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“Everyone, do you know something I don’t?” Yang Kai asked.

Everyone fell silent, and after a long time, a white-robed High Rank master said, “Sect Master Yang, there are many secrets in this world, some things are better left unknown.”

As soon as his voice fell, Yang Kai let out a startled cry.

Everyone thought he had suffered some kind of injury during his battle with Shi Zheng, so they quickly turned to look at him with concern. In the next instant, everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

The Black Ink Insect that Yang Kai had been holding in his hand all this time had somehow broken free from his control and was now transforming into a black light as it flew towards the white-robed man at lightning speed.

The White Robed High Rank master immediately broke out in a cold sweat. Although he was a Seventh Order, if he were to be contaminated by this Black Ink Insect, he wouldn’t have a good end. The only possibility was that it would break into his small universe, and turn to an existence like Shi Zheng.

According to the ancient records of the Sect, this Black Ink Insect was impossible to guard against. Unless one could kill it in time, even an Eighth Order master would suffer if it were to get too close.

Space condensed slightly as the Space Laws fluctuated and the black line that was rushing towards the white-robed Seventh Order master suddenly froze.

Yang Kai slowly walked over from behind, grabbed the struggling Black Ink Insect, and looked up at the white-robed Seventh Order, “What did you say just now? I’m sorry I didn’t hear you clearly, can you repeat yourself?”

The Black Ink Insect in his hand became restless, as if it could escape from Yang Kai’s control at any moment.

Everyone’s faces went black.

Speaking so casually, why was he threatening him?

Yu Xiangdie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “With Sect Master Yang’s current strength and status, he’s qualified to understand these matters. What do you think?”

Everyone fell silent.

After a long time, someone nodded and said, “Then speak.”

They had no choice but to speak up. Yang Kai was holding the Black Ink Insect and glaring at them like a tiger eyeing its prey, causing everyone to tremble in fear. At this time, no one dared to voice any objections.

Although from ancient times until now, only the higher-ups of the Cave Heaven Paradise knew about these things, with Yang Kai’s strength and status, he was indeed qualified to know.

Of course, the most important thing was that he had come into contact with these things today, so even if everyone wanted to conceal it, it was useless.

The others didn’t say anything, but since they didn’t say anything, it meant they didn’t have any objections. Yu Xiangdie then said, “Put away the Black Ink Insect.”

“Oh!” Yang Kai obediently placed the Black Ink Insect back into the wooden box before tossing it into his Space Ring.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

A group of High Rank Open Heaven is considered noble existence, yet to be played around by Yang Kai, the group of High Rank masters couldn’t help feeling complicated.

The void was not a place for discussion, so Yu Xiangdie raised her hand and summoned a flying ship. Everyone boarded and sat on the deck.

Yang Kai stared at the crowd with wide eyes, his face filled with curiosity.

Everyone looked at Yu Xiangdie.

Their meaning was clear. Since this matter was brought up by you, you should resolve it.

Yu Xiangdie rolled her eyes at them before turning to Yang Kai and saying, “Actually, to be honest, we don’t know much about this matter.”

After this incident, Yang Kai also felt Yu Xiangdie’s protective intent towards him. Previously, when he was suspected of being corroded by the Black Ink Smoke, she had taken the initiative to examine his Small Universe. From this, it could be seen that she really regarded him as Yin-Yang Heaven’s son-in-law.

Therefore, Yang Kai was willing to believe her words and nodded, “Then tell me what you know.”

Yu Xiangdie muttered to herself for a moment, seemingly trying to organize her thoughts before finally saying, “In this world, there is a strange creature that calls itself the Black Ink Clan!”

The Black Ink Clan was extremely dangerous, mainly because they were extremely aggressive and corrosive. Yang Kai had personally experienced this, whether it was the Black Ink Smoke left behind by Shi Zheng after his death or the Black Ink Insect.

Once the Small Universe was corroded by the Black Ink Aura, one would transform into a member of the Black Ink Clan, causing their temperament to change drastically. However, from the outside, it was impossible to tell the difference.

Shi Zheng was one such example. No one had ever thought he would be corrupted by the Black Ink Clan and become a member of the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he listened. If that was the case, then this Mo Clan was simply too difficult to guard against. Who knew if someone else had been transformed into a member of the Mo Clan?

“The last time such a thing appeared in the 3000 Worlds was seventy thousand years ago,” Yu Xiangdie’s voice became slightly gloomy, “I’m sure you’ve heard of this matter before. There was once a Cave Heaven that took in an extremely talented disciple who had the ability to directly advance to the Seventh Order, and his aptitude was so great that it shook the world. That Cave Heaven spent all its resources to nurture him, and one day he broke through to the Ninth Order. However, after that, his temperament changed greatly and he started a massacre. As a result, that Cave Heaven suffered countless casualties and eventually fell into decline, having no choice but to be removed from the Cave Heaven Paradise.”

Yang Kai had indeed heard about this matter before. When he was still an Emperor Realm, he had heard Yue He mention it.

Yu Xiangdie continued, “Because that disciple wasn’t raised by the Cave Heaven from a young age and was instead accepted into the Sect halfway, since then, the 3000 Worlds spread rumors that cultivators who weren’t raised by the Cave Heaven Paradise were not allowed to directly advance to the Seventh Order, lest they become a threat to the ruling position of the Cave Heaven Paradise.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help recalling his own experience…

On his way to Open Heaven, he had encountered many obstructions from the Cave Heaven Paradise, and that Myriad Demons Heaven’s Ti Zheng had not hesitated to pursue him to Shattered Heaven to prevent him from advancing.

In the end, Yang Kai had no choice but to choose to break through to the Fifth Order. It was only after that that the Cave Heaven Paradise hostility towards him disappeared.

However, he didn’t have any regrets. After all, when the Proprietress was trapped in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, his Emperor Realm cultivation was simply too weak, so he had to break through to Open Heaven to enter the Shadowless Cave Heaven to save her.

However, although he had no regrets, after thinking about this matter for so many years, Yang Kai still had some complaints about the various Cave Heaven Paradise. He had been cultivating diligently without provoking anyone, so why shouldn’t he be promoted to the Seventh Order?

It was only today that the truth was revealed. [MSN: Still BS tho, they could just check his small universe afterwards.]

“The various Cave Heaven Paradise have been passed down for so many years. If they were truly petty, they wouldn’t have been so prosperous. The reason why they didn’t allow outsiders to directly break through to the Seventh Order was not for the sake of their own status, but rather to guard against the future. The catastrophe from seventy thousand years ago caused a Cave Heaven to fall, so no one wanted to see it happen again.”

If someone were to directly break through to the Seventh Order and then be converted by the Black Ink Clan, when they reached the Ninth Order, it would truly be a catastrophe. It was the same for those below the Seventh Order. Even if they were talented enough to break through to the Sixth Order directly and eventually reach the Eighth Order Open Heaven, how many Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivators were there in the Cave Heaven Paradise? Once they were exposed, they would be besieged by many Supreme Elders and things would be under control.

Yang Kai frowned, “So that genius was converted by the Black Ink Clan?”

Yu Xiangdie nodded and said, “That’s right, no one knows when he was transformed, but all of this happened after he broke through to the Ninth Order. Since then, the Black Ink Clan has not appeared in the 3000 Worlds. To be honest, this is the first time we’ve seen it with our own eyes, we’ve only seen it in ancient records.”

Yang Kai didn’t understand, “That’s not right. If the Black Ink Clan is really so strange and difficult to guard against, there should be a lot of them. Why has there been no movement from the Black Ink Clan for so many years? Even you have never seen them before.”

Yu Changdao explained from the side, “The Black Ink Clan's transformation is indeed strange and difficult to defend against, but the main method they rely on is still the Black Ink Insect, the thing you put away. Black Ink Insect are rare and precious, and unless they are extremely valuable targets, the Black Ink Clan will not easily take action.”

“That Black Ink Smoke…” Yang Kai glanced suspiciously in the direction of Shi Zheng’s death. That place had been sealed off by the joint efforts of many High Rank masters, and now it was covered in black smoke, making it look extremely strange.

“Shi Zheng had the Black Ink Insect in his body. When he saw us rush over to help him, he knew that he had no way to survive, so he died. After he died, the Black Ink Insect in the Small Universe also died. This Black Ink Smoke was left behind by the Black Ink Insect after it died. In the end, Black Ink Smoke and Black Ink Insect are the same kind of existence.”

No wonder when he took out the Black Ink Insect just now, these people had run a hundred kilometer away, most likely afraid that the Black Ink Insect in his hands would explode.

Yang Kai stroked his chin and said, “In other words, in the eyes of the Black Ink Clan, I am an extremely valuable target?”

Yu Xiangdie smiled, “Naturally. Although you are only a Sixth Order, the Star Boundary is now the focus of all the 3000 Worlds. The existence of the World Tree will be able to nurture a large number of outstanding cultivators in the future, and as the Star Boundary Great Emperor, if you were to be converted into the Black Ink Clan…”

Saying so, Yu Xiangdie’s smile suddenly disappeared and she shivered, “It’s easy for you to destroy the Star Boundary. When that happens, the Star Boundary will no longer exist and this Open Heaven cradle will be gone.”

Everyone glanced at each other, finally understanding why Shi Zheng wanted to convert Yang Kai.

Yang Kai suddenly remembered something.

The Ancestral Land had the Sealing Demon Land, and the Sealing Demon Land has a Giant Spiritual God as black as an ink that had died many years ago. When Yang Kai was cultivating in the Crystal Palace, he had witnessed a shocking battle in ancient times. In order to seal this Giant Spiritual God, the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress had paid the price of burning their blood essence to suppress and seal it.

Yang Kai had always wondered why the Giant Spiritual God would start a war with the Holy Spirits. This was an extremely peaceful race, and although it was powerful, it never provoked trouble. They only fed on the dead Universe World and traveled through the vast universe.

Moreover, he couldn’t understand why this Giant Spiritual God was cover in black and was somewhat different from the A' Da he had seen before.

Originally, he had thought that this was the difference between an individual and an entire race, but now that he thought about it… what if the Giant Spiritual God from the ancient era had been turned into ink?

After the Ink transformation, the Giant Spiritual God's temperament underwent a massive change, and it became the Giant Spiritual God of the Black Ink Clan!

Sealing Demon Land… Sealing Demon Land…

What Sealing Demon Land? It was clearly the Sealing Black Ink Land!

The ancient times were too long ago, and the events of the ancient times could no longer be investigated. It was only through word of mouth that the Holy Spirits managed to mislead the Sealing Black Ink Land into the Sealing Demon Land.

No wonder he didn’t sense any Demonic Qi when he first entered the Sealing Demon Land, it had nothing to do with Demonic Qi.


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