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The growth of the Mysterious Yin Bamboo had a lot to do with the World Strength it devoured. Yang Kai tried to inject his own Small Universe's power into the Mysterious Yin Bamboo and found that it could speed up its growth.

Another month passed, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo finally grew to the height of a human.

At this moment, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo finally underwent some changes. The speed at which it devoured the World Strength became extremely slow, almost negligible.

Yang Kai also let out a sigh of relief. If this was all there was to it, he could still accept it. He only needed to refine some Open Heaven Pills to make up for it.

This experiment also allowed Yang Kai to discover the difference between the Mysterious Yin Bamboo and World Spring.

The World Spring, one of the Universe Four Pillars, was undoubtedly more powerful. As long as it was refined and fused with one’s Small Unvierse, it would allow the Small Universe to become stronger and more stable.

However, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo couldn’t. When it grew, it needed to swallow the Small Universe's World Strength and transform it into nutrients for its own growth. This situation would only improve when it reached its limit.

From the looks of it, as long as he paid a small price to cultivate the Mysterious Yin Bamboo, he could benefit from it.

However, just as Yue He had said, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo could only be used on a large scale. One or two of them was not very useful.

It wasn’t difficult for them to reproduce, just like how ordinary bamboo grew. As long as they obtained enough nutrients, a single bamboo tree could become a bamboo forest.

With the Mysterious Yin Bamboo’s unique characteristics, being ranked among the Universe Twelve Small Pillars was quite suitable.

After the Open Heaven Stage cultivators of the Void Land and High Heaven Palace broke through to the Seventh Order, they would be able to use some of their own resources to cultivate a piece of Mysterious Yin Bamboo into a forest.

Compared to the benefits they received, no one would refuse such a price.

However, in general, no matter how much Mysterious Yin Bamboo grew, its effects were not as powerful as the World Spring. The two were not on the same level.

Yang Kai didn’t remove the Mysterious Yin Bamboo from his Small Universe, instead continuously pouring his own strength into it to increase its reproductive ability.

Although it was useless to Yang Kai.

However, in the future, the Void Land and High Heaven Palace would definitely give birth to many Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators. At that time, everyone would need them, so it was naturally best to nurture as many as possible. Otherwise, if they didn’t have enough, it would be quite uncomfortable.

Another month later, Yang Kai was in the Small Stone World investigating the reproduction of the Small Stone Race when a figure arrived.

When he came close to Yang Kai and landed, his fat body wriggled like a meatball as he quickly ran up to Yang Kai and cupped his fists, “This humble servant Chen Tian Fei greets Sir!”

Yang Kai looked up at him and teased, “Fatty, it’s been many years since we last met, but you’ve become mellow.”

Chen Tian Fei’s face was filled with a smile, his two small eyes almost disappearing as he said in a flattering tone, “Thanks to Sir, this humble servant has been eating well and wearing good clothes these past few years, so I’ve grown a bit fatter.”

His obesity was related to his cultivation technique, and the fatter he is, the stronger his strength would be. Although he had been forced to offer the Loyalty List and lost his freedom, Yang Kai had never made him felt bad after so many years. On the contrary, with the development of the Void Land and High Heaven Palace, his life had been smooth sailing.

Over the past few years, he had been extremely grateful for his choice. Although he was now a slave on the Loyalty List, compared to when he was the Second Manager of Scarlet Star, his future was undoubtedly more promising.

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, “Do you need something from me?”

Chen Tian Fei’s expression became solemn, “The Chief Manager asked this humble servant to ask Sir to return.” He lowered his voice as if he was afraid someone would hear him and said sneakily, “The Chief Manager said that the discussion at the Cave Heaven Paradise has come to an end, so she asked Sir to go back and make a decision.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I understand.”

Yang Kai had been in the Small Stone World for such a long time, so the various Cave Heaven Paradise were probably quite anxious. After all, Yang Kai had been gone for a few dozen years. If he disappeared for a few dozen or even a hundred years like last time, who would they talk to about the Good Fortune Divine Furnace?

Originally, they wanted to give Yang Kai a cold shoulder so he could lower the price, but who would have thought that Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry.

Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry, but the Cave Heaven Paradise is anxious.

They couldn’t enter the new Great Domain, so they had no idea what Yang Kai was doing here or how long he would be staying.

“Sir, is there any place where this humble servant can serve you?” Chen Tian Fei asked solemnly, “This humble servant is willing to climb a mountain of blade and descend into the sea of flame for Sir. Even if I have to give up all my fat, I will still do what Sir ordered.”

Yang Kai smiled and patted his stomach, causing several layers of flesh to ripple, “What I want you to do is very simple. Cultivate well. In the past, when we were weak, your Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage was just so-so, but now, the size of the Void Land and High Heaven Palace has changed. A Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage isn’t enough, so you should advance to the Fifth Order as soon as possible.”

Chen Tian Fei immediately put on a bitter face and said, “Sir, you also know that the cultivation of the Open Heaven Stage cultivator requires a certain amount of accumulation. It’s not that this humble servant doesn’t want to speed up, it’s just that my accumulation is insufficient, this humble servant is also quite desperate.”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “Forget it, don’t go back to High Heaven Palace, just find a place to cultivate in this Small Stone World. If you’re not a Fifth Order, you’re not allowed to come out.”

Hearing this, Chen Tian Fei’s eyes became wet with gratitude, “Sir’s care for this humble servant is something this humble servant will definitely repay!”

He was truly touched.

In the past, he and Lu Xue had pledged allegiance to Yang Kai together, but he had left his name on the Loyalty List as a slave while Lu Xue had taken the initiative to pledge allegiance.

At that time, the two of them were only Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage, while Yang Kai was only a mere Emperor Realm!

However, Lu Xue had gone out with Yang Kai and when she returned, she was already a Fifth Order! On the other hand, he, the Second Manager of Scarlet Star, was still stuck at the Fourth Order.

After that, Yang Kai took in Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, Zhou Ya, Grey Bones, and Luan Bai Feng, these powerful Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, causing Chen Tian Fei to feel a sense of crisis.

In comparison, his cultivation was too low. The other party was a Sixth Order while he was only a Fourth Order; even Black River was a Fifth Order.

He knew that the Loyalty List only had nine pages, which meant that Yang Kai could only accept nine slaves! Now that the nine pages were filled, if his strength was too low, would he be abandoned by Yang Kai?

If he was really abandoned, there was no way he could survive. Once he left his name on the Loyalty List, unless he broke through to the Seventh Order, he would never be able to erase it. He would die!

All these years, Chen Tian Fei had been on edge, afraid that one day he would accidentally die.

That was why every time he saw Yang Kai, Chen Tian Fei would act so obsequiously, afraid that Yang Kai would suddenly think he was useless and give up on him.

Now that Yang Kai had actually allowed him to remain in the Small Stone World to cultivate, it was clear that he had not given up on him.

How could Chen Tian Fei not be moved? After so many years of worrying, he finally relaxed.

The Small Stone World! Anyone on High Heaven Palace who had reached the Open Heaven Stage, who didn’t know the mysteries of the Small Stone World? For the sake of those twenty spots to take care of the Small Stone Race, everyone had worked hard to accumulate contribution points.

Unfortunately, only twenty of the one or two thousand Open Heaven Stage cultivators were chosen, and only a few were destined to become lucky.

Now that Yang Kai had opened his mouth, he, Chen Tian Fei, had become one of them. Moreover, he didn’t need to take care of the Small Stone Race. All he needed to do was find a good treasure land and cultivate in seclusion!

This fatty really wanted to put his hands on his waist and laugh out loud to relieve his joy.

“Fuck off!” Yang Kai kicked Chen Tian Fei’s butt, causing him to roll a few times like a ball before disappearing.

Watching the fat man leave, Yang Kai stroked his chin, wondering if he should bring Yun Xinghua along.

Among the nine people he had recruited with the Loyalty List, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, Zhou Ya, Grey Bones, and Luan Bai Feng were all Sixth Order while Black River, and Xin Peng was Fifth Order. Only Chen Tian Fei and Yun Xinghua were Fourth Order.

In the past, he hadn’t thought much of it, but now that his strength had increased and the number of masters he had come into contact with had increased, a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage was indeed not enough.

However, on second thought, Yun Xinghua had been assisting Mo Mei in the Void Star City all this time, so he gave up.

After calling out to Yue He, Yang Kai activated the Universe Escape Law and directly arrived at the Universe Temple A.

Yue He had arranged for several Open Heaven Stage masters to guard this place, so when they saw Yang Kai appear, all of them bowed respectfully, “Sect Master!”

Yang Kai nodded, and after saying a few words, he walked straight towards the Domain Gate.

A moment later, Yang Kai appeared in High Heaven Palace.

First, he went to pay his respects to his parents and also investigate the cultivation of his two disciples.

Zhao Ya was still as dazzling as ever. Although she had only been in the Star Boundary for half a year, she had already broken through three minor levels, a testament to her terrifying aptitude.

Of course, there was also the fact that the current cultivation environment in the Star Boundary was extremely favorable. If she was in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, even if she didn’t deliberately suppress it, Zhao Ya wouldn’t be able to advance so quickly.

In comparison, Zhao Yebai was quite pitiful. Although his cultivation was several large realms lower than Zhao Ya’s, logically speaking, his progress should have been faster, but now he had only advanced two small realms.

After answering a few questions with the two little ones and answering some of their cultivation questions, Yang Kai left.

When he returned, he did not inform anyone, but the various Cave Heaven Paradise had clearly sensed his return.

Therefore, after a short while, Hua Qing Si came to report, “Sect Master, Elder Yu has sent word that in three days, the representatives from the various Cave Heaven Paradise will come to High Heaven Palace to discuss the matter of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace with you.”

“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded, “You should make some preparations in advance.”

The last time the various Cave Heaven Paradise High Rank Open Heaven had gathered at High Heaven Palace, it had been to discuss the construction of Training Hall and recruiting disciples in the Star Boundary, so High Heaven Palace had some experience in receiving them.

“Yes!” Hua Qing Si replied.

“Right, how did they talk to you these days?” Yang Kai asked again.

Hua Qing Si said, “Basically, it was Elder Yu who sent the message. I insisted on three months’ worth of time, so they didn’t want to make things too difficult for a woman like me. Since they want to gather at High Heaven Palace this time, I’m sure they have already reached a consensus to discuss an outcome with Sect Master.”

Yang Kai smiled lightly and said, “They can’t keep delaying. The sooner they use the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, the sooner they can reap the benefits. It’s too late to wait for the various disciples to mature, but unfortunately, time is too short. If they delay for a while longer, the benefits Void Land obtain will be greater.”


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