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Lang Ya Territory was vast and boundless, it is a great domain where Lang Ya Paradise was located.

Even the Void Land had its own domain, and as one of the 72 Paradise, Lang Ya Paradise naturally had its own.

In the entire Lang Ya Territory, except for the core area where outsiders are not allowed to approach, outsiders can enter and leave.

Basically, the situation in every Cave Heaven Paradise was like this, because the large Star City under their control required cultivators to accumulate popularity. If they sealed off the entire Great Domain, how could anyone come here to do business?

Just like in the Void Territory, other than the Void Land, all other places were open to cultivators.

A group of High Rank masters quietly snuck into Lang Ya Territory before Yang Kai rushed to Lang Ya Star City alone while Yu Xiangdie and the others continued to hide outside.

After all, if such a large number of High Rank Open Heaven suddenly appeared in the Star City, it would definitely attract the attention of Lang Ya Paradise, making it inconvenient for them to act.

The plan for this trip was for Yang Kai to first infiltrate Lang Ya Paradise and investigate the identities and traces of the Inked people, then follow the clues to find the pure Black Ink Clan and inform Yu Xiangdie and the others.

There was still a long way to go!

At the Star City’s Void Harbor, Yang Kai arrived in a flash. Looking around, he saw that the place was bustling with people. Any Star City owned by the Cave Heaven Paradise is a large Star City, and its popularity was extremely high. Cultivators from the 3000 Worlds and different Great Domains would gather together to give these Cave Heaven Paradise unimaginable benefits every year.

If it weren’t for the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill, Void Land’s Star City would never have been able to rise to a large Star City. But now, Yang Kai discovered that although Void Land Star City could also be considered a large Star City, its foundation was still slightly inferior to Lang Ya Star City.

There was nothing wrong with this. After so many years of inheritance, the newly risen forces like the Void Land could not be compared to them.

There was a master standing guard at the harbor, and his aura was not concealed at all. It was obviously a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit moved by Lang Ya Paradise's great wealth. The people guarding the harbor were all Sixth Order, and the one overseeing the Void Land's harbor was Jin Yuanlang, a mere Fifth Order.

He obediently followed behind the crowd and waited for Lang Ya Paradise's disciples to inspect him.

However, before it was his turn, a disciple from Lang Ya Paradise seemed to have received some kind of order and walked towards him, politely saying, “Senior Brother, Martial Uncle Zong invites Senior Brother to the inner hall.”

Yang Kai was a little surprised, not knowing why he had been targeted by this Martial Uncle Zong while he was obediently waiting in line, but before he could figure it out, the Lang Ya Paradise disciple walked over to another person and said something similar.

All three of them were the same.

Yang Kai turned to look at the other two and discovered that they also exuded the aura of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master.

Only now did he realize that it wasn’t that he had been targeted, but that all Sixth Order cultivators who entered Lang Ya Star City would receive such an invitation.

It should be for the stability of the Star City. After all, even if the Star City had a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master, if someone with malicious intentions snuck in and wreaked havoc, Lang Ya Star City would suffer losses.

After understanding this point, Yang Kai slowly walked towards the main hall next to the harbor. There was also a man and a woman with him, but he didn’t know where they came from.

Inside the hall, a middle-aged man sat behind a long table, his bearing extraordinary. When Yang Kai and the other two entered, he didn’t hesitate to carefully examine them.

After the three of them approached, he said, “Please sit.”

Yang Kai and the other two glanced at each other before sitting down.

There was no tea to serve, the middle-aged man introduced himself as Zong Yuquan. He was one of the people who guarded the harbor in Lang Ya Star City and investigated the cultivators who came here.

Summoning the three of them here really didn’t have any other intentions, only asking about their backgrounds. This was also the rule of Lang Ya Star City since ancient times. Those below the Sixth Order could be ignored, but as long as one’s cultivation reached the Sixth Order, if they wanted to enter the Star City, they had to be thoroughly investigated.

The man and woman both reported their identities and backgrounds, Zong Yuquan verified them one by one, and after confirming that there were no problems, he gave them a special token to allow them to leave. Before they left, he even warned them not to cause trouble in Lang Ya Star City, otherwise they would be killed without mercy.

The man and woman obviously knew the rules here and it was probably not their first time here, so they naturally agreed.

After the two left, Zong Yuquan turned to Yang Kai and asked, “Where did you come from? Why have you come to my Lang Ya Star City?”

Although they were both Sixth Order, Zong Yuquan always had a faint sense of arrogance when facing Yang Kai and the other two. After all, he was from one of the 72 Paradise and had an extraordinary background. Compared to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage outside the Cave Heaven Paradise, they were indeed superior.

Yang Kai had been wondering whether he should hide his identity or tell the truth about his origins, but Zong Yuquan had obviously used some kind of special method to verify the their identity, so concealing his identity might be a bit unrealistic. Moreover, his main purpose in coming here was to find out the Inked people and Black Ink Clan, so concealing his identity wasn’t convenient.

However, he didn’t directly reveal his origins, instead taking out a token and smiling, “Does Senior Brother Zong recognize this?”

Zong Yuquan looked up and raised his brow, revealing a look of surprise, “This is my Lang Ya Paradise's core disciple token, where did you obtain it?”

This was a symbol of one’s status in Lang Ya Paradise, and only core disciples had the qualifications to possess it.

But now that Yang Kai had a piece in his hand, Zong Yuquan was naturally surprised.

He had never thought that this was something Yang Kai had obtained by killing someone. If that was the case, Yang Kai wouldn’t have the courage to come here.

The only explanation was that he had picked it up, or that a Sect Core Disciple had given it to him.

This was indeed given to him by Gu Pan. After returning from the Great Ruins Boundary, many cultivators who had managed to escape with Yang Kai’s help had given Yang Kai their own tokens before they left, inviting him to visit their own Sect when he was free.

Gu Pan had given him this token.

At that time, Yang Kai had even considered making a trip to Lang Ya Paradise when he had time. After all, with Zhang Ruoxi here, with this token, he could easily find her.

However, after all these years, he had been running around and had yet to come to Lang Ya Paradise. If it weren’t for the matter of the Black Ink Clan, he would not have come here.

“This item was given to me by Junior Sister Gu Pan,” Yang Kai replied honestly.

Zong Yuquan was surprised, “You know Junior Sister Gu?”

“A life and death friendship!” Yang Kai nodded.

This time, Zong Yuquan was truly surprised. He naturally knew Gu Pan. Although they weren’t very familiar with each other, they had at least interacted with each other a few times in the Sect. As one of the few Core Disciples in the Sect, Gu Pan was a rising star who had reached the Sixth Order directly. This was something Zong Yuquan couldn’t compare to.

However, for Gu Pan to give her token to someone else, it showed that their friendship was not shallow.

After a moment of silence, Zong Yuquan asked, “May I ask what your name is?”

“Void Land, Yang Kai!” Yang Kai replied with a smile.

Zong Yuquan’s eyes immediately lit up and he stood up, “Are you the Void Land’s Master, High Heaven Territory's Star Boundary’s Great Emperor Yang Kai?”

He also had such a reputation, and for some inexplicable reason, it felt quite good!

Yang Kai nodded politely, “Yes, it is this Yang!”

Zong Yuquan’s eyes flashed with a strange light as he became much more enthusiastic, “Aiya, I’ve heard so much about you, but I’ve never had the chance to meet you. Seeing you today, you really live up to your reputation!”

“Senior Brother Zong is too kind!” Yang Kai smiled and nodded.

Zong Yuquan didn’t doubt Yang Kai’s identity. After all, he had even taken out a Core Disciple Token, there was no benefit in pretending to be him. Even though he had never seen Yang Kai before, Zong Yuquan was certain that this person in front of him was Yang Kai.

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, Zong Yuquan shouted, “Men!”

The Lang Ya Paradise disciple who had led Yang Kai here before stepped in and cupped his fists, “Martial Uncle Zong!”

Zong Yuquan said, “Go back to the Sect and inform Elder Gu Pan that a friend of hers has come to the Star City, ask her to come over!”

The disciple glanced at Yang Kai in surprise before accepting his orders.

Zong Yuquan asked someone to serve him some tea again, as if he regretted not meeting Yang Kai earlier.

Yang Kai was somewhat surprised by the other party’s enthusiasm and could only chat with him.

Zong Yuquan was obviously very curious about the World Tree in the Star Boundary and asked many questions about it. He learned that the World Tree’s feedback was only effective on cultivators who had yet to condense a Dao Seal, but after condensing a Dao Seal or even Open Heaven Stage cultivator, one could not benefit, he couldn’t help sighing in regret.

“I should have born in the 3000 Worlds a little later!” Zong Yuquan smiled bitterly and said, “I won’t hide it from Junior Brother Yang. Although I was only a Fifth Order when I broke through to Open Heaven, I was also qualified to break through to the Sixth Order, but just to be safe, I only broke through to the Fifth Order. If I had the World Tree back then, it would have been no problem for Senior Brother to break through to the Sixth Order.”

Yang Kai smiled, “Senior Brother is also a Sixth Order now.”

Zong Yuquan said, “That’s not the same. The limit of a Fifth Order is a Seventh Order, but if I had been able to break through to the Sixth Order back then, my limit would have been an Eighth Order. The difference of one grade is like heaven and earth!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Although there was only a difference of one grade between the Seventh and Eighth Order, the difference in strength was like the difference between Heaven and Earth. Just like how a Seventh Order could kill a Sixth Order easily, an Eighth Order could easily kill a Seventh Order.

Back in Shattered Heaven, Xia Linlang, a Seventh Order, didn’t even have the courage to fight against Bright Sun Divine Monarch and was chased to the end.

“However, now that the Star Boundary has the World Tree, in the future, my Lang Ya Paradise will definitely have more rising stars, all of this is thanks to Junior Brother Yang.”

“It was just a coincidence,” Yang Kai waved his hand. When he first planted the World Tree, he had only wanted to stabilize the Star Boundary, but who would have thought that it would cause the entire Star Boundary to become famous? Now, that small remote corner of the Star Boundary had become the center of attention for the 3000 Worlds.

The name of Open Heaven Stage's Cradle was well deserved.


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