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“Elder Shi Zheng is permanently stationed in the Star Boundary. If Junior Brother Yang has any problems in the future, you can look for Elder Shi Zheng. My Lang Ya Paradise has a deep relationship with Junior Brother Yang, so we should help each other,” Zong Yuquan smiled.

Yang Kai nodded, “Before coming here, I met with Elder Shi Zheng, and he took great care of me.”

Zong Yuquan asked with concern, “How is Elder Shi’s health now?”

Yang Kai smiled, “Everything is fine.”

After chatting for a while more, Zong Yuquan seemed to have received some kind of message and said somewhat apologetically, “This Zong needs to oversee the harbor and verify the information of some of the people passing through, so it’s not convenient to chat with Junior Brother.”

Yang Kai tactfully stood up and said, “Senior Brother, please take care of yourself.”

Zong Yuquan nodded, “Junior Sister Gu should be arriving soon, you can take a stroll around the Star City. Our Lang Ya Star City has many good things, if you see anything you like, feel free to tell me.”

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded and turned to leave. Suddenly, a thought flashed across his mind and he nodded slightly towards Zong Yuquan, “Ink Will Last Forever!”

These words were spoken by Shi Zheng before he died. At first, he didn’t know what they meant, but after listening to Yu Xiangdie and the others explain so much, he naturally understood.

On the surface, the person who had been transformed by the Ink looked normal, but in reality, his temperament had changed greatly. Even a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator like Shi Zheng, had only shouted such a sentence before dying, showing just how dangerous the Black Ink Clan was.

Shi Zheng had probably already lost his sense of self.

These words were most likely a belief or a slogan they were holding onto!

When Yang Kai said these words at this time, it wasn’t because he had noticed anything, but because he was just casually probing.

He didn’t expect any response.

Zong Yuquan stared at him for a moment before reaching out and gently caressing his chest, whispering, “Ink Will Last Forever!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly before turning around and leaving.

After exiting the Void Harbor and entering the bustling streets, he quickly blended into the crowd.

A moment later, in front of a shop, Yang Kai stopped, his expression calm, but in his heart he was cursing.

Didn’t they say that the Black Ink Insect were precious and that the Black Ink Clan only use them against High Rank masters?

Zong Yuquan was actually Inked! This was something Yang Kai couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Yu Xiangdie and the others had told him before that Black Ink Insects were extremely precious to the Black Ink Clan, so it wasn’t worth it to convert a Mid Rank master, so the Black Ink Clan would only focus on High Rank Open Heaven. For so many years, the reason why the various Cave Heaven Paradise wanted to recruit High Rank Open Heaven or send them to an unknown places was because they were afraid they would be targeted by the Black Ink Clan. At that time, it would be like a piece of rat shit destroying a pot of porridge.

But now, after Yang Kai’s casual probing, he had confirmed Zong Yuquan’s identity as the Inked members.

Thinking about it this way, Zong Yuquan’s intentional mention of Elder Shi Zheng before was probably to probe him. He should know about Shi Zheng’s plan in the Star Boundary.

And after he said 'Ink Will Last Forever', he didn’t have the slightest doubt and immediately responded, obviously thinking that Shi Zheng had succeeded!

In fact, if Yang Kai hadn’t obtained the World Spring by chance, he might not have been able to escape unscathed from the Black Ink Insect. In the eyes of an Inked member like Zong Yuquan, it was normal for Shi Zheng to succeed.

How many Inked cultivators were there in Lang Ya Paradise?

As if the situation had suddenly become worse, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat depressed.

After wandering around the Star City for a while, a familiar Divine Sense suddenly spread out and began searching around.

It was Gu Pan’s Divine Sense. Yang Kai responded briefly before quickly finding her position, and a petite figure descended from the sky.

Many people on the street stopped to watch, surprised by who was so bold as to act so brazenly in Lang Ya Star City.

However, when they saw the clothes on Gu Pan’s body, they understood that this was someone from Lang Ya Paradise, so they were not surprised.

“Senior Brother Yang.” Gu Pan landed in front of Yang Kai and nodded.

“Junior Sister Gu!” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “It’s been many years since we last met, you’re still as elegant as ever!”

The last time he had seen her was during the Dao Exchange Conference of Yin-Yang Heaven, and in the blink of an eye, several dozen years had passed.

Gu Pan replied, “Senior Brother Yang seems to have become stronger.”

Yang Kai laughed and said, “I just happened to run into some fortuitous encounters.”

Gu Pan asked curiously, “Why did Senior Brother Yang come here this time?”

Yang Kai casually replied, “It’s nothing important, I just came to see you.”

Looking at him seriously for a moment, Gu Pan suddenly took out a jade slip and calmly said, “Senior Brother Yang, please repeat what you just said.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai was confused.

Looking around, Gu Pan said, “I’ll leave behind some evidence. When Senior Sister Qu comes out of seclusion, I’ll tell her that while she’s in seclusion, Senior Brother is playing around!”

Yang Kai’s face went black, “Of course not! Besides, even if I wanted to play with women, with your small body, I wouldn’t be interested!”

Gu Pan chuckled, “You may know a man’s face but not his heart, who knows what Senior Brother’s hobby is?”

Yang Kai said with some heartache, “Junior Sister, you’ve changed. You weren’t like this in the past. You used to be so naive and innocent, but now you’re starting to become suspicious.”


“Come, come, eat some dried fish!” Yang Kai suddenly took out a large amount of dried fish from his Space Ring.

Gu Pan continued to point the jade slip towards Yang Kai and record his current state, saying, “Senior Sister Qu, Senior Brother Yang was trying to win me over, he deliberately offered his services to me!”

Yang Kai raised his hand and knocked her on the head before stuffing the dried fish into her mouth, “Stop fooling around! I have something important to discuss with you!”

Gu Pan’s mouth was full, but she didn’t forget to say, “Senior Brother is beginning to fly into a rage out of humiliation!”

Yang Kai looked at her sideways.

Fortunately, Gu Pan quickly put away the jade slip, swallowed the dried fish in her mouth, and said, “This is not the place to talk. Senior Brother, come with me.”

Saying so, she soared into the sky.

Yang Kai followed closely behind.

Soon, they left the Star City and headed straight towards the core of Lang Ya Territory, towards the location of Lang Ya Paradise's Sect.

Along the way, there was nothing in the void, but Yang Kai could sense that there was a huge Spirit Array in front of him, preventing outsiders from seeing what was happening inside Lang Ya Paradise.

Arriving at the front of the formation, Gu Pan took out her token and activated the formation, immediately seeing a magnificent scene.

In the void, countless Small Spirit Province surrounded the three giant Spirit Province in the middle. Even from far away, Yang Kai could still feel the rich Spiritual Qi and rich World Strength from the Spirit Province.

This was not the first time Yang Kai had entered a Cave Heaven Paradise, and he had already seen the heritage of these top forces in Yin-Yang Heaven.

But now that he saw the scene in Lang Ya Paradise, he couldn’t help feeling a bit emotional. A Paradise was truly a Paradise, and his own Void Land couldn’t compare to it. This wasn’t just a matter of the number of masters and disciples, it also required a long period of inheritance and accumulation.

What the Void Land lacked the most now was time.

Entering this formation was the only way to reach the core of Lang Ya Paradise. Ordinary people could not enter this place.

As they continued forward, they soon arrived at a Spirit Province. This Spirit Province wasn’t very large, but the environment was quite good, especially since there was a giant lake in the middle of which a large fish swam.

What surprised Yang Kai was that there was no one in the Spirit Province.

Gu Pan explained, “This is my place of cultivation. Normally, no one will come here.”

Yang Kai bared his teeth. A great force was a great force after all, and even a Core Disciple could occupy a Spirit Province and not be disturbed by anyone.

“Senior Brother, why did you come here this time?” Gu Pan led Yang Kai into a bamboo house by the lake and poured him a cup of water.

“It’s like this, Elder Shi Zheng asked me to deliver a message to Junior Sister,” On the way here, Yang Kai had thought about it for a while and decided to first find Gu Pan. With her identity as a core disciple, it was quite convenient for him to act from here.

But after the incident with Zong Yuquan, Yang Kai was unable to determine whether Gu Pan was safe or not. Even Zong Yuquan had been turned into ink, so how could a Core Disciple like Gu Pan not be targeted by the Black Ink Clan? If Gu Pan was turned into ink, her value to the Black Ink Clan would definitely be higher.

If it was possible, he naturally didn’t want to suspect anything, but now that this matter concerned the Black Ink Clan, he had to be careful, otherwise, once this matter was exposed, it would cause a great disturbance in Lang Ya Paradise and many people would die.

“Does Elder Shi have something to say to me?” Gu Pan was somewhat surprised. Although she was now an Elder of Lang Ya Paradise, she did not have much interaction with Shi Zheng, so she was quite puzzled.

Yang Kai nodded.

Gu Pan sat opposite him and asked curiously, “What does Elder Shi want to say to me?”

Yang Kai stared at him and said seriously, “Elder Shi said… Ink Will Laster Forever!”

Zong Yuquan’s reaction made him certain that these words could distinguish between friend and foe. If Gu Pan also replied to him like this, she would undoubtedly be the Inked member.

After saying this, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling anxious.

The other party stared at him blankly for a moment before nodding lightly, “Ink Will Last Forever!”

Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help becoming a bit dim, his heart aching!

Was this petite and cute little girl also Inked?

At this moment, a change occurred.

A brush appeared in the air, and as the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage's World Force fluctuated, the brush danced through the air and struck Yang Kai a dozen times.

A chain suddenly appeared on Yang Kai’s body and a powerful restraining force firmly bound him to the ground. Immediately after, Yang Kai grabbed the brush and with a fluid motion, layers of binding force were applied to his body.

This change had happened too suddenly, and while Yang Kai was feeling depressed, he was completely unprepared.

By the time he realized what was happening, he felt like he was carrying an entire universe world on his back, causing his body to bend and out of breath.


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