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This discovery made Yang Kai quite excited. If that was the case, then it would be much easier for even him and the Star Boundary’s Great Emperors to break through to the Seventh Order than others, because cultivating in the Star Boundary was always a shortcut for them!

After returning from Shattered Heaven, Yang Kai had planned to find an opportunity to enter seclusion and break through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage.

The Proprietress had been in seclusion for nearly a hundred years, yet she was still unable to break through to the Seventh Order. This showed just how difficult it was to break through from the Mid Rank to High Rank!

Although it had only been a few years since he had broken through to the Sixth Order, because of his many fortuitous encounters, his foundation was incomparably deep. Ordinary Sixth Order cultivators were not his match at all, and he was barely qualified to break through to the Seventh Order.

It was precisely because he had such a plan that he wanted to use the Small Source World’s training qualifications to exchange for the right to use the Good Fortune Divine Furnace.

As long as he could enter Small Source World again and accumulate the foundation of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage to its peak, he would be able to enter seclusion in peace.

However, before that, he still had to fulfill his hundred-year agreement with Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.

Qu Huachang is imprisoned for a hundred years. Calculating the time, it should be about ten or twenty years before she could end her punishment.

If he really went into seclusion to break through to the Seventh Order, he didn’t know how many years it would take to advance. He couldn’t keep Qu Huachang waiting, Yin-Yang Heaven and Xu Linggong definitely wouldn’t agree, so before that, he had to wait for Qu Huachang’s hundred-year imprisonment to end.

Entering a certain Cave Heaven Paradise's Small Source World to gain experience and accumulate his foundation to the peak of the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage before going to Yin-Yang Heaven to take Qu Huachang. Afterwards, he would go into seclusion and attempt to break through to the Seventh Order.

This was his original plan.

However, now that he knew the situation in the Star Boundary was like this, Small Source World’s experience was no longer important. This kind of opportunity was rare after all, so it was best to leave it to the other people in the Void Land who needed it. He and the many Great Emperors from the Star Boundary could use the Star Boundary to cultivate.

While he was silently calculating in his heart, he heard Mo Huang say with a smile, “It is precisely because of the current situation of the Star Boundary that none of us Great Emperors from the Star Boundary have gone to the Small Stone World to cultivate. All of us have remained in the Star Boundary. Although the situation of the Small Stone World is similar to that of the Star Boundary, the Star Boundary’s limitations are greater. Other than the Great Emperors, the other Open Heaven Stage cultivators cannot benefit.”

Yang Kai asked in surprise, “The situation of the Small Stone World is similar to that of the Star Boundary?”

This was the second time he had heard the name Small Stone World. Just now, Hua Qing Si had also mentioned it, but Yang Kai didn’t ask too much about it and Hua Qing Si didn’t say much either. Now, he had heard some information about the Small Stone World from Mo Huang.

“You still don’t know?” Mo Huang looked at him curiously.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I just came back not long ago, so the Chief Manager didn’t tell me anything about it, only asking me to investigate it personally.”

Mo Huang understood, “Since that’s the case, you may go. The Small Stone World is a name given to that Universe World by the Chief Manager. Once you arrive there, you will naturally know.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Then I’ll go first.”

The Domain Gate was covered by a Space Array which Yang Kai had personally set up and required his special token to travel. If they were to rashly enter, they would definitely be sucked into the Void Turbulence.

This was also a contingency plan Yang Kai had left behind in order to prevent the Cave Heaven Paradise from having any ideas about the new Great Domain.

The others needed to use the special token, but Yang Kai himself didn’t need to go through so much trouble to enter. Circulating his strength to wrap around Black River, he passed through the Domain Gate and directly entered the new Great Domain.

Black River led the way while Yang Kai followed closely behind.

Along the way, they would occasionally encounter figures shuttling through the void, as well as flying ships.

The Void Land and High Heaven Palace now had more than two thousand Open Heaven Stage masters, nearly a thousand of whom had been sent into the new Great Domain by Hua Qing Si.

It was all thanks to the hard work of over a thousand Open Heaven Stage masters over the past few decades that the Void Land and High Heaven Palace had so many resources to squander.

Currently, the cultivation resources produced by the new Great Domain took up half of the income from the Void Land and High Heaven Palace.

As for the other half, it was the output of the two Star Cities and the Black Prison. From this, one could see just how rich the new Great Domain was.

After half a month, the two of them finally arrived in front of a Universe World.

It was a lush, green Universe World. Before he even got close, Yang Kai could already feel the rich aura of the Universe World.

As for this Universe World, it was even larger than the Star Boundary, at least five times the size of the Star Boundary. Looking down from above, the entire Universe World was covered in a thick green forest.

Black River slightly identified the direction and led Yang Kai around the Small Stone World before flying into the clouds.

Below him was a Spirit Peak.

The Spirit Peak had a bamboo house with two familiar auras.

Yang Kai and Black River came together, and the two cultivators who were cultivating inside the bamboo house clearly noticed this and immediately rushed out to look up.

A moment later, Yang Kai and Black River floated down and Yue He greeted them happily, “Young Master!”

Behind her, Zhou Ya bowed respectfully, “Greetings, Sir!”

Yang Kai nodded and glanced around, “Are you the only ones here?”

There were a total of more than twenty Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters in the Void Land. Aside from the Great Emperors from the Star Boundary, Mo Mei, Yang Xue, and Yang Kai's wives remained in the Void Land while Yue He, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, Zhou Ya, Grey Bones, Hua Yong, Shu Mu Dan, Xiang Ying, Fang Yue, and the others were all in the new Great Domain.

However, there was no sign of anyone else.

Yue He said, “The others are all assisting in the development of the new Great Domain. Although this new Great Domain isn’t too dangerous, there are still some places that require a master to oversee to prevent any accidents from occurring. After some discussion, the two group split up and took turns resting. This time, it was Senior Sister Zhou and I who took a break before returning here.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Yue He smiled and shook her head, “Not at all.”

“Let’s go in and talk,” Yang Kai said, and Yue He nodded.

Black River cupped his fists and said, “Sir, this subordinate will return to report.”

“Go,” Yang Kai nodded.

Black River took a deep breath and reluctantly soared into the sky.

After the three of them entered the bamboo house, Zhou Ya cooked some fragrant tea while Yue He and Yang Kai talked about the development of the new Great Domain. Although Hua Qing Si had told him some things before, she didn’t know as much as Yue He did. All these years, Yue He and the others had been staying in the new Great Domain, so if there was any disturbance here, they would be the first to know about it before sending it back to the High Heaven Palace.

The new Great Domain's resources were indeed extremely abundant, with many unexplored Universe Worlds, countless cultivation resources of various grades, and many rare artifacts.

For example, the Universe World, which was first discovered, contained World Source Liquid, which was the main ingredient to refine the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill.

This was also one of the reasons why Yang Kai wanted to seal off the new Domain Gate and monopolize its resources.

The Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill had brought a great deal of profit and fame to the Void Land, as well as a great deal of popularity to Star City. If the World Source Liquid were to leak out, this advantage would be lost.

In addition, there were also many treasures like the Dao Divine Water which could strengthen the Dao Seal, such as the Taiyi Clean Soul Water which could wash away the power of the Dao Seal, allowing cultivators to have a chance to restart.

“Has Young Master ever heard of Universe Four Pillars?” Yue He suddenly asked.

Yang Kai’s expression became a bit strange, “I’ve heard of it.”

It wasn’t just that he had heard of it, but because of the World Spring, he had been chased for thousands of kilometers before finally escaping to the Ancestral Land.

Somewhat surprised, he asked, “The new Great Domain discovered the Universe Four Pillars?”

Universe Four Pillars were good things. He had refined the World Spring, so he had a deep understanding of them. The Small Universe will be strong and steady, and in battle, it wouldn’t be shaken by a powerful enemy, causing the world force to become unstable.

Small Universe didn’t need to worry about the risk of being destroyed. He could keep living creatures here to strengthen his foundation and save time for cultivation.

Even Bright Sun Divine Monarch, an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, was coveting this Universe Four Pillars. If the new Great Domain really discovered them, it would be a big deal.

“Yes, and no!” Yue He smiled lightly, “Since Young Master knows about the Universe Four Pillars, he must have heard about the four big pillars and twelve small pillars.”

Yang Kai nodded.

“What we found in the new Great Domain was not the Four Big Pillars, but one of the Twelve Small Pillars, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo. However, because we haven’t reached the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage yet, we can only wait for Young Master to come back and decide.”

Universe Twelve Small Pillars were different from the Four Big Pillars. Although everyone’s effects were similar and could stabilize a cultivator’s foundation, the effects of the Four Big Pillars were undoubtedly more powerful. Refining any one of them was enough to allow the Small Universe to become smooth and unaffected by external forces.

The twelve small pillars didn’t have such a powerful effect. For example, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo could at most reach thirty percent of the power of the four big pillars.

In addition, for the Four Big Pillars, no matter what grade you are, they could be refined. As for the Twelve Small Pillars, one had to be High Rank Open Heaven, and the Small Universe in the body must be solidified before it could be refined.

There was nothing anyone below the Seventh Order could do.

As such, although Yue He and the others had discovered one of the twelve small pillars in the new Great Domain, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo could only be placed there and guarded by a restrictions.

Yang Kai already has the World Spring, so he naturally wasn’t interested in this Mysterious Yin Bamboo. After pondering for a moment, he said, “Whoever advances to the Seventh Order from the Sixth Order, this Mysterious Yin Bamboo will be given to them.”

Yue He pursed her lips and smiled, “The Mysterious Yin Bamboo is so big that a single person won’t be able to use it. Moreover, if this thing is placed in the Small Universe, it will reproduce on its own, so you only need to take a root. Young Master doesn’t need to worry about not having enough.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai said, “That’s for the best.”

In this way, no matter who broke through to the Seventh Order in the Void Land, they would be able to obtain the Mysterious Yin Bamboo, but if they wanted the Mysterious Yin Bamboo to play a role, it would require a long period of nurturing.

In this regard, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo could not compare to the World Spring.

“Young Master, should we take out some Mysterious Yin Bamboo to sell? I’m afraid many people will be interested in this,” Yue He asked.

Yang Kai muttered to himself, “There’s no need to rush, we’ll wait until we become stronger. Otherwise, if we take out such a good thing, I don’t know how many people will covet it.”


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