking around, Yang Kai found that there was nothing normal.

Li Yuanwang was sitting not far away from Yang Kai, with a throne under his butt. He leaned forward slightly, one hand supporting his chin as he stared at Yang Kai with a look of aggression.

Around him, a terrifying amount of energy condensed, transforming into a series of sharp swords that clanged continuously.

Sword intent permeated the air, filled with murderous intent.

This was the world in the painting! Yang Kai suddenly realized.

The painting really did contain a world!

Only at this moment did Yang Kai realize that he had underestimated this Lang Ya's Sect Master. His painting skills is not terrible, he just didn’t know how to appreciate it.

Gu Pan, who was standing to the side, was also somewhat shocked. She had clearly seen how extraordinary this world in the painting was and had always thought that her master’s painting skills were terrible, but who would have thought that he would have such a bizarre method?

“Boy, what did you just say? Say it again, I didn’t hear you clearly,” Li Yuanwang looked at Yang Kai sharply.

Naturally, he had heard it clearly, but he wanted to confirm it. Previously, he had pretended not to know because he wanted to numb Yang Kai's senses and take advantage of his moment of carelessness to draw him into this world.

Yang Kai turned his head to look at Gu Pan. At this moment, it was useless for him to explain, it was better for Gu Pan to speak.

Gu Pan understood immediately and said in a shocking tone, “Master, Elder Shi Zheng has been turned into ink!”

Li Yuanwang’s aura suddenly stagnated. He could doubt Yang Kai, but he was still willing to believe his own disciple’s words. With a pained expression, he asked, “Where did this news come from? Can you confirm?”

Gu Pan nodded solemnly, “Senior Brother Yang saw it with his own eyes and specially came from the Star Boundary for this matter.”

“Speak carefully!” Li Yuanwang turned to Yang Kai and said.

Yang Kai quickly explained what he had told Gu Pan, causing Li Yuanwang’s expression to become increasingly solemn.

After Yang Kai finished speaking, Li Yuanwang asked, “Zong Yuquan was discovered by you, so you wanted to test this King?”

Yang Kai nodded, mainly because he didn’t know what to say to that annoying painting, so he simply said it out loud.

“Words aren’t proof, open up your Small Universe, this king wants to examine it,” Li Yuanwang stood up and said. Subconsciously, he felt that Yang Kai’s words weren’t false, otherwise he wouldn’t have come all the way here from the Star Boundary, but since this matter concerned the Black Ink Clan, it was best to be careful.

Yang Kai was helpless. During this period of time, people had been examining his Small Universe too frequently, but in order to determine whether or not he had been turned into ink, this was indeed the simplest and most effective method.

Opening the Small Universe's door, Li Yuanwang’s Divine Sense immediately poured into it. A moment later, he stared at Yang Kai in shock, “You’re quite bold, actually daring to seal the Black Ink Smoke inside the Small Universe.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “If it weren’t for the World Spring, this Junior wouldn’t dare act so rashly.”

Li Yuanwang nodded slightly and was about to speak when Yang Kai suddenly said, “Senior, it’s your turn!”

Li Yuanwang’s jaw dropped, “What?”

Yang Kai stared at him and said, “Senior, please open up your Small Universe and allow this Junior to carefully investigate.”

Li Yuanwang immediately laughed, “You want to check on my Small Universe?”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Only then can we confirm that Senior has not been turned into ink!”

“If this Master was turned into ink, you would already be dead!”

“That’s hard to say, perhaps Senior is just trying to confuse us!” Yang Kai shook his head.

Li Yuanwang looked around and nodded, “Is there something wrong with your friend’s head?”

Gu Pan said, “Master, I also want to take a look.”

Li Yuanwang suddenly put on a pained expression, “Xiao Pan, why are you like this too? Is it really true that when a young lady grows up, she will always side with others? Master has painstakingly raised you, is it easy?”

Yang Kai took a step forward and solemnly said, “Senior, this is a matter of great importance. If Senior insists on not letting us investigate your Small Universe, then Junior can only conclude that Senior has been turned into ink and dares not allow anyone to investigate, so don’t blame Junior for being rude!”

Li Yuanwang smiled at Yang Kai, “How can you act rude here?”

Yang Kai said, “The Inked member is now convinced that I am his companion, so if I were to fight with Senior, this matter will no longer be settled peacefully. At that time, the Inked members will definitely be alerted, and if Senior is not an Inked member, he will definitely not want to see such a thing happen. Senior, please cooperate!”

Li Yuanwang couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed, but he had to admit that Yang Kai was right.

He had already left the impression of being a companion on Zong Yuquan’s side, so Zong Yuquan must have already sent a message to the other Inked masters to inform them of this matter. If a battle really broke out here, they would definitely alert the enemy and cause trouble.

Yang Kai didn’t care about this, he wasn’t Lang Ya’s disciple, but as Lang Ya’s Sect Master, Li Yuanwang couldn’t let it happen.

Gritting his teeth, he turned his head towards the sky, a look of despair on his face, “Forget it, just watch!”

Saying so, Li Yuanwang opened the door to his Small Universe.

Yang Kai and Gu Pan’s Divine Sense immediately poured into it.

Li Yuanwang’s body trembled as he said sorrowfully, “I’m so ashamed, being examined by my own disciple while being examined by a man inside my body, sigh, I’m not clean!”

Yang Kai whispered into Gu Pan’s ear, “Has your Master always been so good at acting?”

Gu Pan nodded with a complicated expression.

Yang Kai sighed, “It’s been hard on you!”

“Little brat!” Li Yuanwang shouted angrily, “This King can hear you, i'm not deaf!”

“Hahahaha!” Yang Kai withdrew his Divine Sense and nodded, “No problem, Senior.”

“Hmph!” Li Yuanwang wore a displeased expression as he waved his hand, dispersing the distorted scenery around him and the three of them returned to their original room.

Looking at Gu Pan, he earnestly advised, “In the future, don’t make too many friends, it’s best if you cut off all ties with a friend like this, lest they lead you astray!”

Yang Kai’s face darkened, “Senior, I’m not deaf!”

Li Yuanwang snorted, “So what? Do you want to hit me? Come, hit me.”

“Master!” Gu Pan stared at Li Yuanwang seriously, “Please be serious!”

Li Yuanwang let out a few light coughs and placed his hands behind his back, putting on the air of a great master as he said in a low voice, “The current situation is that Shi Zheng and Zong Yuquan have both been turned into ink, Shi Zheng is dead, and Zong Yuquan is overseeing the harbor. I don’t know how many of their accomplices there are in my Lang Ya Paradise, this is quite a headache.”

Yang Kai nodded, “The only thing we can be certain of now is that the Inked member is unable to sense each other.”

Li Yuanwang looked at him for a moment before nodding in agreement.

If they could sense each other, Zong Yuquan would definitely be able to sense that something was wrong with Yang Kai’s identity and would not respond to his probing.

Of course, there was also the possibility that Zong Yuquan was playing hard to get, but under those circumstances, Zong Yuquan’s reaction was very natural and didn’t seem to be plotting anything.

This way, Yang Kai could conceal himself better.

Gu Pan looked at Yang Kai and asked, “Senior Brother, do you have any plans?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “Right now, the most important thing is to bring Senior Yu and the others over. They’ve snuck into Lang Ya Territory with me, but because it’s inconvenient to expose their arrival, they’ve been hiding in Lang Ya territory all this time. If they join us, it’ll be easier to deal with the Inked members.”

Li Yuanwang nodded, “I’ll handle this matter. Tell me their location.”

Yang Kai immediately took out a jade slip and used his Divine Sense to engrave the location of Yu Xiangdie and the others before handing it over to Li Yuanwang.

With the Lang Ya Paradise's Sect Master's help, it would definitely not be a problem for Yu Xiangdie and the others to quietly enter Lang Ya Territory.

“Then what’s left is to determine the identities of these Inked cultivators,” Yang Kai looked up at Li Yuanwang, “Senior, the various Cave Heaven Paradise have some understanding of the Black Ink Clan, is there no way to differentiate between friend and foe?”

Li Yuan Wang nodded, “Yes!”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “What method?”

Li Yuanwang pondered for a moment before saying, “The power of the Black Ink Clan is extremely mysterious, but it is extremely difficult to detect, so our ancestors created a Spirit Array specifically designed to deal with the Black Ink Clan, known as the Profound Ink! The various Cave Heaven Paradise all have this inheritance, so as long as the Inked members stands within the Spirit Array, it will be able to easily determine their identity. However, if we really want to do this, we need to narrow down the scope of our inspection. We can’t possibly gather all of Lang Ya’s Open Heaven Stage cultivators and have them inspected by the Spirit Array.”

Yang Kai nodded. If they really acted like this, it would be no different from checking on other people’s Small Universe, and it would definitely alert the enemy. At that time, the Inked member's identity would be exposed and there would be a great battle with Lang Ya Paradise's Open Heaven Stage. At that time, the situation would become uncontrollable.

“That’s why I need you to infiltrate the Inked members rank and find out their identities!” Li Yuanwang looked at Yang Kai, “It can be said that my Lang Ya’s luck is quite good. Since you were able to confirm Zong Yuquan’s identity the moment you arrived here, perhaps you can start with him!”

Yang Kai nodded, “I think so too. En, I need Senior to provide me with a list.”

“What kind of list?”

“People who have good relationship with Shi Zheng and Zong Yuquan, and the list of closely related personnel, including the Sixth Order and Seventh Order,” Yang Kai thought for a moment before continuing, “If it’s a Fifth Order, I don’t think there’s a need to investigate. Even if a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator were to be turned into ink, their value wouldn’t be high, so the Inked members wouldn’t act like this.”

“Good!” Li Yuanwang readily agreed, “I’ll arrange it later and have someone give it to you. You should stay with Xiao Pan for the time being and act accordingly!”

“Senior can rest assured.”

“Everything… is up to you!” Li Yuanwang suddenly cupped his fists towards Yang Kai, his expression solemn.

Yang Kai returned the gesture and said, “Senior is too polite. Although I am not a member of the Cave Heaven Paradise, I know the dangers of the Black Ink Clan. This matter is to help Lang Ya and also to help myself.”

Li Yuanwang nodded, then suddenly turned to Gu Pan and warned, “Xiao Pan, protect yourself, don’t let any stinky man take advantage of you. If anyone dares to bully you, remember to inform your Master immediately, I will beat them up for you!”

Saying so, he stared at Yang Kai threateningly.

Gu Pan stomped her foot and said, “Master, you should stop talking!”

Having such a master was too embarrassing.


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