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To him, the Small Stone Race is an extraordinary treasure.

Looking at the fearless Small Stone Race, all of them not afraid of death.

If he wanted to achieve such a goal, he would need to bring enough Small Stone Race members to his small universe.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate and immediately took action.

In the Small Stone World, there were quite a number of Small Stone Race tribes, each one of them varying in size. The larger ones numbered in the tens of thousands, while the smaller ones numbered in the hundreds.

The one Yang Kai had taken into his small universe before was a relatively small tribe.

In the following month, Yang Kai traveled all over the Small Stone World to collect all the Small Stone Race tribes into his small universe.

A month later, there were more than ten million Small Stone Race members residing in his small universe.

Only then did Yang Kai stop. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to collect more, if it was possible, he wanted to collect all of the Small Stone Race from this world into Small Universe, but if he really did so, then the cultivation treasure trove of the Small Stone World would no longer have a foundation.

Such benefits couldn’t be enjoyed alone.

What he needed to solve now was how to expand the number of Small Stone Race members.

The growth of the Small Stone Race mainly depended on the Stone Queen’s ability to reproduce like an ant. Previously, Yang Kai had seen the Stone Queen eat all kinds of ordinary ores and even the broken bodies of its clansmen to obtain the power to reproduce.

From the looks of it, the Stone Queen’s requirements for food weren’t high. If they could even eat ordinary ores, what else could they not eat?

What if it was a cultivation resource of various grades? Would it give the Stone Queen an even stronger ability to reproduce?

Originally, the Small Stone World also had cultivation resources, but because of the existence of the Small Stone Race, all of these cultivation resources had been completely consumed, so Yue He and the others didn’t discover anything in the Small Stone World, only finding a strange existence like the Small Stone Race.

Inside the Small Universe, Yang Kai sent out his Divine Sense avatar and stood in the first Small Stone Race's lair. With a thought, a piece of ore emitting a faint golden light appeared in his hand. This is a Third Grade Gold Element resource, and its value was not high.

Originally, he had wanted to see if the Small Stone Race was interested in cultivation resources, but who would have thought that as soon as he took it out, the entire nest of Small Stone Race members would act strangely.

Countless Small Stone Race members seemed to have smelled something and all of them turned their attention towards this direction. Even the guards patrolling around the Stone Queen stopped and looked over.

The fat Stone Queen, who was basically unable to move, let out a strange sound from its mouth, seemingly in a hurry.

Yang Kai couldn’t help raising his brow. In this situation, his guess was correct.

In the next moment, a dense swarm of Small Stone Race rushed towards him from all directions, surrounding him in the blink of an eye.

Yang Kai quickly threw away his resources.

There wasn’t much competition, one of the Small Stone Race cultivators caught the fist-sized resource and rushed towards the Stone Queen.

A moment later, it arrived in front of the Stone Queen and raised the supplies in his hand up high before delivering them to the Stone Queen’s mouth.

The Stone Queen bit down on it, and with a loud cracking sound, it swallowed it whole.

Yang Kai paid close attention to the Stone Queen’s changes.

The effect was almost instantaneous! After eating a Third Grade Gold Element resource, the Stone Queen quickly began to tremble, just like Yang Kai had observed before, suppressing its strength. A moment later, with a soft pop, a stone egg fell from the Stone Queen’s floating tail.

The Small Stone Race clansmen who had been waiting below picked up the stone egg and placed it in a special cave.

The Stone Queen did not stop, its body still trembling as its fat body expanded and shrank. After half a cup of tea, another stone egg was born from its tail.

This continued for four hours until the Stone Queen had given birth to thirty or forty stone eggs.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s face lit up with joy and excitement. Cultivation resources were indeed very useful for the reproduction of the Small Stone Race!

This was only a Third Grade resource, yet the Stone Queen had already given birth to thirty or forty stone eggs. If it was a Fourth or Fifth Grade, there would probably be more.

Yang Kai then took out a fourth grade and fifth grade resource for the Stone Queen.

The result proved that this was the case. The Stone Queen who had eaten a fourth grade resource had given birth to more than a hundred and thirty stone eggs, and after eating a fifth grade resource, the Stone Queen had continued to reproduce for several days, producing more than five hundred stone eggs!

The problem of the Small Stone Race's reproduction had been solved. As long as they provided enough cultivation resources to the Stone Queen, would they need to worry about not being able to strengthen their clan? As for the increase in the number of Small Stone Race members, whether it was Yang Kai’s Small Unvierse World's foundation or the Small Stone World, they would be greatly beneficial.

However, after such a round of testing, Yang Kai found that if he were to take a roundabout price, feeding the Stone Queen Fourth and Fifth Grade Resources wasn’t worth it.

Cultivation resources had a tenfold difference in value between the High Rank to Low Rank, but after the Stone Queen ate the Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade resources, the number of stone eggs it produced was less than ten fold. After she ate a Third Grade, she gave birth to thirty or forty stone eggs, but after eating a Fourth Grade, she only had a hundred or so, while a Fifth Grade was more than five hundred…

The difference between them was only four or five times, and compared to the value of the materials themselves, the difference was not small.

In comparison, feeding the Stone Queen Third Grade materials was the most cost-effective, because the cost-effective ratio was higher and the number of Third Grade resources was higher. As for Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade materials, the Void Land itself had a great demand. Whether it was for the future promotion of disciples or their cultivation, they would all need to use them.

Yang Kai didn’t have any First Grade or Second Grade resources on him, so he couldn’t use them for experiments. However, with the Stone Quuen’s open appetite, he was certain that First Grade and Second Grade were useful.

In the past month, he had taken in almost a thousand tribes of the Small Stone Race, each of which had their own Stone Queen.

If he wanted to cultivate them to reproduce and expand their population, he would have to spend a lot of resources.

Needless to say, the Small Stone Race in the Small Stone World also needed to be cultivated.

Fortunately, High Heaven Palace and the Void Land were both large and had abundant resources. Compared to the benefits they could obtain in the future, this small price was nothing.

The Stone Queen didn’t have too many requirements for cultivation materials. First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade materials didn’t have much significance to the Open Heaven Stage cultivator. Yang Kai had originally planned to send these materials to Great Evolution Paradise and throw them all into the Good Fortune Divine Furnace to see if he could obtain some higher grade materials.

Now it seemed that feeding these Stone Queens was undoubtedly the best choice.

If he were to throw it into the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, there would be nothing left, but if he were to feed the Stone Queen, he would be able to obtain even more Small Stone Race.

Yang Kai had a lot of supplies in his hands, so with a thought, he distributed all the third-grade materials to the thousands of Stone Queens and placed them in their lairs before withdrawing his Divine Sense Avatar.

Inside the bamboo house, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes while Yue He and Zhou Ya continued to meditate.

Yang Kai woke the two up and said, “The situation in the Small Stone World is clear.”

The two women looked at him curiously.

After Yang Kai explained his findings and speculations, Yue He and Zhou Ya came to a sudden realization. Although they had previously guessed that the special cultivation environment of the Small Stone World was closely related to the Small Stone Race, because there was no Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage in the Void Land, it was impossible to bring the Small Stone Race into their Small Universe to observe them carefully, so they were unable to confirm anything.

Yang Kai’s words undoubtedly confirmed their guess.

Now, they finally understood why the Small Stone World was so special. It was all because of the existence of the Small Stone Race.

“The Small Stone Race needs to expand. In order to control the number of their clans, they even go to war from time to time in order to control their number. This shows that their instincts are telling them that the resources in this world won’t last long, they won’t be able to leave the Small Stone World to search for resources, but if they have our help, things will be different,” Yang Kai said somewhat excitedly, “I’ve tested it out before. Once the Stone Queen eats a third-grade resource, it can give birth to dozens of stone eggs, and if it’s a fourth-grade, it can give birth to more than a hundred. As long as they have enough resources, it won’t be a problem to help them expand their population.”

“Once the Small Stone Race's population in this world expands to a certain extent, the World Strength in this world will also become denser. At that time, it will be able to support more than two Sixth Order masters cultivating at the same time. Perhaps four, eight, or even more people will have no problem cultivating here. This place will become a true cultivation Holy Land. Any Open Heaven Stage cultivator here will be able to rapidly increase their cultivation.”

“On top of that, if the Small Stone Race is brought into one Small Unvierse to be raised, the benefits they can bring will be even greater. Compared to other living creatures, they can bring ten times the benefits to the Small Universe!”

Yue He and Zhou Ya both knew that Yang Kai’s Small Universe already turn from illusory to solid, so when they heard this, their eyes lit up.

Zhou Ya said, “The new Great Domain discovered one of the Universe Twelve Small Pillars, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo, and now there’s this Small Stone Race. This is simply a match made in heaven!”

Yue He also nodded and said, “With the Mysterious Yin Bamboo supporting the Small Universe, the Small Universe will be more stable and will be able to raise the Small Stone Race. At that time, we won’t need to cultivate and the Small Unvierse's foundation will still continue to grow!”

The two women looked at each other and could almost foresee that in the near future, all of the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage in the Void Land would contain two great treasures.

More importantly, whether it was the Mysterious Yin Bamboo or the Small Stone Race, they could be regenerated. As long as they were properly handled, they could be said to be inexhaustible.

With such an advantage to the Void Land and High Heaven Palace’s Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, what need was there to worry about future prospects?

“That’s why you must increase your strength and advance to the Seventh Order as soon as possible,” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “However, the most important thing now is to get some supplies from High Heaven Palace.”

Turning to Yue He, he said, “Yue He, go and find the Chief Manager and bring over all the materials that High Heaven Palace will not use for the time being. All third grade material and lower.”


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