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Yang Kai raised his brow, “What? You don’t believe me?”

Yu Xiangdie sighed, “It’s easy to confirm this, I’ll personally investigate your Small Universe.”

These words… sounded somewhat familiar.

Yang Kai suddenly remembered that the Supreme Elder from the Cave Heaven Paradise had also made such a request when they asked him to repair the Universe Temple.

“No!” Before Yang Kai could say anything, a High Rank master spoke up to stop her, “If he is really corroded by the Black Ink Smoke, it will be dangerous for Elder Yu to investigate.”

Yu Xiangdie smiled, “No matter what, he is still the son-in-law of my Yin-Yang Heaven. As an elder, I must bear this kind of risk. Moreover, since he can transform into a big dragon, he has a certain degree of resistance to the Black Ink Smoke, so he may not have been corroded.”

The High Rank Open Heaven shook his head and said, “It’s best to be careful. Send a message to the Supreme Elders and have them decide.”

This time, Yang Kai was a bit surprised. How could this matter involve a Supreme Elder? Every Cave Heaven Paradise's Supreme Elder was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, and they were always guarding their respective Sects, so they wouldn’t easily take action. It seemed this matter was more serious than he had imagined.

Yu Xiangdie pondered for a moment before saying, “I still insist, I’ll go investigate. Although the Black Ink Smoke has a corrosive property, as long as I have enough strength, I can resist it.”

“There is always a one in a million chance. After all, the 3000 Worlds is not that place,” The High Rank Open Heaven from before said solemnly.

At this moment, Yang Kai opened his mouth and said, “As long as I can prove that I wasn’t corroded by the Black Ink Smoke, can everyone rest assured?”

Yu Xiangdie looked at him, “How do you want to prove it?”

Yang Kai smacked his lips. He didn’t want to expose the fact that he had refined the World Spring, after all, this thing was too eye-catching. For the World Spring, Bright Sun Divine Monarch had chased Yang Kai all the way from Shattered Heaven to the Ancestral Land. Even an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator was like this, so how could these Seventh Order cultivators in front of him be ordinary?

Although these were all High Rank masters from the various Cave Heaven Paradise, Yang Kai still had to be wary of them. Shi Zheng was the best example. Before coming here today, Yang Kai had not expected him to make a move against him, thinking that he wanted to discuss the matter of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace with him.

However, in this current situation, if he didn’t prove it, there would be no way to resolve today’s matter peacefully. The world he was in had already been sealed off, so it was impossible for him to really fight against so many High Rank masters. If he really did fight, the misunderstanding would only get worse.

If the Supreme Elder from the Cave Heaven Paradise really came, it would be even harder for him to take the initiative.

After weighing the pros and cons, Yang Kai still said, “My Small Universe has already refined the World Spring, so it’s difficult for external forces to corrode it!”

“World Spring!” Everyone exclaimed.

As a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator, how could they not know the name World Spring? It was one of the Unvierse Four Pillars, and to any Open Heaven Stage cultivator, it was a rare treasure.

“Everyone, take a look for yourselves!” As he spoke, Yang Kai opened the door to his Small Universe so everyone could see it clearly.

The secrets of the World Spring had already been exposed, so he didn’t mind exposing even more of them. Moreover, it was useless to simply say such things, only by letting them see it with their own eyes could they confirm it.

In an instant, Divine Sense passed through the door and poured into Yang Kai’s Small Universe.

Yang Kai immediately frowned, feeling uncomfortable as if someone had forced their way into his house.

“Eh…” Someone exclaimed in surprise, “Transforming from illusory to solid?”

Solid Small Universe is always exclusive to the High Rank Open Heaven. Under the High Rank Open Heaven, the Small Universe was unable to materialize into solid form.

However, what they saw in front of them far exceeded their understanding. Yang Kai was clearly only a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, but his Small Universe had already transformed from illusory into solid.

How did this happen?

Forget about the future, since ancient times, Yang Kai was the only one to achieve such a feat as a Sixth Order. At the very least, none of the ancient books had recorded such a feat.

Therefore, the dozens of High Rank masters were all shocked.

“World Spring, it really is a World Spring!” An even more shocked voice rang out as everyone saw the World Spring.

Under the suppression of the World Spring, they could clearly feel that Yang Kai’s Small Universe was perfect, firm, and flawless.

Although envious, they were relieved. With the World Spring suppressing the Small Universe, Yang Kai really wouldn’t be corroded by the Black Ink Smoke, and no one could feel any Black Ink Smoke aura from Yang Kai’s Small Universe.

However, before they could investigate any further, a powerful force repelled all of their Divine Senses. Many of them felt like they hadn’t had enough yet. Just now, they had seen some strange things in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, but unfortunately, before they could even take a look, they had been driven out by Yang Kai.

On Yang Kai’s side, he had already transformed into his human form and closed his Small Universe, asking, “Is there any problem?”

Everyone glanced at each other before Yu Xiangdie let out a sigh of relief and said, “No problem, come here to talk first.”

Only then did Yang Kai’s figure flicker and appear beside everyone.

“It’s been hard on you,” Yu Xiangdie nodded towards Yang Kai, “It’s a good thing you didn’t encounter any danger, don’t blame us for being too cautious. This Black Ink Smoke is just too strange.”

“I understand.”

“Sect Master Yang, you’ve already taken up residence in your Small Unvierse?” Someone suddenly asked. Although they had only caught a glimpse of Yang Kai’s Small Universe, with so many cities and villages inside, the signs of life were still clearly visible to everyone.

“Yes, is there a problem?” Yang Kai looked towards the man.

“No problem, no problem, Sect Master Yang’s luck is really good,” The man sighed.

It had been many years since they had reached the Seventh Order, and they had also thought about raising living creatures inside their Small Universe to increase their cultivation speed. However, such thoughts were simply unrealistic. Even if they were Seventh Order, the Small Universe would still experience some kind of turbulence, so who would dare to easily raise living creatures inside? Once they fought with a powerful enemy, the number of dead or injured living creatures would be countless.

Yang Kai was different. With the World Spring suppressing it, there was no need to worry about these problems.

In other words, even if he didn’t cultivate, his cultivation would continue to steadily increase, equivalent to constantly becoming stronger.

It was quite enviable.

“What kind of creatures are those little stones? How come I’ve never seen them before?” Someone asked.

“What little stone? You’re mistaken,” Yang Kai said seriously.

“Sect Master Yang, I think I saw some Mysterious Yin Bamboo in your Small Universe…”

“There’s no Mysterious Yin Bamboo!” Yang Kai vehemently denied, “There’s no such thing.”

“Don’t be like this, Sect Master Yang. If there really is a Mysterious Yin Bamboo, the price will be negotiable. Mysterious Yin Bamboo is different from Universe Four Pillars. If this thing is cultivated well, it will be inexhaustible. If you want to keep it for yourself, you might as well exchange it with us for something good.”

“Can you exchange for Small Source World’s training qualifications?” Yang Kai asked.

Didn’t you say there was no Mysterious Yin Bamboo? Someone rolled his eyes.

The man nodded repeatedly and smiled, “Sure, we can discuss!”

“How?” Yang Kai looked at him with interest.

“Let’s not talk about it for now,” Yu Changdao waved his hand, “Let’s deal with this matter first before talking about anything else.”

“Yes!” Someone agreed.

Yang Kai shot a glance at the High Rank Open Heaven, who had just brought up the Mysterious Yin Bamboo and gave him a wink, indicating that he would discuss it in detail later. The man nodded slightly, indicating that he had received it, and the two of them beamed with joy.

“Sect Master, what happened today?” Yu Changdao asked Yang Kai.

Yang Kai said innocently, “If you ask me, I’d like to ask you guys. Today, my High Heaven Palace’s Chief Manager told me that Lang Ya Paradise's Shi Zheng had invited me here to discuss something. I thought it had something to do with what i know so I came here, but as soon as I arrived, he wanted to give me a big present.”

“Big present?” Yu Xiangdie frowned.

Yang Kai nodded, “That’s right, everyone knows that I have some kind of relationship with Lang Ya Paradise. As an elder of Lang Ya Paradise, I can’t refuse a gift from Shi Zheng, so I reluctantly accepted it.”

Everyone looked at each other strangely.

After interacting with him for so long, how could everyone not see Yang Kai’s temperament? This guy was just like a rabbit who wouldn’t let go until it saw a hawk. Previously, the World Tree incident was like this, and now, the matter of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace is also like this.

Even the new Great Domain had been monopolized and sealed by his Space Array, making it difficult for the various Cave Heaven Paradise to even put their hands on it.

If someone were to give him a gift, he would happily accept it, so how could he be reluctant?

However, they couldn’t be bothered to argue with Yang Kai’s arrogant words.

“What did he give you?” Yu Changdao asked with concern. He didn’t really want to know what kind of treasure Shi Zheng had given him, but it was obvious that Shi Zheng had been turned into ink, so he couldn’t let his guard down when he gave him something. If it was something bad, he had to be on guard.

“This thing!” Yang Kai said as he took out the wooden box from his Space Ring and opened it.

A black line shot out from it, but Yang Kai was already prepared and grabbed it. The headless black earthworm-like thing struggled in Yang Kai’s hand, but it couldn't get away.

Many of the High Rank Open Heaven masters were stunned for a moment, but soon after, as if they were facing a great enemy, their expressions changed drastically and they all quickly retreated.

In an instant, with Yang Kai at the center, no one within a hundred kilometers of him could be seen.

Yang Kai looked up and was speechless, “Why are you all running so far away? Don’t worry, I’m holding this thing, it can’t escape.”

The reason why everyone had run away was understandable to Yang Kai. After Shi Zheng’s death, the others were extremely vigilant agains the Black Ink Smoke, let alone the black earthworm-like thing in his hands.

This thing definitely came from the same source as that Black Ink Smoke, and it was even stronger.

If an ordinary person were to grab it, they would definitely fall for it. Unfortunately, his Small Unvierse was round and flawless. This thing could not erode him and could be considered its nemesis.

“Sect Master, please put away this Black Ink Insect!” Yu Changdao called out from afar, “This thing is too evil, it’s not something we can afford to contaminate the Open Heaven master.”

“This thing is called Black Ink Insect?” Yang Kai looked at the black earthworm in his hand and seemed to notice something.

The black smoke left behind by Shi Zheng after his death was called Black Ink Smoke. This thing was called Black Ink Insect, and before Shi Zheng died, he had said, Ink Will Last Forever.

Ink… what was it?

Yang Kai suddenly felt that these 3000 Worlds weren’t as simple as he had imagined them to be, and he also remembered what Xu Linggong had said before.

There seemed to be some kind of secret that was about to unravel the mysteries of this 3000 World.


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