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“Okay!” Yue He nodded and quickly left. She also knew that this matter couldn’t be delayed, and the sooner they invested, the better the benefits they would receive from the Small Stone World.

Yang Kai then turned to Zhou Ya and said, “You should also make a trip here and find the people who are currently developing this domain. Tell them to deliver the materials of third grade and below. Also, spread the word that in the future, all the materials from the New Great Domain consisting of third grade and below will be sent here, so there is no need to send them back to the High Heaven Palace.”

Cultivating the Small Stone Race was a long process, and the amount of resources they would need in the future was definitely not small, the new Great Domain should be able to satisfy them. In any case, the value of the resources below the third grade wasn’t too high, so using them in the Small Stone World would benefit them greatly.

Zhou Ya nodded and said, “Big Brother and the others are not far from here, I’ll head over now.”

The big brother she was referring to was naturally Mao Zhe.

Yang Kai waited for nearly three days before a huge ship broke through the clouds and stopped in mid-air.

Several figures flew out from the ship and flew towards them.

When they arrived, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya all bowed, “Sir!”

Yang Kai nodded, “I’m sure you already know the situation.”

Mao Zhe’s expression became excited as he asked, “I’ve already heard about it. Sir, what should we do now?” He couldn’t help feeling excited. If the matter of the Small Stone World was settled properly, it would be beneficial to all the Open Heaven Stage masters under Yang Kai, and he was only a step away from reaching the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage. In the future, if he cultivate in the Small Stone World, he would definitely be able to break through to the Seventh Order faster.

“How many Third Grade materials do you have here?” Yang Kai asked.

Mao Zhe casually report a number.

Hearing this, Yang Kai raised his brow, “There’s quite a lot of them, we can use them for a while.” Yue He had already returned to High Heaven Palace, so it wouldn’t be long before she brought back more supplies.

A moment later, dozens of Open Heaven Stage cultivators of different grades flew out from the flying ship, each of them carrying a variety of materials below the Third Order. They scattered into the Small Stone World to feed the Stone Queens.

Mao Zhe and the others didn’t stay for long. After everyone returned, they once again set out to explore the new Great Domain.

After waiting for another month, Yue He finally returned and Hua Qing Si also followed.

The Small Stone World was a matter of great importance, Hua Qing Si had taken it seriously before, but she hadn’t been able to understand the details of the situation here. Now that Yang Kai had found out the truth, as the Chief Manager, she naturally had to personally investigate the situation.

This time, the two of them brought even more supplies. All of the resources stored in High Heaven Palace for the past few years had been brought over, and it was simply astonishing.

Not only that, but she also ordered people to purchase materials below the Third Grade in High Heaven Star City. At the same time, she also sent a message to Void Land to deliver materials below the Third Grade.

In the entire 3000 Worlds, the number of resources of Third Grade and below was the highest, but besides the Third Grade itself, First Grade and Second Grade were the least valuable.

If a cultivator had the aptitude to break through to Open Heaven, it would not be difficult for them to break through to the Third Order. Unless their aptitude was too poor or they lacked the ability to obtain cultivation resources, they would choose to break through to the First or Second Order.

As such, no matter where one went, no matter which force it was, there would always be a large surplus of First and Second Grade materials. If High Heaven Palace wanted to purchase them, it would naturally not be difficult, and there would definitely be many people willing to sell their low-rank materials.

Hua Qing Si personally went to investigate a few of the Small Stone Race's lairs and personally witnessed the situation of the Stone Queen eating and reproducing.

In her heart, she couldn’t help thinking. The Heavens had blessed High Heaven Palace, the Heavens had blessed the Void Land!

To think that a new Great Domain would have such a strange life form like the Small Stone Race. In the future, for the High Heaven Palace and Void Land cultivators, it would be difficult for their cultivation to not improve quickly.

Finding the busy Yang Kai, Hua Qing Si said, “Sect Master, I’m afraid the Small Stone World needs someone to manage it.”

Yang Kai stopped what he was doing and nodded, “That’s what I wanted to discuss with you.”

The Small Stone Race's population was massive and numerous. If one wanted them to quickly reproduce and strengthen their race, they would need people to constantly feed them.

Naturally, they needed someone to take care of it.

“What do you think?” Yang Kai asked.

Hua Qing Si said, “Over the past few days, I’ve been touring the Small Stone World. This world is several times larger than the Star Boundary, so if we want to manage it, we'll need at least twenty people. My suggestion is to divide the entire Small Stone World into twenty regions and find twenty Third Order and Fourth Order from the Sect. Each of them will be responsible for a single region. This way, they won’t have to travel too much and will have time to cultivate on their own. The reason why I chose Third Order and Fourth Order is because the foundation of the Small Stone World isn’t too rich. If their grade is too high, they will consume a lot of resources while cultivating in this world, and it may even affect the growth of the Small Stone World’s foundation.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai nodded and said, “Chief Manager is considering everything well. En, a mix of Third Order and Fourth Order. It could be considered a benefits for the ten Third Order and Ten Fourth Order disciples.”

Hua Qing Si pursed her lips and smiled, “Then I’m afraid many people will try to snatch it.”

With such a luxurious cultivation environment, who wouldn’t want to come to the Small Stone World? However, now that High Heaven Palace was working hard to develop the new Great Domain, almost all of the Open Heaven Stage masters had joined forces, so even if they wanted to come to the Small Stone World to cultivate, they wouldn’t have such an opportunity.

Now, they needed twenty people to take care of the Small Stone World, so wouldn’t these twenty spots be crazily snatched away? However, which twenty people to choose would be a headache for Hua Qing Si.

“Perhaps they can take turns and set a time limit. When the time limit is up, someone else can come,” Hua Qing Si said thoughtfully.

“I don’t care about this matter, but this situation is only temporary. Once the Small Stone Race's population expands to a certain extent, in the future, this world will definitely be able to accommodate more people cultivating here. At that time, the quota will no longer be so tight.”

Hua Qing Si nodded and said, “At that time, disciples can use their Sect’s contribution points to exchange for the qualifications to enter the Small Stone World.”

After chatting with Yang Kai for a while, Hua Qing Si already had some plans for the future of the Small Stone World, she suddenly turned to Yang Kai and asked curiously, “What is Sect Master doing? Do you need help?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Others won’t be able to help, I’m preparing to set up a Universe Formation here.”

“Universe Formation!” Hua Qing Si’s eyes lit up when she heard this. Although she had never left the Star Boundary and had never been to the vast 3000 Worlds, it did not mean that she did not know enough about them.

She had naturally heard of the Universe Formation before, it was the Central Array of the Universe Temple.

In the 3000 Worlds, almost every great domains has its own Universe Temple, allowing cultivators to travel back and forth and save a lot of time.

Unfortunately, it was said that the Universe Temple was an ancient artifact, and the Universe Formation was incomparably profound. Now, many of the Universe Temple in the 3000 Worlds had lost their function due to many years of disrepair, and none of the various Cave Heaven Paradise could repair it.

'The Sect Master actually had the ability to set up the Universe Array here! Didn’t this mean he had already understood the mysteries of the Universe Temple?'

If that was the case, it would be a great deal for High Heaven Palace.

With the Universe Temple’s help, the process of developing the new Great Domain would be much faster and it would be easier for the High Heaven Palace disciples to return.

“Setting up the Universe Formation should cost quite a bit, right? Does Sect Master need any materials?” Hua Qing Si asked.

Yang Kai said, “Before coming here, I’ve already collected enough materials from the Second Manager. There should be enough to arrange three of them, so I won’t need them for now. If i really need them, I’ll look for you again.”

Hua Qing Si nodded.

“That’s right!” Yang Kai suddenly thought of something, “Regarding the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, how did the Cave Heaven Paradise react?”

Hua Qing Si replied, “Elder Yu came to see me once to discuss this matter, but it seems that the Cave Heaven Paradise has yet to reach a consensus.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai smiled, “They’re not in a hurry!”

Hua Qing Si said, “There’s still a lot of time before the disciples of the various families in the Star Boundary mature, so they naturally aren’t in a hurry.”

“Then let’s just hang them out for a while,” Yang Kai said indifferently. In any case, the Void Land over at the Fortune Divine Furnace was currently being used, and if the Heavenly Abode and Blessed Land reached a consensus one day later, the Void Land would be able to obtain more high-grade resources.

Otherwise, when the Cave Heaven Paradise took turns using the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, the Void Land would not be able to join in.

“Sect Master, if they reach a consensus and come to me again, how should we respond?” Hua Qing Si asked. Yang Kai definitely wouldn’t be able to return for some time, and setting up the Universe Formation was not something that could be done overnight, so it would likely take a long time.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before replying, “The qualifications to enter the Small Source World must be obtained! There are so many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage in the Void Land now, so it will take a long time to break through. In the future, there will only be more Sixth Order Open Heaven. If there is a Small Source World, it will greatly shorten their growth period. So if they don’t agree to this, there will be no negotiation.”

Hua Qing Si nodded.

Yang Kai said, “I’m sure they won’t disagree. Each of these Cave Heaven Paradise has more than one Small Source World, and it’s just a chance to gain experience, so there’s no reason for them to insist on refusing it. En, let’s give them some time to make some concessions. The condition I gave them before was that they have to exchange a month’s worth of use for a chance to gain experience in the Small Source World. If they really want to negotiate with you, three months is the limit! If they want more, tell them to wait for me to return.”

“I understand!” Hua Qing Si understood.

Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “Good, you can go now.”

“Then this mistress will take her leave first,” Hua Qing Si said before soaring up into the sky and returning the way she came. As the Chief Manager, she had many things she needed to deal with. Not to mention the distance, just looking at the situation in front of her, she would need to choose twenty Open Heaven Stage cultivators to manage the Small Stone World. In addition, the Star City would be purchasing materials below the Third Grade, and she would have to wait to negotiate with the Cave Heaven Paradise.

More than half of the High Heaven Palace’s burden was placed on her slender shoulders.


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