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With Yang Kai’s current strength, if he had enough resources, it would take him less than half a day to set up a normal Space Array.

However, setting up the Universe Formation took three whole months.

Although the Universe Formation and Space Arrays basically shared the same origin and had many similarities, in comparison, the Universe Formation was undoubtedly more complex and exquisite.

On top of that, this was Yang Kai’s first time setting up the Universe Formation, so he was quite unfamiliar with it. Occasionally, he would make a small mistake, in the next few days, he is busy with his work.

Fortunately, after three months of hard work, the first Universe Formation was finally completed.

This Formation was directly located in the Small Stone World, near the bamboo house where Yue He, Zhou Ya, and the others cultivated.

Yang Kai cast a Divine Soul Mark on the Formation before soaring into the sky.

Since the Universe Formation had already been set up, the next step was naturally to test its effects. This kind of thing couldn’t be done by others, because once there was a problem, the consequences would be severe.

Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Laws, so even if he discovered any problems while using the Universe Formation, he would have a chance to fix them.

As he sped along, using his Space Laws, his figure flickered, leaving behind a number of Space Spirit Beads.

After half a day, a large hall suddenly appeared in the sky.

A large hall was built atop an abandoned Spirit Province and was obviously newly built, but there was no one there.

Yang Kai stood in front of the main hall and observed for a moment before raising his hand and changing his hand seal to activate the Universe Escape Law.

Unconsciously, Yang Kai felt as if he was sensing something extremely far away, and in that direction was the location of the Small Stone World’s Universe Formation.

When this feeling appeared, Yang Kai knew that the Universe Formation he had set up should not have any problems. After all, he had spent twenty years repairing the several Universe Temple that had lost their function due to years of disrepair. If he could repair them, it meant that he had understood their mysteries and could naturally arrange them.

Three breaths later, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly disappeared.

By the time he came back to his senses, he was already inside the Small Stone World’s Universe Formation.

Yue He, who had been waiting by the side all this time, looked over with bright eyes, “Young Master, is this a success?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes, but using the Universe Escape Law still use a lot of time.”

Even someone like him, who was proficient in the Space Laws, take three breaths of time when returning using the Universe Escape Law. If it were anyone else, it would have taken even longer.

In leisure time, such a short time was naturally nothing.

But if he were to encounter danger, such as being pursued by a powerful enemy, not to mention three breaths of time, even a single blink of an eye would be enough to determine his life or death.

Therefore, even if they were pursued by powerful enemies, very few people would use Universe Temple to escape, because there was simply no chance.

Unless he could find a way to shake off the enemy and create space and time for himself to use the Universe Escape Law.

“There’s nothing we can do about it. When we use Universe Temple’s intermediate transit, the distance between us is too great, so it will naturally take some time.”

Yang Kai said thoughtfully, “The Universe Escape Law was passed down from ancient times and is specifically linked to the Universe Formation. If we can find a way to improve it, I wonder if we can shorten the time.”

Yue He smiled, “Then Young Master will have to work hard on his own. When it comes to the Space Laws, there aren’t many people in these 3000 Worlds who can help.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Have someone build a Universe Temple outside this Formation. Also, have the people who are still in this domain find an opportunity to brand their Divine Soul so that it will be more convenient for them to travel in the future.”

“Don’t worry, Young Master, I’ll handle it properly!” Yue He nodded.

The Universe Formation, which served as the core, had been completely set up. Building Universe Temple on the periphery naturally didn’t require any professional skill to protect the Universe Formation; anyone could do it.

With the help of the Space Spirit Beads he had left behind, Yang Kai quickly returned to the hall he had just arrived at.

During these three months, he had set up the Universe Formation, but he had already ordered people to build two Universe Temple in advance in the new Great Domain.

This was one of them, while the other was near the Domain Gate. This arrangement was mainly to facilitate the travel of their own cultivators in the new Great Domain.

After the three Universe Temple were completed, the speed at which their cultivators developed the new Great Domain would definitely increase by several times.

After entering the Universe Temple, Yang Kai rested for a few days before setting up the Universe Formation again.

The first Universe Formation took him three months, but no matter what it was, he was always familiar with it.

This second Universe Formation only took two months to complete.

Yang Kai personally tested it out and after confirming that there were no problems, he went to the Small Stone World to find Yue He and asked her to find a few people to guard the Universe Temple.

Soon after, Yang Kai rushed to the Domain Gate’s Universe Temple.

Two months later, the Domain Gate’s Universe Formation was completed.

The three Universe Temple formed a triangle in the new Great Domain, covering more than half of the new Great Domain. As long as one was in this new Great Domain, when the Open Heaven Stage masters of the Void Land used the Universe Escape Law, they would be able to freely choose a certain Universe Temple.

According to their location, the three Universe Temple were divided into A, B, and C, and the one closest to the Domain Gate was A, while the one in the Small Stone World was B, and the one in the new Great Domain deepest part was C.

In the past, there had never been a situation where there were two or more Universe Temple in a Great Domain, so no one knew what would happen if they used the Universe Escape Law here.

However, under Yang Kai’s personal experiment, he discovered that if he were to use the Universe Escape Law in the new Great Domain, he would be able to form a subtle connection with the three Universe Temple.

By following his heart and strengthening his connection with a certain Universe Temple, he would be able to smoothly teleport over.

There was no trouble.

After half a year in the Small Stone World, the Small Stone Race had expanded to a certain extent, and the foundation of the Small Stone World had also increased.

Large batches of materials below the Third Grade were sent to this world and fed to the Small Stone Race by the Open Heaven Stage masters who were responsible for managing the Small Stone Race. These Stone Queen were able to produce at least one or two hundred stone eggs every day.

If a single tribe was like this, there would naturally be thousands of other tribes like this.

The Small Stone Race that Yang Kai had migrated from the Small Stone World had been replenished and even expanded.

In the past, the Small Stone Race was able to satisfy two Sixth Order cultivators at the same time, but now, the small Stone World was able to satisfy three Sixth Order cultivators.

This didn’t even include the twenty Third Order and Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage masters who had been taking care of the Small Stone Race.

From this, one could see the growth of the Small Stone World’s foundation.

The Small Stone World was like this, the same for Yang Kai's small universe.

Previously, when High Heaven Palace had sent him a massive amount of Third Order materials, Yang Kai had taken more than half of them and tossed them into his small universe, placing them outside the Small Stone Race's stone nests.

He didn’t need to feed them himself. In any case, the Small Stone Race members would take the initiative to search for resources, so as long as he left them there, he wouldn’t need to worry too much.

Over the past half a year, the number of Small Stone Race members in the small universe had increased from ten million to twelve million. The unique Small Stone Race seemed to be able to expand without limit as long as they had enough resources.

At every moment, the small universe's foundation continued to increase, allowing Yang Kai to benefit greatly.

The same number of Small Stone Race could give Yang Kai ten times the benefits than other living beings.

Yang Kai had originally planned to find an opportunity to raise more living creatures in his small universe, but now it seemed that there was no need. With the Small Stone Race, he didn’t need any other living creatures.

What kind of creature could bring more benefits than the Small Stone Race?

Yang Kai also took some time to look at the Mysterious Yin Bamboo, one of the Universe Twelve Small Pillars. It was a gloomy Universe World with no signs of life, and the Mysterious Yin Bamboo was the place where the World’s Spiritual Energy was the most concentrated.

It was as if the entire world’s strength was supporting the survival of these Universe Twelve Small Pillars.

There weren’t many Mysterious Yin Bamboo, only a dozen or so, each of them only as tall as a person.

Yang Kai tried to move a root into his Small Universe.

He already has the World Spring, one of the Universe Four Pillars, his Small Universe was perfect and sturdy, so he naturally didn’t need the Mysterious Yin Bamboo. What he did this time was to personally investigate the effects and characteristics of the Mysterious Yin Bamboo, so as to prevent his Open Heaven Stage cultivator from making a mistake in collecting and refining it in the future.

Yang Kai had specifically arranged for this Mysterious Yin Bamboo to be placed next to the largest Small Stone Race tribe.

This tribe had more than a hundred thousand clansmen, and among all the Small Stone Race tribes, they were the strongest. Naturally, the World Strength produced by this race was extremely rich.

As soon as he planted it, Yang Kai frowned.

It wasn’t that the Mysterious Yin Bamboo couldn’t adapt to its environment, as one of the Universe Twelve Small Pillars, it could adapt to anyone’s Small Universe.

What made Yang Kai frown was that this Mysterious Yin Bamboo seemed to be swallowing his Small Universe's foundation and turning it into nutrients for its growth.

This was different from the World Spring.

No such thing happened when refining the World Spring.

However, thinking about how the World Spring and Mysterious Yin Bamboo weren’t the same thing, Yang Kai felt relieved and quietly waited.

After a month, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo had broken out of the ground, and the World Strength it had absorbed had actually grown and increased.

Although the overall weight wasn’t much, it was still constant.

Who could endure this? In order to break through in the Open Heaven Stage, one would need to spend a long time accumulating the Small Universe's foundation, but if one were to plant this Mysterious Yin Bamboo in their Small Universe, it would be equivalent to feeding their Small Universe Foundation to a ferocious beast.

Unknowingly, it would slow down the speed of one cultivation.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled. If the Mysterious Yin Bamboo was really like this, it should not have been classified as one of the Universe Twelve Small Pillars. This thing was a slow-acting poison to any Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

He continued to observe patiently.


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