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Someone asked in confusion, “How do Inked cultivators sense each other? What if they don’t?”

Yang Kai stroked his chin and said, “I have a bold idea! Please wait a moment, I’ll be back soon!”

Saying so, he suddenly turned around and rushed back into the black ink smoke.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what Yang Kai was doing. All they could see was the thick black ink smoke suddenly roiling and rapidly decreasing.

Someone cried out in alarm, “Is he collecting the Black Ink Smoke?” If this wasn’t the case, there was no way to explain the scene in front of them.

Yu Changdao and Yu Xiangdie’s expressions changed drastically as they stared at this scene nervously.

Although after Yang Kai refined the World Spring, his Small Universe had become perfectly round and flawless, and even the Black Ink Smoke and Black Ink Insect were unable to affect him in the slightest, that was only for external forces. But if he really opened his Small Universe and absorbed the Black Ink Smoke, who knew what would happen?

However, the scene in front of them clearly showed that Yang Kai was indeed doing so.

For a time, everyone was on edge. Secretly thinking, Yang Kai’s courage was simply too great. Even High Rank Open Heaven masters like them, were afraid of the Black Ink Smoke, yet he actually wanted to absorb them into his body.

Inside the black ink smoke, Yang Kai had indeed opened the door to his Small Universe and absorbed the thick black ink smoke.

Previously, he had been wondering how to deal with this Black Ink Smoke. It didn’t look like it would disappear very soon, so staying here was definitely not a good idea. The only solution was to set up a great array here and turn this void into a forbidden zone.

However, if this was the case, it would be too obvious. Who knew if there were any curious people who wanted to break the restriction and see what was happening inside?

Now that he knew that Yu Changdao and the others were going to take him to the Lang Ya Paradise, Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking of taking away these black ink smoke to prevent future troubles! Shi Zheng's Small Universe door had been completely sealed by his Space Secret Technique. Without his help, no one else would be able to open it.

Now that he had collected these black ink smoke, he could relax completely.

At the same time, he also had an idea he wanted to verify. He knew too little about the Black Ink Clan and Inked members, and he didn’t even know much about the various Cave Heaven Paradise, so perhaps he could use this opportunity to probe them.

Of course, he wasn’t stupid enough to directly collect all of the Black Ink Smoke into his Small Universe. If something really went wrong, it would be too late to regret.

He first tried to collect a little of it, but soon discovered to his surprise that even though he had collected the Black Ink Smoke into his Small Universe, it was still suppressed by the World Spring’s power, unable to cause any trouble, much less affect his temperament.

Because of this, Yang Kai was able to act boldly.

The World Spring was truly a good thing, no wonder it could be ranked amongst the Universe Four Pillars! When Yang Kai obtained the World Spring in Shattered Heaven, he had not expected it to have such a powerful restraining effect on the Black Ink Clan.

The World Spring was like this, and so were the other three. Universe Four Pillars could be said to be the Black Ink Clan's nemesis!

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, all of the Black Ink Smoke was collected into his Small Universe.

When he flew back again, a group of people stared at him vigilantly as dozens of auras locked onto him, seemingly ready to blast him into dust at any moment.

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before quickly opening his small universe's door, “Everyone, please calm down, I haven’t been turned into ink, please take a closer look.”

Everyone didn’t try to be polite with him. At this time, it was best to be careful as they sent their Divine Sense into Yang Kai’s small universe to investigate. In a certain corner of Yang Kai’s small universe, a large mass of black ink smoke was rolling about, but it was sealed in place by an invisible force and couldn’t break through.

Apart from this black ink smoke, everything else was normal.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief and looked at each other in dismay. Only now did they realize that the World Spring actually had such a wondrous use, causing them to feel a little envious.

Although their cultivations were higher than Yang Kai’s, if they really encountered Black Ink Insect and Black Ink Smoke, they wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Yang Kai, you must be careful. If you sense something is wrong with that Black Ink Smoke, immediately cut off your territory. It's better for the Small Universe to suffer some damage than allow yourself to be contaminated by the ink!” Yu Xiangdie warned.

Separating the Small Universe's territory was also a method recorded in the ancient records of the various Cave Heaven Paradise to deal with the Black Ink Smoke and Black Ink Insect.

Although doing so would cause the Small Universe to suffer some damage and perhaps cause his strength to fall, it was still better than being completely destroyed.

“I understand!” Yang Kai nodded seriously.

“Sect Master Yang, those Small Stone Man…” Some people were still quite curious about the Small Stone Race that lived in Yang Kai’s Small Universe.

“What Small Stone Man? You’re mistaken.”

The man choked and was speechless, thinking to himself that he wasn’t blind, how could he not see those strange Stone Man running around?

“Alright, enough small talk!” Yu Xiangdie looked around, “Right now, it’s more important to hurry to Lang Ya Paradise, if there are no objections, we’ll set out now!”

Everyone nodded.

Yu Xiangdie immediately steered the ship towards the Domain Gate.

On the deck, Yang Kai said, “Seniors, I have a plan, but I don’t know if it’s appropriate.”

Everyone looked over curiously as Yu Xiangdie asked, “What is your plan?”

Yang Kai said, “Everyone’s original plan was undoubtedly to head directly to Lang Ya Paradise to investigate the High Rank Open Heaven masters' Small Universe, find the possible Inked masters, and then follow the clues to find traces of the Black Ink Clan.”

Yu Xiangdie nodded.

“This plan is simple and straightforward, but as we said just now, it may alert the Black Ink Clan behind the scenes, and those Inked masters may not reveal any useful information. If that’s the case, you’ll at most be able to deal with some Inked masters, but you won’t be able to solve the root of the problem. The Black Ink Clan behind the scenes can still use the Black Ink Insect to transform more Inked masters in the future.”

Speaking up to this point, Yang Kai suddenly changed the subject, “But what if I am allowed to sneak in? Everyone knows that I am not Inked, but the Inked people in Lang Ya Paradise don’t know that. This time, Shi Zheng acted against me. He must think that he has a hundred percent chance of succeeding, so I believe the other Inked people would also think so, so in their eyes, now that Shi Zheng has succeeded, I… am one of them!”

Hearing this, everyone nodded. High Rank Open Heaven's thinking was quick, and Yang Kai’s words were so simple and clear, so it was naturally not difficult for them to understand.

“So my idea is to first go to Lang Ya Paradise and find out who the Inked people is. If we can find out the location of the Black Ink Clan, it will be even better. When the enemy is in the dark and we are in the light, it won’t be too late for everyone to act!”

Yu Xiangdie pondered for a moment before nodding lightly, “That’s a good idea, but if you expose yourself, you’ll have to face great danger.”

If they really carried out this plan, then these High Rank Open Heaven masters wouldn’t be able to enter Lang Ya Paradise with Yang Kai. They would definitely be lying in wait outside, waiting for Yang Kai to send a message and confirm it before making a move.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Their strongest methods are nothing more than Black Ink Smoke and Black Ink Insect, but it’s a pity these two things are useless to me. The only problem now is how to make them acknowledge me! That’s why I asked if Inked people can sense each other’s identities.”

Yu Changdao suddenly understood and asked, “Sect Master, did you put that Black Ink Smoke into your Small Universe for this purpose?”

Yang Kai nodded, “If they don’t sense each other, that’s naturally for the best. Whether or not I’m Inked or not, they won’t be able to tell. When the time comes, I just need to use Shi Zheng to talk about things, so I’m sure they won’t suspect anything. If they have a way to sense each other…”

Saying so, Yang Kai suddenly opened his palm and a mass of black ink smoke appeared.

Everyone’s expression changed drastically as they quickly retreated.

Yang Kai quickly put away the black ink smoke and chuckled, “I’m sure this will dispel their doubts.”

Yu Xiangdie glared at him, “Just talk, don’t scare people!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Yang Kai quickly nodded, “In any case, it’s better to let me sneak in and find out what’s real and what’s not.”

Yu Xiangdie nodded slightly and asked, “What does everyone think?”

Their previous plan was simple, but it was unlikely they would be able to find the hidden Black Ink Clan. Yang Kai’s method was a bit more complicated, but there was still hope of uprooting the Black Ink Clan.

In comparison, everyone had an answer to how to choose.

“I agree with Sect Master Yang’s proposal,” someone said.

“I agree!”


A moment later, everyone reached an agreement.

Yu Xiangdie said, “Since no one has any objections, we’ll do as Yang Kai says.” Turning to look at Yang Kai, she continued, “But in this case, your safety cannot be guaranteed. When you enter Lang Ya Paradise, you’ll have to be careful, we'll find a way to sneak in and meet up with you.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “If I really expose myself, even if i can't beat the enemy, I can still escape. I’m good at this kind of thing, so when the time comes, I’ll need you Seniors to clean up this mess.”

“Sure.” Everyone nodded.

Yang Kai didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he could feel a trace of recognition from the eyes of these High Rank masters.

In the past, although he had been able to stand on equal footing with these High Rank Open Heaven master, even bargaining with them in certain places, he had never seen such recognition.

All this time, the High Rank Open Heaven masters who had come from various Cave Heaven Paradise had looked at him like he was an upstart.

This wasn’t difficult to understand. The various Cave Heaven Paradise had been passed down for countless years, allowing them to obtain their current strength and prestige.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, had relied on his status as the Star Boundary's Great Emperor and the Star Boundary's World Tree to have the qualifications to speak to them on equal terms. In the eyes of the long-standing Aristocratic Family, he was just an upstart.

However, things were different now. Logically speaking, Yang Kai doesn't have to do anything regarding the matter of Lang Ya Paradise. He is not a cultivator from the Cave Heaven Paradise, although he has a tittle of the Yin-Yang Heaven's Son-In-Law, he was still not married to Qu Huachang officially.

However, he had volunteered to infiltrate the enemy base and infiltrate their ranks to obtain information.

Not everyone possessed such courage and sense of responsibility.


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