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In the place where Shi Zheng had fallen, many High Rank masters had gathered and were communicating with one another via Divine Sense.

After a while, everyone seemed to have reached a consensus, and Yu Changdao nodded, “Since everyone agrees, we will immediately head to Lang Ya Paradise, but this trip will be extremely dangerous, we may even die there, so everyone should be mentally prepared.”

Although Shi Zheng had died, Lang Ya Paradise definitely had other Ink masters, so this matter couldn’t be delayed. They had to rush over immediately to uncover these dangerous existences. If such people were left in Lang Ya Paradise, who knew how many more 'Shi Zheng' would appear?

Most importantly, they had to find the pure Black Ink Clan to prevent future troubles!

Everyone nodded, not paying much attention to the dangers Yu Changdao spoke of. All of them were Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters, so who had not faced death head-on? The various Cave Heaven Paradise had always shared both honor and disgrace, so even if only one of Lang Ya Paradise's Shi Zheng’s identities had been exposed today, no one could just sit back and watch.

“I still need Sect Master to accompany me,” Yu Changdao said as he looked towards Yang Kai’s direction, but Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. Yu Changdao was slightly startled, “Where is Sect Master?”

Yu Xiangdie helplessly pointed in a certain direction.

Yu Changdao glanced over, his eyes twitching slightly.

At some point, Yang Kai had already run to the place where Shi Zheng had fallen, where the black ink smoke was still billowing, but Yang Kai’s movements were not hindered in the slightest.

Even if he had the World Spring to suppress the Small Universe and was not afraid of the Black Ink Smoke’s corrosion, wasn’t it a bit too childish to act so recklessly in the Black Ink Smoke?

“What is Sect Master doing?” Yu Changdao was puzzled.

Yu Xiang Die said, “He probably want to find the Small Universe left behind after Shi Zheng died.”

Just now, when everyone was talking seriously, she saw Yang Kai sitting by the side, bored, but after a while, he seemed to have thought of something and ran off, diving into the black ink smoke.

Now it seemed that he was obviously looking for Shi Zheng’s Small Universe.

Shi Zheng was a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, and Small Universe had already transformed into solid form. If one were to be killed, the Small Unvierse might be able to shatter and scatter into the void. However, since Shi Zheng had died, his Small Universe would be able to survive.

In fact, Shi Zheng’s Small Universe had indeed been preserved, but at this moment it was hidden in the void, wrapped in thick black smoke.

After searching for a moment, Yang Kai soon noticed a faint spatial fluctuation. Following this fluctuation, he activated his Space Laws and directly opened Shi Zheng's Small Universe's door.

As soon as he stepped into this place, Yang Kai was slightly startled, because Shi Zheng’s Small Universe was different from the Universe Paradise or Universe Cave Heaven he had entered before. The entire world was black, as if it had been smeared with black ink.

Yang Kai suddenly understood. No wonder those High Rank masters had wanted to investigate their respective Small Universe World. The Inked cultivator’s Small Universe was indeed vastly different from ordinary people. This kind of abnormality could be clearly seen at a glance and could not be hidden.

As long as there were people who had been turned into ink, they would be able to find them easily by investigating the Small Universe.

Silently sensing the density of the sword dao marks left behind by Shi Zheng after his death, Yang Kai felt that this was similar to the Divine Ability he had just displayed.

Sword Dao Marks were useless to Yang Kai, so even if they were useful, Yang Kai didn’t plan on refining them. After all, Shi Zheng had already been turned into ink, so who knew if his Dao Marks had any problems. Yang Kai had come here to find Shi Zheng’s legacy.

Just now, Yang Kai had seen a lot of good things from the many High Rank's small universe. Since Shi Zheng was a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator, he must be quite wealthy.

There were no signs of life in this Small Universe World, which meant that Shi Zheng had not kept any living creatures inside his body.

After all, not everyone was as gifted as him.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense spread out like a tide and soon found a few buildings.

These buildings were extremely eye-catching and had no hidden intentions. After all, the Small Universe was the foundation of a cultivator, so he wouldn’t have to worry about his treasures being stolen unless he died.

An extremely obvious energy fluctuation came from the buildings.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he rushed over.

Soon, he arrived at the destination, and after inspecting each of them one by one, he smiled happily.

The wealth of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator was indeed quite high, not to mention the hundreds of millions of Open Heaven Pills, but the key was the cultivation resources of various grades, even those of the Sixth Grade or Seventh Grade.

Yang Kai even found quite a number of Yin-Yang Attribute Resources of Sixth and Seventh Grade.

In addition, there were many other artifacts, each one of which seemed to be quite powerful.

Shi Zheng’s cultivation was at the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, and he had lived for countless years. Naturally, all the good things he had accumulated throughout his life were stored in his Small Universe, but now they had all been taken away by Yang Kai.

After searching for a while, he found nothing.

Only then did Yang Kai leave this place, but before he left, he used his Space Secret Technique to completely seal this Small Universe's door.

After all, this place was still High Heaven Territory, once Shi Zheng's Small Universe aura leaked out, it would definitely be absorbed by the Star Boundary's World Tree. The Black Ink Clan's power was too strange, so Yang Kai couldn’t be certain what the consequences would be if this power was swallowed by the World Tree.

With his current attainments in the Space Laws, no one in the entire 3000 Worlds could break this Secret Technique.

Now, the only problem was Black Ink Smoke left behind after Shi Zheng died.

This thing could be said to have the same origin as the Black Ink Insects and had an extremely strong corrosive property, so it wasn’t very safe to leave it here. If someone were to approach it out of curiosity, it was highly likely they would be turned into ink.

Just as he was considering how to deal with this situation, he suddenly heard a voice call out to him.

Yang Kai flashed back to the deck of Yu Xiangdie’s ship.

“Has everyone finished discussing?” Yang Kai asked.

Yu Xiangdie nodded and said, “Yang Kai, we need to make a trip to Lang Ya Paradise as soon as possible. Shi Zheng has already been turned into ink, Lang Ya Paradise may still be in danger.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I understand.”

Yu Xiangdie continued, “If you have nothing else to do, we would like you to accompany us!”

“No problem!” Yang Kai nodded readily.

Everyone was slightly surprised. Originally, everyone had been thinking about how to persuade Yang Kai if he refused, but who would have thought he would agree so quickly? For a moment, all the words they had prepared were useless.

For Yang Kai, the biggest reason they wanted him to accompany them was because his Small Universe has the World Spring to suppress it, so he was not afraid of the Black Ink.

It could be said that anything could go wrong with any of them, but he wouldn’t. He was someone they could absolutely trust.

In this treacherous battlefield, a person who could be absolutely trusted would often play a big role, otherwise they would not have wanted to bring Yang Kai along.

“There may be some risks involved!” Yu Xiangdie looked at him seriously.

Yang Kai smiled, “When I was being chased by Shi Zheng, there was also a risk. The Black Ink Clan's influence on the stability of the 3000 Worlds is big, although I, Yang Kai, have always been a recluse, I am also responsible for this matter.”

Changing the topic, Yang Kai said, “But have you all thought about how to act? Could it be that after arriving at Lang Ya Paradise, you want all of Lang Ya Paradise's Open Heaven Stage cultivators to open their gates like you just did?”

Yu Xiangdie said, “There’s no need to do this to all the Open Heaven Stage. As I told you before, in these 3000 Worlds, Black Ink Insects should be very precious. The Black Ink Clan doesn’t need cultivators below the High Rank Open Heaven, so all we need to do is investigate the High Rank Open Heaven masters. At that time, as long as we investigate their Small Universe, we will be able to immediately discover any problems.”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before shaking his head, “No! If Lang Ya Paradise really has more Inked masters, everyone’s actions will definitely force them into a desperate situation. At that time, not only will it cause great harm to Lang Ya Paradise, but you will also be in danger. Once those people die like Shi Zheng, with the Black Ink Smoke filling the air, how can there be any eggs left in the nest? What’s more, you’re not looking for those who may have already been inked, but the true Black Ink Clan behind them! It’s easy to alert by investigating the Small Universe.”

Yu Xiangdie sighed and said, “How could we not know this? However, investigating the Small Universe is indeed the most convenient and effective method. Other than that, we can’t think of a better idea. The person who was turned into ink looks no different from a normal person. As for the real Black Ink Clan, perhaps we can capture a few of them and interrogate them carefully.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Shi Zheng clearly still has the strength to fight, but after realizing that you were rushing here and that there was no hope for him to escape, he decisively cut off his own life. From this, it can be seen just how foolishly loyal these people were to the Black Ink Clan. While investigating the Small Universe may be able to find those who were inked, from Shi Zheng’s previous actions, it is impossible to trace the whereabouts of the Black Ink Clan from them.”

Everyone glanced at each other. Their understanding of the Black Ink Clan was undoubtedly greater than Yang Kai’s, and although this was the first time they had seen someone who had been turned into ink, there were still some records of it in the Sect’s ancient records.

Moreover, they had witnessed the scene of Shi Zheng dying just now and knew that Yang Kai was not lying.

These inked people were truly foolish and loyal, so it was extremely difficult to obtain any clues from them.

“Do you have any good suggestions?” Yu Xiangdie asked.

Yang Kai stroked his chin in silence before suddenly turning his head to look at the Black Ink Smoke, which had been left behind after Shi Zheng’s death, a strange light flashing across his eyes.

A moment later, he asked, “Does anyone know if there is any connection between the people who were turned into ink?”

Yu Xiangdie shook her head and said, “We’ve never confirmed this before. After all, for so many years, the 3000 Worlds have always been stable, with the exception of that time seventy thousand years ago. However, that time, only one person was turned into ink. There is very little information about the Black Ink Clan recorded in our ancient books.”

Yang Kai said excitedly, “Let’s prepare for the worst. Lang Ya Paradise has a pure Black Ink Clan hidden within it, and many masters have already been turned into ink. These masters all have a mutual connection with each other.”

Yu Changdao looked at him in confusion, “Sect Master, why do I feel like you’re so excited?”

“Nonsense!” Yang Kai said firmly, “I was just making a hypothesis, how could I be excited?”


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