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In ancient times, no one knew how a powerful Giant Spiritual God could be transformed into the Black Ink Clan.

After the Dragon And Phoenix Clan succeeded in suppressing and sealing it at the expense of the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress, the Dragon and Phoenix Clan had paid half of their ancestral land in order to successfully seal it. After so many years, the Giant Spiritual God had lost all signs of life and the Black Ink Clan's aura had also disappeared.

The Ancestral Qi was an extremely strange and powerful force, obviously having some kind of restraining effect on the power of the Black Ink Clan. Otherwise, after so many years, even if the Giant Spiritual God had died, the power of the Black Ink Clan should still have remained.

“Black Ink Insects are extremely precious to the Black Ink Clan, so when the Black Ink Clan does things, they usually only target High Rank Open Heaven. After all, converting a Mid Rank master isn’t worth it for them,” Yu Xiangdie explained, “Speaking of which, I’m sure you’ve heard of another rumor. Outside the various Cave Heaven Paradise, anyone who breaks through to the Seventh Order will be hunted down and killed. For this reason, many High Rank Open Heaven even hide in Shattered Heaven and live in seclusion.”

Yang Kai said thoughtfully, “So the reason why those High Rank Open Heaven were targeted the various Cave Heaven Paradise is because you’re afraid they’ll be found by the Black Ink Clan?”

Yu Xiangdie nodded and said, “This is only part of the reason. All Open Heaven Stage cultivators who come from the Cave Heaven Paradise have cultivated Secret Techniques that can stabilize their bodies and protect them from the corrosion of foreign objects. Although the effects are not as strong as the World Spring, at the very least, they have some defensive capabilities. Facing the corrosion of the Black Ink Insects, they won’t be completely helpless. Those who don’t come from Cave Heaven Paradise are different. Even if they are High Rank masters, if they were to be targeted by the Black Ink Insect, they would only end up being turned into ink.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly. Listening to Yu Xiangdie’s words, another question in his mind was finally answered.

He had just gone to Shattered Heaven before and knew that there were indeed many High Rank Open Heaven masters hidden there. All of the High Rank Open Heaaven masters hiding there were afraid of being captured by the Cave Heaven Paradise. Xia Linlang had said that in order to maintain the Cave Heaven Paradise position, any outsider who managed to break through to the Seventh Order would either be roped in by them or be killed.

As such, no matter how barren and dangerous Shattered Heaven was, the High Rank Open Heaven masters there were unwilling to leave so easily. Back then, Xia Linlang would rather escape with him than leave Shattered Heaven.

“I heard that many High Rank Open Heaven were taken away by you people, there was no news of them…” Yang Kai looked towards Yu Xiangdie.

Yu Xiang Die remained silent.

The white-robed man said, “They didn’t die, and the various Cave Heaven Paradise have never abused them before. They were only sent to a certain place. As for where that place is… I can’t tell you for now!”

With a flip of his hand, Yang Kai took out the wooden box and opened and closed it, revealing a black object inside.

The white-robed man wore a stunned look.

Was he being targeted? Is he targeting him?

Yu Xiangdie tried to smooth things over, “Yang Kai, you don’t need to ask. When the time comes, you will know. Many things are not hidden by our Cave Heaven Paradise, but if it is exposed, it may cause some panic, making it inconvenient for the 3000 Worlds to remain peaceful.”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before putting away the box and chuckling, “Is this the time for me to break through to the Seventh Order?”

Yu Xiangdie didn’t say anything, tacitly agreeing.

Yang Kai said, “I have another question. Lan Youruo is currently in secluded meditation in my Void Land trying to break through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven. If she breaks through, what will you do?”

Yu Xiangdie said, “Lan Youruo was once the shopkeeper of the Firsn Inn. The First Inn is the property of Xuanyuan Cave Heaven’s Situ Kong, so she can be considered half a member of Xuanyuan Cave Heaven. When she advances to the Seventh Order, Xuanyuan Cave Heaven will naturally take care of it. Moreover, she also knows about these things, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly. Although he couldn’t ask anything, since Yu Xiangdie had already said so, he couldn’t continue asking.

At this moment, Yu Changdao said in a low voice, “Everyone, what we need to deal with now is still Shi Zheng’s matter. Although he died, since he was able to take out a Black Ink Insect to try to ink Yang Kai, that means he had more Black Ink Insects in his possession. This old master has reason to believe that in Lang Ya Paradise, Shi Zheng was not the only one who was turned into ink!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of all the High Rank masters became solemn.

Shi Zheng’s ink transformation was a complete surprise. After all, this kind of thing had never happened in the past seventy thousand years. Although the various Cave Heaven Paradise had always been on guard, it had been too long and their defenses had been somewhat relaxed.

If it weren’t for Shi Zheng wanting to use the black ink insect to transform Yang Kai today, he wouldn’t have exposed himself.

How many 'Shi Zheng' were there in Lang Ya Paradise?

In fact, in all the Cave Heaven Paradise, how many Shi Zheng were there?

No one knew this, but the situation had suddenly become treacherous.

The most important thing was, where did these Black Ink Insects come from? It was impossible for people who had been transformed into Black Ink Insects to possess them. Those who could produce Black Ink Insects were the purest Black Ink Clan.

In other words, there was at least one pure Black Ink Clan hidden in these 3000 Worlds! Just thinking about it made one shudder.

“With Shi Zheng as an example, all of us here are suspicious, not just us, but all of the High Rank masters in the Star Boundary are the same, so this old master has a suggestion. We should start from investigating ourselves to prove ourselves!” As Yu Changdao spoke, he looked towards everyone.

The group of High Rank Open Heaven masters hesitated for a moment before nodding in agreement. This was a matter of great importance that could affect the stability of the 3000 Worlds, so everyone present naturally wouldn’t object.

“Then let’s begin!” As Yu Changdao spoke, he activated the World Force and opened the door to his Small Universe, “Please investigate!”

Everyone didn’t stand on ceremony with him and sent their Divine Senses into Yu Changdao’s Small Universe.

Yang Kai also joined in the fun, mainly because he wanted to know the difference between his Small Universe and a real High Rank master.

After pouring his Divine Sense into it, Yang Kai discovered that whether it was in terms of size or density of World Strength, his Small Universe was far inferior to Yu Changdao.

After all, the difference in cultivation was obvious, so it was normal for such a gap to exist.

However, Yang Kai’s Small Universe currently had many living creatures inside, as well as the Small Stone Race. In the future, they would definitely have a glorious future.

A moment later, everyone withdrew their Divine Senses and confirmed that there was nothing wrong with Yu Changdao’s Small Universe.

The Small Unvierse is the foundation of the Open Heaven Stage master, so it was impossible for anyone to investigate anything during ordinary times. Doing so was equivalent to exposing a lot of privacy, but in this current situation, there was really no other way. The best way to determine whether or not one is transformed into ink is from their Small Universe. If the Open Heaven Stage master is really transformed by the ink, the Small Universe will look different from normal.

After Yu Changdao spoke, the remaining people all opened their doors and allowed others to investigate. Everyone’s spirits were tightly clenched, afraid that another Shi Zheng would appear in their group.

Yang Kai finally understood why those Supreme Elders had insisted on investigating his Small Universe when he had gone to repair the Universe Temple.

This was obviously to prepare incase he was transformed into ink! After confirming that there was nothing wrong with him, they allowed him to act freely.

However, at the time, they had said that the Universe Temple was the foundation of the stability of the 3000 Worlds, something Yang Kai had yet to understand.

Although the Universe Temple was convenient, it was still an exaggeration to say that it was related to the stability of the 3000 Worlds, but since these words had come from the mouth of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, he couldn’t help thinking about it.

After checking each of them one by one, no one showed any signs of being turned into ink, and the tense atmosphere gradually subsided.

However, using this opportunity, Yang Kai was able to experience the wealth of a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator. These foreign envoys from the various Cavev Heaven Paradise really did have a lot of good things hidden in their small universe, some of them even making people drool.

Yu Changdao said, “What we can confirm now is that there’s nothing wrong with us. The people from the Star Boundary will need to investigate further.”

Yu Xiangdie said, “Since this matter concerns the Black Ink Clan, they will also consider the overall situation. If someone really reject it, they definitely turned into ink.”

The white-robed High Rank hesitated for a long time before carefully saying, “The Star Boundary is extremely important, so this matter cannot be delayed. After all, if any of those people were turned into ink, no one knows if they are related to Shi Zheng or not. With Shi Zheng’s death, if they were to attack another Great Emperor from the Star Boundary, it would be difficult for the Star Boundary Great Emperor to resist.”

As he spoke, he glanced over at Yang Kai from time to time, afraid that Yang Kai would suddenly take out the wooden box again.

Seeing that Yang Kai didn’t respond, he let out a sigh of relief and volunteered, “I’ll return to the Star Boundary first to ensure its safety.”

Yu Changdao nodded, “I’ll have to trouble you, but it’s best if you bring more people back to avoid any accidents. In addition, we can ignore the others, but the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary must investigated carefully!”

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly, but he didn’t say anything in the end. Yu Changdao’s actions were understandable. Shi Zheng wanted to act against him mainly for the sake of the Star Boundary, so the other Great Emperors of the Star Boundary might become a target.

The white-robed man quickly left, along with seven or eight other High Rank Open Heaven masters.

On the other side, Serene Soul Great Emperor and the others, who had rushed out to help Yang Kai, had yet to arrive when they saw the white-robed High Rank masters. They were all Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, and their cultivations were one grade weaker than the foreign envoys, so their speed was naturally slower.

However, on the way here, they ran into Zhang Ruoxi and asked her a few questions before rushing over.

After the two sides met and asked about the situation, Serene Soul and the others also knew that the situation was urgent, so they immediately used the Star Boundary’s Great Emperor’s power to connect with the World Strength of the Star Boundary and brought the white-robed High Rank masters back to the Star Boundary.

The High Rank Open Heaven masters who had not left the Star Boundary noticed the return of the white-robed man and the others and all came to inquire about the situation. When the white-robed man and the others told them what had happened, everyone’s expression became solemn.

Black Ink Clan, Black Ink Insect… this was not a small matter. If things went wrong, all of the Cave Heaven Paradise and 3000 Worlds would be implicated, and it would definitely be a disaster.

Therefore, without much hesitation, many of the High Rank masters began to investigate.


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