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Surprise my ass!

This was the first time Shi Zheng had found someone so shameless.

He couldn’t help wanting to leave now.

However, now that he had summoned his Divine Ability Manifestation, he had no choice but to release it!

The sword transformed into a dazzling streak of light and pierced towards Yang Kai’s massive figure.

The sharp aura instantly arrived in front of Yang Kai’s dragon head, carrying with it the power to destroy the world. Yang Kai opened his mouth and roared, spitting out a dazzling golden light.

Dragon Breath!

Terrifying energy fluctuations rippled outwards as the golden dragon breath wrapped around the giant sword, slowly but surely pushing it forward.

He actually couldn’t block it!

Yang Kai’s eyes bulged as he pushed the Dragon Clan’s Source in his body to its limit.

This was not the first time he had fought against a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, but this was the first time he had faced a Divine Ability Manifestation from a Seventh Order Open Heaven master.

Compared to Shi Zheng, the gap between Zuo Quan Hui and him was not small. Even if Zuo Quan Hui were to face such an attack, he would probably have to flee.

Although Yang Kai had broken through to the Big Dragon realm and had the qualifications to fight against a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, he had only recently broken through and this was the first time he had used his Big Dragon Body in battle, so his experience was somewhat lacking.

The main reason was that in the past, when he transformed into a dragon, he had a half dragon body, but now he was a true dragon, so it was somewhat difficult for him to use his full strength.

A moment later, the giant sword suddenly trembled violently and broke through the Dragon Breath, stabbing towards Yang Kai’s face.

In this moment of life and death, Yang Kai suddenly raised his head, although his massive body was quite intimidating, it was not as agile as a human’s body, so he was unable to avoid this blow.

A mist of blood burst out from Yang Kai’s chest, and with a muffled groan, Yang Kai’s thousand zhang long dragon body was sent flying backwards.

When Yang Kai regained his balance and looked down, he saw a small wound the size of a water tank on his chest. Golden blood flowed from it and the dragon scales around it were all broken!

Yang Kai was secretly shocked. It had to be known that the defensive power of a big dragon was extremely strong. Just now, he had focused all his strength on his chest, but he had still been injured by Shi Zheng’s shocking sword strike.

It was obvious how terrifying that sword strike was.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had managed to avoid his vitals in the blink of an eye, so although his injuries looked miserable, they weren’t serious.

The only problem was that Yang Kai could clearly feel a strange force lingering around his wound, producing a small amount of Sword Qi that hindered his recovery.

This loss was quite big! Yang Kai swallowed a mouthful of blood, looked up, and saw that Shi Zheng in the sky had transformed into a streak of light and was fleeing into the distance.

Without any hesitation, he turned around and fled, not caring if Yang Kai was dead or alive, because he knew that the masters from the Star Boundary were already rushing towards him. If he didn’t leave now, he wouldn’t have a chance to escape.

Yang Kai’s large dragon eyes stared at his back, but he wasn’t in a hurry to chase after him. Instead, he simply sneered and sent a sound transmission, “I’ll let you run for a while. Whether you can escape or not is up to you!”

Shi Zheng, who was fleeing up ahead, suddenly froze for a moment, wishing he could immediately turn around and kill Yang Kai. Suddenly, he remembered that Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Laws, so if he were to run like this, he really wouldn’t be able to outrun him.

However, now that things had reached this point, he had no other choice but to continue forward, hoping to escape from High Heaven Territory.

Yang Kai’s giant body floated in the air as he circulated his strength to cover the wound on his chest. Shi Zheng’s sword strike was quite powerful and had a great follow-up effect. Even if an ordinary person didn’t die right now, they would lose their ability to move and would have to heal on the spot.

After all, Yang Kai’s foundation was incomparably deep, so he spent some time sealing the strange energy around his wound so that it wouldn’t affect his next course of action. Only then did he use his Space Laws to chase after him.

In the void, Shi Zheng transformed into a streak of light and rushed towards the Domain Gate.

If he wanted to escape from High Heaven Territory, he could only choose to go to the Domain Gate. However, because High Heaven Territory was located in a remote region, it was different from the other rich Great Domains. There was only one Domain Gate to enter High Heaven Territory!

He had no other choice.

A moment later, Shi Zheng’s figure suddenly came to a halt as he stared helplessly at the giant figure in front of him.

Yang Kai, who had transformed into a big dragon, was covered in a dazzling golden light, making it difficult for anyone to see him. He didn’t have any intention of hiding and simply waited there.

Seeing Shi Zheng finally appear, Yang Kai said with some dissatisfaction, “You’re really slow!” He had been waiting here for quite a while before seeing Shi Zheng arrive.

“It’s not like a big dragon can’t die!” Shi Zheng’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Yang Kai’s nostrils flared as he spoke, “You win the first round, let’s fight the second round, this time I won’t lose!”

Shi Zheng grit his teeth, not saying a word as his giant sword slowly rose from his back like a dazzling star.

Yang Kai’s teeth ached, but without even thinking about it, he turned around and walked away, his voice echoing from afar, “Good, you’ve got guts, you win the second round, I’ll wait for you to fight the third round!” [MSN: LMAO, what a troll.]

Shi Zheng almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

He didn’t dare to fight with Yang Kai any longer and only wanted to end this battle quickly. Although he had failed to kill Yang Kai with his sword just now, at least he had suffered some serious injuries. Shi Zheng felt that if he were to use his sword again, he might be able to kill Yang Kai.

Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to use his Divine Ability Manifestation again.

Who would have thought that Yang Kai would actually escape!

Run! Without hesitation, he ran away!

Shi Zheng felt like he fiercely punched the cotton, feeling extremely uncomfortable!

This little brat had just confidently declared that he would not lose this time, but as soon as his words fell, he admitted defeat and ran away.

Shi Zheng really wanted to ask him, where was his integrity?

If this was all there was to it, it wouldn’t be a big deal. The key was that even with his Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, activating his Divine Ability Manifestation required a massive amount of energy.

Previously, he had already used his Divine Ability Manifestation once, so it had some effect, but this time it was completely useless.

The reason why Divine Ability Manifestation were so powerful was because High Rank Open Heaven could use it as trump cards, and trump cards couldn’t be casually used. Once they were used, they would definitely play a decisive role, because the consumption was too great. Shi Zheng’s strength was only enough to last four or five times before he was exhausted.

This was already the second time!

If he were to do this again…

The corner of Shi Zheng’s eyes twitched slightly. Who was this person he had encountered? When he had interacted with him in the past, he had never realized he was so… cheap!

No matter what, this sword strike could not continue, and Shi Zheng had nowhere else to go, so he could only continue rushing towards the Domain Gate.

After walking for less than half a cup of tea’s time, Yang Kai was waiting for him again. His big dragon body stretched out, his two dragon claws brandished, and his dragon tail swept through the air as if he was warming up before the great battle.

As soon as they met, Yang Kai asked, “Do you still want to use that sword? If so, hurry up and consider it your third victory!”

Shi Zheng clenched his teeth and suppressed the blood in his chest as he shouted, “Die!”

No matter how much he won, it was meaningless. As long as he lost once, he would be consigned to eternal damnation. This was simply an unfair battle.

As soon as he finished speaking, he pounced towards Yang Kai. Yang Kai sneered, “If you don’t use your Divine Ability Manifestation, would I, a Big Dragon, be afraid of you?”

This was his first battle after transforming into a big dragon, and having a powerful opponent to practice with was exactly what he wanted.

Immediately, he began fighting with Shi Zheng.

After transforming into a big dragon, his body became incomparably large, especially his vision, which was vastly different from before. In the past, when fighting, everyone’s physiques were similar, and victory and defeat were only determined by the accumulation and cultivation of each other.

However, after transforming into a big dragon today, Yang Kai’s previous combat experience had become useless, as if he had to learn from scratch.

However, he had no choice but to transform into a big dragon. He was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, and only by transforming into a big dragon could he compete with a High Rank master.

For a time, the situation was extremely miserable. The majestic Golden Dragon body was almost beaten up by Shi Zheng like a sandbag.

Shi Zheng used his Divine Ability and Secret Technique to bombard Yang Kai’s dragon scales, causing them to dim and fall off.

Each strike of the Seventh Order Open Heaven was no small matter, causing Yang Kai’s entire body to ache and he felt as if there was not a single part of him left intact.

Fortunately, the big dragon’s defense was outstanding, and Yang Kai was able to use the Wood Element energy condensed from the essence of the Eternal Tree to heal his injuries during the battle.

He didn’t want to kill Shi Zheng, he just wanted to drag stall him here and everything would be fine.

As long as Shi Zheng didn’t use his Divine Ability Manifestation, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to him with ordinary methods.

In the midst of the battle, Yang Kai gradually became familiar with the big dragon’s body. At first, he was completely on the defensive and could barely fight back. As he fought, he gradually became able to fight back.

Although he had only retaliated a few times, each of his strikes had caused Shi Zheng’s heart to palpitate with fear. There was nothing he could do about it, the big dragon claw was so powerful that it could even pierce through space itself. If he was caught, even a Seventh Order Open Heaven master would die.

During the fierce battle, taking advantage of Yang Kai’s carelessness, Shi Zheng once again summoned his Divine Ability Manifestation and fiercely pushed his strength to seal the world, turning the surrounding void into a cage.

This sword strike had to kill Yang Kai. If he missed this opportunity, he might really end up in a tragedy.

As such, Shi Zheng’s timing of summoning his Divine Ability Manifestation had been perfect, and Yang Kai had no way to escape from this world cage.

Although he could break through the void and escape, he always needed a moment of delay.

In a battle between masters, one moment was enough to determine life and death!

Originally, he thought that after summoning this Divine Ability Manifestation, Yang Kai would be forced to flee again, but this time, he didn’t. Instead, his pair of dragon eyes revealed a hint of gloating.

Shi Zheng suddenly had a bad feeling, as if something extremely bad was about to happen.

Without waiting for him to slash down with his Divine Ability Manifestation, Yang Kai suddenly clenched his giant dragon claw into a fist and fiercely punched forward, roaring, “Beating Ox!”

What kind of bull was he beating?

Shi Zheng was somewhat confused.

However, in the next moment, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning, his face suddenly turning pale as the small univese in his body violently shook, the World Strength in his body becoming extremely chaotic.


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